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The must in wave riding without concession.

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899,001049,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Pay in multiple installments or deferred payment 30 days Service available for orders of €150 or more.



The must in wave riding without concession.


The Lethal is the most radical wave riding board in wing foiling.

Tighter turns, hitting the lip, and going for airs has never been more intuitive and easy than with the Lethal. You can wrap every turn, attack the whitewater, jump, land clean and manage the repop.

With the fluid feel of this board underfoot, the boundary with surf foiling is as thin as it gets. This board is about fluid and committed surfing, and allows the most insane maneuvers.

With 9 sizes from 35L to 120L, all pure waveriders will find their board with the perfect dimensions.

This is the board for pro level wave riding!



This is the narrowest board in the range for an equal volume (excluding the Cruzader shapes).

Even sharper than its previous version, it gains glide at takeoff. It’s undeniable!

Less width means more pre-flight speed, less touchdowns, less braking when you do touchdown and more control in extreme angles.

Its typical surf point nose and its contained length make it very incisive in changes of direction such as top turns for example. And in jumps its reduced dimensions allow you to send all the tricks in the book.

This truly radical outline makes it the reference board for high-performance wave riding.


The very relaxed, almost flat rocker on the rear 1/3 maximizes the glide for a windsurf-type planing start.

The nose is significantly higher than on a freestyle board for example, giving all the necessary margin to manage steep sections.


The flat hull on the rear third is 100% about planing. The water flow is optimal and allows you to obtain maximum glide to take off very easily and quickly, even with a small foil. You can downsize the front wing by 200cm2 for the same takeoff.

The double concave on the front channels the flow of water to soften touchdowns and make landings super smooth.

The shape, although less wide, gains in useful surface area with a greater edge to edge on the hull thanks to the work on the rails. Everything is easier: balance, take off, carving, etc…


Straight and sharp rails at the tail offer the Lethal 2024 more useful surface area and therefore more stability when landing tricks and at standstill. The sharp side also provides more glide, drive and facilitates the take-off phase.

Why go sharp?

The criteria have evolved with wings becoming much more powerful than in 2022. This transformation enables gliding before flying, even in low wind conditions, and facilitates the use of smaller foils. Front wing sizes have seen an average drop of 200cm2 to 500cm2 between 2021 and 2023/24.

So, this paradigm shift necessitates a change in the design of shapes, transitioning from ‘we release the board from the water as quickly as possible by pumping onto the foil’ to ‘we plane before flying (allowing the use of a smaller foil)’. This trend is visible at high level with the scoring of repops and combos. In 2022 only 1 trick was scored per tack: only 1! In 2023, the introduction of combos, where two moves are seamlessly linked together, earned a perfect score of 10 points at the Leucate event. A total change.


A flat and round tail for even more glide, minimal bulk in turns and explosive repop.

The very relaxed rocker at the tail allows optimal pre-flight glide on the water. Touchdowns while surfing are no longer a problem. It has even become part of surfing, either in big landings for pros, or when getting into scary moves like re-entries over whitewater for example: by placing the board on the water at the critical moment to secure your way down. This new Lethal does it to perfection.


The bulb is also slightly larger to balance the volume of the board and gain stability when at standstill.

The double concave under the nose coupled with the bulb and the narrow outline make touchdowns completely inconsequential. Instead of braking on nose dives, the Lethal will bounce on the water and immediately fly again. It’s truly incredible when landing jumps or for airs in surfing.

This lack of penalty encourages you to try tricks and will make you progress very quickly.

A shape and a construction with multiple world titles to their name

The Lethal FSP Pro is multiple world champion in Surf-Freestyle, Big Air and even Race. There is no doubt that you will find the performance you need to progress to your best level.

This board showcases our cutting-edge FSP Pro technology. The Full Sandwich PVC & full carbon construction ensures optimal dynamism without compromising strength, all at an astonishingly low weight. It stands as the epitome of custom vacuum-sealed technology, employed in production—identical to the technology used in our prototypes crafted in France at our workshop.

