629,00699,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

The best for wave riding in an accessible shape.

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629,00699,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Pay in multiple installments or deferred payment 30 days Service available for orders of €150 or more.



The best for wave riding in an accessible shape.


The Lemon is both extreme in its length and harmonious in its shape. One could say that everything “falls into place” on this board as its shape instinctively meets our needs without encountering any difficulties.

A relatively thin nose to save on its weight and reduce inertia in curves and pumping. A pinched square tail to avoid touchdowns. Thinner than in 2021 for more speed on the water, however it offers enough width to remain stable when stopped or landing. All the volume is concentrated under your feet with up to 120L on a 5’4! However the harmonious shape stands out on land and is a complete revelation on the water.

The secret resides in its tail: it releases water without restraint. Directly inspired by the Lethal’s magic tail, the Lemon takes off 2 knots earlier. It is a considerable difference as you will no longer require such a big wing or wear yourself out pumping. The board is also stabler and pops harder.

This shape delivers extreme performance with its thin nose on a compact shape. This small board, ultra manoeuvrable, nevertheless keeps a comfortable volume to perform in the lighter conditions but also in the landings of tricks and capricious winds, without having to go for a splash.

In surfing, it is lively and fluid at the same time, aggressive and reassuring… The Lemon allows curves and moves that no other board accepts so easily. In long, fast waves, it’s pure carving, truly impressive. And you can easily get back on it to restart after a fall, which matters when you are in between big sets.

In jumps its a small and very lively board which has a comfortable landing surface. You can really nail every landing without fear of falling. A board that makes you feel confident without being bulky is definitely the best compromise.

The high performance of a short and sharp shape, but with a comfortable surface.



Even though the width has been reduced, we maintain comfort on the the surface to facilitate the transition phases. This is Lemon’s biggest advantage.

The shape with a double concave nose softens the touchdowns by dissipating the energy and guiding the board in the right direction before take-off. The Lemon 2022 is soft, easy and stiff. The width reduction added to the full tail enables a very early take-off, even in light wind.


The facets on the rails allow you to fly serenely without fear of braking hard at the slightest touchdown on chop or in tight curves.

The inherited tail from the Lethal is a reference in terms of flow management before take-off. Your board will no longer stick before flying. It is truly free, this is a great feeling but also very performant. And looks good in the air.

The rails are full for greater lateral stability. The flat deck optimises control and the feel is right in the action.



The set of footstraps is offered with the board. Comfortable and light, they offer perfect support for your feet even in the craziest tricks. At the front, the V-shaped footstrap perfectly centers the foot on the board. The position is thus more natural and allows direct and precise control in maneuvers.

The multi-position straps inserts and the US foil fixing rails allow a multitude of adjustments and allow you to quickly find your ideal position.

The integral and high-end 5mm thick Diamond pad provides maximum grip and comfort when sailing, while protecting the board from shocks.



The handle is on the hull to allow one-handed carrying. You can have the paddle or the wing in the other hand to get through the whitewater or exit the water. And as we always do things seriously, the handle is placed in a block of hydrophobic PVC foam and covered with fiber.



These boards are equipped with our innovative and high-end technology called FSP Pro. This full-carbon full sandwich PVC offers the best dynamism while preserving strength, at an incredible weight. It’s quite simply the ultimate in vacuum technology for customs, used as standard on our production models.

The PVC forms a 3mm hydrophobic shell over the whole board. And the carbon fiber that covers the entire board boosts its performance. It is clearly much more reactive without being fragile.

The foil boxes are placed in a large PVC 80kg/m3 reinforcement thicker than the boxes. Without any risk of water infiltration in the EPS sandwich, even with an intense impact. This reinforcement is connected to the PVC sandwich of the deck with PVC slats to ensure the cohesion of the whole and to avoid any play in the reinforcements over the years. Everything is fitted with fiberglass reinforcements for tolerance and carbon to limit bending. The handle is also set in a waterproof PVC block.

Our technology is truly the ultimate in board construction. Durable, efficient, repairable, we can count on one hand the number of brands able to offer a total PVC sandwich on a big scale production of wing boards. GONG is the leader!



At GONG, our boards are the highest quality. Our low prices can only be explained by our direct sales model, eliminating margins. If by misfortune you break them, they can be repaired from A to Z with the components we keep in stock for your favorite repairer.

3D View


Your benefits are clear:

1. An efficient shape created by one of the leaders in the world of SUP and wing.
2. A design at the cutting edge of R&D and ahead of its time.
3. Proven construction on thousands of boards.
4. Full Options finish at a great price.
5. A light, solid board with one of the best technos on the market!!!
6. An incredible price that can only be explained by our direct relationship with you.
7. Simple maintenance and easy repairs because we have all components in stock.


