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Super playful front wings for linking turns.

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259,00339,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

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Super playful front wings for linking turns.


The Curve is a front wing with a true surfy feel made for linking turns together thanks to its instinctive rail to rail.

Everything that makes up its shape promotes turns: a moderate aspect ratio, a tolerant profile ++, a very curved outline, and a pronounced camber.

Though the Curve is very maneuverable, it offers a very predictable feel under your feet. The grip in turns is firm and clean. Through turbulent areas or when you make a mistake, its grip will save the day. And the tips rarely breach.

It offers the perfect combo for surfing with all the classic repertoire of turns we love.

Unlike a Fluid which favors quick snaps off the lip or a solid slash, the Curve is a front wing with drive. It easily enters the curve and holds the line no matter what. It’s great in surfing because you can really lean into your turns. It’s also great when you’re not sure-footed yet: the Curve will erase / absorb your mistakes. It offers a lot of confidence and will boost progression on all classic maneuvers. We have a lot of tolerance and margins.

Relatively thin, the Curve is not a skinny wing though: its volume distribution offers lift and tolerance. Typically, where a thinner wing will cavitate, the Curve will continue as if nothing had happened. And if you stall, it will recover right away.

In pumping we have a phenomenal gain with a new fuller profile in the rear upper third. The glide is much longer in between two pumping strokes. The Curve is not as fast as a Veloce in pumping, but it is among the easiest and most forgiving. It gets through whitewater without shaking. It really is a very simple front wing to pump.

And for surfing swell bumps or on downwinders you can oversize your foil without compromising the ability to turn. You can exploit any pocket, all the small sections of bumps, by fueling your flight with carves.

In terms of accessibility, the Curve is the ideal front wing once you know how to stabilize the flight and want to start making turns and maneuvers. You’re always in control with no surprise wipe-out.

The potential of this front wing is huge because a foiler of an intermediate level will love it for sure, and an expert will enjoy its rail to rail and take advantage of its lift to undersize it.

The queen of turns.

3D view



With its moderate aspect ratio, a curved outline and its generous profile in the center which fades off towards the tips, this front wing is easy, maneuverable, fast and versatile.
It takes off early with a really comfortable lift and goes from one rail to another effortlessly, it’s super intuitive!

The ratio

The Curves are front wings with a moderate aspect ratio: the perfect compromise between glide, lift and rail to rail. This type of ratio makes it possible to maintain excellent maneuverability compared to a high aspect front wing. But we also generate much less drag than with a low ratio close to 5. It is a wing shape with a wide range and really versatile!
Its balance between speed and lift, glide and maneuverability, allows high performance in carving with impressive rail to rail and a really smooth glide in the waves.

the outline

The outline of the Curve is very rounded. The leading edge and the trailing edge are curved in order to project the tips behind the center of thrust. This geometry makes rail to rail super intuitive, the wing turns easily with a very predictable feel.

This outline centers the surface and allows for refinement of the tips for more maneuverability. The front wing tilts naturally around this very centered surface to offer a very efficient rail to rail in surfing. The tips dive without resistance for precise and/or radical steering. The surfy feel is truly magical!

Thickness of the profile

The Curve has a generous volume, especially in the second third of the upper surface, which offers a lot of lift at low speed and lengthens the glide. You can use smaller front wing surfaces to be super maneuverable. Or you can enjoy less intense pumping phases because the front wing lifts and “never” stalls: it’s really forgiving.

The volume is quite centered on the wing and fades gradually towards the tips for a reduced outline. The lift is very centered: it creates a natural pivot point to make the curves much healthier. You go from one rail to another without forcing, like on a super soft and easy to handle round tail surfboard.

The thin tips increase the rotation capacity of the front wing because the tip on the outside of the turn will not limit speed. Another good point for the Curve.

The type of profile

The profile of the new Curve is generous, in proportion to its chord. It is a very lifty profile that allows you to fly at low speed. It brings a lot of tolerance in pumping or maneuvers, it never stalls!

The rear third of the extrado is the key point of this new profile. With more volume there, the stab lifts more for the same effort. It offers a little less top speed but a lot more length between two pumps and a lot more lift at low speed. Another stunning point: It recovers from a stall incredibly well. If you fly too high, it will drop and recover flight on its own, without you even realizing it. Ditto on landings where it will take off super easily.

The max width has been moved back for more top speed, but also more roundness in its behavior (less ON/OFF).

