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The simplicity of the inflatable and the performance of the rigid to start SUP foiling.

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This complete pack includes:

The board:

The HIPE is a revolution in the foil approach.

This revolution is not just about inflatable qualities, but to the unequalled performances that the HIPE delivers. It will be almost impossible for you to find a significant difference with a rigid board. Its patented concept is so efficient.

L’Ours’s team has designed a carbon plate that takes all the foil strength. Glued strongly under the inflatable structure, this piece, made of 2.4kg of pure prepreg carbon and two foam stringers, is a jewel of composite expertise. By its design it provides precisely what is needed in terms of mechanics to be as rigid as a classic board, without adding a lot to the total weight.

You have both feet firmly placed on an inflexible carbon support, via the inflatable chamber. The feeling is clearly the one of a rigid board with a comfortable pad. No more, no less. It’s really great.

Tested by the team in all conditions, it has never shown any weakness even in 45 knots. In the light wind, we love its glide on water which is specific to inflatable boards. The round rails and the thick tail boost the start. You take off easily, at least as fast as with a rigid.

Advantages are numerous:

  • Ease of use, on land but also in the water.
  • Transport of course.
  • Solidity because the inflatable is not sensitive to shocks.
  • Safety if you damage your board.
  • Performances of a rigid board.

In SUP, all these sizes and volumes will allow you to find your own. The take-off is as early as with a Zuma, the piloting is precise, and you can connect 4 or 5 waves per take off as long as you have the cardio. It’s really impressive.

For more information, click here.

The foil:

The large surface area of the X-Over surf foil combined with its slim profile offer ease, lift and speed.

In surfing, the X-over is very simple. Not the most radical but certainly the smoothest while offering great handling. This is especially true at low speed or in soft waves where it will really perform.

A beginner in foiling will love the X-over because it offers immense potential for progression. The low ratio increases tolerance. It’s ideal for feeling comfortable. The foil does not fly too fast as soon as you climb on it to catapult you into an uncontrollable fall, but it accelerates when pumping.

Playful, easy, relatively quick, it has all the qualities for someone who does not seek radicalism.

Choose the right size:

Several wing sizes adapt to different builds and different swell speeds.

Understand each wing in detail:

  • The M is 70 cm wide, 1250 cm², 2.4 cm thick for a volume of 1.59L. Mounted with a 42 cm X-Over stab, it’s a surf foil that is aimed at riders with a weight under 60kg.
  • The L is 80 cm wide, 1550 cm², 2.7 cm thick for a volume of 2.19L. Mounted with a 42 cm X-Over stab, it’s a surf foil that is aimed at riders with a weight under 75kg.
  • The XL is 90cm wingspan, 1900cm², 2.9cm thick for a volume of 2.82L. Mounted with a 46 cm X-Over stab, this is a surf foil that is aimed at riders with a weight between 75kg and 85kg.
  • The XXL is 100 cm wide, 2200 cm², 3.1 cm thick for a volume of 3.36L. Mounted with a 46 cm X-Over stab, this is a surf foil that is aimed at riders with a weight over 85kg.

Equipements :

  • The pack consists of an X-Over Front Wing with an X-Over stab.
  • The new 65cm aluminum mast and the fuselage are delivered with the Mast Fuselage Connector for a conical assembly without play.
  • The 4-hole plate, with standard center distances, will offer you a perfect connection between your foil and your board.
  • The complete screw kit with spanner is supplied. Everything is delivered in a very practical transport bag to store and transport your dismantled foil.

For more information, click here.


  • Rocker: fairly flat to start early and glide well before the flight.
  • Rails: round because inflatable, very efficient.
  • Volume: very generous for each size.
  • Outline: semi-compact for a good glide even when not flying.
  • Tail: large rounded square tail for stability when at standstill and to boost take off.
  • Nose: round point nose.


Innovation is at the core of our products



ICS TECHNOLOGY – Inflatable & Carbon Synthesis

Advantages of the inflatable.

  • Drop Stitch technology double layer welded.
  • Air pressure: 15 to 20 psi.


The plus:

  • Compact, the board fits in a bag.
  • Practical: inflates in 2 minutes.
  • Aesthetics: The result is very beautiful.
  • Strong: great resistance to abuse.
  • Durable: 100% repairable.

