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A kite GONG Freewave & a Kiteboard Catch FSP 2X.

Bought as a pack = 300€ OFF on the pack.

Pack including:


(Size chart)




49 cm
69 cm



From: 749,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Pay in multiple installments or deferred payment 30 days Service available for orders of €150 or more.


This complete pack includes:


The Freewave

The Freewave excels in all programs from TT Freestyle to heavy winded foiling and even strapless Surf!!

It can do everything, in a high-end performance register.

First because her behaviour in high wind is extremely reassuring, very stable, the profile hold is exemplary. It doesn’t flinch under gusts and its de-power is ultra efficient. The small sizes in very strong winds are absolutely stunning.

Secondly because the manoeuvrability of the Freewave is one of its strong points, it turns fast without excess. The profile holds tight, without excessively pinching the tips, and maintains its fluidity within the turn. You can practically turn her in place or get her to turn super fast when gliding.

Finally, its stability is exemplary. It’s obvious in surfing when you need to let it drift. And it’s great below 10 knots in foil when you make a piloting error.

The Freewave always remains stable and predictable.

The feeling on the bar is super light : smooth and feline, you can adjust the bar pressure and responsiveness with the many settings available. Nothing better to make it your own.

This new version of the Freewave offers a little more ratio, anti flap slats, and a new sizing.

Big high wind range, great handling and a perfectly stable flight, that’s what you need to go big.

For more information, click here.

The board

The Catch is THE board for killing it in freestyle with a surfboard.

On the flat it’s a very nervous board, ideal for freestyle and riding upwind between two tricks. That’s its favourite playground.

With its large concave, it edges hard. You have your feet “in the board”, everything in control. You arrive quickly, without bouncing. Which gives it a phenomenal pop.

In the air it sticks to the feet. With its large surface and its contained weight, you place it in the wind from take-off and it holds against your stance. It’s perfect for working on tricks. And this large surface area allows you to stick landings without hesitation, in a loose way if necessary, as the board will accept rough foot placements without bouncing.

In the surf, the board is relatively staged. This means it has speed and impulse that are killer but its rocker will limit it in hollow waves. You can power surf with energy and an aerial style.

It’s the ultimate freestyle board!

For more information, click here.



  • Hybrid C Shape for maximal polyvalence.
  • 3 Struts for perfect stability of profile.
  • Moderate Aspect Ratio for the best Combo of Stability and maneuverability.
  • DP175LL Skeleton: Leading Edge, Struts, Tips and Trailing Edge are constructed in this fantastic and remarkable Tissue that is rigid and maintains its solidity and acts as if it were a real skeleton. Liveliness, Stability, Longlasting Durability.
  • Large Tips for better re-launch and reactivity.


  • Rocker : relaxed rocker for maximum speed.
  • Rails : hard at the tail and soft at the nose for that 100% modern feeling..
  • Volume : the minimum for mad performance in small waves.
  • Outline: ample surface area, tail buoyant, nose compact.
  • Tail: diamond tail large for gliding, upwinds and for pop.
  • Nose: diamond round nose cutting through chop smoothly

Stock Dimensions


  • Standard valve and one pump express system: super easy to inflate/deflate at lightning speed.
  • 1 Ronstan mini pulley sliding on a Spectra bridle line: Optimum kite reactivity.
  • 3 rear tip anchor points: Gives you choice to augment the kites maneuverability and its light feeling on the bar (great feeling in wave riding), or you may calm down the kite and augment its feeling on the bar for freestyle.
  • Reinforcements on the trailing edge with insignia to avoid flapping.
  • 2 power adjustment knots on the front bridle.
  • Straps at tips of struts and leading edge that help avoid line hooking.
  • Laminated label on the intrados, close to one tip, to write: last name, first name, phone and address.


Innovation is at the core of our products


GONG Kite Technology

The GONG Kite Freewave is made in one of the largest Kite Factories in the world and meets the quality standards of the finest Kites in the world.

It is constructed with the greatest care. The Panels are cut by CNC and entirely assembled by hand by the best workers in the kite Industry.

The materials that we use are amongst the finest. We search for the performance for sure but also we look for endurance and for materials that are time tested.