In surf foiling you don’t get overwhelmed at the take-off. When winging it takes off nicely and it recovers flight properly after a jump without violent re-pop.

When winging this profile allows it to take off very early. Pumping is easy: no need to put all your energy into it; great in light wind conditions or for those who like to sail under powered! When the wind picks up, it allows you to undersize the front wing, to have a more compact, dynamic and playful foil, while remaining comfortable.

In surf foiling this profile allows you to maintain the flight at very low speed, the pumping is really impressive without being too technical. The pumps are spaced out with this magic glide. We feel that we have time between two impulses. Pumping is not a rush where you risk your life 😉 It’s quiet and you’re progressing really well and far. You can cross whitewater easily and can afford to make some mistakes without losing the flight.
In surfing you can catch up with stretched out sections by accelerating without being overwhelmed, you keep control thanks to this tolerant profile.

The camber

The Curves have an omega camber with a relatively constant long negative curvature which offers grip. We feel that the wing hooks on and will not skid in the middle of the curve even if we push very hard. So pushing hard is what we do 😉

This geometry also makes it possible to move the tips away from the surface of the water, so you can attack harder in the curves without breaching.
On the tips, we return almost horizontally to gain maneuverability by releasing the pressure. It is also a shape that avoids damaging the tips on the bottom.

Your benefits are clear:

  1. An efficient shape created by one of the leaders in the Foil world.
  2. A design at the cutting edge of R&D and ahead of its time.
  3. A construction proven on thousands of foils.
  4. The “Full Options” finish at a crazy price.
  5. A light, solid foil, with one of the best technologies on the market!!!
  6. An incredible price that can only be explained by our direct relationship with you.
  7. Simple maintenance and easy repairs as we have all the components in stock.


Screws not included, your needs are :

FRONT WING SCREWS: 1x (M6x20MM) + 1x (M6x16MM) + 1x (M6x12MM)

Stock Dimensions

S Version :

  • Wing span: 74 cm
  • Chord: 14.0cm
  • Wingspan²/area ratio: 6.8
  • Thickness: 1.6cm
  • Volume: 0.66L
  • Projected area: 802 cm²
  • Extrados area: 827 cm²
  • Felt area: 800 cm²

M Version :

  • Wingspan: 83 cm
  • Chord: 15.7cm
  • Wingspan²/area ratio: 6.8
  • Thickness: 1.8cm
  • Volume: 0.93L
  • Projected area: 1009 cm²
  • Extrados area: 1041 cm²
  • Felt area: 1000 cm²

L Version :

  • Wingspan: 90 cm
  • Chord: 17.1cm
  • Wingspan²/area ratio: 6.8
  • Thickness: 1.9cm
  • Volume: 1.21L
  • Projected area: 1199 cm²
  • Extrados area: 1238 cm²
  • Felt area: 1200 cm²

XL Version :

  • Wingspan: 98 cm
  • Chord: 18.5cm
  • Wingspan²/area ratio: 6.8
  • Thickness: 2.1cm
  • Capacity: 1.54L
  • Projected area: 1406 cm²
  • Extrados area: 1451 cm²
  • Felt area: 1400 cm²

XXL Version :

  • Wingspan: 104 cm
  • Chord: 19,7 cm
  • Span²/area ratio: 6,8
  • Thickness: 2.2 cm
  • Volume: 1.86L
  • Projected area: 1599 cm²
  • Extrados area: 1650 cm²
  • Felt area: 1600 cm²


Innovation is at the core of our products

Our wings and stabs are made of 90% Prepreg 3K carbon, with more than 15 layers of carbon fiber in total. High tension points such as the joints and connections are reinforced with Kevlar to resist tearing and glass for tolerance. Molded at high pressure and high temperature on a foam core, our wings and stabs are practically indestructible. Both rigid and floating, they are the perfect balance between contained weight and infinite durability.

This technology has been tested and proven for over three years without any breaking on 30,000 ALLVATOR foil wings. In the event of a violent impact on a rock, you can easily repair them and they will be as good as new.

You will never see a GONG wing open on a leading edge because our unique draping technique crosses the layers of fibres. So there is no sharing line on our wings. The entire outline has overlapping gaps, just like the rails on your top of the range boards.

