299,00329,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

Our bestseller in 11’6 and 12’6 cruising versions to take your ride to the next level.

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299,00329,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Pay in multiple installments or deferred payment 30 days Service available for orders of €150 or more.



The Stand Up Paddle for cruising at a record price among SUP specialists. Perfect for your sporting outings but also for your fun afternoons with the family.


The Chip Cruising is our new fast cruising board at a crazy price.

The pack contains everything you might need to get on the water !

Very compact, quickly inflated, easy and fast on water, the CHIP Cruising has it all. You can easily fit a child at the front, or whatever would be necessary for the best picnic.

Its elongated shape and profiled nose give it amazing speed when paddling. Each stroke pushes the board further and faster, even in choppy waters that get sliced by the nose. It is really pleasant.

Stability and speed at a crazy price: the magic recipe to have a blast with friends.


Built in the best factory in the world, the CHIP Cruising is a magnificent board at a never seen price. Forget the low cost and low quality boards coming out of low-end factories, the CHIP Cruising simply is a high end board with less accessories and a simple but styling visual to keep the price affordable.

Its technology uses thick PVC, which can handle every possible family use without bending. It is a very rigid board that performs really well.

GONG is a renowned and serious brand, who took Stand Up Paddle at its birth and brought it to the level of respectability and performance that is now associated with the sport . Proud of this, we would never consider building a low end board similar to those sold in supermarkets.


The CHIP Cruising ships with a US center fin. It is known that half the performance of a SUP board comes from the fin used, hence why GONG had to install a standard US Box for the center fin which is the gold standard when it comes to the choice of the best fin for your skill level, way of riding and conditions.


The paddle is included in the pack ! It can be adjusted in length and is perfect for a beginner.

The GONG leash is absolutely necessary to ride the CHIP Cruising safely, for you and others. It is very high quality and the ankle attachment is both comfortable and durable.

The CHIP Cruising is equipped with a neoprene center handle to carry the board easily.

The net at the front of the board is perfect to secure your waterproof bag and to store the paddle when taking a break. Ideal to take safety equipments and some snacks with you on your cruise.

The Deck Pad was specifically engineered and designed to get the best balance of grip and comfort. You will be able to paddle for hours without your feet hurting and without slipping, even when surfing.

The included double action inflatable pump is super efficient in order to be the first paddling out.

A repair kit is also included in case of damage to the board (beware: the kit does not contain glue, but you can find some easily at your nearest DIY store). Note that we also have every component of your board in stock if you ever need to replace parts of it.

All those equipment are packaged in a well thought out bag, built to last with good quality materials.

  • The straps are padded and comfortable
  • The handle is very durable.

This pack has it all !


Its shape was inspired by our racing SUP boards, with a more generous width. A beginner will be comfortable right away.

This shape is perfect for cruising with just enough stability at the back half of the board and a profiled nose to glide effortlessly. This very precise adaptation of the thousands of templates we developed in the last 30 years give this board the best balance of efficiency, comfort and ease of use.

When cruising, we love the easy glide so very particular to inflatable boards. And if you want to really get going, it will pick up speed easily. In rougher conditions, the nose will slice through the chop with ease. The outline ends with a rounded square tail that gives even more stability, maneuverability and speed.

For every size, the volume is generous and the board is accessible. A true jack of all trades, with a fast and maneuverable shape for every rider.



Your benefits are clear:

  • The best price from the world SUP specialist.
  • Top of the range rigidity.
  • Easy to transport and use.
  • Solid because an inflatable board isn’t afraid of shocks.
  • Less dangerous if you hit your board.


  • Rocker : relaxed and constant with lifted nose. Easy and fast rowing.
  • Rails : soft and round by nature on all the length, giving it a very fluid glide.
  • Volume :  ideal thickness to offer maneuverability and rigidity.
  • Outline : an easy round square tail, very stable at the center with a thin nose to cope with the chop. 
  • Tail : rounded square tail easy and soft tail for effortless turns.
  • Nose : point nose for paddling speed

Stock Dimensions

This complete pack includes :

  • A Chip 11’6 / 12’6 Cruising.
  • An adjustable 3 part paddle.
  • A double action pump.
  • A GONG leash adapted to the size of the chosen board.
  • 1 Single Fin
  • A repair kit.
  • A user guide.
  • A transport bag.


Innovation is at the core of our products

Built in the best factory in the world, the CHIP Cruising is a magnificent board at a never seen price. Forget the low cost and low quality boards coming out of low-end factories, the CHIP Cruising simply is a high end board with less accessories and a simple but styling visual to keep the price affordable.

