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From our passion for boardsports and the need to constantly reinvent the way we ride, we developed a range of 6 benchmark shapes for longboarding!


The glide of a longboard is truly something iconic. It’s the synthesis of what unites all surfers in the first place, a unique feeling of freedom, lightness and speed. It is one of the most direct paths to this original sensation that got you hooked to surfing. Their magical glide can convert the energy of the wave into pure pleasure like no other.

To get back to this original feeling, there is nothing like experimenting with new ways of gliding on the water. Something we like to do a lot at GONG by developing ranges that vary the sensations, the performances and the technologies.

This is exactly what we did with our range of longboards, the whole of which is a tribute to their gliding qualities:

  • The Moodrive : The 100% performance longboard. Ultra responsive underfoot, its modern handling is an invitation to solid curves. A versatile board for surfers who want to combine radical steering from the tail pad with old school longboard moves.
  • The Ten Blues : The performance longboard with fluid lines that’s great for smooth rides from the tail and classy cross-steps to the nose. Its repertoire is very wide and does wonders in small to medium waves.
  • The Zero : The radical longboard for hollow conditions and the rather fat waves that rise on the horizon. It’s your best bet for tackling massive swells with confidence on a board that’s fast to paddle and working great on the face of the waves.
  • The Moblog : A hybrid shape that develops the qualities of a Ten Blues with a very buoyant tail to perform in soft waves. With its crazy acceleration, it allows you to score a maximum of waves without being limited to a single program.
  • The Pampa : This longboard offers the best synthesis of two worlds: modern drive and retro style. It is the ideal support for drawing curves with style and moving with style towards the nose!
  • The Incredible : The cult nose rider. This board is about the roots of surfing, a real magic carpet dedicated to nose rides and stylish turns. A session with the Incredible is a rich experience for any surfer. It is also the board that scores big when it’s small ?