This foil is completely dismountable to adapt to all sports at a lower cost and gives you the possibility of replacing a damaged part. A complete catalog of spare parts is available, to allow you to make it compatible with multiple supports (Surf / SUP / Kite / Wing), and to explore the entire range of use of the foil in each sport and at all levels.
Please note that GONG is at the forefront of foil development. We have been at the origin of the creation of the biggest foil factory that produces the major brands today. 18 months of intense work and dozens of tools developed. So don’t imagine that our foils are made in a gloomy garage. We develop all our products according to the rules of the art, with many internal engineers, with state-of-the-art 3D software, countless tests, with a Team at the highest level. That’s one of the reasons why we can offer low prices and refined products: we know what we’re doing from A to Z. We do not sell freelance designed foils. Our teams are at work year round and dedicated to the development of our products.

Buying guide

For whom ?

In wing foiling, you know how to take off and stabilize the flight and you want a front wing that will help you work on maneuvers and catch your first waves. In surf foiling, same thing, you know how to take off on whitewater and surf towards the beach but you want to start surfing parallel to the wave and do a few maneuvers.

If you recognize yourself in the previous paragraph, the Curve is made for you, and it will accompany you for a long time in your progression.

If you think you have more experience, you can still consider the Curve because it is super fun and hassle-free, even in soft waves. You can for instance go down one size for more reactivity!

What for ?

Carve and make the most of the waves, whether they have power or not, this front wing provides lift, grip and rail to rail. To sum up, this wing is for progressing or having fun and making curves like on a shortboard.
Its ability to turn at low speed, coupled with its early lift make it a wing of choice in situations where it may be difficult to generate enough speed.

In detail for each “sport”:

  • In surf foiling, you have a beginner/intermediate level and you can link maneuvers and pump to connect.
  • In downwinders you fly easily and endlessly without the need for huge bumps. The front wing glides and takes off again very easily. You can take advantage of each small section of bump with its maneuverability.
  • In winging, the small sizes are fantastic for taking off in no wind. You can size almost 200cm² less than usual. You have an incredible rail to rail that allows you to surf all types of waves. On the other side of the spectrum, associated with a Cruzader, you will pulverize your low range. It’s just amazing how early it flies. And the speed remains top-ranked.

Which shape of the Curve to go for? Curve or Curve H?

The Curve and Curve H program remains common, an accessible glide with great maneuverability at all speeds. Choosing between Curve and Curve H does not change your practice, but refines it.

These two ranges have been designed to complement each other perfectly. The surface increases every 100cm². The difference in thickness is 1mm from one size to another. You can thus build a quiver composed only of Curve or Curve H, or build a quiver mixing these two front wings according to your practice.

If we had to compare the Curve and Curve H ranges to a surfboard, it would correspond to a mid length. With all the ease, versatility, glide, and above all the performance that we know from them thanks to an efficient shape.

A Curve would compare to a 6’5 mid length with a twin fin set-up as it’s easy, versatile, ultra maneuverable, fun in many conditions and combining speed and acceleration. A Curve H would rather compare to a 7′ mid length on a single fin set-up because it’s very easy, versatile and offers unbridled speed. The Curve H is easy to access but at the same time great for its piloting finesse.

Regarding their abilities in carves, the Curve has the edge for tight turns, the Curve H for its masterful glide.

The Curve will have greater stability/grip thanks to a more important dihedral; the Curve H will be a little more unbridled.

The aspect ratio of the Curve H is more important, but without being in the extreme ranges that can go up to 10 which are much less manageable. We enjoy the exceptional glide of high aspect wings, while maintaining excellent maneuverability.

Curve H tips are thinner and have less surface area. This keeps excellent maneuverability for wings of this size. The camber is less important, in order to maintain an excellent rail to rail despite the high ratio.

Pumping on the Curve H is a little more technical, but will be more efficient thanks to its higher ratio and shorter chord length. Perfect for slightly more experienced levels. In wing foiling, the Curve H will require a little more speed on takeoff than the Curve, but it is still very accessible.

You can easily build a quiver of 2 or 3 wings within this range, and by mixing Curves and Curves H according to your use.


Some examples to choose between Curve and Curve H

  • I come from a beginner front wing and I want to favor ease of take-off in wing foiling, especially in the light wind conditions, I choose the Curve.
  • My priority is to carve, whether in wing foiling or surf foiling, I take the Curve.
  • I already have an advanced level in surf foiling, and my priority is pumping to connect as much as possible, I choose the Curve H.
  • I have an intermediate level in wing foiling, and I still work on my jibes, I choose the Curve.
  • I’m into surf foiling and also dock starting on flat days, I choose the Curve H.
  • I have a good level in wing foiling and my priority is downwind, I choose the Curve H.
  • Bigger riders will probably prefer the Curve with their moderate wingspan.
  • I have a good level in wing foiling and I have a medium/large size, I can make the Curve MH my everyday wing.