We recommend to complete this board with our bag luxe.


  • Rocker: fairly flat to accelerate fast.
  • Hull: flat at the tail and double concave at the nose.
  • Rails: faceted to avoid touching the water in tight curves.
  • Volume: generous for the size for an easy board.
  • Outline: narrow but with width at the one foot off and a winger to lighten the tails surface.
  • Tail: large square tail for stability when at standstill and to boost take-off.
  • Nose: rounded point nose.


Innovation is at the core of our products


  • 3D shape on modeling software.
  • Preshape by numerical control for total reliability.
  • Shape control by traditional templates, finishing off the last mm 100% by hand.
  • Epoxy resin and EPS foam blank: solid and lightweight.
  • Deck, hull, and rails in vacuumed PVC sandwich: incomparable strength and incredible dynamism.
  • Deck: full PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon sandwich composed of a high-density PVC foam core and 1 layer of 4oz
  • fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz Carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Hull: integral PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon sandwich composed of a high-density PVC foam core and 1 layer of
  • 6oz carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Specific foil reinforcements: high-density PVC block housing the two US rail boxes. Four layers of carbon
  • cover the boxes. Laminated PVC slats connect the reinforcement to the deck for maximum durability.
  • Rails: the PVC sandwich structure completely covers the rails: increased structural strength, very good shock
  • resistance (paddle, knee and harness hook impacts).
  • Carry Handle integrated into the PVC sandwich top: limits infiltration, avoids breakage in the surroundings.
  • Hot coat with integrated tinted resin: nobility of the process, weight reduction and solidity of the finish.
  • Matt custom finish, hand-made, for weight reduction and better glide.


FSP Pro technology is easily repairable as new in case of dings or accidents. The PVC foam of the sandwich is waterproof and prevents water from entering on everyday impacts. EPS foam blank does not deteriorate because it is protected from water. And repairs have a much larger support to lean on and blend seamlessly with the surrounding material.

This technology offers the incomparable strength / lightness ratio of the full PVC vacuum sandwich, the full carbon rigidity, and thanks to GONG it is finally at an affordable price.

The PVC forms a 3mm hydrophobic shell over the whole board. And the carbon fiber that covers the entire board boosts its performance. It is clearly much more reactive without being fragile.

The foil boxes are placed in a large PVC 80kg/m3 reinforcement thicker than the boxes. Without any risk of water infiltration in the EPS sandwich, even with an intense impact. This reinforcement is connected to the PVC sandwich of the deck with PVC slats to ensure the cohesion of the whole and to avoid any play in the reinforcements over the years. Everything is fitted with fiberglass reinforcements for tolerance and carbon to limit bending. The handle is also set in a waterproof PVC block.

Our technology is truly the ultimate in board construction. Durable, efficient, repairable, we can count on one hand the number of brands able to offer a total PVC sandwich on a big scale production of wing boards. GONG is the leader!

At GONG, our boards are the highest quality. Our low prices can only be explained by our direct sales model, eliminating margins. If by misfortune you break them, they can be repaired from A to Z with the components we keep in stock for your favorite repairer.

Buying guide

For Whom?

You must have a sufficient skill level:

  • Either you have a background in windsurfing, it helps a lot to handle the wing.
  • Or you know how to control a foil well.
  • Or you already have a significant number of flight hours with a wing foil.

In any case, the Lemon is demanding.

With a large volume, it is easy (your weight + 30), but if you order a volume adapted to your weight (+10), keeping balance on your knees won’t be easy. So, you also need to be in good physical shape to be reactive and have a few flight hours under your belt.

This is clearly the board for anyone who wants to go for the maximum potential wing foiling while keeping comfort.

For What?

The Lemon is a pure wave riding board, with just the right amount of comfort to make life easier and do tricks without struggling to relaunch.

All the useful material of the board is between your feet and above the foil. It is hyper reactive and playful. It’s a great feeling to have everything right at your fingertips. The control at high speed and in the curves is fantastic.

Ideal for surfing, tricks, and perfect in jumps, it’s 100% high performance.

What Size?

The Lemon is the ultimate board in wing foiling. But by playing on volumes, you can adapt it to your needs:


You can select a volume large enough to float, which is your weight +10 = volume

  • Example: I weigh 70kg + 10 = 80L to float. This means that with 80L I’ll be all good as long as I have a good wing level.



You can also sub-liter because the Lemon is large enough to be stable. If you have a great level and want maximum responsiveness, you can switch to negative volumes.

