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The simplicity of the inflatable and the performance of the rigid in foil.

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499,00699,00 499,00699,00
Price includes VAT, shipping excluded
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Doing it all in foil with a practical, strong and performant board.



The HIPE is a revolution in the foil approach.

This revolution is not just about inflatable qualities, but to the unequalled performances that the HIPE delivers. It will be almost impossible for you to find a significant difference with a rigid board. Its patented concept is so efficient.

L’Ours’s team has designed a carbon plate that takes all the foil strength. Glued strongly under the inflatable structure, this piece, made of 2.4kg of pure prepreg carbon and two foam stringers, is a jewel of composite expertise. By its design it provides precisely what is needed in terms of mechanics to be as rigid as a classic board, without adding a lot to the total weight.

You have both feet firmly placed on an inflexible carbon support, via the inflatable chamber. The feeling is clearly the one of a rigid board with a comfortable pad. No more, no less. It’s really great.

Tested by the team in all conditions, it has never shown any weakness even in 45 knots. In the light wind, we love its glide on water which is specific to inflatable boards. The round rails and the thick tail boost the start. You take off easily, at least as fast as with a rigid.

Advantages are numerous:

  • Ease of use, on land but also in the water.
  • Transport of course.
  • Solidity because the inflatable is not sensitive to shocks.
  • Safety if you fall on your board.
  • Performances of a rigid board.

We didn’t want just an OK inflatable foil board. The kind of board that’s nice sometime for fun but unbearable in the long run because it offers too basic performances. We wanted a full solution, the one with no compromise. The HIPE is the result of a very big development, combining the best of high-end composite and inflatable. Our ability to produce thousands of these boards means we can offer you amazing prices, when we would simply have to add the price of two real boards to make a HIPE.

To wing, this is the perfect board to start and improve your skills. The volume is super generous, allowing you to use short lengths. And we’ve created two large sizes in 6’5 and 7’5 with an “ADS” daggerboard box cleverly placed in front of the front foot to allow you to ride on the water without going downwind. This daggerboard combined with your foil gives you a real grip to go upwind without flying. You can start off gently, without the stress of having to fly imperatively. The small sizes offer the highest level of performances in inflatable boards. It’s incredibly efficient.

In SUP, all these sizes and volumes will allow you to find your own. The take-off is as early as with a Zuma, the piloting is precise, and you can connect 4 or 5 waves per take off as long as you have the cardio. It’s really impressive.

In surf, small sizes are perfect, especially the smallest one. It’s hard to tell the difference with a rigid one, except on very sharp sensations. But to fly, cool carver and connect a whole set, it’s crazy cool!!!

Same in kite, the smallest size will give you the ideal compromise between comfort and performance. A real revolution.

These boards are equipped with a double layers drop stitch technology to guarantee a weight as close as possible to a rigid of the same volume.


  • Rocker: fairly flat to start early and glide well before the flight.
  • Rails: round because inflatable, very efficient.
  • Volume: very generous for each size.
  • Outline: semi-compact for a good glide even when not flying.
  • Tail: large rounded square tail for stability when at standstill and to boost take off.
  • Nose: round point nose.


Innovation is at the core of our products

ICS TECHNOLOGY – Inflatable & Carbon Synthesis

Advantages of the inflatable.

  • Woven Drop Stitch technology double layer welded.
  • Air pressure: 15 to 20 psi.

The plus:

  • Compact, the board fits in a bag.
  • Practical: inflates in 2 minutes.
  • Aesthetics: The result is very beautiful.
  • Strong: great resistance to abuse.
  • Durable: 100% repairable.

Performances of carbon.

  • ICS Full carbon prepreg plate.
  • High density foam stringers to limit flex.
  • PVC reinforcement under the plate to preserve the float.
  • Non-open brass inserts to screw the foil without risk to the board.
  • PVC reinforcement on the plate to protect the carbon and the glue.

The plus:

  • Unequalled stiffness.
  • Incomparable dynamism and reactivity.
  • A foil + inflatable set without sacrificing sensations!

Buying guide

For Whom?

