More than a sport, Surfing is a way of life, a state of mind and a quest that has given birth to all the other disciplines we love.
Find below all our advices to live this enriching passion in the best possible way.

Why do we love surfing ?

Nothing is simpler and more complicated at the same time than Surfing.
All you need is a Board and a few accessories to have the best session of your life, if and only if, you are in the right place at the right time.
Surfing is the art of placement. Being on the right spot, at the right time, in the right place, in the right rhythm with the swell and the others, going to the right place, getting on the Board etc etc etc etc… Everything is only tempo in surfing. It’s music that connects you to space and time.
When you surf, you connect with the planet and what it has to offers in contemplation, but also with its deep nature. This wave must have travelled thousands of miles before it came to die beneath your feet. This divine gift makes you the luckiest being in the universe, for at this very moment you are the one who is in communion with the universal elements.

So yes, with two or three Boards and a few buddies, you will go around the world with surfing as your guide line. You will discover others, the richness of the little things, the tolerance and the strong stakes of our civilization.

Whatever the coast, with a few Boards and a lot of patience, you will live those strong moments that sometimes last only a few seconds: being there, feeling alive even if you are sitting still at the peak.

The magic of surfing lies in your ability to enjoy it. You can experience this ecstasy in the absolute purity of the perfect session, in a terrifying drop, just like in a mediocre session that will make you appreciate the quirks that make surfing so special. For many things, passion is the reason, and this is even more true for surfing.

Beyond the mind, surfing is good for the body because the rhythmic symbiosis with the ocean often feels like a battle of swimming out of sync. But then again, it doesn’t matter because all these battles mold your body to reveal the perfect session, and the trick that is perfect.

Surfing at GONG

Surfing is GONG’s reason for being.
Since 1996, GONG has been manufacturing Surfboards. But the particularity of GONG is to also have Boards for all sports. Thus, our Surfboards have had various influences. The passion for surfing has always made us make Boards that fit perfectly into the surfing culture. But we have never been afraid of volume or the Longboard trend.
On the contrary, we have always tried to double our sessions. Maximizing the number of good waves is a healthy goal.
Our goal has always been to offer the best solution for the conditions of the day. Sometimes it’s a sharp step up, but unfortunately it’s more often a bulky and extra light Board. Anyway, we like all kinds of shapes.
With every new Board we try to bring the maximum performance achievable. Making a sharp and super sexy Board that you will only use 10% of the time doesn’t make sense to us. A Board has to work with you to allow you to progress with it. Our Boards are therefore easy to learn. But make no mistake about it, some of them are at the peak of competitive performance.
We have immense pleasure in pushing marginal Boards, such as the Fish, Longboards, Simmons, and many other types of Boards that made people laugh a few years ago and are now becoming must-haves in a Quiver.
This notion of a Quiver is fundamental for us. By buying 100% Direct, you save on the margins but NOT on quality. Your Board will last and allow you to build a Quiver year after year that will give you the full range of Boards to take advantage of waves every day.

How to practice surfing ?

The ideal is to start in a school but it is sometimes restrictive. The best solution is to go with a buddy.

For it to work, you have to be diligent and cultured. First of all, to develop your experience and your physical condition, and then to avoid doing the wrong things. You can quickly find yourself in danger if you don’t respect the basic rules of surfing and the ocean. You will find in our How To Surf section a multitude of tips on all aspects of surfing.

The great choices among our surf range

We have spent the last 30 years developing this wide range. It offers what we believe to be of the highest level, each Board within in its field. It represents our passion for surfing and for beautiful, simple and functional Boards.

You will find them in our shop under the following categories :

Beginner Surfing : inflatable or rigid Boards depending on your storage capacity, they are easy to progress quickly. But the Boards we offer are not school Boards that are only for your first steps. No, they are Boards with an interesting evolution potential that will accompany you for a long time.

Surfing Packs : the essential to get into the water without scratching your head to decide what to choose. Simple and easy.

Shortboards : ideal for hollow waves and radical curves, technical and fit surfers, for easy trips and to go to the end of the “comp style” surfing.

Medium Surfboards : it’s a big trend, the mid length. Boards halfway between Shortboards and Longboards, which come in all the styles of these two worlds, often with a retro flavor. The glide is pure and perfect, with no breaks, little stall, wide curves, and Fins that are in permanent action.

Retro surfing : lovers of old school Boards and weird stuff, you’ll only find Boards with modernized concepts here. Not a single one will disappoint you. They are all emanations of historical concepts. These Boards emphasize a characteristic of surfing and will boost your performance in this area. A MUST have.

Longboard : a range of high performance Noseriders with modern or retro shapes. GONG is a true Longboard specialist with an exceptional range of shapes, supported by optimal technologies ranging from super light EPS to traditional PU. Longboarding is a world that GONG wants to open up to everyone.

Advice and information

Feel free to ask your questions on our Forum, or check out our surfing tutorials in the How To surf section if you want to improve your surfing skills or learn more about the technique.