Up to your weight -10 = volume you can go on your knees while leaning on your wing in the water.

  • Example: I weigh 70kg = 70L to float. This means that with 70L my board will sink lightly and I will have to be precise and sporty at each start.



Your weight -30 = volume, you will have to do water starts by submerging your board: it’s very technical, very physical and you will lose part of the low wind range. You also need depth in the water, which can be frustrating. The performance gain is debatable depending on your level, but the gain in feeling and reactivity is interesting for some.

  • Example: I weigh 70kg – 10 = 40L to use my board in sinker mode. This means that with 65L and less, my board will totally sink and I should do a real wakeboard type water start. In this case, less volume often makes things easier because you sink the board without worrying about putting your feet on top of it. A small board will have less buoyancy, so it will be easier to put on and slower to take off. Its stability qualities on the surface remain the same underwater.

How to choose the size of the board bag for my Wing Foil Board Lemon?


Understanding the GONG range?

We can sum up very simply the concepts of each board in our range:

  • HIPE and HIPE V2: the inflatable with 95% of the performance of the stiff. Ideal for beginners and much more!
  • MOB 2TASTE: three sports in one board: SUP, SUP foil and wing.
  • ZUMA: the easy rigid board in SUP foil and wing, and with good performances.
  • LANCE: the compact Zuma, very stable sideways, ideal for wing.
  • FLINT: high performances in SUP foil, top in wing because it is simple and efficient in light wind.
  • KUBE: pure wing freestyle board. Minimum length for maximum rotation.
  • MINT: compact without the difficulty with its round nose, but excellent performances.
  • LEMON: maximum reactivity and liveliness, while maintaining lateral stability.
  • LETHAL: Absolute radicality among volume boards.

Some will go for even more extreme low volume boards like:

  • CATCH KITE FOIL: it works as well in kite as in wing with a bigger wing to have power.
  • MATATA SURF FOIL: asymmetrical straps and minimum length to dare everything.
  • LETHAL SURF FOIL: asymmetrical straps and minimum width to dare everything.

Which quiver?

The Lemon is self-sufficient in wing foiling. There is no need to supplement it with another board.

If you are greedy, a possible addition in wing foiling is to have another board for the strong wind. In this case, you can have a Lemon in your size, for comfort. And another board two volumes below. For example, a Lemon in your size and a Lethal two sizes smaller. This is the wave rider quiver by excellence.

Another option is to have a Lemon as a “sport” board for strong winds and a board that has lift for light winds, that takes off early like a Flint or a Mint. Or a freestyle board like the Kube.

But this is a luxury…

The Lemon is made for a very advanced wing practice, and will match perfectly with a kite foil to perform under 10 knots. A wing foil is not at its best under 10 knots. A Catch with a 13m2 Strutless and a set of smaller foil wings and go: the ultimate quiver for almost nothing to strong winds.

And when there is really nothing, your quiver will suffer from the absence of a surf board or two. Whether classic or SUP surfing, you’ll need to continue your adventures in windless waves.

And don’t forget surf foiling. It’s the magic combo with wing foiling. When one doesn’t work, the other is great. Because even on super flat days you can practice dock starts. You’ll be in crazy physical shape! The front wings are the same, you would just need a shorter mast.

Which foil wings?

In general, we recommend the same assembly as for surf foil.


For the intermediate riders on the one’s in the process of learning manoeuvers

In the X-Over range: super easy and efficient foils at low speed:

  • M for the under 65kg and all wind conditions
  • L for the under 75kg and all wind conditions.
  • XL for the under 85kg and all wind conditions.
  • XXL for the riders above 85kg and wind under 15 knots.


For the experienced riders

In the Curve range: high performance and easy foils that love curves:

  • M for the under 65kg and wind above 15 knots.
  • M-T for the under 70kg and wind above 12 knots.
  • L for the under 75kg and wind above 10 knots.
  • L-T for the under 90kg and wind above 15 knots.
  • XLS for riders above 70kg and wind above 12 knots.
  • XL for riders above 75kg and all wind conditions, or for light riders in light wind.
  • XL-T for riders above 85kg and wind below 15 knots.
  • XXL for riders over 95kg in light wind.


For the pros

In the Fluid or Veloce range: very high performance and fast foils:

  • M for the under 65kg and wind above 15 knots.
  • Fluid LS and Veloce M-T for the under 70kg and wind above 12 knots.
  • L for the under 75kg and wind above 10 knots.
  • Fluid XLS and Veloce L-T for the under 90kg and wind above 15 knots.
  • XL for riders above 75kg and all wind conditions, or for light riders in light wind.
  • Fluid XXLS and Veloce XL-T for riders above 85kg and wind below 15 knots.
  • XXL for riders above 95kg in the light wind.