Whether you’re a beginner or wanting something mellow, it’s a Board to keep your mind off things. It’s soft and easy, yet very efficient.

Its role is to make your life easier. So, a pro will probably find it too big and prudent.

In SUPFoil, the first thing you need to know is how to row straight on a classic SUP. The rest is just a matter of method and time in the water to progress.

With a Wing, the Zuma is a very accessible Board for a beginner.

In bigger volumes it is easy, but in smaller sizes you will have to be in good physical condition or be a lighter rider.


What For?

The Hipe is the ultimate board to progress without complicating your life.

In SUPfoil, it is ideal for beginners to very good performances. Its big plus is to row fast with its large compact volumes, but also not to have to take off late every time.

With a Wing, it’s really the easiest Board in the world, without being an anvil. It’s great for boosting your progress. It’s great for boosting your progression. In small sizes we’re in the high level of performances for transitions, speed, course, curves and simple tricks.


What Size?

In SUPfoil, you absolutely must have a positive volume balance. Your weight plus the Board’s weight must be less than the Board’s volume. Don’t hesitate to take some volume and width if you’re not sure of your supports.

You can gain enough volume to float, in the order of your weight + 30 = volume.

Example: I weigh 80kg + 30 = 110L to float. This means that with a 5’3 of 110L I will manage, as long as I don’t start in SUPFoil. And if I want great comfort I will have to switch to the 5’5 of 145L.

With a Wing, you can take it very generously if you’re a beginner. And if you already have a good level, you will have to go for a limit volume following the same rule as in SUPFoil above.


Quiver Partners?

The Hipe is really the easy and all-round Foil Board. So, it’s going to find its place in your Quiver.

You can of course complete it with a range of Stand-Up Paddleboards without a Foil. And also, Surfboards for those days when the waves are unsuitable for a Foil.

Which foil front wings?

In general, we recommend the same assembly as for a surf foil.
In SUP foil:
Beginners will have the fastest progression with an L front wing (regardless of their size between 50kg and 100kg) and a 45cm Rise stab.
If you have very small waves or a large build, start with an XL Rise front wing.
If you are good, start with an XL X-Over wing, which is faster.
For the experienced:
In the X-Over or Curve range: super easy and efficient wings at low speed:
  • M for 50kg -> 65kg or powerful waves.
  • L for 65kg -> 75kg.
  • XL for 75kg -> 100kg or soft waves.
  • XXL for 100kg -> 120kg or very soft waves.
For the pros:
In the Fluid and Veloce range: high performance wings
  • M for 50kg -> 65kg or powerful waves.
  • L for 65kg -> 75kg.
  • XL for 75kg -> 100kg or soft waves.
  • XXL for 100kg -> 120kg or very soft waves. It’s rather for just pumping.
In wing:
Beginners will have the fastest progression with an XL front wing (regardless of their size between 50kg and 100kg) and a 45cm Rise stab.
If you’re shy, start with an XL Rise wing.
If you’re good at it, start with an XL X-Over wing.
For the experienced:
In the X-Over or Curve range: super easy and efficient wings at low speed:
  • M for 50kg -> 65kg and all wind forces.
  • L for 65kg -> 75kg and all wind forces.
  • XL for 75kg -> 100kg and all wind forces.
  • XXL for 100kg -> 120kg and wind below 15 knots.
For the pros:
In the Fluid or Veloce range: high performance wings
  • M for 50kg -> 75kg and wind stronger than 15 knots.
  • L for 65kg -> 85kg and wind stronger than 15 knots.
  • XL for 75kg -> 100kg and all wind forces, or for lightweight in light wind.
  • XXL for 100kg -> 120kg and wind under 15 knots.
The size of the front wing determines the speed / lift ratio. The smaller the front wing, the faster you will go but the more uncomfortable you’ll be at low speeds.
The stabs have a major role. They determine the stability of the foil and help with its lift, but to the detriment of the maximum speed of the foil.
Thus, surf stabs are slower than kite stabs, but are much more load-bearing, and therefore effective at low speed.

Which foil mast?