This lightweight, high-performance technology, known for its exceptional durability, is consistently utilized by our Team Riders in competitions.

It truly signifies the pinnacle of board construction—durable, high-performing, and repairable. Brands offering a full PVC sandwich series for wing foiling are rare, and GONG leads the way in this field!


Team feedback

“This is my favorite wave riding board. It really came into play to clinch my world titles. Its shape, compact and narrow, translates into excellent maneuverability which is essential in the waves. The rail almost never catches even on the most radical carves. Its new thicker and flatter tail helps enormously in my tricks. The landings are cleaner and it allows me to perform big combos more easily. I mainly use it on the world wave tour with the feeling of riding a real surfboard, just like a shortboard.”

Malo Guénolé 2022 Surf-Freestyle World Champion – 1st place in the 2023 Wave World Cup in Rio.

3D View



Innovation is at the core of our products

  • 3D shapes on modeling software.
  • Preshape by numerical control for total reliability.
  • Shape control by traditional templates, finishing off the last mm 100% by hand.
  • Epoxy resin and EPS foam blank: solid and lightweight.
  • Deck, hull, and rails in vacuumed PVC sandwich: incomparable strength and incredible dynamism.
  • Deck: full PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon sandwich composed of a high-density PVC foam core and 1 layer of 4oz fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz Carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Hull: integral PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon sandwich composed of a high-density PVC foam core and 1 layer of 6oz carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Specific foil reinforcements: high-density PVC block housing the two US rail boxes. Four layers of carbon cover the boxes. Laminated PVC slats connect the reinforcement to the deck for maximum durability.
  • Rails: the PVC sandwich structure completely covers the rails: increased structural strength, very good shock
    resistance (paddle, knee and harness hook impacts).
  • Carrying handle integrated into a PVC block : limits infiltration, avoids breakage in the surroundings.
  • Hot coat with integrated tinted resin: nobility of the process, weight reduction and solidity of the finish.
  • Matt custom finish, hand-made, for weight reduction and better glide.


These boards are equipped with our innovative technology called FSP Pro. The highest quality on the market.

This full PVC Carbon sandwich offers the best dynamism while preserving strength, at an incredible weight. It’s quite simply the ultimate in vacuum technology for customs, used as standard on our production models : the same tech as the one used on our prototypes made in our shape rooms in France.

FULL sandwich means that the entire board is covered with a layer of 3mm high density hydrophobic PVC foam. This includes the rails, which allows better resistance and perfect sealing in the event of an impact. Above all, the sandwich on the rails are essential to have a rigid board as they work as a solid frame when the board takes flex. The dynamism is really superior and the durability of the board is second to none. This tech is not adopted by all competing brands. What they call sandwich construction is often a simple PVC reinforcement under the feet (and sometimes on the hull). At GONG we do things as seriously as they can be, so in full sandwich.

The carbon fiber that completely covers the board boosts its performance. It is clearly much livelier. Its response time is ultra fast, it does not twist, you are in direct contact with the foil and the elements.

All the lamination steps of the high density sandwich and then of the fiber are carried out under vacuum. The board is under strong pressure, from 2 to 4 tonnes depending on the stage, to ensure flawless bonding of the layers. With the use of drains we optimize the amount of resin on the board leaving only the optimum. Your board is light and super compact. A durable board made to handle all the stresses of a board’s life, its construction also offers a sound basis for any future repairs. So your board will stay like new for years or decades with proper maintenance. This durability will make a lot of people happy from one owner to the next, and avoids polluting with “disposable” boards.

To implement this very complex technology, we need time. A board without a full sandwich is built in 6 to 8 hours. GONG full sandwich boards take 12 to 14 hours of work. You understand that all these steps lengthen the production circuit and are therefore a monumental investment in quality.