The size of the front wing conditions the speed/lift ratio. The smaller the front wing, the faster you will go but the more uncomfortable you will be at low speed.

The stabs play a major role. They determine the stability of the foil and help the lift, but at the expense of the maximum speed of the foil.

Thus the X-Over Stabs are slower than the Fluid Stabs or the Veloce Stabs, but are much more load-bearing, and therefore effective at low speed.

Which foil mast?

Contrary to kite foiling, in wing foiling, you don’t have much opposition to the wing because it pulls gently. So, you don’t put a lot of upwind angle to the mast. So, mastering a big mast in wing is not a problem.

And as the boards used are much bigger than in kitesurfing, the inertia is more important. So, your foil is less wacky. Everything is calmer. So, don’t be afraid of a long mast.

In other words, everything will be played out between 85cm and 100cm. You can find all our advice on choosing between these two lengths by clicking here.

Positioning of the foil?

For GONG foils, place the plate in the rear third when you start and in the center of the US rails when you progress. The Pros can position the foil even further towards the front for more lift and maneuverability.

The more you move it forward, the more the board will pitch nose-up. The more you move it backwards, the more the board nose-dives.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend not to let their back foot work, especially when we come from kite foiling. However, moving the foil back a little, forces more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces effort.

Which leash?

Take a 6′ of 7mm minimum diameter.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. It is your lifejacket and the life insurance of the people in front of you.

Strap or Strapless?

Riding strapless is sexy because it makes you feel free. But quite honestly, it’s not the best for performance…

So, it’s up to you to see if sensation prevails over performance. On a Lemon, we’re clearly going to miss 90% of its potential without the straps.

With straps, you’ll have much more control and much less risk of getting the Foil flipping under your feet. In the waves, it’s obvious, you gain a lot with straps. You can recuperate from crazy situations just by pulling up on your feet.

Put your straps in a central position (3rd hole) for the front, and the same goes for the back strap if you always ride with the back strap (it can be used as a marker stop).

How to place and adjust your straps?

Included equipments

  • 2 US boxes allow the assembly of a foil equipped with a plate for 4 screws + nuts (center distance 9cm).
  • 5 x 5-hole foot strap inserts to optimize your position.
  • 1 x large and symmetric GONG foot strap and 1 x V-foot strap (screws included).
  • 5 mm pad: deck coating conceived for great comfort and perfect grip.
  • Integrated carrying handle on the center of the hull.
  • Leash plug to never lose your board.
  • Automatic vent screw. (link to the HOW TO)


How to place and adjust your straps?




  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from Shaper to Surfer at the LOWEST price..
  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 1699€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).




The dates of availability of all our products are written on each product page, in the size and colour of the product concerned.

These dates are valid at the moment you consult the site and/or place an order. It is possible that this product may be ordered a few seconds after your consultation. It then becomes unavailable. If you have placed an order, this change does not concern you: the product you order is still available on the date indicated at the time of your order.

We sell several thousand products per week. The stocks are therefore very evolutionary. But our management always shows you the real availability live.

If it’s available online: it’s available 😉



Some articles are proposed in pre-order during their routing to our premises. You can buy this article which will arrive at our place in a few weeks. This method avoids the fair to grab upon receipt of the lot and the disappointed ones who would not order within the hour.

Upon receipt, we will ship it to you as a regular order.

The times indicated on the pre-orders are 95% reliable. First of all, because we only pre-sell finished products that are arriving to us after Customs, and therefore shipped right after. And also, because we add decent margins with concern to the dates announced by the shipping companies or railways.

However, a Worker Strike, a breakdown, an overbooking, can unfortunately happen. In the case of a delay, you will be notified by email (check your spam). It is generally less than a week and totally independent of our good will.

As soon as we receive the container in La Baule, we ship your order within three working days. Then the carrier takes over: delivery time and tracking numbers are under their responsibility.

It is possible that the date displayed on the online for the pre-order of the item you have ordered and paid for may change for two reasons:

  1. All quantities of the batch are sold (most common reason). In this case, orders placed for the first container will be delivered as scheduled.
  2. The container is late and we have to shift the date by a few days. (Strikes, breakdowns, overbooking, can unfortunately happen). You will be notified by email.

We never change the delivery dates of a container without notifying customers.



The dates that we announce are shipping deadlines, which GONG has in stock and available here physically.