In SUP foil:
The 65cm aluminum mast is perfect. If you are a pro, switch to the monobloc 70: masterful.
In wing:
Other than when launching, you will have everything to gain with a long mast.
More length = more headroom = easier = more efficient.
Unlike kite foil, in wing there is little opposition to the wing because it pulls gently. So we put just a little windward angle on the mast. So mastering a large mast with a wing is no problem.
And since the boards used are much bigger than with a kite, the inertia is greater. Suddenly your foil is less crazy. Everything is calmer. So don’t be afraid of a long mast.
In choppy water, in transitions, in sluggish waters, a large mast will be ten times more pleasant.
Of course the must is the 100 monobloc. Absolutely magical. But the 90 or 95 aluminum are great too.

Foil Positioning?

For GONG Foils, place the plate in the center of the US Rail Box.

The further you move it forward, the more it raises the Board. The further you move it backwards, the more the nose of the Board pearls.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend not to let the back foot work enough, especially when we come from Kitefoiling.  However, moving the foil back a little, forces more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces efforts.


How long should my Paddle be?

If you want to use the Zuma in SUPFoil, you will need a Paddle between your actual height and +10cm.


Which Leash?

Take a 6′ of 7mm minimum diameter.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. It’s your life jacket.

Strap or Strapless? 2 or 3 straps?

Riding strapless is sexy because it makes you feel free. But quite honestly, it’s not the best for performance…

So, it’s up to you to see if sensation prevails over performance. On a Lemon, we’re clearly going to miss 90% of its potential without the straps.

With straps, you’ll have much more control and much less risk of getting the Foil flipping under your feet. In the waves, it’s obvious, you gain a lot with straps. You can recuperate from crazy situations just by pulling up on your feet.

Put your straps in a central position (3rd hole) for the front, and the same goes for the back strap if you still ride with the back.

If you want to be able to get the back foot out for transitions and surfing, put the back strap on the first hole.

Jumping with a Foil without a perfect mastery can quickly cost a lot of money in hospital stitching, twisted Masts, broken Top Plates and torn/exploded Wings. We do not recommend it. Step by step, in control of each step. Jumping requires mastery, and therefore a very strong experience. This is not the profile of Hipe customers.

Except that some want a Hipe to travel and enjoy its practicality. They may want to jump. Which takes the usage out of what is recommended. Sorry about that.

This beautiful and well-targeted product must not be tainted by illegitimate After-Sales Service because some people decide to unleash on it. Let these Hipe do their job and we’ll draw conclusions from all this in a little while.

We’ve had them with Straps and dedicated to jumps for a year. So far, no breakage. But it’s not enough to go into production. Wait and see 😉

Good to Know:

Never leave your board in the sun, even less an inflatable board, and even less a black carbon plate that will heat up very quickly. You might see it peeling off!!!

Don’t screw further than the bottom of the box, otherwise you’ll get into the skin of the inflatable. We deliver US squares with no opening, but be careful.

Never let your foil board get mistreated in the waves, especially close to the shore. You must protect it from major forces. A wave that carries your board away and rolls it away can do a lot of damages.

Included equipments

  • 1 x inflation valve.
  • 2 x GONG footstraps symmetric large light (screws included).
  • 1 x double diamond deckpad.
  • 1 x ICS carbon plate.
  • 1 x repair kit.
  • 4 x non-through inserts and screws for foil plate.
  • 8 x adjusting wedges for US rail.
  • 1 x leash plug at the tail so you never lose your board.
  • 1 x transport bag with wheels.
  • 1 x multi tip pump (compatible with a wing).

For the two larger sizes (6’5 and 7’5), there is the ADS: Anti Drift Solution with:

  • 1 x US box.
  • 1 x US fin 4.6″.



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from Shaper to Surfer at the LOWEST price.
  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 899€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).



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  1. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Petit gabarit de 68kg, j’avais fait l’erreur de prendre une HIPE de 85L pour débuter en mer agitée. Je l’ai vite changée pour prendre une Flint 5’8, plus sage en 110L. Après quelques mois de progression entre confinements et coups de froid, je viens de repasser sur cette HIPE 5.1 en 85L et quel plaisir ! Bien sûr, une petite planche apporte une vivacité incroyable mais ce sont surtout ses qualités gonflées qui m’ont conquis.

