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The economic Wing for progression.

Price includes VAT, shipping excluded
  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Shipping possible all over the world


The Wing Plus is perfect for progression.

When you are a beginner you need a light Wing with a wide range of use. With its thinner struts the Wing Plus is very light. This thinner section develops a little less power and a lot of forgiveness in the high range so you don’t get overwhelmed. The Plus can also spin smoothly: IT absorbs the gusts, not your arms!

Seen from the front, the Wing Plus has a little more V than its sisters. This makes it easier to fly. It has less tendency to come upright, and therefore to touch the water, than high performance Wings where this attitude gives more traction. With the Plus, you want simplicity to build up your arms step by step without getting them ripped off.

The hollow is still marked to take off early and make frequent re-launches easier when you start. What’s better than flying with two pump strokes! L’Ours has also blocked this trough in front of the rider for maximum stability in the gust. From the lightest to the strongest wind, the Wing Plus offers a huge but smooth range.

The absence of a window considerably reduces the weight. In the beginning, you will probably use your Wing in light wind. Then you will appreciate every gram gained. The same goes for traveling… It is also a way for us to lower the price of this Wing without reducing the quality of the materials.

As soon as you get used to it, you will feel a light and tolerant Wing, but also reactive to encourage your progress. All you have to do is multiply the flying hours.

This New Wing benefits from our best construction, currently the strongest on the market with double thickness leading edge segments and reinforced seams. This is a far cry from basic Kite technology. Our Wings are built to last and accept the constraints of this new sport. We use the best materials available while keeping our prices low thanks to our no middleman Direct Sales system. With basic materials, it would be 30% cheaper, but less durable and much less efficient. At GONG our Wings are the top of the range and if you have the misfortune to break them, they can be repaired from A to Z with the components we keep in stock for your favorite repairman.


  • Dihedral Shape: Wing self stabilising.
  • Compact and lightweight: easy handling.
  • A more pronounced and hollow canopy with an additional panel between the Center Strut and the spinnaker for power.
  • Large diameter Leading Edge: maintains the structure.
  • Wide tips for maintaining power but in advanced position which limits wear drag.

Stock Dimensions

  • Leading Edge and inflatable Center Bladder.​
  • 3 grip handles on the leading edge.
  • Handles on the inflatable center blade (the number of handles depends on the wing’s size).
  • A leash attachment.
  • Large diameter screw valve and One Pump Express System: super easy to inflate / deflate at lightning speed.
  • 2 sheaths for intermediate fiberglass struts.
  • Anti Friction Canopy reinforcement in front of the valve.
  • PVC reinforcements 1680D on the tips.

Innovation is at the core of our Boards

The GONG Wings are manufactured in one of the two biggest kite factories in the world using the highest quality standards.

Fabricated with the greatest care. The panels are cut using CNC and entirely assembled and sown by hand by the best artisans in the kite industry.

The materials used are by far the most noble. We demand are look for performance but also endurance and longevity and also materials that have proven themselves.

  • High quality triple rip-stop, Teijin T9669 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).
  • Skeleton DP175LL: Leading Edge and tips are built in this fantastic stiff and solid fabric that keeps the wing like a real skeletal structure. Nervousness, stability, durability. (the most rigid of the market and also the most expensive)
  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm : un-failing reliability.

Buying guide

Pour qui ?

Désignée pour les débutants, la Wing Plus est vraiment parfaite pour découvrir ce sport.

Lorsque vous aurez un super niveau, vous pourrez la conserver pour sa douceur, soit parce que vous aimez ce contact, soit parce que vous avez un gabarit léger.

C’est la wing qui ne vous arrachera pas les bras, et ça compte beaucoup pour certains.


Pour quoi ?

Clairement son rôle est de faciliter votre première année de wing.

Légère, facile, elle a toutes les qualités pour vous amener vers un bon niveau.


Quelle taille ?