We usually give a shipping time within 3 days, but in most cases, we ship within 24/48 hours. Normally morning orders leave in the afternoon for example.

Then the transport service takes over. The variables are then important between the customer being delivered to France (very fast) or Bulgaria (a good week) or to a forwarding agent or to Asia or the USA… You understand that each location has its own type of delay.

We work with serious and well-known carriers. They do their utmost to make you happy even if a snafu can happen. In any case, we are there to make things easier and to arrange our customers.


Shipping Fees: 

Contrary to others, we do not hide shipping costs in the price of our products. At GONG everyone knows exactly what he pays. The transport is charged at its strictest value, and the person who comes to pick up his products does not pay hidden transport fees.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and volume of each package, and your delivery address. To this is added a labour time of order preparation.

The invoicing of the shipping costs is identical in continental France and in the bordering European countries. A surcharge is automatically invoiced for deliveries to the most distant European countries and all European islands.

For a shipment in French overseas departments and territories or outside Europe, our logistics department will contact you before the payment stage to give you an estimate of the shipping costs. You will be able to accept this estimate and pay your order, or refuse it and cancel your order.


Any questions:

We answer you within 24 hours by email. But 95% of your questions are answered on the site. Try to use our contact form which will guide you to all these answers.

Don’t forget to read the Forum, where thousands of users exchange information and experiences.

In any case, don’t panic. If you don’t get an answer during the weekend, it’s normal: the team is resting 😉

We are passionate and professional in our job. Our only goal is to make you happy, as much as possible 😉


Eco-responsible packaging:

Preserving the environment is a top priority. That’s why we are doing everything possible to reduce our environmental footprint.

The first thing is to sell quality products that will last, be repairable and will please you for a long time.

The second thing is to sell for less. Most of the pollution coming from a Board is in its use (the km driven to use it) and in the countless environmental damages you have to do to pay for it. Each euro spent is a sum of damage related to your life quite simply: eating, working hard etc… By reducing the price of our products, we significantly reduce your ecological footprint on this item.

For our shipments we use:

  • Flexi-Hex: ecological packaging of very high resistance.
  • Paper Craft Scotch Tape.
  • Final packaging made of high-end cardboard.

All this for:

  • Reusable and recyclable packaging.
  • An almost total reduction of single-use plastic.
  • Maximum protection and impact resistance thanks to the innovative design of Flexi-Hex honeycomb (35mm thick).


Tracking of your parcels :

The tracking of deliveries is directly ensured by the carriers to whom we have entrusted your parcels. They will contact you by email or SMS to allow you to choose the delivery methods and to follow the route of your package.

If you ask us for this tracking, we will have to do as you do: we will go see on the carrier’s app because they are the ones who manage and are responsible for this job.



We collaborate with the best transport providers to deliver you everywhere in Europe and in the world in very short delays.

We have chosen them for their quality of service and their respect of deadlines. 80% of your orders reach their destination in less than 48 hours of processing in metropolitan and continental France.

For Europe, the delays vary from 3 to 6 days depending on the country of destination.

For the rest of the world, delays can be up to 15 days.

Please note that the transport time is added to the preparation/shipping time. Two companies work on your order (GONG and the carrier). Each one controls its activity and commits itself to optimize its delays so that you are delivered as soon as possible, in good condition and at a reasonable price.


Reception of your Board:

Upon delivery, simply open and inspect the condition of your Board in the presence of the carrier. A complete email explaining the procedure to follow will be sent to you when your order is shipped.

In spite of our requirements and all the care we take in packaging and protecting your Board, transportation hazards may occur. Even if it concerns less than 2% of everything we ship around the world, a Board can suffer a more or less important transportation shock.

But in any case, don’t worry, just refuse it, and a new Board will be shipped back to you.



You can choose to return your products if:

  • You are not satisfied (14 days right of retraction).
  • You want to change an item.
  • You have refused your package.


For each situation, contact us by our contact form to help you.