For 2023 we have replaced the classic US Boxes, which everyone uses but which were not originally designed for foiling, with our own US Double Entry GONG Boxes designed and tested by our design office for extreme use in foiling. These new boxes are specifically reinforced in areas of high stress and are molded with a high fiber content. Durability is increased tenfold. We are clearly on the best BOX on the market which corresponds exactly to our needs in terms of resistance and functionality. What could be simpler than aligning the 4 nuts with the 4 entrances and sliding the foil into the box? 3 turns with a screw tightener and it’s ready. It’s so easy that you’ll wonder how you could do it the old way for years hahaha.

The foil boxes are placed in a large PVC 80kg/m3 reinforcement thicker than the boxes. Without any risk of water infiltration in the EPS sandwich, even with an intense impact. This reinforcement is connected to the PVC sandwich of the deck with PVC slats to ensure the cohesion of the whole and to avoid any play in the reinforcements over the years. Everything is fitted with fiberglass reinforcements for tolerance and carbon to limit bending. The handle is also set in a waterproof PVC block.

Remember that the high density PVC blocks that house the boxes and the handle are in addition to the full PVC sandwich. The anchoring is absolutely perfect. Not to compare with a reinforcement simply held by layers of fiber. Our reinforcements take hold on a high thickness of rigid material that you would not be able to bend by hand for example, which you could if it was only layers of fibers.



Our technology is truly the ultimate in board construction. Durable, efficient, repairable, we can count on one hand the number of brands able to offer a total PVC sandwich on a big scale production of wing boards. GONG is the leader!

At GONG, our boards are the highest quality. Our low prices can only be explained by our direct sales model, eliminating margins. If by misfortune you break them, they can be repaired from A to Z with the components we keep in stock for your favorite repairer.

Buying guide

Who is it for?

You must have a good level because the Lethal is very demanding.

With bigger volumes it is manageable, but if you take a volume adapted to your weight, keeping balance on your knees in the chop will not be easy. So, you also need to be in good physical shape to be reactive.

This is clearly the board for those who want to reach the maximum potential in wing foiling.

Why choose the Lethal?

The Lethal is a pure wave riding board.

And because it is narrow, it is comfortable in all performance registers, including the top speed because the high speed control is fantastic.

Ideal for surfing and perfect in jumps, it is 100% high performance.

Which board size?

The Lethal is the ultimate wing board for wave riding. But by playing on the volumes, you can adapt it to our needs:


You can select a volume large enough to float, which is your weight +10 = volume

  • Example: I weigh 75kg + 10 = 85L to float. This means that with 85L I’ll be all good as long as I have a good wing level.


You can also sub-liter to gain in responsiveness. If you have a good level and want maximum responsiveness, you can switch to “negative” volumes, by which we mean weight > volume.

Up to your weight -15 = volume you can start “easily” on your knees while leaning on your wing.

  • Example: I weigh 75kg = 75L to slightly sub-liter. This means that with 70L my board will sink lightly and I will have to be precise and sporty at each start.

In competition, our Pro Team are on boards that have volumes of 10L and 15L below their weight. To date, this is the compromise that offers them the most performance because it boosts responsiveness and secures landings.

  • Example 2: I weigh 75kg and I take 65L to sub-liter without switching to a pure sinker. Which means that with 65L my board will partially sink when stopped and I will have to be very precise and sporty each time I start.


At your weight – 30 = volume, you will have to start by sinking the board: it’s technical, very physical, and you lose part of the low wind range. And above all: you need depth, which can be annoying. The performance gain is debatable depending on your level, but the gain in sensations and responsiveness is interesting for some. It is also the best way to have light equipment, which is essential for the pros and especially for the biggest riders.

  • Example: I weigh 75kg – 30 = 45L to use my board as a Sinker. Which means that with 65L and less, my board will completely sink and I will have to start with the help of the wing to get out of the water. In this case, less volume often makes things easier because we sink the board with ease. This makes it easier to place our feet on the deck or in the straps and climb on it. A small board won’t pop out as a cork, therefore easier to make it sink but not as quick to take off. Its stability qualities when on the surface remain the same underwater.

In the end, the most unstable volume is often around 20L less than your weight.

