Choose the size of your Mast according to your level of progression


GONG offers different Mast sizes for Wingfoil, from 65 to 100 cm. Generally speaking, we recommend a short Mast for beginners and a long Mast for the more experienced.

Aluminium Masts

Perfect to start and progress, it is also the most economical option to start the Foil. An Aluminium Mast will require more maintenance, but the Allvator Foil is completely dismountable, so it is easy to store, transport and maintain. Aluminium is also very strong and is not afraid of likely shocks.

Carbon Masts

Choosing a Carbon Mast offers several advantages. The first is dynamism : Carbon returns to its original shape approximately 4 times faster than Fiberglass, and 2 times faster than Aluminum. The feeling of receptiveness and precision is crazy.

As Carbon is a rigid material, the desired strength is achieved with less material. This often makes you say that Carbon is lighter, but that’s an abuse of language. This weight saving makes transport easier and boosts reactivity.

The Monobloc assembly Mast + Fuselage + Top Plate also reduces the possible play between these different parts. The very hydrodynamic fissures between these parts give both more glide and more dynamism. The three parts merge to work together instead of using screws and bolts.

Wing Foil

A 65 cm Mast will be interesting to get into the activity, for all Foil beginners, and to start on flat water. It can also be used by experienced navigators in particular configurations : spots with very little bottom for example. But as in Kite Foil, as soon as you master the flight, you will move to a longer Mast. The 65 cm Mast is a real advantage only in the first 5 sessions.

You can also start with an 80 cm Mast. This length brings more comfort in flight and handling. The higher Mast height makes manoeuvres easier as you will limit the number of touchdowns. This length is very easy to dominate, even for an almost beginner in Wing, as opposed to surfing for example.

The 90 cm Mast makes it possible to increase the angle of attack in turns, and to really get away from the choppy water. No more ridiculous bumps that bewilder you. This is the size we recommend for performance with an Aluminium Mast. It will also give you the necessary margins in the waves to manage the slope. Just like in light wind because by flying high in the wind you gain margin in the soft waves by sliding your Foil in a slight pitch.

The 100 cm full Carbon Monobloc Mast is the steepest possible to gain in all aspects: speed, control, precision… With an optimum weight, this foam core Mast floats and offers crazy dynamics. The length of 100 cm is without difficulty in Wing because there is very little opposition (the Foil is almost always vertical). Many beginners who have tested this Mast after a few sessions on a short Mast find that the gain in ease is amazing. In Kitefoil, the pressure is intense because the angles of opposition are enormous. But in Wing you can cruise with big Foil Front Wings. And in the waves this Monobloc Mast is so precise and so forgiving that you won’t be able to ride anything else.
This complete range allows you to gain height, whatever your level of practice or your program.

We offer all the parts of each Foil as spare parts at very affordable prices, allowing you to customize your Foil according to your progress and your desires.

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Advisor: Patrice Guénolé and GONG-GALAXY.

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