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High performance with an uncompromising shape.

Available in 4 sizes: 4’8, 4’10, 5’0 and 5’2.

Price includes VAT, shipping excluded
  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
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High performance with an uncompromising shape.


The Lemon is both extreme and harmonious. One could say that everything “falls into place” on this Board as its shape instinctively meets our needs.

A relatively thin nose to save weight and reduce inertia in curves and pumping. A square tail pinched by a winger that limits the touchdowns. And all the concentrated volume under your feet with up to 120L in a 5’2! However, the harmony of the shape really strikes on land, and on the water, it is a revelation.

In Wing, it is a new shape that delivers extreme performance with its thin tips around a maximal compacted shape. It’s like a freestyle micro Board. Ultra-handy, it nevertheless keeps a comfortable volume that will ensure in the light but also in trick landings and capricious winds without going through the waterstart issue.

In flight, the handling is impressive because the length is reduced to a minimum. A very pronounced kicktail and facets on the rails allow you to fly serenely without being afraid of touchdowns or unexpected hits on the chop or in tight curves. It can be thrown around in all directions in the turns. Take-off is also facilitated by these crucial points in the shape of the Lemon.

In surfing, she is so impressive that she rediscovers her Foil. It’s lively and fluid at the same time, aggressive and reassuring… The Lemon allows curves and moves that no other Board can accept so easily. In long, fast waves, it’s pure carving, frankly impressive.

The Wing multi-position strap inserts and the Us Rail Boxes for Foil attachment allow a multitude of adjustments, and to quickly find the ideal position in Wing.

Developed 100% for the Wing, in the SUP we will like this extreme compactness which will favor tight trajectories, changes of stance and especially when pumping. No more limits, but beware of the rowing and waiting which are technical. And strapless only 😉

High performance without the disadvantages, in SUP as well as in Wing.

These Boards are equipped with an innovative technology called FSP Pro for the best possible dynamics. The gain in performance is striking. As is the gain in strength with a Full Carbon Sandwich on both sides and rails. The resistance to bending is phenomenal and your EPS foam is fully protected by a High-Density PVC Foam Shell. Everything covered with a layer of 3K Carbon on top and a light grey brush. Strong, light and resolutely top of the range.

Ideal Waves:

  • Size: from a small swell that borders to a man’s size.
  • Power: it gives it’s best in soft waves.
  • Type: it goes everywhere, even in the chop and wind, but obviously prefers the glassy, especially with a Paddle.


  • Rocker: relatively flat except for the tail where the big kicker avoids touchdowns in the chop and when pumping.
  • Rails: steeply angled facets to avoid touchdowns and linking tight turns.
  • Volume: very generous for size for an easy board.
  • Outline: ultra-compact with a winger to lighten the surface of the tail.
  • Tail: large square tail, for stability when paddling and facilitate take off.
  • Nose: round point nose.

Innovation is at the core of our Boards

Technology FSP PRO SUP :

  • 3D Shape on modeling software.
  • Preshape by numerical control for total reliability.
  • Shape control by traditional templates, finishing off the last mm 100% by hand.
  • 100% Epoxy board and EPS Foam Blank: solid and lightweight.
  • Deck, hull, and rails in Vacuumed PVC Sandwich: incomparable strength and incredible dynamism.
  • Deck: full PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon Sandwich composed of a high-density PVC Foam core and 1 layer of 4oz fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz Carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Hull: integral PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon Sandwich composed of a high-density PVC Foam core and 1 layer of 6oz carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Specific Foil reinforcements: high-density PVC block housing the two US Rail Boxes. Three layers of Carbon cover the Boxes. Laminated PVC slats connect the reinforcement to the deck for maximum durability.
  • Rails: the PVC Sandwich structure completely covers the rails: increased structural strength, very good shock resistance (paddle strokes).
  • Carry Handle integrated into the PVC sandwich top: limits settling, avoid breakage in the surroundings.
  • Hot coat Integrated Tinted Resin: nobility of the process, weight reduction and solidity of the finish.
  • Matt custom finish, hand-made, for weight reduction and better glide.

The FSP Pro Technology is easily repairable when new in case of Dings or accidents. The PVC Foam of the Sandwich is waterproof and prevents water from entering on everyday shocks.

This technology offers, at an affordable price for Carbon, the incomparable strength/lightness ratio of a full vacuum PVC sandwich.