How to choose the size of the board bag for my Wing Foil Board Lethal FSP Pro?

Understanding the GONG range?

The concept of each board of the range can be summed up very simply:

  • HIPE FIRST: the perfect inflatable board to learn wing foiling!
  • HIPE FREE FLY: the best of strapless on an inflatable foil board.
  • HIPE PERF: the inflatable board with 95% of the performance of a rigid board, in an easy and efficient shape.
  • HIPE PRO: the inflatable board with 95% of the performance of a rigid one with a shape dedicated to advanced foilers who want fluidity and maximum responsiveness!
  • HIPE CRUZADER STRAPLESS: the strapless inflatable board with 95% of the performance of a rigid board with an ultra specialized shape, ideal for light wind winging and chilled out SUP foiling.
  • HIPE CRUZADER STRAPPED : the inflatable board with 95% of the performance of a rigid board with an ultra specialized shape, for the highest performance in light wind winging.
  • MOB 2TASTE: three sports in one board: SUP, SUP foiling and wing foiling.
  • ZUMA: the easy rigid board for SUP foiling and wing foiling, and with good performance.
  • LANCE: the compact Zuma, with great lateral stability, ideal for beginnings in wing foiling.
  • LETHAL: Absolute surfing radicality for a magical ride in all types of waves.
  • STUNT: 100% surf-freestyle. Great maneuverability. Instant take offs and re-pops.
  • LEMON: top-notch responsiveness and liveliness in surfing, high performance in freestyle, great stability and lots of glide.
  • MINT: absolute efficiency and ease thanks to its glide. A first-class wing board for take offs in a versatile shape geared towards surfing and freeride.
  • CRUZADER POINT: fantastic in SUP downwinders, pumping on the flat, but also in light wind conditions for wing foiling, freefly, surfing, etc…
  • CRUZADER DIAMOND: compact and easy to paddle shape for downwind SUPing. In wing foiling it’s ideal for light wind conditions, surfing and downwinders.
  • FLINT: high performance in SUP foiling, really cool for wing foiling because it is simple, stable and efficient. All in one.

Included equipments

The set of footstraps is offered with the board. Since 2023 we have reviewed the outline of our straps to further improve comfort. Developed for wing foiling, these straps with less cover do not bend when put on.

More rigid, they offer a more precise steering but are still as comfortable. There is less surface area on the feet so there is less risk of staying stuck in the straps or banging your foot on the edge of the strap when rushing into it. It also allows better leeward control (tip of the foot) and therefore a more natural attitude in wing foiling.

We have worked on every detail to improve your experience on the water.

The V-shaped footstraps perfectly center the foot on the front of the board. The position is thus more natural and allows direct and precise control in maneuvers.



Since 2023, our SCS system launched on the HIPE is integrated on all our foil boards. It’s beautiful, efficient and above all it saves time you can spend on the water. With its 4 entries, the GONG double entry box facilitates the assembly and adjustment of the foil. Performance without the hassle. We leave the nuts and the screws on the plate, just insert the foil, screw and off we go! Setting up the foil is much faster and easier. It is the plug and play solution which facilitates adjustments! (inserts not supplied with the board).


A handle developed by our R&D and our ergonomics engineer has been integrated into our boards this year. We can better close our hands in it: a firmer and more comfortable grip. The depressurization screw is directly integrated into the handle.

It is placed on the hull to allow one-handed carrying. You can have the wing in the other hand to get past the whitewater or to get out of the water. And as we always do things seriously, the handle is placed in a block of hydrophobic PVC foam and covered with fiber.


The top-of-the-range 5mm thick integral pad provides maximum grip and comfort when sailing, while protecting the board from shocks. This hard brush pad sublimates the board. This flat pad provides absolute comfort and a magical grip with more precision. This is obvious on long sessions: the feet are less tired.

