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The 2023 SuperPower Boom delivers all the power you dream of.

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599,00699,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

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The 2023 SuperPower delivers all the power you dream of.


At some point, we all were faced with wind conditions that simply required more power than what a “traditional” wing can deliver. In light wind, obviously, but also on tricky spots due to unstable winds, strong currents or simply long lulls.

The SuperPower, world best seller of this program, comes in this new edition with a 100% carbon boom for both handling finesse and a big boost in power and control.

Equipped with an innovative and high-end boom, we immediately feel that this design by our R&D is the real deal. The boom is fixed with two screws on US nuts: the same as those of your foil! Our system leaves no play to the boom. It is perfectly rigid and impossible to untighten while sailing. No hook and loop, no rope, no fragile parts, no plastic parts that fail after a year, nothing that can ruin your session. On the contrary, our parts enclose the straps which encircle the entire central strut, as on wings with handles: total reliability proven for years.


Our boom is made of prepreg carbon applied in 4 directions for minimum weight and maximum strength/stiffness. It’s the most high-end tech on the market to make no concessions between stiffness, weight and performance. With its oval section, it offers better grip for less fatigue and maximum comfort. The ovalization also offers more rigidity while allowing the diameter to be reduced. Our boom is covered with a textured molded grip which further improves its grip and reduces effort. It’s velvet…

The boom on the Superpower allows a new wing architecture and in particular a central batten called “wasp waist”. The boom takes up a very large part of the bending forces exerted on the central batten: the Wing is more rigid, and the trailing edge retains its tension and opens less. It is therefore possible to reduce the diameter on a large part of the central batten to save weight and drag, while maintaining the rigidity and precision of the Wing. The boom is not just another form of handle: it is a performance element! The profile is more effective in multiplying the acceleration capacity and the upwind performance of the wing. The accelerations are stunning and don’t seem to have any limit. This is crucial for a wing that will be used in a very wide wind range. Manage the deformation well and not drag air for a perfect glide, stay light… the must!

The tips are “central” in the design of a wing dedicated to speed and canvas edges. Twisting is skilfully controlled by a calculated decrease in the leading edge sections. And the Low Drag System (LDS) makes the wing faster, more maneuverable and much more efficient at all speeds. This GONG innovation, which also equips the Droid and Pulse, halves the drag of the tips. This technology completely frees the tips of the wing which breathes deeply. The gain in speed and stability is extreme. The wing is wedged, silent, fluid because the air escapes twice as easily. And the reduction in tip drag also makes rotations easier: the SuperPower Boom is much livelier when changing tack.

Getting the most out of marginal conditions, that’s the job of the SuperPower Boom 2023. Once you are up and flying, you will keep on foiling through the lightest lulls, and you will even manage to sail upwind in lighter winds.

To achieve this prowess and offer even more low end power, we need the center strut to be quite long, which can be reminiscent of very compact racing sails like those used by L’Ours in the 90’s at the indoor windsurfing event in Bercy. When getting a shape more compact, its wingspan is reduced : our SuperPower 7,5m² has roughly the same wingspan as a regular 5m² wing!!! The wing tips stay out of the water when pumping. This moderate wingspan is amazing on the three SuperPower sizes : 6m², 7.5m² and 9m² !

With its brand new hyper rigid Z shape center strut, its hollow is really deep and firmly set. It does not move around and the trailing edge of the wing remains very tight, which makes it super comfortable : your hands are on both sides of the hollow with a perfectly balanced harness line and it’s game on!


With its brand new central batten shape coupled with the boom, the profile of this new Superpower is perfectly maintained at all speeds. Its deep hollow remains locked and the trailing edge tight. Sailing becomes much more precise and pleasant, you don’t get surprised and you can take advantage of all its power to go full blast!

Thanks to its 100% carbon boom which reduces the volume of the central batten, the SuperPower does not gain any weight! It remains easy to handle and comfortable in transitions. And the boom means you don’t have to look for the handle when switching hands. You can place your hands where you feel most comfortable.

It’s THE wing for spots with inconsistent winds. Without effort, you fly through the lulls without needing to pump and you can even go upwind in lighter winds.

Never be the one not flying : get a SuperPower !

3D view


The very deep hollow of the SuperPower Boom is even more locked. A base of magical power to take off super early and get through lulls without even having to pump.