Foil :

GONG foil technology :

Our wings are made of 90% Prepreg 3K carbon, with more than 15 layers of carbon fiber in total. High tension points such as the joints and connections are reinforced with Kevlar to resist tearing and glass for tolerance. Moulded at high pressure and high temperature on a foam core, our wings are practically indestructible. Both rigid and floating, they are the perfect balance between contained weight and infinite durability.

This technology has been tested and proven for over three years without any breakage on 30,000 ALLVATOR foil wings. In the event of a violent impact on a rock, you can easily repair them and they will be as good as new.

You will never see a GONG wing open on a leading edge because our unique draping technique crosses the layers of fibres. So there is no parting line on our wings. The entire outline has overlapping gaps, just like the rails on your top of the range boards.

Masts, plate and fuselage are made of aluminum for a very tight price. We use high quality aluminum, extruded for the mast and CNC machined for the other parts.

This foil is completely dismountable to adapt to all sports at a lower cost and give you the possibility of replacing a damaged part. A complete catalog of spare parts is available, to allow you to make it compatible with multiple supports (Surf / SUP / Kite / Wing), and to explore the entire range of use of the foil in each sport and at all levels.

Please note that GONG is at the forefront of foil development. We have been at the origin of the creation of the biggest foil factory that produces the major brands today. 18 months of intense work and dozens of tools developed. So don’t imagine that our foils are made in a gloomy garage. We develop all our products according to the rules of the art, with many internal engineers, with state-of-the-art 3D software, countless tests, with a Team at the highest level. That’s one of the reasons why we can offer low prices and refined products: we know what we’re doing from A to Z. We do not sell freelance designed foils. Our teams are at work year round and dedicated to the development of our products.

Buying guide

For Whom?

Whether you’re a beginner or wanting something mellow, it’s a Board to keep your mind off things. It’s soft and easy, yet very efficient.

Its role is to make your life easier. So, a pro will probably find it too big and prudent.

In SUP Foil, the first thing you need to know is how to row straight on a classic SUP. The rest is just a matter of method and time in the water to progress.

With a Wing, the Zuma is a very accessible Board for a beginner.

Foilers in the progression phase will love this X-Over foil for its simplicity coupled with its potential.

If you’re a complete beginner, with no experience in watersports, the Rise will be more suitable.

Beginners with experience on the water will love the X-over and keep it for a long time.

For what?

The HIPE is the ultimate board to progress without complicating your life.

In SUP foil, it is ideal for beginners to very good performances. Its big plus is to row fast with its large compact volumes, but also not to have to take off late every time.

With a Wing, it’s really the easiest Board in the world, without being an anvil. It’s great for boosting your progress. It’s great for boosting your progression. In small sizes we’re in the high level of performances for transitions, speed, course, curves and simple tricks.

It does almost everything since it lifts very well and goes relatively fast, remaining super manoeuvrable because it’s very compact.

On a surf foil it’s a simple and manoeuvrable front wing that will lift you gradually because its profile is relatively thin. Very allround, very predictable, very efficient, it’s a really cool and maneuverable wing.

What Size?

In SUP foil, you absolutely must have a positive volume balance. Your weight plus the Board’s weight must be less than the Board’s volume. Don’t hesitate to take some volume and width if you’re not sure of your supports.

You can gain enough volume to float, in the order of your weight + 30 = volume.

Example: I weigh 80kg + 30 = 110L to float. This means that with a 5’3 of 110L I will manage, as long as I don’t start in SUP Foil. And if I want great comfort I will have to switch to the 5’5 of 145L.

With a Wing, you can take it very generously if you’re a beginner. And if you already have a good level, you will have to go for a limit volume following the same rule as in SUP Foil above.


The M has a 70cm wingspan, 1250cm², 2.4cm thick for a volume of 1.59L.

  • In Surf Foil: less than 65kg.
  • In Wing: less than 65kg.
  • In Kite Foil: suitable for all sizes.

 The L has a 80cm wingspan, 1550cm², 2.7cm thick for a volume of 2.2L.

  • In Surf Foil: from 65kg to 75kg.
  • In Wing: from 65kg to 75kg.

The XL has a 90cm wingspan, 1900cm², 2.9cm thick for a volume of 2.8L.

  • In Surf Foil: from 75kg to 85kg.
  • In Wing: from 75kg to 85kg.

The XXL has a 100cm wingspan, 2200cm2, 3.1cm thick for a volume of 3.4L.

  • In Surf Foil: over 85kg in soft waves.
  • In Wing: over 85kg or hyper light wind.

