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This complete pack includes:

The Wing:

The Wing Plus is perfect for progression.

When you are a beginner you need a light Wing with a wide range of use. With its thinner struts the Wing Plus is very light. This thinner section develops a little less power and a lot of forgiveness in the high range so you don’t get overwhelmed. The Plus can also spin smoothly: IT absorbs the gusts, not your arms!

Seen from the front, the Wing Plus has a little more V than its sisters. This makes it easier to fly. It has less tendency to come upright, and therefore to touch the water, than high performance Wings where this attitude gives more traction. With the Plus, you want simplicity to build up your arms step by step without getting them ripped off.

The hollow is still marked to take off early and make frequent re-launches easier when you start. What’s better than flying with two pump strokes! L’Ours has also blocked this trough in front of the rider for maximum stability in the gust. From the lightest to the strongest wind, the Wing Plus offers a huge but smooth range.

The absence of a window considerably reduces the weight. In the beginning, you will probably use your Wing in light wind. Then you will appreciate every gram gained. The same goes for traveling… It is also a way for us to lower the price of this Wing without reducing the quality of the materials.

As soon as you get used to it, you will feel a light and tolerant Wing, but also reactive to encourage your progress. All you have to do is multiply the flying hours.

For more information, click here.

The board:

L’Ours has placed more volume and added a 6’0 to the range. You can take it even more compact for the same ease of use. The Zuma is, therefore, more responsive while remaining fluid. With generous dimensions, it will remain affordable for a beginning, yet sportive Foiler.

Equipped with good rowing glide thanks to its tight rocker and rounded point nose, its very wide and square tail brings stability in the waiting phase and explosiveness at the takeoff.

In flight the handling is great, the compactness works miracles but without going to extremes. A very pronounced kick tail and chinned rails allow you to fly serenely without being afraid of breaking at the slightest touchdown in the chop or in tight curves.

The SUP/Wing multi-position strap inserts and the Us Rail Boxes for foil attachment allow a multitude of adjustments, and to quickly find the ideal position in SUP as in Wing.

It is the queen of performance accessible in SUP as well as in Wing.

For more information, click here.

The foil:

This foil is the easiest and most progressive.

With its 90cm mast, you have all the necessary tolerance for rapid progress. A very short mast makes your first flights easier, but as soon as you fly with a long mast, you can avoid touching the water and therefore falling.

This foil is completely dismountable to adapt to all sports at a lower cost and give you the possibility to replace a damaged part. A complete spare parts catalogue is available, to allow you to make it compatible with multiple supports (surf/SUP/kite), and to explore the full range of use of the foil in every sport and at every level.

Masts, top plate and fuselage are made of aluminium for a contained price. The wings are made of carbon and glass on high density PU foam. With a very high number of layers and compression at very high pressure and temperature, our wings are almost indestructible.

All our wings and stabs have soft “tips”. Their tips are rounded and voluminous to limit the danger. We invite you to be very careful in spite of everything. Also, the trailing edges are blunt so as not to be sharp.

To understand the range, we have four sizes of wings and therefore foils. However, we recommend the use of sizes L, XL and XXLfor the practice of Wingfoil :

  • The M has a wingspan of 70 cm for a (projected) area of 1258cm2 (1453cm2 developed), and its volume is 2,0L. The surface area is large with a very tolerant profile of 3,0cm thick. Mounted with a 45cm Surf stab of 378cm2 and 0,19L, this foil is suitable for people under 60kg.
  • The L has a wingspan of 80cm for a (projected) area of 1643cm2 (1926cm2 developed), and its volume is 3,12L. The surface area is large with a very tolerant profile of 3,5cm thick. Mounted with a 45cm stab Surf of 378cm2 and 0,19L, this foil is for people under 75kg.
  • The XL has a wingspan of 90cm for a (projected) surface area of 1844cm2 (2137cm2 developed), and its volume is 3,60L. The surface area is large with a very tolerant profile of 3,5cm thick. Mounted with a 45cm stab Surf of 378cm2 and 0,19L, this foil is suitable for riders weighing from 75kg to 100kg.
  • The XXL has a wingspan of 100cm for a (projected) area of 2175cm2 (2487cm2 developed), and its volume is 4,26L. The surface area is large with a very tolerant profile of 3,5cm thick. Mounted with a stab Surf 45cm of 378cm2 and 0,19L, this foil is suitable for riders weighing more than 85kg.

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  • Dihedral Shape: Wing self stabilising.
  • Compact and lightweight: easy handling.
  • A more pronounced and hollow canopy with an additional panel between the Center Strut and the spinnaker for power.
  • Large diameter Leading Edge: maintains the structure.
  • Wide tips for maintaining power but in advanced position which limits wear drag.


  • Rocker: relatively flat except for the tail where the big kicker avoids touchdowns in the chop and when pumping.
  • Rails: steeply angled facets to avoid touchdowns and linking tight turns.
  • Volume: generous for size for an easy board.
  • Outline: semi-compact for good gliding even outside flights.
  • Tail: large square tail, for stability when paddling and facilitate take off.
  • Nose: round point nose.

Stock Dimensions


  • Leading Edge and inflatable Center Bladder.
  • 3 grip handles on the leading edge.
  • Handles on the inflatable center blade.
  • A leash attachment.
  • Large diameter screw valve and One Pump Express System: super easy to inflate / deflate at lightning speed.
  • 2 sheaths for intermediate fiberglass struts.
  • Anti Friction Canopy reinforcement in front of the valve.
  • PVC reinforcements 1680D on the tips.