This new edition of the Superpower with a boom offers a direct link with the wing which allows precise piloting thanks to optimal profile hold. The absence of deformation of the boom allows the profile to remain in its optimal shape. Even at high speed or overpowered, the wing remains locked and healthy.

In addition, it takes up almost all of the bending forces exerted on the central batten, allowing its diameter to be reduced by almost 50%!! The air flows are then completely released in the center of the wing where the profile is most effective. The gain in power to get going is stunning and the traction never seems to stop, even at very high speed the wing remains stable and driving.

The wing is capable of impressive top speeds in addition to excelling in light wind or in irregular conditions, because its performance is much better. Your freeride sessions see their average speeds boosted. We cruise super fast over the water and it heads upwind. The feeling of freedom is great!

The rear third of the batten remains sewn to the canopy without a hollow panel. This translates to a better reactivity of the wing by giving it a more direct and much more precise feeling which brings a valuable constancy in the behavior to accelerate serenely.

Its span, the most compact of our range. Add to this the remarkably small ratio of the wing and you get a wing with hyper efficient pumping and an impressive low end torque in order to be the first one flying. Once in flight, we discover the incredible potential of the LDS (Low Drag System) technology. This GONG innovation makes it possible to halve the drag of the tips thanks to the integration of a removable rigid batten on the last section of the leading edge. The tips can then be completely conical and thus free the flow of the transverse air flows in the Wing. This diagonal tendency in the flows creates an overpressure in the intrado on large tips with a voluminous section. Our innovation is to drop the volume of the tips almost to zero so that the air is no longer retained. The wing enjoys deep breaths of air! The gain in speed and stability of the Wing is stunning. The system is perfectly rigid but removable with a discreet, reliable and super classy system.



The leading edge keeps a large diameter central section to boost the rigidity of the dihedral in the center of the wing as well as the connection with the central strut. A second section to optimize performance by improving the profile with more cutouts and therefore more progressiveness in the front of the shape, which brings a significant gain when going upwind for example.

All the sections of the leading edge were then redistributed to optimize their respective lengths and angulations in order to stiffen the leading edge while keeping a contained diameter for this kind of shape. This optimization makes it possible to develop all the power of such a profile for an early take-off while maintaining the performance of a LE with a moderate diameter. The ears of the wing are also redesigned with a slight twist which facilitates the flow of air in the wing and gives it a much better glide; super comfortable on the long speed runs.



Innovation is at the core of our products


It benefits from the strongest construction on the market. And yet it is lighter! While nothing is indestructible, we still want wings capable of coping with the worst treatments and equipping the best riders.

Our boom is made of prepreg carbon applied in 4 directions, it is the most high-end construction on the market, allowing optimal rigidity for very contained weight. This new Superpower does not gain any weight compared to the 2023 version!
The oval shape of the boom offers an ideal grip which prevents fatigue, reduces the overall diameter of the boom, and boosts rigidity. It is also covered with an embossed EVA for perfect grip and comfort.


The fixing parts of the boom are designed to cancel out any play and to be completely removable, therefore scalable but above all extremely durable. We made the choice not to use sewn soft plastic whose lifespan is quite poor in the marine environment, under heavy loads and because of UV exposure. We have therefore chosen to make our fixing parts in a rigid plastic heavily loaded with fiberglass to offer them a longer life than those of soft handles.
The boom is screwed onto webbing reinforcements that go around the central batten to distribute the forces over its entire circumference. This system has already proven itself for many years on our wings with soft handles. The assembly sandwiches the strap for maximum strength and does not allow any twisting. And the ultimate trick: the screwing nut is a standard nut for US foil box. A smart choice to never find yourself helpless 😉

In order to protect the wing from rigid parts, we use Kevlar reinforcements, very expensive materials but which offer incomparable abrasion resistance.

Our canopy is of triple Ripstop on the entire surface. Firstly because the feeling is much stiffer, firmer. Then because it is the best against tearing without affecting lightness. Three large-diameter fibers reinforce the fabric at regular intervals and in two 90° axes. This mesh reinforces the fabric against hits.

The skeleton, leading edge and central batten, are Dacron DP175LL, the world reference for Dacron. It’s the most proven Dacron material on the market, and the most reliable in the long run. Rigid and resistant, it is perfect to get excellent performance for as long as possible. It is also easy to find for discreet repairs.