  1. Sébastien

    Séance arrachage de bras sur lac hier. J’étais sur-toilé, sur-dimensionné et sur-tout sur-motivé!
    Mise à l’eau après un grain qui a fait tomber le vent, je décide de gonfler la 6m2, le vent est monté arrivé au milieu du lac pour forcir vraiment.
    J’ai vécu un premier bord entier en vol, beaucoup de déchets encore mais des vols sur les 2 bords même si j’ai un côté préférentiel. J’ai même réussi à remonter au vent un temps soit peu.
    La Lemon 2022 est dingue au niveau des touchettes, et le mot touchette est faible chez moi?. Ne maîtrisant pas encore l’assiette de la board, j’avais des fois un rail dans l’eau, la planche qui enfournait, des moments où elle se replaquait pour redécoller.
    C’est vrai qu’il y avait des Watts hier.
    Tout ça avec mon poto Squal Oux ?qui faisait des ronds dans l’eau autour de moi et qui me criait des conseils ?.
    J’ai beaucoup subi mais progressé de ouf.
    Merci Gong pour le matos, les conseils et la communauté ??
    Mon combo : Lemon 2022 5’4 120l/Foil X Over XXL avec sa Stab/Slick 6m2
    Le piou-piou : 1m86 / 85kg tout mouillé/ 49ans

  2. David Le Moal (verified owner)

    Bonjour je suis passé d une board hipe v2 6.0 à une gong lemon 5.4 qu’elle différence, la planche ne colle pas à l eau ,elle demande qu’ à voler.
    La progression est fulgurante.

  3. Loïc Bzd (verified owner)

    Je suis en fin de compte parti sur la Lemon 105l. Une session d’adaptation, un régal ensuite !!!
    Sans regrets !

  4. Hajo Am Meer (verified owner)

    Lance 5.7 was great for progression. Now I love the Lemon 5.0 in the waves. Jibing 9 of 10. Riderweight 72 kg. The + 25 volume helps a lot during takeoff in heavy choppy water. I allways have to use the wing to stabilize on my knees) Thanks for charing.

  5. Gé Ré Mi Blom (verified owner)

    Salut à tout le monde,
    Petit retour d’expérience suite à changement de matos :
    -le rider 1m80, 65 kilos tout mouillé
    -l’expérience ( 1 an de wing), je vole dans toutes situations, jibe 1 sur 10 qui passent
    Je suis sur une lance 5’7 depuis mes débuts (au passage pour ceux qui hésitent c’est une board extra pour débuter : confortable, sécurisante, bien équilibrée,…) et voulais passer sur une board plus petite —> passage sur lemon 5’0
    Verdict : une tuerie. Il y avait un plan d’eau clapoteux avec beaucoup de courant (baie de sallenelles), 15-20 noeuds de vent !
    Mise a l’eau galère à cause du courant et des bateaux, je me mets a genoux —> plouf! Merde ça change de la lance! Deuxième essai idem! Troisième, j’ai enfin compris, je positionne ma wing, je me mets debout, même pas le temps de pomper et je réalise que je suis en vol ?
    Après quelques chutes le temps de comprendre le placement des pieds (de 5’7 a 5’0 il faut retrouver ses repères), cette planche est magique, réactive et au final pas si compliquée que ça (une fois qu’on a compris le placement à genoux)!
    Je me suis gavé pendant 1h avant de me blesser (rien a voir avec la planche ? )!
    Voilà pour les gabarits légers qui hésitent, vous pouvez foncer!
    Merci gong et Patrice!

  6. (verified owner)

    Une super planche.
    Elle m’a permis de faire un bon dans ma progression. Auparavant, j’avais une Lance 5’8
    Je l’ai prise en 5’2 , idéale pour mes 70 kg
    Merci à l’équipe GONG pour les précieux conseils

  7. Fred (verified owner)

    Ces derniers temps le Mistral et de Sud Est ont arrosé les spots de Marseille et ses environs rendant les plans d’eau difficiles, avec une houle croisée et pas mal de back wash, une vraie marmite bouillonnante . J’avoue parfois galérer et m’épuiser au bout de quelques heures à remonter sur ma board (Lethal 5’1 95L) dans le chantier. La Lethal est une tuerie dans bien des domaines, départ au vol, maniabilité, au surf en DW et en saut. Néanmoins il m’arrivait de tomber alors que j’étais à genou dessus et devoir m’y reprendre à 2 fois… la fatigue n’aidant pas.

    J’ai donc fait l’acquisition d’une Lemon 2022 en 95L elle aussi, espérant plus de facilité. Celle-ci est un poil plus courte, 5’0 contre 5’1 mais plus large d’1cm de chaque côté avec surtout un volume et une largeur sur le nez plus important, un arrière aussi plus carré et large plus loin.

    Bingo! Bonne surprise car j’avais quand-même une petite inquiétude! Elle part aussi tôt et vite que ma Lethal, la Lemon 2022 bénéficie du même tail que celui de la Lethal. En l’air je n’ai pas senti trop de différence à mon niveau. C’est court et compact, un régal en DW et en surf.

    La différence est franche par contre sur les moments où l’on décroche, marsouine ou en réception avant où l’on vient taper le nez. Ça rebondit là où la Lethal avait plus tendance à enfourner. Cela est dû probablement à sa largeur et son volume supérieur à la précédente.