Buying guide

For Whom?

You must have a sufficient skill level:

Either you have a background in Windsurfing, which helps a lot to handle the Wing.

Or you know how to fly a Foil incredibly well.

Or you have a significant number of hours of Wing flying.

Either way, the Lemon is demanding.

With bigger volumes it is easy, but if you take a volume adapted to your weight, kneeling in the chop will not be easy. So, you also need to be in good physical condition to be agile.

This is clearly the Board for anyone who wants to go for the maximum potential of the wing, whatever the spot and the program.


For What?

The Lemon is the nimblest Board with a Wing. All the useful material on the Board is between your feet and above the Foil. It’s hyper-responsive and playful. It really feels great to have everything right at your fingertips. The control at high speed and in turns is fantastic.

Ideal for going fast, perfect for surfing and jumping, this is the 100% high performance Board.


What Size?

The Lemon is the ultimate Wing Board.

You can gain enough volume to float, in the order of your weight + 10 = volume.

Example: I weigh 80kg + 10 = 90L to float. This means that with a 5’0 I’ll be alright, provided I have a good wing level.

You can also under-liter it because the Lemon is wide enough to be stable. So, if you have a great level and want maximum responsiveness, you can switch to negative volumes. Up to your weight – 10 = volume you can go on your knees while leaning the Wing on the water. Below this volume you will have to do waterstarts while sinking the Board: it’s very technical, very physical, and you lose the lower half of your wind range. With each fall, you have to start all over again… Not very fun, and a very questionable performance gain.

In SUPfoil, you must absolutely have a positive volume balance. Your weight plus the Board’s weight must be less than the Board’s volume.


Quiver Partners?

The Lemon is self-sufficient on a Wing. There is no need to add another Board.

If you are greedy, a possible addition to your Wing is to have another Lemon for strong winds.

In this case, you can have a Lemon in your size, for buoyancy. And another one two sizes smaller.

And in this case, you can then have a little Lemon for strong wind and a buoyant Flint for light because it takes off earlier.

But this is ultra-luxury…

The Lemon is made for a very advanced Wing, and will be perfect with the Kitefoil to perform under 10 knots. The Wing is not at its best under 10 knots. A Catch with a 10m2 Strutless and a set of smaller, fiery Foil Wings: the best Quiver of almost nothing to add.

And when there is really nothing, your Quiver will suffer from the absence of a Surfboard or two. Whether it’s classic or SUP surfing, you’ll need to continue your adventures in windless waves.

And don’t forget the Surf Foil. It’s the magic combo with the Wing. When one doesn’t work, the other is awesome. Because even on ultra-flat you can work the dock starts. You will have a physical condition of a god!!

The Wings are the same, you will need a shorter Mast.


What Foil Wings?

In general, we recommend the same assembly as in SurFoil.

Beginners will have the fastest progression with an XL Front Wing (whatever their size between 50kg and 100kg) and a 45cm Surf Stab.

If you are shy, start with a Classic XL Wing.

If you are talented, start with an XL Pro Clear Wing.

For the Tenderfoots:

In the Classic range: super easy and efficient Front Wings for low speeds:

  • M for 50kg -> 65kg and all wind strengths.
  • L for 65kg -> 75kg and all wind strengths.
  • XL for 75kg -> 100kg and all wind strengths.
  • XXL for the 100kg -> 120kg and wind less than 15 knots.


For the Pros:

In the Pro Clear range (ex Pro 2019): high performance Front Wings and 5 knots faster than the Classic:

  • M for the 50kg -> 75kg and wind over 15 knots.
  • L for 65kg -> 85kg and wind over 15 knots.
  • XL for the 75kg -> 100kg and all wind strengths, or for the lightweights in light wind.
  • XXL for the 100kg -> 120kg and wind less than 15 knots.

The size of the Front Wing determines the speed/port ratio. The smaller the Front Wing, the faster you will go but it will be uncomfortable at low speeds.

The Stabs play a major role. They determine the stability of the Foil and help the lift, but at the expense of the maximum speed of the Foil.

Surf Stabs are slower than Kite Stabs, but are much more buoyant, and therefore effective at low speeds.


Which Foil Mast?

Except when launching, you will have everything to gain with a long Mast.

More length = more margin = easier = more performance.