The seams are further reinforced on all our models. First those of the batten which are now like those of the leading edge and therefore capable of withstanding significant pressure. Then in the spinnaker with panel cutouts that take advantage of the direction of the seams to improve the wing’s rigidity.


The support straps on which the boom is fixed take up all the load of the rider and diffuse this effort around the entire circumference of the central batten. It is clearly the most durable : both for huge one-time loads, and for long term use beyond 12 months. At GONG we want durable and repairable wings.
The seams are further reinforced on all our 2023 models. First those of the batten which are now like those of the leading edge and therefore capable of withstanding enormous pressure. Then in the canopy with panel cutouts that take advantage of the direction of the seams to improve the wing’s rigidity.

We are the opposite of the basic wing technology of low cost brands. Our low prices can only be explained by the absence of intermediaries. Our wings are built according to the rules of the art, to last and endure the usual constraints of this new sport. Each seam is designed according to the specific constraints of the wing, our uses and our level of performance which is at the best level in the world with Malo, multiple world champion.

At GONG our wings are top of the range and if by bad luck you were to break them, they are repairable from A to Z with the components that we keep in stock for your favorite repairer.

Dimensions (Length):

  • Total: 114 cm
  • Eva section: 98,5 cm

2023 wings technology

The structure of our wings is composed of a leading edge and a central strut in Dacron DP175LL which form a rigid skeleton when the internal TPU bladders are inflated.

Dacron DP175LL is a very durable and very rigid polyester fabric, and this particular variant is also light.

The panels are cut using a numerical control. Accuracy is absolute to guarantee you a shape that is 100% compliant with our 3D design.

The assembly of the panels is achieved by a succession of sometimes very complex seams. Indeed, while the flat seams in the canopy remain simple, other assemblies such as the batten for example must be sewn using specific techniques, to withstand the constraints of this new sport.



GONG’s experience as a pioneer in the sport with a Team of the highest level, combined with the know-how gained over decades in our production plants, guarantee you an end product that is durable, light and perfectly in line with our design and our expectations .

The rinflation of the structure is ensured by bladders in the leading edge and in the central batten. Our bladders are made of 80 microns thick TPU for added strength. The tubes themselves and all the accessories are heat-sealed to withstand significant pressures.


To reinforce the rigidity of the structure, we worked on the longitudinal and volumetric dimensions of the sections of leading edge Dacron DP175LL panels. In the center, the sections are reduced and with a large diameter, the closer you get to the tips, the thinner the leading edge becomes to reinforce the rigidity of the arc of the wing.

Being the control area of the wing, the central strut has also undergone major transformations to stiffen the structure of the Wing. The assembly technology for the strut is the same as the one used for the leading edge, with specially reinforced seams on our 2023 wings.

Our expectations are clear: a very rigid, resistant and light structure.


We dress the structure of the wing with a 50g/m² spinnaker canvas, so very light, but weaved in triple ripstop to stiffen and strengthen it. The triple ripstop will stop the tears, preventing them from spreading any further. But it will also lock the deformations of the fabric to guarantee the stability of the shape when sailing.This fabric is coated with a protective layer that forms a near impermeable barrier to air and protects it from the sun and humidity so that it lasts as long as possible. This surface treatment also has a water-repellent effect to repel water on the spinnaker instantly and lighten the Wing when sailing.

The canopy is an assembly of spinnaker panels that define the profile of the wing with cutouts precisely defined in design on the 3D software SurfPlan. Our huge laser cutting board combine precision and assembly speed.


The shape evolves considerably from one model to another depending on the wing program: ease of use, range of use, nervousness, reactivity, performance… And it is our R&D center made up of engineers, 3D-designers, our shaper and GONG Team who are responsible for developing the best solutions for your uses.



The need for visibility, especially for security, led us to offer a panoramic view from your control room. The two large PVC windows centered on the canopy and a PVC window on the small canopy panel between the strut and the main canopy guarantee you an exceptional panorama at first glance. These PVC panels fit perfectly into the profile of the wing and are very durable, especially against low temperatures and folding.

Wing foiling is an extreme sport. The equipment has to cope with harsh conditions and this requires the integration of reinforcements.

  • The seams subject to these heavy loads have been reinforced by the addition of a strip at the seam. Collages, specific stitches, multiple layers for example.
  • The tips of the leading edge and of the strut are lined with a thick and robust Nylon layer.