    Enfin ce que je recherchais, une stabilité bien meilleure à l’arrêt, sans compromettre les performances.

    En saut ça fonctionne parfaitement et les réceptions semblent plus simples. Ça pardonne beaucoup plus qu’une Lethal sur laquelle il faut être plus précis.

    Pour le moment, je ne lui trouve pas de défaut. Elle ne m’handicape pas en surf ou autre , au contraire elle facilite la session.”

  8. Manon (verified owner)

    Un petit retour sur la Lemon 2022 dans les vagues. Avec une petite comparaison avec la mint et la léthal que j’ai eu précédemment.

    Je l’ai ridé en 4’9 (80L) pour mon gabarit d’1m70 et 65kg (sans la combi, chaussons, bonnet, casque 😆 ) et je suis plus stable qu’avec la Mint 4’8 (65L) dans les ?

    En prenant ce volume, je gagne un poil en largeur (pas forcément notable) et en longueur, qui pour moi fait la différence pour la stabilité.

    Je ne l’ai pas prise en 4’6 car, pour avoir la même longueur et moins de largeur, je n’ai pas vu grand intérêt pour ce que je recherchais. Certes, je suis capable de naviguer sur du 65L, mais en fonction du shape de la planche et des conditions que l’on a, ça fait peser la balance plus pour un shape que l’autre.

    La Mint en 65L est une super planche que j’adore mais pour moi, dans les vagues, je perdais du temps à remonter sur la planche, et ne pas me déséquilibrer surtout en avant. Une fois debout, j’étais bien stable ras à ce niveau, mais pour se stabiliser à genoux, c’était un peu rodéo pour moi, dans ce genre de condition. Sur du plat, aucun souci.

    Je me suis souvent sentie comme une otarie qui essaye de tenir sur son petit bout de banquise par mer agitée ? 😆 ?

    Avec la Lemon, je n’ai plus ce problème. La longueur m’aide pour vite me mettre debout et décoller sans perdre du temps, et surtout de l’énergie. Le volume ne se fait pas du tout ressentir au contraire. C’est une planche moins épaisse et qui se fait oublier en vol. Elle pardonne un peu plus lors des touchettes, rebondie vraiment bien, et c’est vraiment un gros plus sur ce point !

    Pour être également passée sur une Léthal 4’10 (80L), la Lémon est plus stable et facile à genoux : un peu plus large à volume égal, moins épaisse et des facettes moins prononcées, ce qui donne moins d’effet de roulis à genoux. Son shape se rapproche clairement plus de la Léthal 2022, mais en plus sage 😉

  9. Gabin (verified owner)

    Un petit retour d’un essai hier midi de la Lemon également en 4’9. Je navigue actuellement sur une Mint 4’10 et j’étais avant en Lethal 5’1 avec mes presque 80 kg.

    C’est vraiment la board qui colle parfaitement entre les Mint et Lethal! J’ai été agréablement surpris par l’équilibre facilité/glisse, elle est bien entendu moins easy que la mint (en tenant en compte la dif de volume bien sur) sur les phases à genoux ou déplacement à plat avant décollage mais elle reste bien plus simple que la Lethal au moment de trouver son point d’équilibre et pardonne plus les erreurs de placement de pied. Elle n’a pas cette sensation de “rouler” sous les pieds (ou genoux) dans le clapot.

    La glisse à plat et le décollage sont aussi à mi chemin entre les 2 boards. Elle avance un peu plus vite (accélération plus rapide) que la Mint mais ne sort pas de l’eau aussi rapidement que la Lethal avec son effet bouchon de champagne.

    Une fois en l’air on ne la sent pas sous les pieds, j’étais mal réglé au niveau du foil (ce n’était pas mon set-up) et je faisais pas mal de touchette. Aucun soucis d’enfournage, le nose rebondit super bien sans perte de vitesse.

    Vraiment super content de ce test rapide! j’aimerai bien tester la 5’0 pour pouvoir réellement comparer avec ce que j’ai l’habitude.

