Stand Up Paddle is a sport that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of age or athletic level. At GONG, Pioneers of SUP, we offer you high performance Boards and accessories for each program and all practitioners.

Why do we love Stand Up Paddle ?

The number one asset of the Stand Up Paddle is its accessibility. The practice of SUP is within everyone’s reach, and that’s what makes this sport so attractive. In addition to this, it offers a very varied spectrum of activities, there is something for everyone, from surfing to cruising and adventure. It is a versatile sport, you can practice it on almost any body of water : at sea, on the ocean, in the river, on a lake. No need to drive for hours to reach the coast !

We are standing, we can see far on the horizon. This broad vision allows you to anticipate each action and to be able to take as many waves as possible, while respecting others, of course. Less physical with a Paddle, you can enjoy all the pleasure of surfing without the constraints. The use of the Paddle makes surfing balance much easier and allows for rapid progress. We move fast, and the feeling of “surfing” is present even when rowing on the flat.

Finally, the Stand Up Paddle works all the muscles of the body, it is a complete sport, pure fitness surfing.


GONG GALAXY, Pioneer of the SUP in Europe, is a brand distributed only Direct, without the double margin of the traditional shops network, to make you benefit from the lowest prices on the market at this level of quality.

Our Stand Up Paddle Boards are shaped by the L’Ours, and the production methods are developed in our workshop in La Baule to offer you the best quality. The accuracy of the shape is fundamental at GONG. It is done by cutting-edge technology that enhances its qualities and its use.
GONG acts as a designer of its products because we are above all passionate people who practice every day, in conditions that prove the quality of our work. Our needs are or will be your needs, so we do everything possible to innovate in depth and make you want to share our passion.

We offer you hundreds of Boards in stock in various shapes, as well as accessories available all year round, whatever the season. Protect your equipment with our covers and transport your equipment without any hassle. We have thousands of references, GONG products but also products from our partner brands: FCS, Dakine, Creature, Billabong, Vissla.

How to practice the SUP ?

You can practice Stand Up paddle alone, with friends or family, and on all types of water. Want to have fun with your children ? The Stand Up Paddle is at the top ! When cruising it offers great moments. The high vision of the environment, the sharing, the fun, the Stand Up is 100% fun. Sportycrusies, fitness or training, the SUP is the ideal machine.

In surfing, you have a high vision, you can catch the waves earlier by rowing, and enjoy yourself on little frequented spots. The roots of the SUP are surfing. Under certain conditions the SUP will be able to compete in performance thanks to the support of the paddle. It facilitates curves and relaunch. And the large volume erases imperfections in the water body while boosting your progress.

The different families of SUP

Our Boards are developed with precision for each use : beginners, the most experienced and the pros. The range of inflatable Boards is ideal for those who are new to SUP without the constraints. They are durable, easy to store and transport for all forms of practice.

Our rigid Boards are best suited for experienced SUPers looking for more glide and better performance. For a cool ride, you will find Boards that combine rigidity, stability and performance at record prices in our range. On the SUP Race program : sporty outings, fitness, downwind, long distance and beach race. High rowing speed and endurance.

In surfing, crossover enthusiasts will find the perfect LongSUP to link toes over the nose in style in the widest range of SUP Noseriders. We push this beautiful glide which enhances the SUP and allows you to get the most out of the small conditions.

Our SUP Shortboards section features Boards designed for aggressive surfing, for radical curves and tight turns. Our high-performance shortSUPs offer good travel speed, and fast acceleration to take everything apart in the waves.

GONG offers fixed or adjustable Paddles, in Aluminium, Fiber Glass or Carbon, depending on your level of experience. Remember that you will put in at least 1500 Paddles strokes in one hour. The 500g that separates two technologies can end up weighing on your shoulders. On the other hand, a heavier Paddle will help your balance at first.

Advice and Information

If you need advice or information about our products or about SUP in general, check out our tutorials in the How To SUP section, or visit our Forum. Do not hesitate to ask your questions, our experts will answer you very quickly.