This shape is equipped with the new LDS (Low Drag System) technology, this world first allows a new management of the drag with the integration of a removable rigid batten which allows a perfect tapering of the last section of the tips. The flow of the airflow in the wings is not linear or parallel to the batten. They essentially go sideways towards the tips. This diagonal tendency in the flows creates an overpressure in the intrado on large tips with a voluminous section. Our innovation is to drop the volume of the tips almost to zero so that the air is no longer retained. The wing enjoys deep breaths of air! The gain in speed and stability of the wing is stunning. The system is perfectly rigid but removable with a discreet, reliable and super classy system.


A wing is also made of many essential accessories:

The large rapid inflation/deflation valve on the leading edge which is doubled on the strut for immediate deflation and compact storage. Thanks to its one-pump system, the wing always inflates at once from the leading edge.


The leash attachment point on the leading edge is even more reinforced than the bridle anchors on a kite. It’s super strong and it’s essential because a break there would cause the wing to explode.


Your benefits are clear:

  1. An efficient shape created by one of the world leaders in wing foiling.
  2. A design at the cutting edge of R&D and ahead of its time.
  3. A construction proven on thousands of wings.
  4. The “Full Option” finish of inflatable wings.
  5. A light, solid wing, with the best rigidity on the market!!!
  6. An incredible price that can only be explained by our direct relationship with you.
  7. Simple maintenance and easy repairs as we have all the components in stock.

Buying guide

For whom?

Anyone who doesn’t want to stand still in the not-so-great winds, whatever your level.

So either the big guys or the riders on inland bodies of water, but the SuperPower is also great for those who want a powerful wing without too much size and wingspan, in 6m² for example.

The 6m2 may be suitable for a beginner. But it is preferable to have an intermediate level (about fifteen sessions) to take advantage of the qualities of the SuperPower.

For what?

It’s the most powerful wing in the world: what more can we say!
Great not to stand still in the not-so-great winds. Let’s say it’s the perfect wing for imperfect conditions: irregular, sluggish or too light wind.

It has a huge potential in racing thanks to its phenomenal power. Bearing off is crazy when you’re overpowered. Really amazing. And when riding upwind we are very well set.

What size?


Don’t overestimate the power of wings. The ambient blah blah would have you believe that you will have fun with a 4m² in 12 knots, even 8 knots… It is really just BS to make you get a cheaper wing and make you believe that this sport is magic.

The reality is that for a 85kg winger, you need 15/20 knots with a 5m² to fly to get flying the first times. After about 15 sessions, you will fly at 15 knots with a 5m². And if you’re athletic, pumping hard can make you take off at 12 knots in 5m² and hold the flight through 8 knots lulls. All this can be learned and requires practice.


Best quiver choices?

The SuperPower goes with everything. Obviously it will be more in tune with equipment dedicated to performance in light wind.

You can (should) add to this combo a SUP for windless days, and surely a board dedicated to surfing. But if you’re heading towards wing foiling, you may already have these toys in the garage ?

Which leash?

A 5’5 to 8’ Wing leash will be ideal. Preferably a model dedicated to wing foiling and of the coiled type. A short leash allows you to get back on the board quickly. By letting the board go further, a long leash prevents contacts between the foil and the wing.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. It’s your life jacket.

Don’t let your wing flap in the wind at the end of the leash, it’s not unbreakable! Ditto in the waves, do not hold your Wing by the leash, it will explode and/or you will get hurt.

With or without a harness?

Riding without a harness is sexy because it’s a thing of the moment and it makes you feel free. You can move in all directions, it’s really nice.

But it is necessary to be slightly underpowered if you do not want your arms to burn too quickly. This also means more pumping to take off.

All our wings have harness line attachments since 2021. So, the choice is yours.

So, if you like to ride with more power, the use of a harness is almost mandatory if you don’t want your sessions to be limited to one hour. In this case, the installation of harness line is super simple, (see our tutorials on the forum). We advise you to use a harness that is enveloping and as soft as possible, with a windsurfing type of hook.

So, it’s up to you to see if sensation and aesthetics prevail over performance. But it is a safe bet that soon all riders will have harnesses because the evolution will go towards more powerful wings and more performance.

Windows or full canopy?

