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The GONG Wing is made in one of the two largest Kite factories in the world accordance with the highest quality Kite standards.

The materials we use for our Wings as well as our Kites are among the most noble. We are looking for performance of course but we also want endurance and therefore for materials that have proven themselves.

  • Conception on SURFPLAN.
  • Panels cut with digital control for perfect precision, and hand-assembled by the highest skilled workers in the Kite industry.
  • High quality triple rip-stop, Teijin T9669 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).
  • Leading Edge and Centre Strut in Dacron Dimension Polyan DP175LL (the stiffest on the market but also the most expensive).
  • Removable imid-section battens in fiberglass.
  • Slider for removable slats in Insigna.
  • 100 micron TPU rolls for flawless reliability.
  • Nylon Leading Edge Reinforcements 1680D.
  • Central EVA bumper for optimum protection of the leading edge.
  • Multiple foam Handles on the Central Strut.
  • 3 foam Handles on the Leading Edge.
  • Canopy reinforcement on the area exposed to friction of the inflation valve.
  • Anti-Flaping reinforcements from the trailing edge in Insigna.
  • Large diameter screw valve coupled to a One Pump Express System for ultra quick and easy inflation / deflation.
  • Clips to compartmentalise the air volume between the Leading Edge and the Batten for more safety in case of damage at sea.
  • Leash attachment of pump / safety leash.
  • Premium quality storage bag, adjustable and reinforced for better back comfort.
  • Wing delivered with a repair kit.

As a reminder, the weight of the Wings – whomever the manufacturer – varies according to 3 main factors:

  • The more a Wing has reinforcements and heavier the tissue weights, the more its weight increases, but also its resistance in case of crash, and its lifetime.
  • The SPI is waterproofed by a coating process to preserve its performance when in use. The heavier the coating, the heavier the fabric, but the better it ages over the course of your sessions. For memo, the exposure of your wings to UV and fresh water rinsing gradually destroys this coating.
  • Our Wings are equipped with 100 micron thick Bladders, some of the thickest on the market. We could go down to 60 microns but that would be to the detriment of the resistance of our Wings to the hazards of use: frontals, involuntary over-inflation, etc …
Our GONG Wings