  • Quand on débute, dans 99% des cas on commence en 5m2. Sa plage idéale est de 15nds à 25nds. Une fois en vol avec une rafale à 15nds, vous passerez facilement les molles à 12nds.
  • La 4m2 est un peu juste sous 15nds, à réserver aux moins de 50kg.
  • La 7m2 est géniale de 12nds à 20nds.
  • La 3m2 est dédiée pour le vent fort, et/ou idéale pour les enfants et le terrestre (skate).

Ne surestimez pas la puissance des wing. Le baratin ambiant consiste à vous faire croire que vous allez vous éclater avec une 4m2 dans 15nds, voire 8nds… C’est vraiment de l’enfumage qui vise à vous faire craquer sur une aile moins chère.


Quel quiver ?

La Wing Plus se marie à la perfection avec une Zuma et notre Allvator classic. C’est le combo magique.

Vous pourrez (devrez) ajouter à ce combo un SUP pour les jours sans vent, et surement une planche dédiée au surf. Mais si vous allez vers la wing, c’est que vous avez peut-être déjà ces jouets dans le garage 😉


Quel leash ?

Prenez un leash de 5’ à 6’ dans le vent léger et un 10’ dans le vent fort. De préférence un modèle dédié à la wing et de type téléphone.

Vérifiez son état avant chaque session et changez-le tous les ans. C’est votre gilet de sauvetage.

Ne laissez pas votre wing battre dans le vent au bout du leash, il n’est pas incassable ! Idem dans les vagues, ne retenez pas votre wing par le leash, elle va exploser ou vous allez vous blesser.


Harnais ou harnaisless ?

Rider sans harnais est sexy car on se sent libre. On peut bouger dans tous les sens, c’est vraiment agréable. Par contre il faut peu toiler pour ne pas se faire allonger les bras. Cela signifie devoir pomper souvent pour décoller.

La Wing Plus est la plus douce, et donc la plus facile sans harnais.

A l’inverse, si on aime rider toilé, l’usage d’un harnais est quasi obligatoire si vous ne voulez pas faire des sessions bridées à une heure. Dans ce cas, la pose de lignes de harnais est super simple, (cf nos tutos sur le forum). Nous vous conseillons l’usage d’un harnais le moins rigide et enveloppant possible, avec un crochet type windsurf. Des bouts de 24 à 28cm.

Alors à vous de voir si la sensation prévaut sur les performances.

For Whom?

Designed for beginners, the Wing Plus is really perfect to discover this sport.

When you reach a super level, you can keep it for its softer qualities, either because you like the contact or because you have a lightweight build.

This is the Wing that won’t rip your arms off, and that means a lot to some people.


For What?

Clearly its role is to make your first year of Wing riding easier.

Light, easy, it has all the qualities to bring you to a good level.


What Size?

  • When you start, in 99% of the cases you start in 5m2. Its ideal range is from 15 to 25 knots. Once in flight with a breeze at 15 knots, you will easily pass through the softer lulls at 12 knots.
  • The 4m2 is just under 15 knots, to be reserved for people under 50kg.
  • The 7m2 is great from 12kt to 20kt.
  • The 3m2 is dedicated for strong wind, and/or ideal for children and land (skateboarding).

Don’t overestimate the power of the Wing. The word out there is to make you think you’re going to have a blast with a 4m2 in 15nds, even 8nds… It’s really smoke and mirrors trick to make you crack open your wallet for a cheaper wing.


Quiver Partners?

The Wing Plus goes perfectly with a Zuma and our classic Allvator. It’s the magic combo.

You can (should) add to this combo a SUP for windless days, and surely a Board dedicated to surfing. But if you go for the Wing, you might already have these toys in the garage 😉


Which Leash?

Take a 5′ to 6′ Leash in light wind and a 10′ Leash in strong wind. Preferably a model dedicated to the Wing and coiled.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. This is your lifejacket.

Don’t let your Wing flap in the wind at the end of the Leash, it is not unbreakable! Ditto in the waves, do not hold your Wing by the Leash, it will explode or you will hurt yourself.


With or without Harness?