    Gonflée à 20psi, on ne ressent aucun flottement, elle réagit parfaitement aux pieds grâce à la plaque rigide en carbone. Légère, facile à diriger, elle se laisse dompter facilement.

    Le passage de 110L à 85L a été très facile. Le volume de cette HIPE est très bien réparti ainsi sa flottabilité est excellente. Elle reste très sécurisante et facile.

    Quel bonheur cette planche gonflable, elle est indestructible. Avec ma Flint, je prenais d’infinies précautions pour ne pas l’abimer : lorsque je la posais sur la plage, lorsque je montais mon foil, lorsque je la rangeais dans la voiture… Avec la HIPE, aucune appréhension. Je n’ai plus besoin de toujours penser à protéger ma board. En plus, je vais passer au harnais, aucune crainte pour cette planche.

    C’est du gonflable, cela fait vraiment moins mal lorsqu’on tombe dessus ou lorsqu’on se prend un coup de planche dans le shore break. Ayant moins peur de me faire mal, je m’engage encore plus dans les manœuvres.

    Dans le sac, il est possible de mettre la planche, le foil et une wing. Ça passe en avion, en train ou dans une Twingo. J’ai même réussi à la prendre lors d’un déplacement pro. Ça change la vie.

    Bref, que du bonheur la HIPE : hip hip hip hourra…

    Small build of 68kg, I made the mistake of taking an 85L HIPE to start in rough seas. I quickly changed it to a Flint 5’8, more comfy in 110L. After a few months of progress between lockdowns and freezing weeks, I have just returned to this HIPE 5.1 in 85L and what a pleasure! Of course, a small board brings incredible liveliness, but it was above all its awesome qualities that won me over.

    Inflated to 20psi, it feels perfectly rigid, it reacts instantly to the feet thanks to the rigid carbon plate. Lightweight, easy to steer, it can be tamed easily.

    The change from 110L to 85L was very easy. The volume of this HIPE is very well distributed so its buoyancy is excellent. It remains very safe and easy.

    What a joy to ride this inflatable board, it’s indestructible. With my Flint, I took infinite precautions not to damage it: when I put it down on the beach, when I mounted my foil, when I put it in the car … With the HIPE, no apprehension. I don’t have to always think about protecting my board anymore. In addition, when I switch to the harness, I’ll have no fear for this board.

    It’s inflatable, it really hurts less when you fall on it or when you get kicked in the shore break. Being less afraid of hurting myself, I get even braver in the maneuvers.

    In the bag, it’s possible to put the board, the foil and a wing all together. It goes in planes, the train or in a Twingo. I even managed to take it on a pro trip. It changes your life.

    In short, it’s just awesome: hip hip hipe hooray…

  2. François Couret

    Petit retour sur la Hipe après 7 mois dessus et à vue de nez 35-40 sessions.

    C’est ma première planche de wing après quelques mois de surfoil et de wakefoil. J’avais choisi la Hipe 5.3 (110L) pour mes 75kg.

    D’après moi un de ses points forts sous-estimés est sa solidité: impossible de la bugner sur la grève ou la cale de mise à l’eau. Quand on est débutant on peut être dérouté par le transport du matos (planche+foil+wing gonflée) du parking jusqu’à l’eau. Poser la planche un peu brutalement m’est arrivé et j’étais ravi d’avoir une gonflable pour ça.

    Débuter sur une planche si courte m’a probablement demandé une ou deux sessions de plus pour voler des deux côtés par rapport à une planche plus longue. Je m’en suis rendu compte en essayant les planches des copains. Par contre dès que je me suis habitué je me suis régalé de l’agilité de la Hipe. Elle est très joueuse et très maniable grâce à son shape compact.

