Our benchmark wings for wave riding and freestyle set new standards for high performance wing foiling thanks to an innovative technology which allows the design of next level shapes!


A considerable investment in research and development allows us to offer you the Neutra and the Droid in a structure that is thinner, more rigid, more resistant and lighter! The qualities of these limited editions in UPE technology redefine the height, speed and amplitude of your actions on the water. To send harder than ever and in full control, the Neutra and Droid UPE are the real deal for pros and demanding wing foilers.


A proven technology for new heights!

UPE 200 which covers the inflatable structure of the Neutra and Droid UPE is an ultra high-end laminated polyethylene fabric which replaces the dacron. Its properties of resistance to pressure and rigidity are such that the entire design of these wings could be completely optimized.

Despite the enormous evolutions that this technology allows on a wing, its introduction in our range has been conditioned by countless validations, without any rush. At GONG, customers are not the beta-testers of our innovations. On our UPE wings, each element has been tested, modified, then reinforced if necessary. We did dozens of tests on a traction bench, then in pressure resistance and finally in real conditions for months on the water in the hands of our team riders. It has become a must for Malo Guénolé, world champion in Surf-Freestyle, who has been using only UPE wings in competition for the past months.


Wing foiler: Malo, GONG team rider, with the Neutra UPE.

Stratospheric performance in surfing and jumping!

Thanks to its Ultra PE 200 fiber structure and its rigid handles, this new edition of the Neutra is the very best there currently is for winging.

Perfect for surfing, jumping and sending moves, this new edition of the Neutra comes in a more efficient configuration than ever for the most demanding riders. The power in the hands is amazing. It goes much faster, higher, and can be held much further.

The performance gain provided by UPE allowed us to reduce the diameters of the leading edge and the central strut and still have a wing that’s 30% stiffer! It may seem anecdotal, but this is actually a total game changer! By reducing the diameters while increasing the rigidity, we win on all counts: the wing is simply more efficient. With more finesse, upwind sailing is improved, it goes faster, it turns better and in surfing it generates less drag making the wing totally neutral and off your mind. As for the rigidity, it brings precision, it’s much sharper and in the jumps it’s another world: the lift is really strong.

This incredible wing takes you to a new dimension of wave riding: higher, stronger, lighter, everything is doubled with the Neutra RH UPE LIMITED EDITION.


Wing foiler: Malo, GONG team rider, with the Neutra UPE.

The 100% freestyle wing to send out tricks

The Droid UPE is completely redesigned for improved rotations and tolerance on touchdowns when landing. This new shape is a 100% freestyle variant of the Neutra, with more boom (5cm), more draft of the sail (1%) and much less wingspan (-25cm). Combined with its Ultra-PE 200 fiber structure, its specific canopy weave and its rigid handles, the new Droid enters a new dimension.


Intended for the most demanding riders and pros who want to push their limits, the new Droid adapts to the evolution of freestyle which requires ever more power and rotation. Linking combos, landing 1080s and sending huge frontflips or backflips: this is what’s on the table with the new Droid.


Wing foiler: Malo, GONG team rider, with the Droid UPE.

Adaptable grip system!

The rigid handles of the Neutra and Droid UPE bring more precision, sailing comfort and power, in order to support the most radical intentions on the water. A more direct control system that implies a good level of practice but without being exclusive. Quite the contrary, thanks to the modularity of its innovative system which makes it possible to mount textile handles or a boom offered as an option!

Modularity and performance that are at the service of one thing: sensations on the water! Illustration by our team riders who are now literally hooked to our UPE wings 😉



Gear of the sesh





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