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GONG has the widest range of wings, because our sport is evolving and everyone has different needs. Choosing the right wing and understanding their strengths is important. Here we explain everything you need to know.

Below you’ll find all our wings, followed by our advice for gearing up.

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The phenomenal dynamism of the 2022 GONG wings!

Over the last 3 years, we have introduced 5 generations of wings that were widely distributed. Our V2s should therefore be called V5. The V2 is the second generation of our range of 5 models launched in 2021. So our 2022 range.

150 to 200 prototypes are needed to obtain an improvement in performance that justifies a renewal of the range. Developing a new range is therefore a costly and long work. This work leads to significant differences for those who are used to the previous version. In the hands of someone who’s using a wing that’s two generations old, it’s a revolution.

It must be understood that within 5 generations, adding all that we know from our experience in windsurfing and kiting, we have made a phenomenal leap forward. We progress twice as fast as in kiting, and even more than we did in windsurfing. Just look at the evolution of tricks and the use of wings: the leap forward is spectacular from year to year. It would not be possible if the gear didn’t evolve at the same rhythm.

We must not confuse evolutions and visual revolutions. An evolution in performance is not something that is plain to see. And the visual revolutions in wing architecture are now behind us. There will now be choices for different programs, choices of accessories, but in almost a thousand prototypes over 4 years, we have seen a very broad spectrum of possibilities.

Find all evolutions of 2022 GONG wings in this news.

For Whom?

  • Beginners: this will be the Wing Plus that you’ll need. Smooth, progressive and stable, it is a light Wing that is easy to handle without getting your arms ripped off.
  • Experienced: you have the choice between different disciplines: the SuperPower will give you the traction you dream of, the Pulse will give you an amazing Vmax and stability, while the Droïd will be unbeatable in Freestyle, and the Neutra will be the queen of wave sessions.

Focus on the Use: Progression, Lightwind, Freeride, Freestyle, Waveriding.

Your weight should not point you towards any particular Wing, except when it comes to the SuperPower. But the choice of surface will depend on your weight in each discipline.

For What?

The Wing Plus: Allround!

  • Its role is to make your first year of Wing flying easier. It has no limits with its very efficient but non-specialized shape like the other wings of the range.
  • Light, easy, powerful, it has all the qualities to help you arrive to a good level.

The Wing Neutra: ultimate Waveriding!

  • Absolute smoothness with this Wing 100% surf/jumps/transitions.
  • We get back to the essence of the flow and driven the dream for the last century and to flourish with a Wing in hand.

The Wing SuperPower: Full Power!

  • Your water surface exposes you to capricious, irregular, gusty winds? It is THE Wing that’s unbeatable in the light and for the heavier riders: power to spare and furious acceleration.

The Wing Pulse: Freeride attitude!

  • Dominate the others in speed and heading, holds up easily in gusts, and when launching.
  • It kills it on all levels, and propels the Wing into new realms of performance.

The Wing Droïd: Freestyle machine!

  • Maximum compactness to link tricks and rotations.
  • Its torque delivers an incredible boost for ever more pop.

Which wing disciplines?

To date, there are no boundaries in the world of the wing. But soon we will see the preferences of each profile spreading within the wing world.

We have known for decades that there are clear forms of practice, first popularized in windsurfing, then in witesurfing. There’s no doubt that we will find them in wing.

First the beginner who wants to progress, the Allround rider. He needs simplicity above all. But he wants beautiful gear, of quality and developed for his progression. He doesn’t want to look like a beginner with bad equipment and he’s right. He needs a clever, well thought-out set that simplifies his life without being simplistic & cheap.

Then the Freerace rider, because cranking out speed with the boys is always enjoyable. And not everyone has a fabulous wave riding spot in front of their house, nor does everyone want to be ripped apart in the waves. So, challenging ourselves and each amongst friends remains a major pleasure of our sports.

When the wind is limited, not very clean, we get frustrated ! Watching chumps out there playing while we are stuck on shore is surely one of the most frustrating experiences. So, we equip ourselves in LightWind, so we don’t miss out on a single session. It is often the addiction for equipment lovers because this tendency leads quickly to an arms race.

And we know that some of you have twisted ideas, rebellion in your blood, a desire to search and destroy everything ahahah 😉 Well these riders like Freestyle. What’s better than tearing it up on the flat? More seriously, these people basically want to reproduce, on the flat, some wave riding moves. And quickly gets out of hand then it ends up in a tail spin, if can get complicated and very elitist, but there’s a real freestyle subdivision.