Wings without windows require a maneuverable, responsive wing and an experienced rider who sails instinctively. Always check your trajectory, especially in maneuvers and tricks.

Wings with windows are safer.
For beginners, a wing with windows is a must because safety comes first. They are used to see a silhouette to abort a dangerous curve that would cause a collision, without having to manipulate the Wing and expose yourself to a fall.


Included equipments


  • Our boom is made of prepreg carbon applied in 4 directions, it is the most high-end construction on the market! Its oval shape offers ideal ergonomics to be able to sail with this powerful wing without paralyzing the forearms.

  • A revolutionary boom attachment system, simple, scalable and super resistant, it is proven by our team riders.

  • The Low Drag System technology on each tip consists of a removable rigid batten tightened by a profiled clip to allow a fluid flow of air.
  • The windows have been positioned to have a panoramic leeward view. This is a real plus for your safety and that of others.

  • The handle for the front hand is placed ideally. Its position depends on the hollow, so it is more precise to have a small front handle because on a good wing the profile does not move back. There is no need to move your front hand.
  • A downwind handle on the leading edge that allows you to handle the shocked wing on land as well as on the water.
  • Two harness loops placed on the strut allow you to attach your GONG harness line to sail for long hours without getting tired.
  • The inflation/deflation valves are used directly with the tip of the hose (not supplied). No more non-compatible or lost nozzles!
  • The neoprene caps of the valves have been drilled to facilitate the evacuation of air when folding, even when closed!
  • The mini fiber battens at the trailing edge have been lightened for a considerable weight gain.



  • The wing is always supplied with its repair kit.
  • To comply with navigation regulations, we have integrated a plastic label on the intrados, close to the tip, to write down the owner’s personal information: surname, first name, telephone and address.
  •  The Superpower Boom is supplied with a high-end bag whose dimensions will allow you to store the wing easily and without disassembling either the boom or the LDS by rolling the wing like a windsurf sail. It’s really practical.



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this Wing in a surfshop, it would cost 1499€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).




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  1. Arjan

    Premier essai Superpower 7.5 & Mint 5.0 (fluid XLH & h45, @70kg) en 9-12kts. Rush à la maison du travail.. 😅
    SP 7.5 boom, quelle belle manutention pour une aile si grande puissante, comportement différent de la pompe, sera bientôt normal. Le boom, belle fine sensation d’aile directe, le tacking était “facile” ne manque pas de prendre une poignée 😁 Pas de harnais utilisé (je ne voulais pas avec la nouvelle menthe.. ), mais ça ne me manquait pas vraiment car le vent était très léger et on peut tenir le boom d’une main et laisser l’autre se reposer une seconde. Les fenêtres sont allumées, profitant de la vue. Je ne peux pas imaginer revenir aux poignées douces.
    La Mint 5.0 80L était vraiment agréable sous mes pieds, je sais qu’une planche de 40L se sentira plus agréable dans des conditions parfaites mais ce n’est pas ce que j’obtiens Je pense que ça va être un bel été… 😁
    Belle équipement Patrice Guénolé et l’équipe Gong !

  2. Titouan

    Vraiment top cette SuperPower boom, toujours une machine de light wind, mais en plus au large ça accélère hyper fort ! ?

    Avec ce boom, l’aile gagne vraiment en précision et en puissance, ça décolle tout seul et passer les molles devient une banalité, l’aile glisse toute seule, y a même plus besoin de pomper. Vraiment une machine pour les conditions irrégulières en lac ou en rivière, perso je peux plus m’en passer ?

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More info

To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:
Know everything about the GONG WING SUPERPOWER BOOM 2023


You must read the detailed user manual completely before using your wing for the first time.

Be sure to have a full understanding of it. Wings can be dangerous depending on their size and the strength of the wind. You have to check the wind range of your wing so that it corresponds with conditions and your actual skill level.

For the first few sessions, never use your new wing in its high wind range. Use your wing in a secure environment. Take the necessary time to learn how to handle the equipment under optimum safety conditions. Never underestimate the traction power of your wing. Even a beginner’s wing can develop a pulling force of several hundred kilos depending on its size and the strength of the wind. Do not overestimate your abilities. Misuse can cause serious injury or death to the practitioner or others. Do not use your wing at sea in offshore winds. Use your wing equipped with a leash. Be careful to avoid any collision. Be extremely careful if you sail with your wing and a board equipped with a foil. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage or damage caused by improper use of the wing or carelessness of the user.