    Côté rigidité, c’est bien simple, je n’ai jamais réussi à la prendre en défaut. Je n’ai jamais pu constater de différence avec une rigide.
    Pour ce qui est des touchettes, elles se rattrapent un peu moins facilement qu’avec une rigide possédant un double concave, mais rien de bien compliqué non plus. Certains disent que ça “colle”, ça me paraît exagéré.

    D’un point de vue utilisation, il faut un peu moins de cinq minutes pour la gonfler à la main, et elle se plie très facilement pour se ranger dans son sac de transport. On peut d’ailleurs y loger en plus une pompe et une wing, et il reste un peu de place.

    Bref je la recommande sans réserve.

  3. Dam

    A quand un footstrap arriere ?
    Je suis un utilisateur convaincu de la HIPE 5.3. Avec utilisation tres reguliere.
    Qq conseilles pratiques pour une installation mode bricolage d’un strap arriere seraient bienvenus. Merci.

  4. Nicolas Leforestier

    Reçue hier, testée aujourd’hui, petit feedback de la HIPE 4’11.

    Alors pour commencer, je dois vous avouer que je stressais un peu à l’idée d’avoir vu trop petit. 70 litres pour mes 88kgs tout sec, ça allait sûrement me changer de la Lemon 100 litres. Angoisse amplifiée par ma mauvaise idée d’hier, gonfler la HIPE et la mettre dans la piscine sans le foil. Impossible de me mettre à genoux dessus. Le doute m’habite (certains esprits mal tournés auront saisi le jeu de mots).
    Du vent annoncé à la Ganguise, plutôt musclé. C’est parti pour un test en conditions réelles, 25nds, je sors la Pulse 4m et là première bonne surprise, je me mets à genoux direct. Le foil stabilise bien l’ensemble et en gardant l’appui sur la poignée centrale de la wing, aucun souci, même en se faisant un peu brasser par les vagues.

    Démarrage classique genoux, pied avant, pied arrière, je pompe, ça vole. Sur la phase de glisse, on ne se doute pas d’être sur un gonflable et en vol idem, ultra rigide. La compacité par rapport a ma Lemon 5’0 est vraiment sympa, c’est plus joueur, plus facile à pomper, plus agréable au surf, dans les jibes et tacks… Bref j’adore !

    Le vent monte, je passe en 3m pour la première fois et je reste 2 bonnes heures sur l’eau à me régaler ! Au passage, petit report sur la Pulse 3m j’ADORE ! On a vraiment l’impression de ne rien avoir dans les mains et pourtant on a une belle puissance dans du vent fort.
    Prochain test dans du plus light en 6m Superpower ou 9m Superpower pour voir si le volume négatif par rapport à mon poids est handicapant ou pas. Je vous raconte ça une autre fois !

    Merci GONG, merci Patrice Guénolé. 

    Received yesterday, tested today, a little feedback from HIPE 4’11.

    So to begin with I must admit that I was a bit stressed at the idea of having choosen too small. 70 liters for my 88kgs dry weight, it would surely change me from the 100 liters Lemon. anguish amplified by my bad idea of yesterday, to inflate the HIPE and put it in the pool without the Foil. Impossible to kneel on it. Doubt is upon in me.

    The wind was forecast at the Ganguise, rather muscular. Let’s go for a test in real conditions, 25 knots. I take out the Pulse 4m and there first good surprise I kneel down directly, the Foil stabilizes the whole thing and keeping the support on the central handle of the Wing no worries even if it’s a little shaken by the waves.

    Classic knee start, front foot, back foot, I pump, it flies. In the gliding phase you really don’t feel like you’re on an Inflatable and when flying she’s super rigid, and her compactness in comparison with the Lemon 5’0 is nice, more playful, easier to pump, funner in the waves, in the jibes and tacks…. I love it!
    The wind rises, I go 3m for the first time and I stay 2 good hours on the water to enjoy myself! By the way, little report on the Pulse 3m I LOVE it ! You really feel like you have nothing in your hands and yet you have a great power in strong wind.
    Next test in lighter 6m Superpower or 9m Superpower to see if the negative volume compared to my weight is a handicap or not … I’ll tell you about it another time !
Thank you GONG, thank you Patrice Guénolé”

  5. Frédéric Huet


    J’ai commencé mon expérience en wing sur la Zuma 6’6 Wood 2X (4 sessions) pour mes 82kg. (back ground kite, surf, PAV… mais jamais de foil).
    Très peu de temps après avoir passé commande du matos (Zuma), le concept HIPE est sorti. Complètement convaincu sur le papier, en voyant les retours et délais à sa sortie, j’ai craqué et commandé une HIPE 5’3, (1 session à ce jour).

