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Retro board for small conditions

This is a common question when choosing a board for small or soft conditions. Many hesitate between the Matata, the Pie and the Fork, often in addition to a shortboard.

The Matata is a small board that you can use in conditions in which you would be riding a longboard, but the ride is totally different. It’s a board that accelerates quickly from the take off, gives a lot of boost and speed instantly. The back foot will naturally position itself very close to the tail, you can easily wrap your turns with the corner of the tail and the Keel fin. It’s the fastest board of the three. So perfect for surfing small / medium waves, for passing fast / closing sections or those lacking energy. A shape to surf at least once in your surfing life. A real alternative to longboarding, and above all ultra easy in relation to its size, even if you are not used to short boards.

The Pie is a traditional but modernized fish, it does not accelerate as much as the Matata, but offers a lot of speed. The Keel mount makes it easy to wrap your turns. The placement of its fins is fairly centered, which allows you to switch from one rail to another easily, without forcing.

The Fork is going to behave like the Pie in terms of speed. But its very tightened quad assembly allows for more verticality, very close to a tri-fin set-up.

Either way, there won’t be a bad choice, as these three boards are suited to conditions in which a shortboard doesn’t perform well enough, just a difference in the feel of the ride.

  • La Matata to go fast, pass sections easily, while surfing as short as possible.
  • The Pie to combine speed and maneuverability.
  • The Fork to keep a ride close to a classic shortboard, but with the advantages of a fish.

We recommend taking volume, because in these types of conditions, the volume is rarely disabling.