  • Bridles made from Dyneema and Spectra with Ronstan pullys.
  • High quality triple rip-stop, Teijin T9669 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).
  • Leading Edge, struts, and tips made with Dacron Dimension Polyan DP175LL (the most rigid on the market and also the most costly).
  • Reinforcement patches in PVC 1680D along the leading egde and Struts extremities.
  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm for hardcore reliability.​

A reminder, at the Kites weight – whomever the manufacturer – will vary following 3 main factors :

  • The more reinforced the kite is with concern to material thickness, the higher the weight will be, but also the higher the resistance to crashes and also the longevity of your kite.
  • The SPI is waterproofed by a coating process which preserves its performance in use. The thicker the coating, the heavier the fabric becomes, and also the better it ages over time session quantities. For the record, the exposure of your kite to UV and treated water will gradually destroy this coating.
  • Our kites are equipped with bladders that are 100 microns thick, which is among the thickest on the market. We could easily descend to 60 microns but this would substantially diminish the kites resistance to us : Nosedives, kitemares, crashes, overinflation, etc…


FSP 2X Kitesurfing Technology

  • 3D Shape on modeling software.
  • Preshapsd with numerical control for total reliability.
  • Shape control by traditional templates, finishing up to the last mm 100% by hand.
  • 100% Epoxy board and EPS foam blank : solid and light.
  • 5mm wooden stringer to limit the risk of breakage.
  • Deck, hull and rails in vacuum-assisted PVC sandwich: incomparable solidity and incredible dynamism.
  • Deck: Full PVC/fiberglass sandwich composed of a core of high density PVC foam and two layers of 6oz biaxial fiberglass and one layer of 4oz fiberglass, reinforcement with biaxial fiberglass on the foot area.
  • Hull: Full PVC/Fiberglass sandwich composed of a high density PVC foam core and 2 layers of 4oz fiberglass, one layer of 6oz Biaxial fiberglass, and fiberglass reinforcements on the sensitive areas such as the fin boxes.
  • Rails: the PVC sandwich structure completely covers the rails: increased structural strength, incredible impact resistance (heel or knee impacts).
  • Tinted Resin hot coat: nobility within the process, weight saving and solidity of the finish.
  • Matt “custom finish”, hand-made, for weight saving and better glide.

The FSP 2X technology is easily repairable to new in case of dings. The PVC foam of the sandwich is waterproof and avoids water intake from everyday shocks. The EPS foam blank does not deteriorate because it’s well protected from water. And repairs have a much larger support to lean on and blend seamlessly with the surrounding material.

This technology offers, at an affordable price, the incomparable solidity/lightness ratio of the vacuum-assisted full PVC sandwich.

Buying guide

For whom?


From beginner to pro, the Freewave is an incredible powerhouse.

Beginners will love it for its strength, its reassuring high wind range and its stability.

The pro will also love it for its strength, high range and stability. But in a radically different register of commitment.

It’s therefore a kite that can follow you throughout your progress.


The Catch Kite is accessible for a light beginner by its ability to plane early and head upwind.

But it will reveal its full potential under the feet of a confirmed and energetic rider.

What is it for ?


For everything !!! Freestyle, surf, foil, the Freewave loves all styles, as long as the wind is present enough to fly a 3-batten kite.


Freestyle is the program of choice for this nervous and aerial board.

But it also likes small waves for snappy turns and airs.

What size ?


How to choose Kitesurf Kite Freewave

Depending on your level, your size, the condition of the water and what you have under your feet (foil/surf kite/TwinTip) the wind range will slide up or down. The Freewave range is designed as a quiver, so that you only need to go down one size when you’re overpowered or up one size if you’re underpowered, to be at the top, without asking yourself any more questions.

The constitution of a coherent Freewave range is based on wing sizes that are very close in small sizes and more distant in large sizes.

We remind you that kiting is a risky sport. Never go out in conditions that are too strong for your level / weight. Never overestimate yourself. Never practice alone.

These wind ranges are for information only, but only you can decide on the day if you should go in the water or not. Please use the utmost caution. Respect the safety instructions inherent to the kite. Thank you.


Ideal conditions ?