    J’adore, très joueuse, très légère et maniable VS la Zuma. Mais selon vous quelle est la position optimale du foil sur ces 2 planches ?
    J’ai 5 sessions avec la Zuma 6’6 et 1 avec la HIPE 5’3.
    Je pense que je vais me séparer de la Zuma assez vite tellement j’ai adoré le feeling sur la HIPE. »


    I started my Wing experience on the Zuma 6’6 Wood 2X (4 sessions) for my 82kg. (back ground kite, surf, windsurf… but never Foiled).
    Very soon after I ordered the Zuma equipment, the HIPE concept was released. Completely convinced on paper, seeing the returns and delays when it came out, I cracked and ordered a HIPE 5’3, (1 session so far).

    I love it, very playful, very light and handy VS the Zuma. But according to you, what is the optimal position of the foil on these 2 boards ?
    I have 5 sessions with the Zuma 6’6 and 1 with the HIPE 5’3.
    I think I’m going to part with the Zuma pretty quickly because I loved the feeling on the HIPE.

  6. FredHuet

    J’ai commencé mon expérience en wing sur la Zuma 6’6 (4 sessions) Wood pour mes 82kg.(back ground kite surf pav… pas jamais foil).
    Très peu de temps après avoir passé commande du matos (Zuma) le concept hipe est sorti… complément convaincu sur le papier et je ne regrette rien voyant les retours et délais dès que c’est sorti j’ai craqué et commandé une hipe 5’3,(1 session a ce jour).
    j’adore très joueuse très légère et maniable vs la Zuma.
    Mais selon vous quelle est la position optimale du foil sur ces 2 planches?
    J’ai 5 sessions avec la Zuma 6’6 et 1 avec la hipe 5’3.
    Je pense que je vais me séparer de la Zuma assez vite tellement j’ai adoré le feeling sur la hipe.

  7. Hugues

    En vol, on oublie complètement que c’est une planche gonflable. Quand on pompe, on sent bien que le nez est gonflable.
    Mais globalement la différence de feeling est bien plus faible qu’entre un sup gonflable et rigide.
    J’avais un peu peur du poids, finalement elle me paraît plus légère que ma zuma fsp 2x 6’3.

  8. theyfit

    I’m interested in using it as a Kitefoil too (Beginner), just like Javier.
    Could you please explain,why you just recommend the 4’8 for kitefoiling?
    Cause i’m thinking, in case of a self-rescue i’d be lucky for a few liters more…?

  9. Philipp

    Are you able to put fins on the smaller sizes instead of a foil?

  10. Javier Farfan

    I am a 72 kg man, inteemediate kiter.
    Thinking on hipe 5,5. What do you think about…any recommendations ?
    I ask this question because I see on promotional video a man and a lady with hipe 5,3 doing everything, wing, surf, padle.
    As a beginner I was thinking on one a little bit bigger. Hipe 5,5
    Anyway thanks for your answers.

    • Will

      Hello Javier. Send an email to the commercial service please: [email protected]. Thanks.

  11. fabio

    Back foostrap option!???

  12. Johannes

    No Back-Footstrap?? Why??

  13. Filip

    Yes. Please give the size when deflated. For all airlines, they want less than 62″ L+W+H so it’s important. They usually will allow a little over this if it looks compact at check-in like maybe 72″. This will be great if it can travel for free. Does a mast fit inside?

  14. Patrice LEBEAU

    Pouvez vous donner la taille (logeur et largeur ) de la HIPE dégonflée.
    Bravo à tous c’est l’objet que j’attendais.
    Merci d’avance.

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