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Based in Brittany, we design products for use around the world.

Our tests are carried out in demanding conditions, pushing our creations towards greater tolerance in the efficiency.

Even though we have testers around the globe, our local weather forces us to be very versatile. Surf, kite, SUP, Foil, are all solutions to our daily pleasure to go on the water. Each sport nourishes the others, challenges the supports and asks questions whose answers are sometimes global.

It is in this demanding context, which is at the same time close to everyday use, that we lay the foundations for our developments, which are then confirmed around the globe.


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Innovation is a state of mind that is totally part of our DNA.

Because our desires have no limit, we are constantly developing new solutions.

This results in 350 declinations of ever more efficient shapes, revisited every year. This is a huge job that requires a lot of method and a clear vision of our goals.

The strength of GONG is knowing how to structure a request to transform it into a leisure for the greatest number of users.

We have our hands on the shapes, but we always get involved with the technology and industrial processes. This know-how that we are perfecting and transmitting is at the root of what could be called “invisible innovations”. To earn 1/2h on a fabrication is surely imperceptible for you, but it is often what allows us to keep low prices in spite of the incompressible increases.

Desire stimulates innovation and curiosity feeds it. With a benchmark that merges foreign opportunities with our business, we often come up with solutions for our passions. This curiosity will seek bricks of solutions that we will implement in the future, when everything will fit perfectly.


To innovate is to experience time because a bright idea is only valid if it becomes a lasting truth.

We test each idea, we select the best ones, and we ripen them, mature them to the breaking point.

Each concept passes the mill of time, but also uses. Each individual will have his own use, some will be gentle, others will be brutal. This sampling of testers is valuable for calibrating the qualities and flaws of our ideas.

Time x Humans = Lasting answer.

This rule is our ultimate barrier against excess marketing. It brings back to the raw truth of the ruthless user.



When the idea is good, it is tested, it must be validated.

The concept then becomes a reality with its industrial, budgetary and commercial constraints.

The decision belongs to the collective. While in some previous phases were in isolation to secretly innovate, it is now a question of confronting the product with all the constraints and potentials to know if we must give it a global scale.

Throughout the R & D process we give considerable importance to the feelings of our clients, whether verbalized or not. At this stage, you decide, often without even knowing it.


The sources of progress are infinite.

First you have to manipulate: in the workshop, in the factories, in the water. You must have “Hands ON”.

Then we must feed on all that is not our universe: read a lot, discuss with those who know, maintain an effective and structured watch.

Finally, you have to work because if the hand is a nice tool, the machine has become the rule to ensure a faultless accuracy in the reproduction of the validated prototype. It’s an exciting and expensive job.

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