What size ?

The Curve wings can fit riders of all sizes.

The S has a wingspan of 74 cm, 800 cm², 1.6 cm thick for a volume of 0.66L.

  • In surf foiling, it is a small wing which will suit light riders with a very good technical level. It can also be used in tow-in in moderate waves.
  • For winging, it will suit light riders with a very good technical level or in strong winds.
  • In kite foiling, it is a reference wing, it takes off easily, excels in carving, while having an excellent top speed. It will be perfect for a confirmed kite foiler who is looking for a wing to go out in all conditions.

The M has a wingspan of 83 cm, 1000 cm², 1.8 cm thick for a volume of 0.93 L.

  • In surf foiling, it is a wing that will be perfect for light riders, or for larger riders of good level in powerful waves.
  • For winging, it is a relatively small wing, but which will suit light riders with a good level, or larger riders with a good level who will take it out in strong wind and wave conditions.
  • In kite foiling: This is a large kite for beginners who want to sail at low speed under canopy. It should be reserved for those weighing over 85kg.

The L has a wingspan of 90 cm, 1200 cm², 1.9 cm thick for a volume of 1.21L.

  • In surf foil, it will be a central front wing in the quiver of a good surf foiler.
  • For winging, the lightweights with a good level will make it their light wind front wing. It is also a key wing for downwinders.
  • In kite foiling: to forget, it’s too big.

The XL has a wingspan of 98 cm, 1400 cm², 2.1 cm thick for a volume of 1.54 L.

  • In surf foiling, it will be a perfect wing for a good surfer in small surf conditions, and a central front wing for large riders of a good level.
  • For winging, the big guys will make it their downwind front wing.
  • In kite foiling: to forget, it’s too big.

The XXL has a wingspan of 104 cm, 1600 cm², 2.2 cm thick for a volume of 1.86 L.

  • In surf foiling, it is a very large front wing which will be perfect for heavy riders, it is a perfect wing for dock starts too.
  • In wing foiling, it is a very good light wind wing which will be perfect for heavy riders, ideal for downwinders in light conditions.
  • In kite foiling: to forget, it’s too big.

General: a bigger front wing will be used in low ranges, in soft conditions. And conversely a smaller front wing in stronger conditions. What you need to remember is that the choice of your wing depends on your size, which requires lift, and your average speed, which generates lift.

Understand our foil range


Which stab ?

We recommend using Curve stabs with Curve wings. Do not use stabs that have very limited surface.

If you want to release the tail a bit, for a snappier feel, you can equip a Fluid H stab with a Curve.

This table allows you to easily identify which stab for which front wing, or which stab for a quiver of several Curve front wings.

Quiver partner ?

With a Curve, an aluminum mast or a carbon V2 are sufficient, if you really are comfortable in curves, an HM carbon mast will allow you to transmit 100% of the forces to the front wing. The gain in stiffness and dynamism is incredible.

In surf foiling, you can use any board from our range with the Curve, but to be more maneuverable, a performance board like the Matata or the Lethal will be perfect.

Ditto in wing foiling, it can adapt to everything but it maneuvers better on a shorter board.

Positioning of the foil ?

For the GONG foils, place the top plate at the rear third of the US rails for surf, SUP and kite. Place it in the middle of the US rails when using it with a wing foil.

The more you move it forward, the more it makes the board pitch up. The further you move it backwards, the more the nose of the board dives.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend to forget to use the back foot, especially when we have a kite foil background. However, moving the foil back a little forces you to put more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces effort.

Included equipments



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The first thing is to sell quality products that will last, be repairable and will please you for a long time.

The second thing is to sell for less. Most of the pollution coming from a Board is in its use (the km driven to use it) and in the countless environmental damages you have to do to pay for it. Each euro spent is a sum of damage related to your life quite simply: eating, working hard etc… By reducing the price of our products, we significantly reduce your ecological footprint on this item.

