Shifty Frontside 360

The Shifty Frontside 360 is a variation of the Frontside 360 which consists in adding a movement in the opposite direction of the rotation just before the start of a classic Frontside 360. This twist can allow the wing to pass more easily and quickly.


Of course, you should already have mastered the classic Frontside 360 before adding the twist. So you can go watch the how to Frontside 360 to remember the technique.


Wing foiler : Malo, GONG team rider, with the Wing Board Lemon FSP Pro, Pulse wing, and Pro Fluid H Foil.

Reminder of the Frontside 360 technique

To begin with, here’s a short reminder of the Frontside 360 technique. You pick up speed, jump, push on back foot, turn the board as much in the wind as possible, send the wing into the wind with a backhand push just before landing and finish the rotation on the water. Now that the reminder is done, let’s add the twist …

Do the Twist

For the twist you’ll have to barely jump, pull your back foot to the side. Pretend you are kicking a ball with your heel. This action will rotate the board in the opposite direction to the rotation of the Frontside 360. The level of rotation of the board will obviously depend on the force with which you are going to give the heel kick. But I advise you to start by making small twists. In fact, the bigger you twist, the more you will lose your balance in the air. From this comes a bad reception and a fall.



From the moment you are twisted, you will only have to initiate the movement of the simple flaka by bringing your foot back to its starting point and then pushing into it. In the end, the Shifty Frontside 360 is just like sending the rotation from a little further away. The advantage of this twist is that it will act like a tight rubber band that you would let go of suddenly. The rotation will therefore be much faster and more efficient. In addition, the foil will arrive in the water with more speed and will tend to take off directly.

This move also avoids over-rotations if you see that you are going too high.

There you have it, now you have the Shifty Frontside 360 theory, you just have to go and practice!


Malo Guénolé


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