The Freestyle H stab is unbeatable for its pop and short turns.


Do you like putting yourself in critical situations? The new Freestyle H stab has everything to please you:

  • Sending thanks to a great pop ;
  • Tighten the curves with its great maneuverability ;
  • A High Aspect ratio drive ;
  • Boost the average speed with its forgiveness ;
  • A good lift for low speed tricks.



The outline is concentrated with finer tips for incisive rail to rail.

The Freestyle H Stab is intended for very good level riders who want maximum maneuverability and pop. This high aspect stab maintains very high gliding speed but reduces the radius of the curve thanks to a fuse that’s 3cm shorter: a key element for a solid pop and tight turns.

The shape of its intrado is very concave for stronger lift which helps in takeoff and in all low speed situations. The feeling of lift is firm despite its high aspect ratio.

The outline is concentrated with finer tips for incisive rail to rail. Thanks to a leading edge that’s curved and a slight omega shape on the trailing edge that creates a harmonious and centered outline surface, this stab is perfect in maneuverability: hardcore turns and committed pop.

On the longer chord in the center of the stab, we could add more thickness in the center (+1mm, it remains thin) to maintain an early take-off and add rail to rail. It turns perfectly around a central point.


Surf Foiler : Malo, GONG Team Rider, with the Freestyle Stab.

Freestyling at every level

On the set-up of a wing foiler, surf foiler or kite foiler, the Freestyle H Stab increases liveliness tenfold. You pass on a pure shortboard after having had a mid-length underfoot. An impressive responsiveness that invites all kinds of audacity, whether on the wave by tightening the curves, trying some airs, or whether in the jumps thanks to its exceptional pop. Freestyling at its finest, we are free to do what we want and when we want, whatever the type of board. These are new angles and new maneuvers that are open to you!


SUP foiler : Malo, team rider GONG, with his Cruzader FSP Pro, HM Mast 70, Fluid H and Freestyle H Stab.

4 sizes, cover all ambitions.

Wing, SUP, surf, kite, pumping, the Freestyle H Stab will find its place on the set-ups of the most dynamic riders who want to hit the water! This new stab is therefore offered in 4 sizes, 39cm, 41cm, 44cm, 46cm, in order to cover all ambitions.

A must have in freestyle for our World Champion Malo Guénolé.


Wing foiler : Malo, team rider GONG, with his Lethal FSP Pro, Neutra, HM 85 Mast, Ypra M-S & Freestyle H Stab.

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