For our shipments we use:

  • Flexi-Hex: ecological packaging of very high resistance.
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All this for:

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  1. Bruno

    Coucou du Rio mahury en Guyane ou je viens de tester aujourd’hui ma nouvelle curve xxl fraîchement arrivée , 13 /16 knots de moyenne donc fort pour nous hihi! , habitué à notre “12knots guyanais” hé! Bien agréablement surpris ! J’utilisais une curve xlt de (2100) que je vais garder désormais pour le sup foil et donc je la remplace pour la wing par cette nouvelle curve xxl 2024 qui paraît petite avec ces 1600 . Sa gagne en vitesse , et même en portance aussi, incroyable !!!! Pour mes 86 kilos sa fait bien le job avec la mint 5,6 et nos petites conditions. J’oubliais aussi que j’ai un stab véloce 47 et une wing SP 6 , un bon combo pour le petit temps, en attendant de craquer pour une cruzader que j’aimerais tellement essayer… Pour le sup et la wing plutôt tard ! Résumé : un bon ressenti aujourd’hui pour un rider petit niveau qui continue de progresser avec ce combo ! Bizzz d’Amazonie

  2. ragazzosuperr (verified owner)

    ottima front presa dopo la rise xxl, la curve xxl con stabs FLUID H 45, è veloce e passa i buchi di vento,

  3. ragazzosuperr (verified owner)

    ottima front presa dopo la rise xxl, la curve è veloce e passa i buchi di vento,

  4. Pier Paolo (verified owner)

    Good news! The new Curve L (with the carbon mast and new stab) works sooo wellll that it helps in everything : it’s easier in jibing, tacking, early planing (if you don’t want to pump just let it go, it comes out at a perfect angle), recovering from almost out of the water, it’s fast enough but if I really slow down jibing it stays up and allows me to finish it, it turns so quickly that I can recover from going too upwind just by scissoring legs half a second.
    Really the best I ever tried. I mean amazing performance without going too technical. Or you can say an easy foil with incredible performance. I think you can compare it to a freewave if you are a windsurfer, it is as good in flat water as on waves.

  5. Jens

    Had 2 days now of full on surf foiling conditions and been flying on the curve xl and it’s so incredibly fun foil. Love the shortboard feel rail to rail 🙌 But I think the L would suit me better (I’m 95 kilos).
    Xl felt a little too big in turns.

  6. lba (verified owner)

    Après des débuts en wing sur Rise / X-over, et quelques sessions sur le précédent modèle (Curve XLT), on voit une différence marquée avec cette nouvelle version. Plus de glisse, plus de vitesse, tout en restant confortable et facile. Bref, que du bonheur.

  7. Tanguy

    Retour après trois sessions condi : flat, 15/30nds
    C’était une dinguerie !!
    J’ai pas assez d’expérience n’y de comparatifs et de vocabulaire pour vous faire une description aux petits oignons mais je me lance quand même.
    Carving/rouli super correct, on peut bien se pencher dans les courbes sans bouriner sur les appuis, un vrai plaisir.
    Top accélération à l’abatté et dans les rafales !!
    Grosse Vmax comparé à mon ancienne curve, bon j’ai pas le compteur au poignet mais je me tiré la bourre avec des plus petit foil que moi et plus toilé.
    Lacet au top 👍, meilleure glide je passe mes tack avec beaucoup plus de facilitée.
    Bonne glide, finesse. Au pomping elle est pas mal, faut envoyer un peu mais elle tient bien (comparer à la LT). Vmini ou limite de décrochage assez basse ! Comme la LT
    Voilà, voilà quoi dire de plus …
    J’ai ridé jusqu’à épuisement, hâte de l’essayer en mer dans les vagues et sinon c’est à peu près tout.
    A si bien sûr un grand merci à l’équipe et la communauté GONG pour tout les conseils, avis, et travail fourni !

