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Wingspans of Wings -

Message par Nolipoli » lun. juin 29, 2020 1:01 pm

I have a Gong Plus 5m Limited edition (with windows) , and want to get a bigger wing for lighter conditions here in Auckland, New Zealand.

It would be great if there was information on the wingspans of all the different wings so I could compare them. This would be especially for the Superpower 6m, and the Pulse 7m. Does anyone have this information?

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Re: Wingspans of Wings -

Message par coolas » lun. juin 29, 2020 6:03 pm

Gong has always refused to give the precise span dimensions, both because it can be very misleading as it is just a parameter among many (shape, dihedral angle, ...) and it is a kind of "magic ingredient" that is seen as a part of the essential trade secrets, a bit like the rocker curve of boards, that you do not want competitors to obtain too easily or too quickly.

I am not one to judge or argue if it is justified or not, I am just telling you that this lack information is on purpose.
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