  • 2 US GONG Box Double Entry for standard foil plates equipped with 4 screw + nuts (9cm center distance). Compatible with our SCS system. This new system allows ultra-fast assembly of GONG foils. (INSERTS NOT SUPPLIED WITH THE BOARD).
  • 5 x 5-hole footstrap inserts to optimize your position.
  • 1 x large light double V-shaped front footstrap and 1 x large light rear footstrap (screws included).
  • 5 mm hard brush pad : deck covering designed for great comfort and absolute grip.
  • GONG carrying handle integrated in the center of the board on the hull.
  • Leash plug to never lose your board.
  • Automatic vent screw. (LINK TO THE HOW TO)

How to place and adjust your straps?




  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this board in a surf shop, it would cost 1649€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).




The dates of availability of all our products are written on each product page, in the size and colour of the product concerned.

These dates are valid at the moment you consult the site and/or place an order. It is possible that this product may be ordered a few seconds after your consultation. It then becomes unavailable. If you have placed an order, this change does not concern you: the product you order is still available on the date indicated at the time of your order.

We sell several thousand products per week. The stocks are therefore very evolutionary. But our management always shows you the real availability live.

If it’s available online: it’s available 😉



Some articles are proposed in pre-order during their routing to our premises. You can buy this article which will arrive at our place in a few weeks. This method avoids the fair to grab upon receipt of the lot and the disappointed ones who would not order within the hour.

Upon receipt, we will ship it to you as a regular order.

The times indicated on the pre-orders are 95% reliable. First of all, because we only pre-sell finished products that are arriving to us after Customs, and therefore shipped right after. And also, because we add decent margins with concern to the dates announced by the shipping companies or railways.

However, a Worker Strike, a breakdown, an overbooking, can unfortunately happen. In the case of a delay, you will be notified by email (check your spam). It is generally less than a week and totally independent of our good will.

As soon as we receive the container in La Baule, we ship your order within three working days. Then the carrier takes over: delivery time and tracking numbers are under their responsibility.

It is possible that the date displayed on the online for the pre-order of the item you have ordered and paid for may change for two reasons:

  1. All quantities of the batch are sold (most common reason). In this case, orders placed for the first container will be delivered as scheduled.
  2. The container is late and we have to shift the date by a few days. (Strikes, breakdowns, overbooking, can unfortunately happen). You will be notified by email.

We never change the delivery dates of a container without notifying customers.



The dates that we announce are shipping deadlines, which GONG has in stock and available here physically.

We usually give a shipping time within 3 days, but in most cases, we ship within 24/48 hours. Normally morning orders leave in the afternoon for example.

Then the transport service takes over. The variables are then important between the customer being delivered to France (very fast) or Bulgaria (a good week) or to a forwarding agent or to Asia or the USA… You understand that each location has its own type of delay.

We work with serious and well-known carriers. They do their utmost to make you happy even if a snafu can happen. In any case, we are there to make things easier and to arrange our customers.


Shipping Fees: 

Contrary to others, we do not hide shipping costs in the price of our products. At GONG everyone knows exactly what he pays. The transport is charged at its strictest value, and the person who comes to pick up his products does not pay hidden transport fees.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and volume of each package, and your delivery address. To this is added a labour time of order preparation.

The invoicing of the shipping costs is identical in continental France and in the bordering European countries. A surcharge is automatically invoiced for deliveries to the most distant European countries and all European islands.

For a shipment in French overseas departments and territories or outside Europe, our logistics department will contact you before the payment stage to give you an estimate of the shipping costs. You will be able to accept this estimate and pay your order, or refuse it and cancel your order.


Any questions:

We answer you within 24 hours by email. But 95% of your questions are answered on the site. Try to use our contact form which will guide you to all these answers.

Don’t forget to read the Forum, where thousands of users exchange information and experiences.

In any case, don’t panic. If you don’t get an answer during the weekend, it’s normal: the team is resting 😉

We are passionate and professional in our job. Our only goal is to make you happy, as much as possible 😉


Eco-responsible packaging:

Preserving the environment is a top priority. That’s why we are doing everything possible to reduce our environmental footprint.

The first thing is to sell quality products that will last, be repairable and will please you for a long time.