  8. Sébastien

    Petit retour sur ma Curve XXL 1600/Stab Curve L 43 d’un modeste débutant (80kg tout mouillé ) devenu accroc😁.
    Venant d’un X Over V1 XXL 2200, et volant sans encore jiber, le 1600 me faisait un peu peur… Pour corser le tout je n’ai pas pris le grand Stab, et mon poto m’a prêté sa Hipe 5.1 85l (j’avais jusque là une Hipe 5.5 145l).
    Je m’étais dit que je suivrais les conseils comme quoi il faut changer les éléments un à un etc.
    Blablabla je navigue en lac, je ne risque rien, je mets l’avion neuf sur la petite Hipe et je me jete à l’eau.
    Pour info il y a presque 1kg de gain entre le Curve V2 1600 fuselage pro et le X Over XXL 2200 fuselage normal, tout ça sur la petite Hipe, le gain se ressent au portage mais pas que.
    J’ai volé tout de suite sur un bord et proprement. Le décollage est vraiment facile, la Curve demande peut-être un poil plus de vitesse pour décoller mais ce n’est pas flagrant. La plage basse selon moi c’est idem que le XOver XXL. Par contre le cap et la vitesse c’est autre chose. Ça cape de dingue et en Vmax c’est plus qu’honorable pour mon petit niveau (16,6nds au travers, peut mieux faire en abattant je suis sûr). Dans les virages ça carve de manière sensationnelle.
    J’ai prêté mon Foil à 2 winguers expérimentés qui sont sur une autre marque, ils avaient la même banane que moi.
    Dans du vent rafaleux 15/25 comme j’ai en ce moment en lac, j’ai préféré reculer le pied de mât au 3/4. J’ai retrouvé une position plus naturelle.
    Quant à la hipe 85l, à genoux et debout dans les molles, elle demande un peu plus de concentration mais ça le fait. La navigation en lac est une super école.
    La fiche descriptive du Curve V2 est exacte, elle peut s’adresser à un débutant débrouillé qui va pouvoir progresser sur les manoeuvres avec un Foil secure, qui glisse mais super fun aussi.
    Merci GONG de ne pas oublier les débutants en proposant des produits au Top ! Ça promet pour la suite🤙

  9. Laurent Duchamp de Lageneste (verified owner)


    J’ai également reçu une Curve XL en remplacement (?) de mon actuelle Curve XL.

    2 sessions dans un vent assez light (12-16nds) et je peux déjà dire que pour un rider de 85-87kg (en fonction de l’apéro de la veille…) cette aile va sans doute remplacer ma précédente XL, même dans le light.

    Pour aider à situer mon retour d’expérience: 54 ans, assez mauvais (commencé il y a tout juste un an, une quarantaine de navs, navigation tous temps mais je ne passe pas encore mes jibes…), navigation en Manche.

    Pour ceux qui se demandent comment cette nouvelle XL se positionne par rapport à l’ancienne, il y a pas mal de différences: clairement ça demande de prendre un peu plus de vitesse avant de décoller sous peine de retomber immédiatement. En revanche, ça ne veut pas dire que la plage basse (en terme de vent pour décoller) soit plus restreinte. Il faut pomper un peu plus vigoureusement, et donc savoir le faire, mais ça sort sans problème à 12 nds en 6.5 pour mes 87kg.

    C’est une fois en vol que la nouvelle XL prends un autre visage… ça accélère bien mieux, ça va clairement plus vite (environs 3 nds de plus dans tous les compartiments du jeu dès la première sortie) et c’est bien calé en vol avec une sensation de glisse bien plus agréable.
    Je suis loin d’en avoir explorer les potentiel car on sent que l’aile accélère bien et n’essaye pas de vous sortir de l’eau ce qui doit permettre de la pousser vers les 20nds et sans doute au-delà.

    Côté mania, ça tourne bien et assez court, il faut juste prendre garde à ne pas trop ralentir car autant l’ancienne XL vous garde en vol en dessous de 10nds de vitesse, autant celle là ne vous portera plus. Comme elle glisse mieux, ce n ‘est pas vraiement un soucis.

    Voilà où j’en suis, très content de cette aile qui restera sans doute un bon moment mon aide de petit/moyen temps, en attendant d’avoir le niveau pour lui adjoindre une H autour de 1000cm².

  10. Ben (verified owner)

    J’ai pris la CURVE XL en remplacement d’une CURVE (ancienne génération). Je m’en sers en Surf foil et en Wing.
    J’ai été très agréablement surpris par cet “upgrade” : plus de confort, plus de glisse et pour autant toujours beaucoup de tolérance. La mania est géniale : en Surf foil, c’est le feu 🔥🔥🔥
    Cette aile est clairement un gros coup de coeur et les copains qui l’ont essayée se sont régalés !

