Turn the spot into a skate park with the explosiveness of the Catch EPS! Whatever the conditions, its wide and compact shape allows you to exploit every lip that presents itself under your hull with a big air or a powerful top turn.


Surfer: Béryl, team rider GONG on the Catch EPS


The shape of the Catch breaks the codes and conventions of traditional shortboards. The concept of the Catch is a wide but compact surface which offers an early take off, crazy acceleration and pop for the tricks inherited from skateboarding. The Catch flies on water but remains ultra manoeuvrable thanks to its compactness and its diamond tail which makes it easy to switch from rail to rail. The power returned by the hull is mind-blowing. No need for giant waves to go for big moves, there’s always gas left in the tank.


Its qualities make it a board suitable for many surfers. It is perfect for those who want a super playful board in hip size waves and more or for beginners in shortboarding who want more ease of use. Whatever your profile, the Catch allows you to adopt a different approach in your surfing. An approach that is definitely turned towards attacking the lip way more and the search for new lines. That’s all we love: novelty and action!


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