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Under our “Great Deals” category you will find advantageous offers on the boards, wings, kites, foils and accessories that we offer in our shop. Wetsuits or wear items are also part of the Great Deals section.

This section is updated daily with our promotions and second hand items which are carefully reviewed and illustrated by our photographers. A category you should visit regularly to get the best deals. What is available online is also available in our shop, open Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The promotions are of several kinds with specific conditions of sale. We tell you everything in this article.

The boards, wings and kites available in this category are carefully checked by our workshop. Used wings and kites are inflated and the usual points of wear carefully checked. A sign of weakness or doubt about a seam is systematically dealt with in the sailmaker. The boards are also scrutinized. As soon as there is a doubt about a small ding, it’s taken care of. The rigid or inflatable boards that come out of the workshop are in immaculate condition. You do not risk any unpleasant surprises when unpacking your order because you are dealing with a professional team.

Articles in the Great Deals category are divided into two categories, promotions and second hand gear.

The promotions (or deals)

End-of-line: New, unused product whose production is not continued, benefiting from an end of line discount.

Second Choice (SC) : New, unused product with an aesthetic defect that does not require repair and is ready to be used. These products are photographed in our studio and their posting in the Great Deals category is accompanied by a short explanatory text, in order to precisely present their condition.

Refurbished (RC) : New product, unused but having undergone a repair after a transport damage. The product is reconditioned in our workshop. These products are photographed in our studio and their posting in the Good Deals category is accompanied by a short explanatory text, in order to precisely present their condition.

Good to know : A reconditioned product is essentially the result of transport damage. We deliver 200 boards daily, 1% of which is mistreated during transport. In this case, a new board is shipped to the customer and the damaged board passes into the hands of our experts in the workshop. 100% of these boards are refurbished. We make it a point of honor not to throw anything away, despite the additional cost that restoration often constitutes. Our workshop puts 6 craftsmen to work and allows you to benefit from great deals on boards like new.

Expo (EX) : New and unused product displayed in our shop, this product may simply show traces of handling.

Second hand gear

Second hand (SH) : Used product but ready to go on the water. These products are photographed in our studio and their posting in the Good Deals category is accompanied by a short explanatory text, in order to precisely present their condition.

Good to know: Our second-hand gear are mostly gear used by our staff or our testers/team riders when it comes to a prototype. As we are numerous and all passionate at GONG, the Second Hand section is constantly renewed because the staff likes to test new products and adapt their quiver throughout the season. Equipment that we take care of because we know how to maintain it.

Note that for each product, at the bottom of each page, the User’s Guide can be downloaded, section “Stock Dimensions”, and all the elements included with the product, are mentioned in the section “Equipments”.

Included equipment with your gear?

Scroll to the bottom of the product page, you will find the “Equipments” section where all the accessories provided are presented in detail. Accessories can sometimes vary between a new and used model, but the items listed are always provided.

If you have a specific need or a doubt about the accessories provided, do not hesitate to contact us through the online chat or on our contact form before placing an order.

Optional equipment

When finalizing your order, visit our different categories to complete it with the accessories you may need. A leash, a block of wax, an impact vest, a boardbag, there are plenty of options to offset your shipping costs! 😉

We strongly recommend that you use a board bag to preserve your equipment between two sessions. We offer a wide range of transport bags for boards, paddles, foils, which can be adapted to our entire range and to the majority of products on the market.

Always compare the dimensions of your equipment with those of the bags to ensure that the product is well protected. The complete size guide is available online for each model.

We also recommend the use of rail savers for your wing or SUP boards, a sticker to be applied carefully to protect the rails of your board when you put it on the ground in the parking lot or on the beach. These rail savers also protect your board from paddling strokes on the water.

A violent impact with a reef or in a parking lot can happen to anyone, so remember to have a repair kit, it allows you to make a quick, clean and lasting repair. We offer kits based on resin or fiber, to choose according to the construction of your board.

Terms of warranty and after-sales service

The consumer benefits from 3 types of guarantee:
-The commercial / manufacturer’s warranty.
-The legal guarantee of conformity,
-The legal warranty for hidden defects.

The consumer benefits from a 2-year warranty on all new products, if ordered in the “Deals” category. This warranty applies in the event of a product defect.

Regarding the “Second Hand” category, the products have a 6-month warranty.

All the limits of the warranty are mentioned in the product manual, available online.

In the case of products damaged during use (torn wing, broken paddle, broken board, etc.), the manufacturer may request a return of the product at your expense for an expertise – this return will be requested at the manufacturer’s headquarters. It is then up to the manufacturer to give, after expertise, an agreement or a refusal to take over the commercial / manufacturer’s guarantee.

It is important to note that the free repair of a product does not automatically mean acceptance of warranty coverage, very often the manufacturer will be able to make a commercial gesture and carry out a repair free of charge while refusing the warranty due to misuse (shock, misuse, etc.). Only a written letter from the manufacturer constitutes acceptance of the management of a manufacturer’s warranty.

In case of agreement of support of the commercial guarantee, only the defective part can be taken care of, in the same way the product can be either repaired or changed.

Note that the cost of returning and sending the product back to provide the commercial warranty service (for return or repair) will be borne by the customer.

After Sales Service

Thank you for contacting the after-sales service via the contact form, with your order number, the serial number of the product in question written on your equipment, and for detailing the problem illustrated with photos/videos: Help & Contact – GONG Galaxy. An expert will get back to you within 24/48 hours after analyzing your situation.

Right of withdrawal / Return and Credit note

In accordance with article L.121-16 and following of the Consumer Code, the consumer has a period of 14 days from the date of delivery of his order, to return any item that does not suit him and request the refund without penalty, with the exception of return costs which remain the responsibility of the customer.

The product must be returned unused, new, in its original packaging and accompanied by all its accessories.

Please contact Customer Support via the contact form to obtain the procedure to follow and the return form, in order to facilitate the processing of your package upon its arrival at our premises. For this, you can go directly through the online chat, or our contact form: Help & Contact – GONG Galaxy

If you wish to exchange the product, you must make a return request to customer service, a credit note will be delivered to you by email and you can place an order again with this credit note.


Do not hesitate to have a look in this section to know all the details concerning the before and after order: FAQ

Any question?

On the equipment, in addition to our very detailed product sheets, many feedback from practitioners can be viewed on our forum. Do not hesitate to share your feedback there to guide other practitioners.

To ask a question to one of our technical advisors, you can either use our online chat or our contact form where an advisor will answer you within 24/48 hours, or even make a telephone appointment via our chat. A last option reserved only for technical advice on the choice of material.