Dry your wing ?

Unless you end your session with a long ride in the sun and land on a pontoon, it’s rather rare to get out of the water with a completely dry wing. ? Note that there is no need to dry your wing if it is to be used regularly in salt water, as the salt protects the materials from mold.

If, however, for transport or storage reasons you want to dry them, you must absolutely avoid hanging the deflated wing by the handle on the leading edge. It’s however very practical but it is the best way to obtain a hernia on the central strut at the junction with the leading edge following the collapse of the bladder inside. The bladders are movable in the strut and the leading edge. So if you hang it up deflated to dry, the bladder can slip, or even crumple, in the strut sleeve.

So ideally, you dry your inflated wing in the shade, and at worst flat or at least with just the inflated central strut.

Find all our How to : Dry your wing

How to inflate your wing?

Inflating your wing while it is still rolled can cause movements and twists of the bladder which will have the effect of deforming the inflated wing or causing hernias. It is therefore essential to fully unfold your wing before inflating it using the inflation valve on the leading edge.

Generalities about the wing

The wing is a machine with an inflatable structure directly in the rider’s hands. Handgrips are used to control its flight and the power delivered.

The wing’s number one advantage is the absence of a mast rig. This allows you to switch from a horizontal windsurf-type traction to a vertical kite-type traction. The best of both worlds can be combined in total freedom.

Much less complicated than a kite and much lighter than a windsurfing sail, the wing lightens you to the zenith and accelerates in front of you.

The wing combines the advantages and moves of these two sports, and it gives even more with all the possibilities linked to neutrality in surfing, and the rotations under the wing and other offsets… the potential of moves is endless.

Ideal when combined with a Foil, it is much more reassuring than a kite and much more manoeuvrable than a windsurf sail.

The wing is by far the simplest support to learn how to foil, far ahead of all other sports. A great way to learn to foil afterwards in other sports.

It is the perfect machine:

  • Compact, it fits in a car and is easy to fly.
  • Lightweight, you can ride your Quiver without having a hard time.
  • You can go in the water anywhere, except in the shorebreak.
  • Very little sensitive to the quality of the wind. If it falls we return quietly.
  • A potential in surfing and tricks almost infinite without a mast rig.
  • High performance for a minimum of constraints.
  • The attraction of novelty, it’s good to change sometimes.
  • No major danger.
  • Smile, smile and smile.

With its glide, you don’t have to overcast to have fun. In gusts of wind, its structure naturally absorbs excess power. The pros will be able to put on a harness to size up and boost performance. But amateurs will also find real relief in the harness. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the Wing that carries your arms, not the other way around. But after two hours without a harness, you have to admit that fatigue is there. Everyone is free to hold on with bare hands or to relieve themselves.

Ideal with a foil, it requires more air than a kite which will always have the advantage of pulling a lot from 4/5 knots. The wing will require between 10 and 15 knots to express itself on a Foil and will remain super easy even in 35 knots, even 50 knots, where the kite often rhymes with big risks.

It is great with a pure wing board, but also with multiple supports such as :

  • SUP foil
  • Surf foil
  • Stand Up Paddle “SUP” (rigid or inflatable)
  • Skate
  • Rollerblade
  • Mountain board
  • Anything that slides on snow
  • Etc.

The advantages of the wing are clearly identified: simplicity, compactness and lightness provide unequalled freedom of movement and ease of use. The wing is ready to fly in 1min chrono: no line to unroll, just two flexible slats to insert in their sheath, a few strokes and off you go.

The technology used to make the wings is very similar to that of our kitesurfing wings, but much stronger. Multiple reinforcements are present on the stress zones according to the different uses.

The shape of the wing is “self-stabilizing”. Don’t imagine orienting it by the force of your wrists like on a boom: it doesn’t work like that. You put your back hand down: the Wing will lay flat above your head. You put it up and the wing goes vertical. Easy! This is called umbrella or screen piloting. It is often said that the beginnings of the Wing are more like pole dancing than windsurfing. Indeed, you almost have to have the back hand vertically under the front hand when you are not flying, to keep the wing as an umbrella. This way you keep it away from the water, and you use its traction with the same angle as a kite to lighten up. So, think pole dance ;-))))))

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