  • Ideal wave size: from almost nothing to shoulder-high.
  • Power: at its best in mushy/normal waves.
  • Type: It can handle everything, even the choppy playgrounds.

Quiver partners ?


The Freewave covers a huge program that goes from TT to foiling, including strapped or strapless surfing. So all possible boards and foils will be compatible with the design of the Freewave.

When the wind is absent, a good surfboard or two will save your day. And if you can: the surf foil is almost compulsory. Your kitesurfing hours will combine with those in surfing and your level will skyrocket, as will your pleasure meter.


You can complete the low range with a Catch Foil when the wind is really light.

When the wind is stronger, a Fatal or an Alu will allow you to be more radical.

Which settings ?


Depending on your feeling, you will be able to give it more or less presence in the bar and more or less residual power. It’s up to you to try what suits you best.


The Catch Kite is mounted in tri-fin with FCSII boxes. You are free to assemble the set of fins of your choice. All FCSII fin models are available on our online site.

Strapped or strapless ?

Riding strapless is sexy because you feel free. You’ll find the sensations of surfing and the mobility on the board to play with the waves. It’s a very pure style of riding but difficult to master.

With the straps, you are sure that your board will stay hooked to your feet, even in the most committed aerial maneuvers. You will have a lot more control and performance will be a step above.

It’s up to you to choose between feeling and performances. Put your straps in the central position (3rd hole) for the front, and the same goes for the rear strap.

If you want to be able to remove the rear foot for transitions and surfing, place the rear strap on the first hole.

Included equipments


  • High quality kite bag with protective foam and large U shaped opening for easy unhindered access..
  • Rapid Repair Kit for Bladders.
  •  Complete kite bar.
  •  22m lines in total, including pre-lines.
  •  Kite leash.


  • 3 FCS II Glass Flex Fins for Tri fin mounting.
  • 2 lateral boxes and 1 central box FCS II, high resistance permitting trifin mounting.
  • Deck Pad 5 mm grooved for adherence and comfort. Factory installed.​
  • Inserts, screws and washers included for mounting your straps (straps not included).
  • Leash plug Concrete Fixed on the tail to never lose your board.
  • Automatic depressurization screw



Buy a complete pack and take advantage of 300€ OFF on the pack.

  • If we sold this package in a surfshop, it would cost 1799€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).




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Eco-responsible packaging:

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The first thing is to sell quality products that will last, be repairable and will please you for a long time.

The second thing is to sell for less. Most of the pollution coming from a Board is in its use (the km driven to use it) and in the countless environmental damages you have to do to pay for it. Each euro spent is a sum of damage related to your life quite simply: eating, working hard etc… By reducing the price of our products, we significantly reduce your ecological footprint on this item.

For our shipments we use:

  • Flexi-Hex: ecological packaging of very high resistance.
  • Paper Craft Scotch Tape.
  • Final packaging made of high-end cardboard.

All this for:

  • Reusable and recyclable packaging.
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More info

To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:
Know everything about the 2021 Freewave GONG Kites
Know everything about the Catch kite FSP 2X


We must remind you that kite surfing is a sport of risk. Never go out in conditions to heavy for your skill and weight level. Never over-estimate yourself. Never practice the sport alone. Wind ranges and speeds that are announced are informative but only you can decide on any given day whether or not you go into the water. Please be prudent and take caution seriously.

The minute you launch a kite in the air you take on responsability for your actions towards yourself and to those around you that you could put in harms way and/or even kill, property included.

Release systems are an ”aid”. In no circumstance do they replace responsible and prudent behavior. If you act in a irresposible fashion and take risks, no system exists that offers full protection.

Kite lines are particularly dangerous and may cut you. Never take a line in hand when it is under tension. Never fly your kite around people because you put them at risk of being cut. Take note that wet lines may act as conductors for electricity in case of lighting and they can become electrified. Be Extremely Prudent.

The release of a kite is only efficacious if it is anticipated. If you are incapable of an anticipated release you will be incapable of doing it without risk. Kitesurfing requires anticipation skills in order to be practiced correctly. Do not enter into dangerous cul de sac situations and regularly un-cross/tangle your forward lead lines.

RESPECT the inherent security rules that exist for the sport of Kitesurfing, Thank you.

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