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Really versatile full carbon paddle, 3 parts, vario lenght from 164 to 214cm.

Incredible value for money !

Available in two colours: red and blue.

Price includes VAT, shipping excluded
  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Shipping possible all over the world


Introduction :

The 100% Carbon Mix is a Model that is as performant in the Surf as it is while Cruising.

This Model is Adjsutable from 164 to 214 cm making it adaptable to all sized Riders and breaks down into 3 Parts so it fits perfectly into the Bag.

Its Shape with its lighter Volume and fluid tear drop Outline brings you that sought after versatility.

This Paddle will repsond to the needs of SUPers on their learning curve whom are in need of a high quality Paddle that is efficient, light and well finsihed.

The Blade :

The Shape of the Blade has a small volume which will take away the feeling of errors when paddling. The fluid Outline blends comfort and performance in the surf with good propulsion capacity.

An ABS Edge protects the perimeter of the Blade from eventual blows that it may receive.

It is a performance Paddle when in action. The catch is straightforward, and her guidance demands little effort, its behavior is exceptionally clean and reassures the less less technical Riders. Capable of elevated rowing cadence and acheiving lots of hold and acceleration, this Paddle is effecient under all circumstances.

In Surf it skims fantastically due it its magical Extrado. With the subtle moderate Rocker on the Extrado, it generates notable hold in the Surf when the Blade is extended out from the Surfer (Bottom Turns for example..) and it offers a drive that is precise and gives you maximum glide as it axe is in line with the Riders. You will never feel like you’re being pulled back when leaning on this Paddle, when used correctly she will enhance your speed when carving.

There is still a little bit of Volume that is located in the high center part of the Blade that will help its tolerance levels in those mushy portions of the Wave and in the Chop.

A great Paddle for a Complete and well rounded practice in Surf.

The Handle :

A Ergonomic T Shape. It will allow for greater precision with the Blades traject in and out of the water. It pulls cleanly out of the water because the top hand perfectly guides the Blades angle. The Ergonomy is discreet and effiecient, not excessive in size. It cups perfectly in the palm and pressure well distributed. Comfortable and efficient.

The Shaft :

The Shaft is round with an exteror diameter of 29mm allowing for an interesting compromise between rigidity for precison when Surfing and a Flex that maintains comfort when rowing while Cruising.

Stock Dimensions

Blade :

  • Height : 50 cm
  • Width : 18 cm
  • Surface : 590 cm2

Total Weight in 185 cm : 625 g (+ or – 5%)

The length of your Paddle :

Micrometric adjustability between 164 and 214 cm.

​We would like to remind you of a simple rule we go by to determine Paddle size : When Surfing the Paddle should be equal to your own height, when Cruising add 10 cm and in between 10/20 cm for Race, in function with your Board (dug out cockpits or not). If in doubt please consult our link for Paddle size and/or contact us directly with your questions at : info@gongsup.com

Innovation is at the core of our Boards

Fabricated with Composite Materials, 100% Carbon Fiber assembled with Epoxy Resin, this Paddle offers comfort and efficiency at an extremely competitive price.

Buying guide

Nous vous rapellons une “règle” simple pour déterminer la longueur de votre pagaie : en surf la longueur de la pagaie est égale à votre taille, en balade ajouter 10cm, et entre 10 et 20cm en race, en fonction de votre planche (pont évidé ou non). Si un doute persiste consultez ce lien Paddle size ? et n’hésitez pas à nous demander conseil par mail : info@gongsup.com.

Included equipments


GONG SUP Paddle Carbon Mix 100% Adjustable  : 139 €

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this paddle in a surfshop, it would cost 279€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores)


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