Our New range of High Ratio Veloce Foils is a maturation of our previous ranges which allow you to start, progress and reach, for the most experienced, the must in terms of performance. On our Forum, L’Ours gives us a short and very eloquent summary on  last Béryls last Surf foil session with the Veloce Foil:


For those who are wondering what the Veloce brings to the range, wondering if it’s a high performance Wing?
Here’s the data from Beryl’s session last night:
1st take off: 33 minutes of flight and 47 linked waves.
2nd take off : 18 minutes of flight and 36 linked waves.


Very ordinary spot, hip swell, Veloce Full Carbon XXL Foil and 40 cm Kite Stab, Lethal 4’0 Board, strapped.

He says he has a little bit of pain in his calves this morning 😉

The big difference with a Curve:
– less effort needed in the front leg.
– pumping by micro pumps.
– more maneuverable.

It’s up to you, they arrive in stock at 2pm.

Thank you.”

Shaper: Patrice Guénolé and his range GONG Foil Veloce Full Carbon.

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