Finally comes the Holy Grail: Waveriding. Original essence of our passions, riding the waves is in us. So yes, it’s the ultimate, the aspiration and objective, and a lot of you devote yourselves to it without limits, celebrating the ocean more than the wind, exploiting the wave more than the gust. And it’s beautiful.

What Styles of wing?

Do you all have a style in mind that speaks to you, several perhaps?

At GONG we have developed specific answers for each style so that everyone can find not only performance, but also what most resembles them or what they want to identify with.

You want to surf with a Droïd because you like its style, its compactness, its voltage? Nothing prevents you from doing so, on the contrary.

You are a beginner and you like the look of the Neutra? Go for it! It will be less perfect than a Plus but the important thing is that you like it.


In order to understand the dominant qualities of each of our wings, we used the following criteria:

  • Power: power base, torque.
  • Vmax: ability to go fast easily.
  • Simplicity: simplicity of piloting.
  • Agility: easy to handle the wing.
  • Control: stability in high range.
  • Neutrality: depower when the wing is totally sheeted, flat in surfing for example.


What size wing ?

For the beginners, we recommend a 5m². This is the most versatile size. You will have enough power to fly in good conditions, and a wingspan that remains reasonable.

Soon you will see that one wing is not enough. You will want to fly all the time so you will complete your 5m² with a bigger one.

We recommend 2m² maximum distance between your wing sizes. Ideally 1m², and this is even more true in the smaller sizes because when you go from 4m² to 2m² because the wind is up, you divide the surface by two, while the wind has certainly not doubled. On the other hand, going from 7m² to 5m² when the wind rises IS quite fluid because it is proportional to the extra force of the wind.

Here is the recommended wind range for each wing:






Don’t overestimate the power of wings. The jibber-jabber ion the grapevine consists in making you believe that you are going to have fun with a 4m² in 15 knots, even 8 knots… It’s really smoke and mirrors which aims at making you crack your wallet open on a cheaper Wing because it is smaller. The reality is that you need enough surface to develop the power you will need.

What wing Quiver?

A beginner will have all interest to equip himself with Wing Plus. It’s cheaper because we make a lot of them, it’s light, the V is marked for ease… It’s great.

Generally, we stay in the same range to make our Quiver. This is very true for beginners who will find their marks on one size and find them on the size above or below in the same model.

For a Pro it’s different because depending on the conditions and what he wants to do, he will draw from each model the resources he needs. For example:

  • In 12 asthmatic knots, a SuperPower 6m2 will be fabulous. It will erase all the defects of the spot.
  • But in 15nds perfectly regular, he will surely prefer a Pulse 6m2 which will be faster.
  • And if he wants to work on his tricks he will switch to a 5m2 Droïd.
  • And if there are waves he will love the Neutra 5m2.

In reality we often each have our own style, our tastes and our sensibility for this or that type of wing and associated program. And we do a little bit of everything with it. But the important thing is to be able to choose the one that best meets your criteria.

Which Technology?

At GONG we only make high-end wings. Our low prices can only be explained by our choice of exclusively Direct distribution.

Our wings benefit from the best construction, developed by GONG, currently the strongest on the market with its double thickness of leading edge segments and reinforced seams. This is far from basic kite technology.

Our Wings are built to last and accept the constraints of this new sport. We use the best materials available while keeping our prices low thanks to our no middleman sales system. With basic materials, it would be 30% cheaper, but less durable and much less efficient.

At GONG our Wings are the highest quality and if by misfortune you break them, they can be repaired from A to Z with the components we keep in stock for your favourite repairman.

What type of wing boards?

The Wing Plus matches perfectly with a HIPE, a HIPE V2, a Zuma, a Lance or a Flint and our Aluminum Allvator Foil. It’s the magic combo for beginners and mellow sessions.

The SuperPower, Pulse, Droïd and Neutra are the perfect combination with a Flint, a Mint, a Kube, a Lemon or a Lethal and our Carbon Monobloc Allvator in 85cm or 100cm and faster Front Wings. This is the high-performance combo.

You can (should) add to this combo a SUP for windless days, and surely a Board dedicated to surfing. But if you’re heading towards the wing, you may already have these toys in the garage 😉

What Leash?

Take a 5′ to 6′ wing Leash in light wind and a 10′ Leash in strong wind. Preferably a model dedicated to the wing and of the Coiled variety. A short Leash allows you to get back the wing quickly. A long Leash protects the wing from the Foil falling into the canopy by letting it go further off.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. This is your lifejacket.