  11. Frédéric

    J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir tester en avant-première les nouvelles Curves. Ces nouvelles front wing Curve n’ont juste que le nom des anciennes, car en réalité, elles sont très différentes.
    Alors oui, elles ont le même programme, mais en bien mieux 😍🔥 avec beaucoup plus de performances à la clef et simple à faire fonctionner.
    Pour commencer, elles sont hyper accessibles comme les précédentes, elles volent hyper tôt, le décollage est très facile et progressif. Ce qui les rend adaptés à un « presque » novice… après une x-over par exemple ou un rider voulant sauter une étape…Là où j’ai été le plus bluffé c’est le reste 😱.Elles ont une plage d’utilisation et de performance hallucinante. Leur rail to rail est magique, ça tourne court et sainement parfait sur un programme surf.J’ai pu aller jouer au milieu des surfeurs sans crainte tellement j’étais sûr de ne pas me louper.On peut carver comme un porc avec, ça ne bronche pas, notamment associé au nouveau stab curve. Aucune approximation dans les courbes, on se sent en sécurité, jamais en défaut ce qui les rend hyper efficace dans les vagues creuses ou qui poussent.J’ai navigué plusieurs heures et plusieurs fois avec sans jamais me lacer venant pourtant de foils beaucoup plus rapides comme des YpraS.Alors oui, elles iront moins vite en vmax que des H, mais on peut vraiment les pousser loin quand même et elles décollent vraiment plus vite et tolèrent bien mieux les basses vitesses. Elles seront également beaucoup plus simples dans la pocket de la vague pour se sortir des situations difficiles. Elles seront moins performantes sur de la houle longue ou vague molle, mais ce n’est pas leur programme. Au pumping ça le fait suffisamment, notamment grâce à leur tolérance à basse vitesse.
    Super cru ces nouvelles Curves qui s’adressent maintenant aussi bien à des pros qu’aux presque débutants, ce sont des FW qui séduiront un large panel de rider en fonction de la taille choisie. Une vraie révélation, un vrai coup de cœur pour moi.😍.Merci à toute l’équipe de développement GONG Galaxy de nous faire des jouets comme cela et merci Anthony Dpe pour l’organisation et la logistique.

  12. Pierre

    Nouvelle Curve XXL. (Stab Fluid pro 45, Lemon 5’2, Plus 2023 6m).
    Je fais ~97kg pour 1m93🐣…
    Je profite de quelques ailes en test dans le coin (Merci Yohann Roussel et GONG Galaxy ! ) pour essayer plein de nouveaux jouets .
    Ce soir, vent poussif side-Off entre 8 et 20kn (au bord, c’était plus 5-15kn), une micro houle résiduelle, du soleil et une furieuse envie de Surffoil ou Wing en fonction du vent.
    La taille de la houle a décidé pour moi: Wing!
    Cette Nouvelle XXL 104, 1600cm², n’a rien à voir avec l’ancienne 120, ni en épaisseur, ni en corde d’ailleurs.
    Elle fait presque petite une fois montée sur la planche, même comparée à la Curve XL-T (102cm, 2100cm²) que j’ai eu longtemps.
    Dans l’eau il suffit d’a peine un peu de vent pour que ça décolle, on est entre l’ancienne XXL et la XL-T, mais on sent tout de suite la différence en mania, en vitesse et en glisse, ça va plus vite et surtout on a pas a réfléchir pour faire tourner, ça fait de bonnes courbes bien coulées et rien ne la perturbe, les tacks passent au ralenti, les gibes tout autant, même quand on va plus vite que le vent et qu’on se retrouve avec la voile à contre( qui freine 😅).
    J’ai eu quelques ondes intéressantes a rattrapper en cravachant (elle peut aller vite, mais c’est pas son point fort) puis a surfer: c’est doux, on surf des trucs tout mous du moment qu’on reste assé haut sur la vague, la vitesse naturelle sans forcer se rapproche de la vitesse de la vague, donc pas vraiment besoin de relancer, elle accepte de prendre de l’angle et se laisse emmener dans de bons carving ample, on peut aussi casser les courbes et tourner sur place, ça repart en un coup de pomping a 90° c’est assé drôle.
    Quand ça creuse, c’est très très sain, l’aile reste dans sa trajectoire, pas d’éjection ni de touchette, la hauteur de vol se régule très facilement avec une grande douceur, du coup on peut se concentrer sur autre chose. On est pas débordé 👌
    La vitesse basse est impressionnante, on a l’impression qu’on va décrocher d’un moment à l’autre,mais, ça passe et on est jamais sur des oeufs, les appuis restent francs et précis : je suis sorti de plein de petites vagues très au bord sans vent, en fakie et j’arrivais à garder le vol avec aucune pression dans l’aile et des petit pomping jusqu’à retrouver une risée pour changer de pieds.
    J’ai passé quasi toute la session à giber en sortie de vague pour repartir au large et connecter la vague en tack, le pied total avec cette Curve, c’est automatique !
    Je m’attendais a me trainer après avoir profité de la Curve XXL-H et en fait pas du tout… Je dois faire 1kn moins vite en Vmax, mais on sent que l’aile est a fond. Ce n’est pas grave, car le plaisir est ailleurs avec cette aile: tout en courbes et vols tranquille, on peut tricher en la “stallant” ça raccroche… On peut même la sortir de l’eau en vol, ça raccroche sans secousses. Je pense que la plage basse de décollage est un peu meilleure sur la Curve XXL-H en revanche, mais c’est dur à dire.
    Cette session a confirmé ma pré-commande…J’ai hâte de la recevoir, ainsi que la M…
    Je suis sûr que cette aile va m’aider à progresser en Surffoil dans les conditions estivales minuscules 🤩