We will use a larger foil in low ranges, soft conditions. And conversely a smaller foil in those recommended for stronger conditions. The important thing to remember is that the choice of your front wing depends on your size which requires lift and your average speed which generates lift.

When pumping from dock start or beach start, we recommend the front wings as follows:

  • The XL: from 65kg to 85kg.
  • The XXL: above 85kg.

Quiver Partners?

In surf foil :

The ALLVATOR V2 Surf X-Over foil is ideal on a progression surf foil board like the Lance.

In SUP foil :

This simple foil goes hand in hand with a Zuma. An easy board suitable for a maximum of surfers and which will take off very, very early.

In Kite foil :

The 65cm mast of this set may be suitable for your first hours of navigation but will be limiting beyond.

In Wing foil :

The 65cm mast of this set may be suitable for your first hours of navigation but will be limiting beyond.

Positioning of the foil ?

For the GONG foils, place it in the middle of the US rails.

The more you move it forward, the more it makes the board pitch up. The further you move it backwards, the more the nose of the board dives.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend to forget to use the back foot, especially when we have a kitefoil background. However, moving the foil back a little forces you to put more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces effort.

How long should my Paddle be?

If you want to use the Zuma in SUP Foil, you will need a Paddle between your actual height and +10cm.

Which Leash?

Take a 6′ of 7mm minimum diameter.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. It’s your life jacket.

Strap or Strapless?

Riding strapless is sexy because it makes you feel free. But quite honestly, it’s not the best for performance…

So, it’s up to you to see if sensation prevails over performance. On a Lemon, we’re clearly going to miss 90% of its potential without the straps.

With straps, you’ll have much more control and much less risk of getting the Foil flipping under your feet. In the waves, it’s obvious, you gain a lot with straps. You can recuperate from crazy situations just by pulling up on your feet.

Put your straps in a central position (3rd hole) for the front, and the same goes for the back strap if you still ride with the back.

If you want to be able to get the back foot out for transitions and surfing, put the back strap on the first hole.

Good to Know:

Never leave your board in the sun, even less an inflatable board, and even less a black carbon plate that will heat up very quickly. You might see it peeling off!!!

Don’t screw further than the bottom of the box, otherwise you’ll get into the skin of the inflatable. We deliver US squares with no opening, but be careful.

Never let your foil board get mistreated in the waves, especially close to the shore. You must protect it from major forces. A wave that carries your board away and rolls it away can do a lot of damages.

Included equipments


  • 1 x inflation valve.
  • 2 x GONG footstraps symmetric large light (screws included).
  • 1 x double diamond deckpad.
  • 1 x ICS carbon plate.
  • 1 x repair kit.
  • 4 x non-through inserts and screws for foil plate.
  • 8 x adjusting wedges for US rail.
  • 1 x leash plug at the tail so you never lose your board.
  • 1 x transport bag with wheels.
  • 1 x multi tip pump (compatible with a wing).

For the two larger sizes (6’5 and 7’5), there is the ADS: Anti Drift Solution with:

  • 1 x US box.
  • 1 x US fin 4.6″.

Foil Allvator:

  • 1 Allvator V2 aluminium mast of 65cm .
  • 1 Allvator V2 aluminium surf fuselage.
  • 1 Mast Fuselage Connector to connect the mast to the fuselage.
  • 1 Allvator X-Over front wing.
  • 1 Allvator X-Over stab.
  • 1 fixation system by a 4 screw plate.
  • 1 complete screw kit with spanner.
  • 1 transport bag for the dismounted foil.



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When you practice Foil you expose yoursef to possible serious Risks. A poor mastering of a Foil can expose you to Cuts and/or Serious Bodily Harm, even Death for youself and possibley others around you.

Foiling should be practiced, in all circumstances, by taking precautions and taking into cosideration all that is involved and associated with SURF/SUP sports. Remember that a Foil is long and has an edge that could cause slicing and is capable of reaching very high speeds. Getting hit by a Foil, or hitting another, can incrue dramatic and highly unwanted consequences.

Always Foil far from others, and in waters that are secure and without obstacle.

Always wear a helmet and protective vest that assures Floatability. Always wear a full body Neoprane Wetsuit.

When handling and manipulating a Foil be careful not to cut yourself along its edges.

GONG does Not Accept and Declines any and all responsability in case of accident that implicates a GONG Foil. The practicing of this sport and the use of our equipment makes the user fully resposable for his/her actions while being a Foil User.

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