Its technology uses thick PVC, which can handle every possible family use without bending. It is a very rigid board that performs really well.

GONG is a renowned and serious brand, who took Stand Up Paddle at its birth and brought it to the level of respectability and performance that is now associated with the sport . Proud of this, we would never consider building a low end board similar to those sold in supermarkets.

Technology Chip Cruising

  • Board 100% Mirasol Drop Stitch, the best material.
  • Simple layered 1000D PVC on the top and the bottom, very light weight.
  • Double layered 1000D PVC on the rails, super solid board.
  • Thickness 6″ (15cm) for the best stiffness
  • Air Pressure: 15 psi. Factory controlled at 25 psi.

Buying guide

For whom?

The shape of this board makes it suitable for rowers of all levels. From the pure beginner, to the enthusiast who wants a super stable board for cruising at a great price.

For what ?

From simple stroll to physical training, the Chip Cruising is a board with which we like to row, do great distances and / or slide without forcing.

What size ?


The 11’6 x 32’’ Cruising

  • Sessions of less than an hour and a half on all bodies of water.
  • Made for cruising. It glides straight ahead.
  • Size: ideally less than 95kg but it doesn’t matter because it is super easy.

The 12’6 x 33’’ Cruising

  • Sessions of more than an hour on all bodies of water.
  • Made for cruising. It glides straight ahead.
  • Size : Super easy for everybody. No stress.

Quiver partner ?

This board is sold with an adjustable ALU GONG paddle, if you want to improve performance, get a MIX 30% PADDLE, this will greatly improve your comfort for sessions of more than an hour.

If you want to surf, you can complete your quiver with a smaller CHIP or a COUINE MARIE SHORTSUP or LONGBOARD.

What length for your paddle ?

What length of paddle?

Which leash ?

The leash is provided in your pack, it is 10 ’and is positioned below the knee. Check its condition before each session and change it every year. This is your life jacket.

Included equipments

  • 1 GONG alu 3 parts adjustable paddle, light, strong and efficient.
  • GONG leash confortable.
  • 1 Single Fin GONG, tool-less fixation US Standard box compatible with most fins on the market
  • 1 centered comfortable foam carry handle for easy transport and launching.
  • Deck Pad 5 mm Diamond Grooving: adhering, comfortable and light.
  • Transport net at the front.
  • Inox ring on the tail to connect the leash.
  • Inox tow ring under the nose that serves as added camera security.
  • High pressure inflation valve under the nose to facilitate deflation and storage.
  • GONG fast air pump 15 psi: double action for beginning inflation, and simple action to finalize easily the task.
  • Transport bag.
  • Repair kit (without PVC glue, which you can easily find in hardware stores if needed).



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this pack in a surfshop, it would cost 599€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).



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  1. Nicolas Pourtau

    C’est la planche la plus polyvalente à un prix défiant toute concurrence.
    Des côtes qui mettrons tout le monde en confiance dans toutes les conditions.
    Les nouvelles chip avec ces cotes là , sont top !

  2. Nathan Rigal

    Très bon rapport qualité prix

  3. Marc Schaeffer

    Test par ma compagne et moi même. Ma compagne débutante eu un peu de mal au début à cause de la stabilité légèrement inférieure à un modèle rigide . Je suis windsurfeur . Pour ma part pas de soucis particulier agréable à utiliser relativement performant quand même . Et surtout bon rapport qualité prix ! On a testé à Noirmoutier avec un peu de vent et un léger clapot. Pas de vagues

  4. Motta

    Avec le conseil d’une proche connaissant cette marque et ayant sa planche, j’ai acheté à l’entrepôt sans pouvoir le voir le pack chip cruising 11’6.
    Mon compagnon ayant déjà un paddle d’une autre marque, j’ai préféré attendre l’arrivée de cette marque qui m’a vivement été recommandée.
    Je suis, depuis sa réception, devenue accro et complètement fan, tout est facile et ce paddle est stable et glisse sur l’eau à une telle vitesse que je prends toujours une belle avance sur mon compagnon! Nous en faisons sur rivière, et je reviens aujourd’hui sur le site pour lui offrir la même planche.
    Bravo aux concepteurs, comme quoi une connaissance certaine dans son domaine surpasse très nettement tout ce qui peut être copié, sans être égalé… Car même sur le prix, on s’y retrouve totalement!
    Merci, Team GONG!

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