  10. FantoSlate ER

    Test de ma lemon 4’9 2022
    10/12/14nds puis 15/17 grand max, flat et vent irrégulier.
    5m neutra v2 , XLS, fast 40.
    Je vais faire vite, la planche est réellement superbe , le design plait énormément, tout comme son poids et la techno.
    LA mise à l’eau est facile , on tient bien à genoux dessus même sans trop de vent, mais direct, je sens les 15 litres de moins avec ce type de vent…pour mon poids (86kg) et par rapport à ma lethal 95l.
    Mon but étant d’avoir qu’une seule board à tout faire, et de mettre le plus petit foil ou presque, j’adore ce concept et quand j’arrive sur le spot sans me préoccuper de quelle planche je dois prendre , je kiff.
    Et pour çà, la lethal 95 est une vraie réussite pour mon gabarit.
    J’avais envie de tester cette lemon 4’9 malgré tout, car un chouille moins de largeur au maitre beau et moins de volume sous les pieds….je me dis que çà peut être top en vagues . Et 80l c’est pas déconnant !
    Mais j’ai vite remarqué donc, que les 15l de moins dans 12 nds/13nds , et bien je le sens aussitôt et je n’ai pas réussi à décoller en XLs alors qu’en lethal 95l …SI .
    C’est vrai que j’aurais pû être en 6m et là je pense que oui , car dès qu’il y a une risée, cette lemon accélère et on sent qu’elle veut décoller comme la lethal d’ailleurs.
    Mais le fait d’être quand même sous l’eau avant de prendre de la vitesse me fait perdre 1 ou 2 nds de plage basse je pense…
    A retester en 6m pour bien comparer avec 12 nds .
    Pendant la session, c’est monté à 15nds et là aucun pb, ça démarre parfaitement , 2 coups de pumping et hop en l’air ! top ! La planche est ultra dynamique avec ses 4’9 et ses 80l s’oublient littéralement en l’air. On sent que c’est parfait pour surfer ET sauter !!
    C’est vrai que les 15l de moins en l’air se sentent un chouille mais il ne faut pas rêver , moi qui ne fait que du surf et pas de sauts , je ne pense pas que ça changera la donne….. la largeur oui , mais là encore , il n’y a pas assez d’écart pour sentir une diff avec la lethal 5’1.
    Bref, à retester rapidement, mais pour quelqu’un de mon poids et qui veut qu’une seule planche en garantissant une plage basse ultra efficace, je pense que la lethal 5’1 est la plus adaptée .
    Affaire à suivre…. ?

  11. Gabriel Chabert

    Nouveau bébé reçu avec 10 jours d’avance… ????. Passage de la Mint 4’8 à la Lemon 4’6. ?

  12. FantoSlate ER

    5.3kg de magie pour cette Lemon 4’9 x25 x 80l

  13. Julien Bonhoure

    Voici une petite review de la LEMON 2022

    Pour ma part je suis passé de la Mint 2021 4’8 à la LEMON 2022 4’9 (même volume) donc vous trouverez quelques photos comparatives même si ce n’est pas le même programme.
    En 2021, la LETHAL a cartonné et beaucoup de board 2022 en reprenne un peu l’ADN. C’est le cas de cette nouvelle LEMON qui change beaucoup et devient un peu une version assagie de la Lethal.
    J’ai fait une comparaison photo des modèles 2021 VS 2022. Attention, c’est sur la base des photos du site donc pas forcement les même tailles de board. Comparatif à prendre donc avec des pincettes, mais on voit que la Lemon s’est affinée, avec un tail hérité de la Lethal et des rails différents également.

    Voici également quelques images MINT 2021 4’8 VS LEMON 2022 4’9 – 80l pour les 2

    Ce que j’espérais en passant de la MINT à le LEMON, c’était gagner un peu en glisse et donc en plage basse. 🙄
    Test ce matin dans un vent compliqué avec maxi 15 noeuds et pas mal de trous par moment

    Matos du Test:
    – LEMON 4’9 forcément ?
    – Neutra v2 5m
    – Foil FLUID XL + kite 45

    Première impression pour monter dessus, forcement c’est un peu plus instable que la Mint (on passe de 68cm de large à 63.6cm) mais rien de trop compliqué.
    Et là, ça glisssssssssse bien ?. Dès les premières risées, la board prend de la vitesse et le décollage est facile. ?
    Le combo Lemon + Neutra V2 fait merveille. Les touchettes sont plus douces qu’avec la Mint, le nose affiné y est pour quelque chose.
    Le volume est bien réparti et ce nouveau tail est diablement efficace.
    Forcément il faut se réhabituer aux positions et peut être ajuster un peu les straps mais cette première nav m’a emballé malgré le faible vent et il me tarde de revenir à l’eau avec des conditions différentes pour tester toutes ses capacités.

    Petit bonus de la session, le vent est complètement tombé à 11h, ce qui m’a valu une petite séance de natation de 500m. J’ai alors pu tester les capacités de la Lemon à rentrer à la rame qui sont également très bonnes 😆

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