bandeau stratification planche

The visit

3D conception

It all starts with the desire, a question, an idea.

Then it moves to the 3D conception. Obviously, we can do it all by hand, like we did in the 90s, but the time spent to achieve the same evolution is totally unthinkable nowadays.

With 3D we can test it all and at incredible speed, so shapes progress even faster.

In 2011 L’Ours was the very first to digitalize his shapes from the past 30 years. All the Rocker lines, Outlines, the rail templates that have now become digital templates. Imagine the time gained from the fusion of 5000 templates when you change to numeric!!

The 3D shape is cut from a CNC digital order. The finish is then done by hand by L’Ours.

board conception bottom 3D

The shape

Feel the Board, shape it with your hand with tools that are increasingly more delicate, gives it its character up until the final signature by hand.

It’s an intense pleasure, the midpoint between total immersion of the creator and the childlike excitement of getting a new toy.

nose board workshop

The stratification

A phase that can seem crude but, in reality, every once counts.

Our processes are precise and timed for an optimal result whether it be on a tinted resin PU or on a Carbon Vacuum.

It’s the world of chemistry, the cleanest possible with eco resins and maximum reduction of refuse. Vented/filtered rooms, filtered masks, gloves, we protect our Glassers in these exposed jobs.

resin application board

The sanding

The real talent in a factory resides in its sanders because they can finish the previous job to perfection, or destroy it so bad that you need to actually start over.

Often, in the smaller workshops, the sanding is done by the Shaper him/herself because they themselves will find the exact shape when sanding the edges for example.

Our room has a powerful filtered suction system with vacuums on the majority of the machines. We are not spiting out anything into the environment and we do not sand our dust. The result is perfection.

We often love this phase, often non gratifying, because it is physical and precise at the same time.

sandling board workshop shaper

The finish

And this is where it all appears, the magic of the shape, where we can see each phase unrevealed completely.

With a nice polish, a logo where there is always a pulling back of the curtain during this phase.

Pure joy, but also a feeling of sadness knowing that it will soon be heading out the door.

polish board workshop BB

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