Don’t let your wing flap in the wind at the end of the Leash, it is not unbreakable! Do not hold your wing by the Leash, it will explode or you will hurt yourself.

For the Board, choose a Leash a little longer than the Board. Either straight, or coiled, belt, knee, or ankle… it’s up to you to choose according to your preferences.

Harness or Harness free?

Riding without a Harness is sexy because it makes you feel free and it’s styley. You can move in all directions, it’s really pleasant.

On the other hand, you don’t have to use a lot of fabric to avoid having your arms stretched out. This means having to pump often to take off.

All our wings 2021 have Harness line attachments. So, you have the choice.

So, if on the other hand you like to ride with a lot of canvas, the use of a Harness is almost mandatory if you don’t want to do sessions bridled at one o’clock. In this case, the installation of Harness lines is super simple, (see our tutorials on the Forum). We advise you to use a Harness that is as stiff and as soft as possible, with a windsurfing type hook.

Tips of 24 to 28cm of distance between the batten and the V-shaped hollow section will be perfect. Use a small diameter rope and a thin sheath because the ends of the rope are heavy and rigid, and therefore dangerous for turns and other tricks.

So, it’s up to you to see if sensation and aesthetics prevail over performance. But it is a safe bet that soon all riders will have Harnesses because the evolution will go towards more powerful Wings and more performance.

Wishbone or Handles?

We have tried everything, in every conceivable combination. A boom is great but is not at all suitable for a beginner public who needs a light wing.

With a boom, he’ll hit the board and damage it, or damage his shoulders. And it’s as hard to transport as it is to install.

In 2021 we reduced the number of handles to a minimum and saved almost a kilogram per wing.

The choice is therefore four ideally placed handles :

  • One for handling and surfing on the leading edge.
  • One front handle on the central strut.
  • A space to put a harness line between the front and rear handles.
  • A rear handle for low power and tricks on the central strut.
  • A second rear handle for full power on the central strut.

Full Window or Canopy ?

Wings without windows are cheaper, 200 grams lighter and easier to store.

Wings with windows are safer, stiffer and more responsive.

For beginners, a wing with windows is a must because safety comes before the few grams you could gain. The point is not to admire the landscape: windows will allow you to see if there’s someone or something on the other side of your wing when jibing and therefore prevent a potential collision.

With Battens or without ?

The particularity of inflatable wings is their relative flexibility. This is not necessarily a disadvantage if the profile keeps its shape.

For this, the use of Battens is an indisputable asset. But it is more expensive and not as light.

At GONG, you have the choice to use them or not. According to your taste. And to take Wings which are not equipped with them.

Dry your wing ?

Unless you end your session with a long ride in the sun and land on a pontoon, it’s rather rare to get out of the water with a completely dry wing. 😉 Note that there is no need to dry your wing if it is to be used regularly in salt water, as the salt protects the materials from mold.

If, however, for transport or storage reasons you want to dry them, you must absolutely avoid hanging the deflated wing by the handle on the leading edge. It’s however very practical but it is the best way to obtain a hernia on the central strut at the junction with the leading edge following the collapse of the bladder inside. The bladders are movable in the strut and the leading edge. So if you hang it up deflated to dry, the bladder can slip, or even crumple, in the strut sleeve.

So ideally, you dry your inflated wing in the shade, and at worst flat or at least with just the inflated central strut.

Find all our How to : Dry your wing

Good to know:

Wings are very light inflatable structures. This is the reason of their efficiency. You must therefore take the greatest care of them.

The classic mistake is to pierce the wing with the Foil. You won’t escape it. But it is very easy to repair. Our fabrics limit the tear and contain it instead of the impact.

The more serious mistake is to get the wing hooked in the water and have it stuck in the water causing you to kink it. Kinking will increase the pressure rapidly and cause the wing to explode. Repairs are then the logical consequent. The same happens if you inflate too much.

The inflation pressure of your wing will affect its power and handling in high water. If high pressure puts your wing at risk, you can also cheat if the wind is very strong by inflating it a little less to make it easier to hold. It will be less stable but less powerful.

Note that inflating your wing too much gives a heavy feeling and does not improve performance. It is a very bad reflex.

Everybody wants a wing. So, don’t take a wing that is too complicated at the beginning. Take a wing that is really made for your beginner needs and you will sell it to a friend in a few months without any worries. The low prices that GONG offers will boost your progress without breaking your budget. Food for thought.

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