Le grip ultime? Wax Mat

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Le grip ultime? Wax Mat

Message par coolas » dim. mars 24, 2019 12:18 pm

Un nouveau grip transparent (style Hexatraction, Van der Wall, Versatraction...) est apparu et il semble assez miraculeux:

- fin, transparent, se pose comme de l'hextraction
- mais plus "collant" aux pieds comme de la wax au lieu de l'effet "papier de verre" des autres. Il semble avoir le touché de la wax
- semble deux fois plus agrippant une fois mouillé que toutes les autres solution
- non abrasif, n’abîme pas la peau. C'est comme le Versatraction, ce sont des trous dans le materiau qui font ventouse une fois mouillé, pas des picots qui râpent comme le Hexatraction ou Van der Waal

Par contre j'ai peur que il faille le commander aux US... je ne crois pas que les produits Surf Co soient importés en France (et il est assez cher)... Patrice?


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Les tests: (L'Hexatraction est semblable au "3M Safety Walk")


Discussions sur Standup Zone: https://www.standupzone.com/forum/index ... 649.0.html

Un témoignage:
Ben Jones a écrit : This is a mini review of an alternative to wax for surfboards and SUPS (without pads). It's called "wax mat" and it's made by an Hawaiian company Surfco. It applies like a sticker, you clean the board, then peel and apply these. Very easy. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit different boards. As you can see in the photos (or not) it's almost transparent so graphics show through. That's one nice advantage. Surfco just came out with an improved version which we promptly ordered and put on the fabulous new 7'10 Quatro SUP (which does not come with a traction pad pre-installed) as seen here, plus two of our surf boards. We've only tested in small waves so far (more surf please!) but enough to tell that this is a winner. It feels a bit like wax, but with a grippier traction, though not at all rough - it's just very sticky. I never felt my feet slipping to any degree, and since you stand on a SUP for almost the entire session (well I do) it provides a good opportunity to really feel the traction. For instance just paddling out through waves you're using the traction. I also added a strip to my SUP handle and that's also working nicely (handle never slips when paddling hard). So advantages of this vs wax:
- obviously you don't have to wax up every session
- no wax on your clothes, rack, car, paddle, etc
- more important, you're not putting wax into the water and reef every session. Surf wax is very bad for the reef! The wax mat should last as long as your board so much better for environment.
- better traction than wax, as far as we can tell, and Surfco also has data that backs this up
- it seems to be thinner than a typical two layer wax job. I think there's better board feel as a result. It might even be lighter, certainly not heavier.
Advantage vs typical SUP traction pad:
- lighter for sure
- better traction, again from what we can tell and with data that backs this up
- much better board feel
- looks cool!
- if it ever peels up you have to re-apply or re-glue, though no sign of this happened so far
- not as much cushion vs traction pad
- some surfers might really like specific wax feel, such as a very sticky (gooey) top coat. In theory you could add a top coat of wax to the wax mat, though IMO that would defeat the purpose
Anyway we're really happy with this so far. As for the 7'10 Quatro SUP (95 lt) - it's a different subject but I'm amazed how stable this is for me (167 lbs), and how light and quick it is. Big thumbs up all around!
Perso pour l'avant d'un SUP les grips existants suffisent. Par contre pour mettre sur toute la surface d'un SUP ou Surf, ça semble la bonne solution.
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