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The all-new Allvator Kitefoil combines maneuverability and performance.

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The configuration of the new Kitefoil Allvator will delight more than one!

This Foil is ideal for those who want to achieve new performances with an ultimate mix of maneuverability and speed.

With the 69cm Front Wing PRO, the 90cm Mast and the 40cm Surf Stab, you’ll be the King / Queen of the water. Turns and maneuvers like crazy and effortlessly, maddening upwind and a crazy low speed lift.

GONG chose to assemble these elements to give lift, power and acceleration while minimizing drag with thinner profiles than the Allvator Classic Foil. But not just that, you will still keep the feeling of surfing by carving and pumping.

The Front Wing M PRO is 69cm with a volume of 1.2L. Its profile is much thinner than the Classic to get a crazy speed and optimum penetration. Its projected area is 985cm2 and 1092cm2 developed.

The 90cm Mast is ideal for curves and for taking extreme angles. In addition, we can anticipate the stalls with considerable room for maneuvering.

The Surf Stab is 40cm, it gives great control and stability when taking angle and turns. Compared to a 45cm Stab, it is thinner which significantly reduces the drag while boosting the maneuverability.

The advantage of these Kite Foil Surf Wings is to fly at a very low speed. Even with very little Kite traction, you stay in the air. It’s incredible. The lift of this Wing is felt well in these moments. For a beginner, this extreme lift is easy and reassuring during the flight. Regarding the water start, it requires more technique to master the rapid rise of the Foil.

This Foil has been mainly designed to meet the needs of experienced and pros but it is suitable for beginners for its lift.


Innovation is at the core of our Boards

  • Aluminium mast and fuselage.
  • Fiber wing and stab (50% Glass, 50% 3K Carbon).

Buying guide

Included equipments

  • 1 Allvator Aluminium 90cm mast.
  • 1 Allvator aluminium surf fuselage.
  • 1 Allvator PRO 69cm front wing.
  • 1 Allvator Fiber surf stab 40cm.
  • 1 top plate adapter. (If you simply write a demand in the comments box when placing your order, this top plate may be change for a tuttle adaptator if you need it).
  • 1 screw and tool complete kit.
  • 1 transport bag (disassembled foil).

Pricing and payments

GONG KiteFoil Allvator Freewave : 449€

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this Foil in a surfshop, it would cost 899€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores)


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More info

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Know everything about GONG Kitefoil Allvator Freewave

Warning :

When you practice Foil you expose yoursef to possible serious Risks. A poor mastering of a Foil can expose you to Cuts and/or Serious Bodily Harm, even Death for youself and possibley others around you.

Foiling should be practiced, in all circumstances, by taking precautions and taking into cosideration all that is involved and associated with SURF/SUP sports. Remember that a Foil is long and has an edge that could cause slicing and is capable of reaching very high speeds. Getting hit by a Foil, or hitting another, can incrue dramatic and highly unwanted consequences.

Always Foil far from others, and in waters that are secure and without obstacle.

Always wear a helmet and protective vest that assures Floatability. Always wear a full body Neoprane Wetsuit.

When handling and manipulating a Foil be careful not to cut yourself along its edges.

GONG does Not Accept and Declines any and all responsability in case of accident that implicates a GONG Foil. The practicing of this sport and the use of our equipment makes the user fully resposable for his/her actions while being a Foil User.