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Our range of 4 Boards covers all your needs, from the Beginners to the Pros!

Find below all our shapes for the Wing, followed by our advice on how to equip yourself.

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Who are they for?

Beginners without experience: Zuma in a larger size.

Sporty beginners: Zuma in your size.

Beginner in Wing but already a Foiler: small Zuma, big Lemon or Flint for versatility.

Experienced looking for the Swiss Army Knife: Mob 2taste.

Experienced looking for a SUPfoil / Wing high perfs combo: Flint.

Anyone who wants high performance in Wing: Lemon.

For What?

  • The Mob 2taste is the ultimate multi-purpose Board, SUP, Foil, Wing.
  • The Zuma is the best Board to start and progress in Wing.
  • The Flint is the best ratio between compactness and facility in Wing.
  • The Lemon is the quintessence of Wing, the Holy Grail.

What size Wing Board?

Ideally you should have a positive volume balance. Your weight plus the Board’s weight should be less than the Board’s volume. Don’t hesitate to take some volume and width if you are not sure of your support and equilibrium.

You can gain enough volume to float, in the order of your weight + 10 = necessary volume.

Example: I weigh 80kg + 10 = 90L to float provided I’m not a beginner. And if I want greater comfort I will have to switch up to 110L.

With a Wing, you can also do waterstarts with tiny Boards if you have a seriously high level and want maximum agility. You can switch to negative volumes. Up to your weight – 10 = volume you can go on your knees while leaning the Wing on the water. Below this volume you will have to do waterstarts while sinking the Board: it’s very technical, very physical, and you lose the lower half of your wind range. With each fall, you have to start all over again… Not very fun, and a very questionable performance gain. But some people love it and it’s beautiful when taking pictures.

What Technology?

At GONG, we only make top of the range Boards. Our low prices can only be explained by our choice of exclusively Direct Sales and distribution.

You have the choice between:

  • The FSP 2X which is both light and super strong. It is the best-selling technology because it mixes the most advantages and at a very reasonable price.
  • The Wood 2X which is much cheaper, but not as light.
  • The FSP Pro which has its PVC Sandwich that’s enveloped with hyper dynamic Full Carbon.

What Quiver of Wing Boards?

You don’t need a lot of Wing Boards, because very often you will do everything with the one you fell in love with.

Only on the Lemon can you be tempted by two complementary volumes. Or you can complement a small Lemon with a generous Flint for the summer.

Of course, you can also complete your Quiver Wing with a range of foil-free SUP Boards. And Surfboards for windless days, so you never stay dry.

Which Foil to use with a Wing?

In general, we recommend the same setup as with Surf foil but with a longer Mast. This one will give you some margin and facilitate all your evolutions. We advise you to do the first five Wing sessions with a 65cm short Mast, then switch to 90cm after the sixth session, generally the one where you fly correctly.

95% of Wingers use a long Mast, an XL Front Wing and a 45cm Surf Stab.

Good to Know:

The Foil strongly stabilizes a SUP when you are used to it. Do not compare the Board width of SUP without Foil with SUP with foil. 5cm less is painless with Foil, except with a strong back wash.

This extra width is necessary to speed up these very small Boards when rowing and not to get in too late.

Having a little water on the tail stabilizes the Board. Sometimes too much volume is worse than anything. This is very true in compact Boards that are wobbly.

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