In contrast to Kitefoiling, with a wing you don’t have much opposition to it because it pulls gently. So, you don’t put a lot of wind angle to the Mast. So, mastering a big Mast with a Wing is not a problem.

And as the Boards used are much bigger than in Kitesurfing, the inertia is more important. So, your Foil is less squirrely. Everything is more mellow. So, don’t be afraid of a long Mast.

In the chop, in the transitions, in the soft, a long Mast will be ten times more pleasant.

Of course, the must is the Monobloc 100. Absolutely magical. But the aluminum 90 is great too.


Foil Positioning?

For GONG Foils, place the Top Plate at the rear third of the US rails.

The further you move it forward, the more it raises the Board. The further you move it backwards, the more the nose of the Board pearls.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend not to let the rear foot work, especially when we come from Kitefoil. However, moving the Foil back a little will force more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces effort.


How long should my Paddle be?

If you want to use the Lemon in SUPfoil, you will need a Paddle that’s between your actual height and -10cm.


Which Leash?

Take a 6′ of 7mm minimum diameter.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. It’s your life jacket.


Strap or Strapless?

Riding strapless is sexy because it makes you feel free. But quite honestly you’ll have less performance…

So, it’s up to you to see if sensation prevails over performance. On a Lemon, we’re clearly going to miss 90% of its potential without straps.

With straps, you’ll have much more control and much less risk of having the Foil flipping under your feet. In the waves, it’s obvious, you gain a lot with straps. You can recuperate from some crazy situations just by pulling up your feet.

Put your straps in a central position (3rd hole) for the front, and the same goes for the back strap if you’re still riding that one.

If you want to be able to get the back foot out for transitions and surfing, put the back strap on the first hole.

Included equipments

  • 2 Us box ready to plug a foil equipped with a top plate system.
  • 6 x 5-hole footstrap inserts to optimize your position.
  • 3 x GONG footstrap symmetric large light (screws included).
  • 3D Function Pad 5 mm: “Intelligent” deck coating concieved to deliver a different feeling under foot to differentiate zones with comfort and total adherence.
  • Leash plug Concrete Fixed at the tail to never lose your board.
  • Integrated central Carry Handle on the board deck.
  • Vent Screw.



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from Shaper to Surfer at the LOWEST price..
  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 1799€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).

2 reviews for GONG SUP LEMON FSP PRO

  1. Dipet

    By the way the lemon is FANTASTIC 😉
    It’s a totally new feeling, so much more agile, reactive, like having a new foil wing underneath (1 size smaller).

  2. Pierre-Marie Campart

    Planche récupérer au dépot jeudi soir 😀 c’est petit, c’est super léger et elle est très jolie.
    Samedi premier essai avec un peu d’appréhension après la mob 7.11 (on dirait une biscotte 🙄 ).
    Condition très light : 9/10 noeuds mais plan d’eau propre ce qui me motive à me mettre à l’eau avec la 7m pulse;
    départ à genou ,il faut bien se centrer sur la planche sinon ça enfourne ou ça coule du cul et plouf ( au début).
    Une petite risée a l’horizon , on en profite pour se mettre debout et hop le pied avant vient instinctivement se caler dans le strap et finalement ça ne coule pas.
    Une autre risée, je pompe comme je peux avec les bras et les jambes et elle décolle de suite, en route pour un tour de tapis volant version small.
    C’est radical par rapport à la mob et on peut jouer sans avoir peur des touchettes.
    Aujourd’hui, session plus ventée avec 20/30 noeuds , de bonnes rafales et un plan d’eau en chantier.
    Je sors la 5m original et appréhende un peu les départs a genou.
    Là pas trop besoin de pomper ça décolle illico et je m’éclate à jouer avec la houle (elle pardonne vraiment bien les touchettes).
    J’ai essayé quelques jibe sans grand résultat mais pas à l’aise au vu des conditions par contre je pense que cela sera plus simple qu’avec la mob (ça va passer ,c’est sur).
    et le truc trop bien, c’est quand on sort de l’eau bien cuit, la planche est vraiment légère, je pose le mat sur l’épaule et me dit que finalement j’y retournerais bien un peu !
    Du coup, pas de regret d’avoir vendu la mob qui ma permis un bon apprentissage et super content de cette LEMON.
    QUESTION : pas facile de mettre le pied arrière dans le strap en vol, faut il mieux le mettre dès le départ?

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