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It benefits from the strongest construction on the market. And yet it is lighter! While nothing is indestructible, we still want wings capable of coping with the worst treatments and equipping the best riders.

The work on the structure and the distribution of materials has made it possible to lighten our 2023 range significantly: on average 200g less on a 7,5m², it’s absolutely crazy! The difference is mindblowing from the get go!

The 100 microns TPU bladders are more durable than the competition, which often uses 60 or 80 microns TPU bladders, which is much more tearable. At GONG it’s solid and repairable.

Our canopy is of triple Ripstop on the entire surface. Firstly because the feeling is much stiffer, firmer. Then because it is the best against tearing without affecting lightness. Three large-diameter fibers reinforce the fabric at regular intervals and in two 90° axes. This mesh reinforces the fabric against hits.

The skeleton, leading edge and central batten, are Dacron DP175LL, the world reference for Dacron. It’s the most proven Dacron material on the market, and the most expensive. Rigid and resistant, it is perfect to get excellent performance for as long as possible. It is also easy to find for discreet repairs.

The support straps of the handles and the harness line take up all the load of the rider and diffuse this effort around the entire circumference of the central batten. It is clearly the most durable : both for huge one-time loads, and for long term use beyond 12 months.

The seams are further reinforced on all our 2023 models. First those of the batten which are now like those of the leading edge and therefore capable of withstanding enormous pressure. Then in the canopy with panel cutouts that take advantage of the direction of the seams to improve the wing’s rigidity.

We are the opposite of the basic wing technology of low cost brands. Our low prices can only be explained by the absence of intermediaries. Our wings are built according to the rules of the art, to last and endure the usual constraints of this new sport.

At GONG our wings are top of the range and if by bad luck you were to break them, they are repairable from A to Z with the components that we keep in stock for your favorite repairer.

2023 wings technology

The structure of our wings is composed of a leading edge and a central strut in Dacron DP175LL which form a rigid skeleton when the internal TPU bladders are inflated.

Dacron DP175LL is a very durable and very rigid polyester fabric, and this particular variant is also light.

The panels are cut using a numerical control. Accuracy is absolute to guarantee you a shape that is 100% compliant with our 3D design.

The assembly of the panels is achieved by a succession of sometimes very complex seams. Indeed, while the flat seams in the canopy remain simple, other assemblies such as the batten for example must be sewn using specific techniques, to withstand the constraints of this new sport.



GONG’s experience as a pioneer in the sport with a Team of the highest level, combined with the know-how gained over decades in our production plants, guarantee you an end product that is durable, light and perfectly in line with our design and our expectations .

The rigidity of the structure is ensured by bladders in the leading edge and in the central batten. Our bladders are made of 100 microns thick TPU for added strength. The tubes themselves and all the accessories are heat-sealed to withstand significant pressures.


To reinforce the rigidity of the structure, we worked on the longitudinal and volumetric dimensions of the sections of leading edge Dacron DP175LL panels. In the center, the sections are reduced and with a large diameter, the closer you get to the tips, the thinner the leading edge becomes to reinforce the rigidity of the arc of the wing.

Being the control area of the wing, the central strut has also undergone major transformations to stiffen the structure of the Wing. The assembly technology for the strut is the same as the one used for the leading edge, with specially reinforced seams on our 2023 wings.

Our expectations are clear: a very rigid, resistant and light structure.


We dress the structure of the wing with a 50g/m² spinnaker canvas, so very light, but weaved in triple ripstop to stiffen and strengthen it. The triple ripstop will stop the tears, preventing them from spreading any further. But it will also lock the deformations of the fabric to guarantee the stability of the shape when sailing.This fabric is coated with a protective layer that forms a near impermeable barrier to air and protects it from the sun and humidity so that it lasts as long as possible. This surface treatment also has a water-repellent effect to repel water on the spinnaker instantly and lighten the Wing when sailing.

The canopy is an assembly of spinnaker panels that define the profile of the wing with cutouts precisely defined in design on the 3D software SurfPlan. Our huge laser cutting board combine precision and assembly speed.


The shape evolves considerably from one model to another depending on the wing program: ease of use, range of use, nervousness, reactivity, performance… And it is our R&D center made up of engineers, 3D-designers, our shaper and GONG Team who are responsible for developing the best solutions for your uses.



The need for visibility, especially for security, led us to offer a panoramic view from your control room. The two large PVC windows centered on the canopy and a PVC window on the small canopy panel between the strut and the main canopy guarantee you an exceptional panorama at first glance. These PVC panels fit perfectly into the profile of the wing and are very durable, especially against low temperatures and folding.

Wing foiling is an extreme sport. The equipment has to cope with harsh conditions and this requires the integration of reinforcements.

  • The seams subject to these heavy loads have been reinforced by the addition of a strip at the seam. Collages, specific stitches, multiple layers for example.
  • The tips of the leading edge and of the strut are lined with a thick and robust Nylon layer.



This shape is equipped with the new LDS (Low Drag System) technology, this world first allows a new management of the drag with the integration of a removable rigid batten which allows a perfect tapering of the last section of the tips. The flow of the airflow in the wings is not linear or parallel to the batten. They essentially go sideways towards the tips. This diagonal tendency in the flows creates an overpressure in the intrado on large tips with a voluminous section. Our innovation is to drop the volume of the tips almost to zero so that the air is no longer retained. The wing enjoys deep breaths of air! The gain in speed and stability of the wing is stunning. The system is perfectly rigid but removable with a discreet, reliable and super classy system.


A wing is also made of many essential accessories:

The large rapid inflation/deflation valve on the leading edge which is doubled on the strut for immediate deflation and compact storage. Always in one pump, it’s inflated by the leading edge in a few seconds.



The number of handles is optimal. We offer three handles placed on the structure of the wing: a downwind handle on the leading edge for surfing sessions and getting in and out of the water and two handles on the central batten to steer the wing. On the 2023 range, the length of the rear handle has been increased to be able to adapt the positioning of your hand whatever the circumstances.



The position of the handles is precisely defined according to the model and according to the size of each wing. We study each wing to determine the perfect position to place your hands.

The two steering handles are sewn onto the wing strut with reinforcement straps that go all the way around the strut in order to relieve the batten fabric from taking on all the efforts.

Our handles consist of a rigid PVC body and comfortable EVA foam. They are wrapped in a very durable and non-abrasive Nylon webbing. The rigidity of the whole handle thus provides direct and precise control of the wing in all circumstances, protects your board from shocks, and can be stored in one minute.



The leash attachment point on the leading edge is even more reinforced than the bridle anchors on a kite. It’s super strong and it’s essential because a break there would cause the wing to explode.

To make the sessions last while preserving your back, we have placed two nylon harness loops on the central strut to mount a harness line (sold separately). These very light nylon loops are discreetly integrated into the base of the handles. Long sessions and one-handed tricks are yours!

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