Innovation is at the core of our Boards


The GONG Wings are manufactured in one of the two biggest kite factories in the world using the highest quality standards.

Fabricated with the greatest care. The panels are cut using CNC and entirely assembled and sown by hand by the best artisans in the kite industry.

The materials used are by far the most noble. We demand are look for performance but also endurance and longevity and also materials that have proven themselves.

  • High quality triple rip-stop, Teijin T9669 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).
  • Skeleton DP175LL: Leading Edge and tips are built in this fantastic stiff and solid fabric that keeps the wing like a real skeletal structure. Nervousness, stability, durability. (the most rigid of the market and also the most expensive)
  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm : un-failing reliability.

Zuma FSP 2X: 

Technology FSP 2X SUPfoil :

  • 3D Shape on modeling software.
  • Preshape by the numerical control for total reliability.
  • Shape control by traditional templates, finishing of the last mm 100% by hand.
  • 100% Epoxy Board and EPS Blank Foam: solid and lightweight.
  • Deck, hull and rails in PVC Vacuumed Sandwich: incomparable strength and incredible dynamism.
  • Deck: integral PVC/Fiberglass Sandwich composed of a high-density PVC foam core and 2 layers of 4oz fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz Biaxial fiberglass, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Hull: integral PVC/Fiberglass Sandwich composed of a high-density PVC foam core and 2 layers of 4oz fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz Biaxial fiberglass, fiberglass reinforcements on the sensitive areas.
  • Specific Foil reinforcements: high-density PVC block housing the two US Rail Boxes. Three layers of carbon cover the Boxes. Laminated PVC slats connect the reinforcement to the deck for maximum durability.
  • Rails: the PVC Sandwich structure completely covers the rails: increased structural strength, very good shock resistance (paddle strokes).
  • Carry Handle integrated in the PVC Sandwich top: limits settling, avoid breakage in the surrounding area.
  • Hot Coat integrated Tinted Resin: nobility of the process, weight reduction and solidity of the finish.
  • Matt custom finish, hand-made, for weight reduction and better glide.

The FSP 2X technology is easily repairable when new in case of a Ding. The PVC foam of the sandwich is waterproof and prevents water from entering on everyday shocks.

This technology offers, at an affordable price, the incomparable strength/lightness ratio of full Vacuum PVC Sandwich.


Buying guide

Included equipments


  • High quality Wing bag, with thick foam padding and large U shaped opening for no-hassle packing.
  • Rapid bladder repair kit.
  • 2 x fiberglass struts.


  • 2 Us box ready to plug a foil equipped with a top plate system.
  • 14 footstraps inserts to optimize your stance.
  • 3 x GONG footstrap symmetric large light (screws included).
  • 3D Function Pad 5 mm:  “Intelligent” deck coating conceived to deliver a different feeling under foot to differentiate zones with comfort and total adherence.
  • Leash plug Concrete Fixed at the tail to never lose your board.
  • Integrated central Carry Handle on the board deck.
  • Vent Screw.

Foil Allvator:

  • 1 Allvator Aluminium 90cm mast.
  • 1 Allvator aluminium surf fuselage.
  • 1 Allvator Fiber (50% glass, 50% 3K carbon) surf front wing.
  • 1 Allvator Fiber (50% glass, 50% 3K carbon) surf stab.
  • 1 top plate systeme.(If you simply write a demand in the comments box when placing your order this top plate systeme may be change by another adaptator (Tuttle/Gofoil/KFbox) if you need it)
  • 1 screw and tool complete kit.
  • 1 transport bag (disassembled foil).



Buy a complete pack and take advantage of 15% OFF of all the items of pack and reduced shipping cost.

    • Shipping cost are reduced to 70€ instead of 105€.
    • If we sold this package in a surfshop, it would cost 2930€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).


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To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:
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You must read the detailed user manual completely before using your foil and Wing for the first time.

Be sure to have a full understanding of it. Wings can be dangerous depending on their size and the strength of the wind. You have to check the wind range of your wing so that it corresponds with conditions and your actual skill level.

For the first few sessions, never use your new Wing in its high wind range. Use your Wing in a secure environment. Take the necessary time to learn how to handle the equipment under optimum safety conditions. Never underestimate the traction power of your Wing. Even a beginner’s Wing can develop a pulling force of several hundred kilos depending on its size and the strength of the wind. Do not overestimate your abilities. Misuse can cause serious injury or death to the practitioner or others. Do not use your Wing at sea in offshore winds. Use your Wing equipped with a leash. Be careful to avoid any collision. Be extremely careful if you sail with your Wing and a board equipped with a foil. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage or damage caused by improper use of the Wing or carelessness of the user.

When you practice Foil you expose yoursef to possible serious Risks. A poor mastering of a Foil can expose you to Cuts and/or Serious Bodily Harm, even Death for youself and possibley others around you.

Foiling should be practiced, in all circumstances, by taking precautions and taking into cosideration all that is involved and associated with SURF/SUP sports. Remember that a Foil is long and has an edge that could cause slicing and is capable of reaching very high speeds. Getting hit by a Foil, or hitting another, can incrue dramatic and highly unwanted consequences.

Always Foil far from others, and in waters that are secure and without obstacle.
Always wear a helmet and protective vest that assures Floatability. Always wear a full body Neoprane Wetsuit.
When handling and manipulating a Foil be careful not to cut yourself along its edges.

GONG does Not Accept and Declines any and all responsability in case of accident that implicates a GONG Foil. The practicing of this sport and the use of our equipment makes the user fully responsible for his/her actions while being a Foil User.