  13. Fabien Drouin

    Utilisé dans baston avec des belles vagues, j’ai adoré la réactivité, ça tourne sur place et en même temps ça reste très tolérant dans les moments un peu difficiles grâce à son portance et son profil hyper sain.

  14. Titouan

    Perso j’ai la Curve en S que j’utilise en wing, j’avais peur de ne pouvoir l’utiliser que dans baston mais même pas, dans 13/15nds ça décolle tout seul, c’est bluffant!! 😁
    Ensuite dans les vagues, c’est juste magique 🤩 ça tourne hyper court sans effort et ça “zip” jamais, c’est même plutôt tolérant pour la taille.
    Moi je suis convaincue et je recommande à fond, le feeling dans les vagues est juste fou!! 😍

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The practice of the Foil carries risks of major accidents. A bad mastery of the Foil can cause cuts, serious wounds, even death, for you and/or others.

The Foil must be practiced taking all the precautions when used in Kite because they are increased in comparison to those related to the Foilsurf. Remember that the Foil is long, sharp, and can reach high speeds. To be hit by a Foil, or to strike a third party can have dramatic consequences.

Foil always far from others, in safe and unobstructed water.

The Foil is mainly used in the light wind. This one can fall and force you to go swimming. Therefore, do not overestimate your strengths: never go further than what you can swim under present and announced conditions.

Wear a helmet and protective jacket to ensure your buoyancy. Always wear a full neoprene wetsuit.

When handling the foil, be careful not to cut yourself on the trailing edges.

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The practice of foils, in every medium, presents a special hazard. Notwithstanding the contents of the instructions for use of each product, it is imperative that a few simple rules be observed:

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  • Except for kite surf boards, equip your board, at all times, with a leash that is at least equal to the length of the board, as well as foot straps. These elements make it possible not to completely release the board in the direction of other users. Never move in a distance that is less than the length of your leash plus that of the board plus your centreboard should you fall amongst other practitioners. You must never bring a third party into this diameter which forms the area in which your activity presents risk.
  • Only practice in spots that are conducive for the activity (secure water entry, lack of shore break, regular bottom, orientation adapted the wind direction, etc.) and not frequented by practitioners of other nautical sports. A foil’s speeds require that the solo practitioner or one amongst multiple foil practitioners move in an environment where each person anticipates and has awareness of the others’ trajectories.
  • Scrupulously follow the rules of priority, especially since inertia and manoeuvrability are different from traditional media, above all for beginners. Courtesy and the sense of responsibility must be part of your practice so as not to create deviant behaviour that might lead to an accident.
  • Pay attention to the other practitioners, and generally speaking, to all users of the water body, even if they do not have priority in your area of movement (they may, among other things, underestimate your speed and your danger zone). Never practice around children or people who are unfamiliar with the sport, as their reactions might be completely unpredictable. You would be fully liable. GONG SUP will do everything in its power to alert you to the risks and explain to you the practical framework that we recommend. You cannot ignore these instructions as this would endanger you and everyone else, and jeopardize the GONG SUP brand which is a responsible company.
  • Pay attention to the water depth, since the presence of an appendage with several tens of centimetres below a beach vehicle is a new data point for a good number of practitioners, even those familiar with watersports. Breakage associated with pressure against or striking the bottom is not covered by the warranty.
  • Maintain and check your equipment regularly, and make no technical modification to it other than products and solutions sold by GONG-GALAXY. Never sharpen the trailing edges, as they would become cutting both for you and for the leash, thereby no longer holding onto the board!

It is highly recommended that you begin foil practice in an appropriate pedagogical setting, by means of an accredited club or school, that you read all of her articles on the GONG forum. This is to allow you to acquire an appropriate level of self-sufficiency and a real knowledge of the stakes in the practice of foil.

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