The second thing is to sell for less. Most of the pollution coming from a Board is in its use (the km driven to use it) and in the countless environmental damages you have to do to pay for it. Each euro spent is a sum of damage related to your life quite simply: eating, working hard etc… By reducing the price of our products, we significantly reduce your ecological footprint on this item.

For our shipments we use:

  • Flexi-Hex: ecological packaging of very high resistance.
  • Paper Craft Scotch Tape.
  • Final packaging made of high-end cardboard.

All this for:

  • Reusable and recyclable packaging.
  • An almost total reduction of single-use plastic.
  • Maximum protection and impact resistance thanks to the innovative design of Flexi-Hex honeycomb (35mm thick).


Tracking of your parcels :

The tracking of deliveries is directly ensured by the carriers to whom we have entrusted your parcels. They will contact you by email or SMS to allow you to choose the delivery methods and to follow the route of your package.

If you ask us for this tracking, we will have to do as you do: we will go see on the carrier’s app because they are the ones who manage and are responsible for this job.



We collaborate with the best transport providers to deliver you everywhere in Europe and in the world in very short delays.

We have chosen them for their quality of service and their respect of deadlines. 80% of your orders reach their destination in less than 48 hours of processing in metropolitan and continental France.

For Europe, the delays vary from 3 to 6 days depending on the country of destination.

For the rest of the world, delays can be up to 15 days.

Please note that the transport time is added to the preparation/shipping time. Two companies work on your order (GONG and the carrier). Each one controls its activity and commits itself to optimize its delays so that you are delivered as soon as possible, in good condition and at a reasonable price.


Reception of your Board:

Upon delivery, simply open and inspect the condition of your Board in the presence of the carrier. A complete email explaining the procedure to follow will be sent to you when your order is shipped.

In spite of our requirements and all the care we take in packaging and protecting your Board, transportation hazards may occur. Even if it concerns less than 2% of everything we ship around the world, a Board can suffer a more or less important transportation shock.

But in any case, don’t worry, just refuse it, and a new Board will be shipped back to you.



You can choose to return your products if:

  • You are not satisfied (14 days right of retraction).
  • You want to change an item.
  • You have refused your package.


For each situation, contact us by our contact form to help you.


  1. ja

    Lethal 4’10 2024 précédente planche lethal 5’1 2023 pour 98kg.

    La différence de litrage ne se sent pas lorsqu’il y a suffisamment de vent pour s’aider de la wing. Donc pour l’équilibre aucun souci !

    Au décollage c’est un réel changement significatif ! Je décolle beaucoup plus facilement grâce au nouveau tail. Elle part au planning facilement et lors des touchettes elle se laisse glisser sur l’eau sans me ralentir.

    Le changement de planche vaut largement le coup ! Je peux même utiliser mes petits foil dès 15 noeuds ! c’est incroyable.

    Ce confort permet de progresser plus vite car je tente plus de manoeuvres sans la crainte de cramer mon énergie au redécollage.

    Super planche !

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To have all your questions answered click below and read responses/discussions from our clients/riders :
Know everything about the GONG WING FOIL BOARD LETHAL FSP PRO


When you practice foil you expose yourself to possible serious risks. A poor mastering of a foil can expose you to cuts and/or serious bodily harm, even death for yourself and possibly others around you.

Foiling should be practiced, in all circumstances, by taking precautions and taking into consideration all that is involved and associated with surf/SUP sports. Remember that a foil is long and has an edge that could cause slicing and is capable of reaching very high speeds. Getting hit by a foil, or hitting another, can have dramatic and highly unwanted consequences.

Always foil far from others, and in waters that are secure and without obstacle.

Always wear a helmet and protective vest that assures floatability. Always wear a full body neoprene wetsuit.

When handling and manipulating a foil be careful not to cut yourself along its edges.

GONG does not accept and declines any and all responsibility in case of accident that implicates a GONG foil. The practicing of this sport and the use of our equipment makes the user fully responsable for his/her actions while being a foil user.


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