Riding without a Harness is sexy because it makes you feel free. You can move in all directions, it’s really nice. On the other hand, you need to ride in a smaller size to avoid getting your arms stretched out. This means having to pump often for the take off.

The Wing Plus is the softest, and therefore the easiest without a Harness.

On the other hand, if you like to ride with a lot of Wing, the use of a Harness is almost mandatory if you don’t want to do one-hour restricted sessions. In this case, the installation of Harness lines is super simple, (see our tutorials on the Forum). We advise you to use a Harness that is as soft and as well wrapped as possible, with a windsurfing type hook. Tips from 24 to 28cm.

Then it’s up to you to see if the feeling prevails over the performance.

Included equipments

  • High quality Wing bag, with thick foam padding and large U shaped opening for no-hassle packing.
  • Rapid bladder repair kit.
  • 2 x fiberglass struts.


GONG Wing Plus: from 399€ 

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this kite in a surfshop, it would cost 799€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).


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More info

Generalities about the Wing:

The Wing is an inflatable structure directly in the rider’s hands. Handles allow you to control its flight and the power delivered.

The Wing’s number one asset is its smoothness. Much less powerful than a Kite and much lighter than a Windsurfing glider, the Wing makes you feel lighter in weight.

Ideal motor for a Foil, it is much more reassuring than a Kite and much easier to handle than a Windsurfing sail.

It is the perfect machine:

  • Compact, it fits in a car and is easy to fly.
  • Lightweight, you can ride your Quiver without struggling.
  • You can launch anywhere, except in the shore break.
  • Very insensitive to the quality of the wind. If it lulls hard, we go home quietly.
  • An almost infinite potential for surfing and tricks.
  • High performance for a minimum of constraints.
  • The attraction of new things, it’s good to change sometimes.
  • Smile, smile and smile.

With its smooth glide, you can handle the gusts without flinching as it absorbs everything for you. So, you don’t need a Harness because its flexible structure deforms to naturally release excess power. Pros who overpower themselves can put on a Harness to boost performance.

Ideal with a Foil, it requires more air than a Kite which will always have the advantage of pulling a lot from 4/5 knots. The Wing will require between 10 and 15 knots to express itself on a Foil and will remain super easy even in 35 knots, even 50 knots, where the Kite often rhymes with big risks.

It is great with multiple supports such as:

  • SUPFoil
  • SurFoil
  • Stand Up Paddle “SUP” (rigid or inflatable)
  • Skate
  • Rollerblade
  • Mountain Board
  • Anything that slides on snow
  • Etc.

The advantages of the Wing are clearly identified: simplicity, compactness and lightness provide unequalled freedom of movement and ease of handling. The Wing is ready to fly in 1min chrono: no lines to unroll, just two flexible slats to insert in their sheaths, a few strokes and off you go.

The technology used to make the Wings is very close to that of our Kite, but much stronger. Multiple reinforcements are present on the stress zones according to the different uses.

The shape of the Wing is “self-stable”. Don’t imagine orienting it by the force of the wrists on a boom: it doesn’t work like that. You put your back hand down: The Wing goes flat over your head. You put it up and the Wing goes vertical. Easy!

To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:
Know everything about the Wing Plus


You must read the detailed user manual completely before using your Wing for the first time.

Be sure to have a full understanding of it. Wings can be dangerous depending on their size and the strength of the wind. You have to check the wind range of your wing so that it corresponds with conditions and your actual skill level.

For the first few sessions, never use your new Wing in its high wind range. Use your Wing in a secure environment. Take the necessary time to learn how to handle the equipment under optimum safety conditions. Never underestimate the traction power of your Wing. Even a beginner’s Wing can develop a pulling force of several hundred kilos depending on its size and the strength of the wind. Do not overestimate your abilities. Misuse can cause serious injury or death to the practitioner or others. Do not use your Wing at sea in offshore winds. Use your Wing equipped with a leash. Be careful to avoid any collision. Be extremely careful if you sail with your Wing and a board equipped with a foil. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage or damage caused by improper use of the Wing or carelessness of the user.