Going to a smaller wave sup

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Going to a smaller wave sup

Message par loop » sam. janv. 19, 2019 12:24 pm


I now have a Curve 8.9 pro pre-edition with 140 liters.
My length is 2.00 meters and weight 88 kgs.
I SUP in waves in Netherlands and Bretagne (Crozon) mainly, all from knee high to as big as I can get out in. After some practice I can now paddle out in most conditions, even with wind chop and sucky strong currents.

At the moment I am considering to go for a smaller second board.
On my radar are a Fatal Pro 7.7 or a Karmen 8.4 FSP, both with 120 liters.
I would start to practice in easy glassy conditions.

The FSP construction is tempting for me as it has less chance of damages to the bottom/rails and so would need less repairs.
On the other hand, the short length of the Fatal seems nicer for faster turns with less swing.

Any advice from the experts here?
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Re: Going to a smaller wave sup

Message par Ours » sam. janv. 19, 2019 12:59 pm


I think that the Karmen has a wider range and is more versatile.
The Fatal is perfect for small hollow waves without long paddling on white water.
Karmen does everything from heels high to double over head.

Any question ?

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Re: Going to a smaller wave sup

Message par coolas » sam. janv. 19, 2019 2:10 pm

I confirm, I have been using mainly short SUPs (6'x / 7'x: One, Fatal, ...) for years, but now I only use my Karmens since I received them in September. You do not have to worry about the swing weight, their shape is giving them insane looseness.

The Karmen 8'4" would be perfect, for all conditions. FSP does not really feel heavier on the water, it is well worth the increase in ding resistance.

In my experience, the Fatal is a more powerful shape, it pushes back a lot when put on the rail. This can generate astonishing accelerations in turns, but must be sized right: a Fatal with extra volume will be quickly too much to handle, whereas a Karmen can be ridden with extra volume, as it banks on the rail more smoothly. A 120 l fatal will be too big for you, it was too big for my 100kg, I had to re-sell it. But I love my 120l Karmen, and I lended to qlpl who weights also 82kg and it was the board for him (see http://www.gongsup.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 77#p134277 )

This is why I think the fatal is a board for advanced riders, even though it is very stable: to be able to exploit it fully, you have to use one with no extra volume, so you must have the technique for a nearly sinking board. The Karmen works for a a lot of riders, since you can use the size for your level without drawbacks.
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