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The Catch is ultra dynamic with beastly pop dedicated to freestyle and aerial surfing.

5’2 x 19 5/16″ x 1 15/16″ x 24L

End-of-series 2018, take advantage of a 30% discount!

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  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards made in France
  • Shipping possible all over the world


Function :

The Catch Kite shape is 100% surfboard tricks.

Introduction :

The Catch Kite is THE board for tearing it up freestyle with a surfboard-like feel.

The big + of this board is it’s beastly pop, surface area and being compact.

The Catch Kite offers up a high strung ride, her low rocker coupled with her rectangular outline and concave give you minblowing upwind abilities and acceleration capacity. Her concave acts like a turbo and the width in the back adds and augments the phenomenon. Dig in your heel hard, but with ease because the shape is very balanced. Her ampple surface gives her incredible pop…… a real trampoline for jumping!!! You can put your feet almost anywhere when landing or while transitioning without pearling or rearing. A channel under the nose allows a better drive while riding tail first. Her compact surface also makes the board stick to your feet while pulling strapless jumps and rotations.

Control enchanced by having slightly reduced the volume and having minimum thickness. Your feet are solidly on the board, in control, without bouncing around.

On the flat; it’s a board thats high strung and focused, ideal for freestyle and planing between tricks. The perfect terrain for her favorite kind of fun, her impulse to pop is off the hook! She’s a real good deck.

In the surf she’s relatively on edge, meaning that she has at her disposal an overwhelming impulse and acceleration capacity. But her rocker remains totally surfable. You can surf with power and energy for an aerial style.

Constructed with high quality technology that is solid with nobel materials (deck in sandwiched wood, PVC through the double sandwiched bottom, Kevlar rails, 5 ply center wood stringer, FCS II Boxes PVC reinforced) an incredible board at an incredible price.

Constructed with a new high quality technology 2SK (Double Sandwich Kevlar), relevant to an upgrade of our proven Bamby technology, this is really an incredible board at an incredible price.

It’s THE board for getting wicked in freestyle and for bump and jumping in even the slightest breeze!

Ideal Conditions :

  • Ideal wave size : ankle to shoulder.
  • Strength :  at her best in mushy/normal waves..
  • Type : all conditions, even in the chop and wind.

Ideal wind range :

  • Less than 75 kg : 9 nds -> 25 nds
  • 75 kg to 95 kg : 13 nds -> 30 nds
  • More than 95 kg : 17 nds -> 40 nds
  • Skill minimum : lightweight beginner.


  • Rocker : tight for maximum speed.
  • Rails : hard at tail and soft at nose for that feeling 100% modern.
  • Volume : the minimum for mad performance in small waves.
  • Outline : ample surface area, tail buoyant, nose compact. Solid, reactive board that flys through the water.
  • Tail : diamond tail large for planning, the cap and for pop.
  • Nose : diamond round nose cutting through chop smoothly.

Stock Dimensions

  • Length : 5’2 = 157,7 cm
  • Width : 19” 5/16 = 49 cm
  • Thickness : 1″ 15/16 = 5 cm
  • Volume : 24 litres
  • One foot off nose : 16″ 5/8 = 42,2 cm
  • One foot off tail : 15″ 13/16 = 40,2 cm
  • Rocker total : 14,6 cm
  • Tail : large diamond tail
  • Nose : diamond round nose
  • Fins : tri-fin ou quad
  • 2SK Weight : 4,0 kg (weight margins + or – 5%)

Innovation is at the core of our Boards

Technology 2SK kitesurf :

  • Board 100% Epoxy over EPS 26kg/m3Foam  : super solid.
  • Deck detail : 3 layers of Fiber Glass spread out on both sides of the 3mm PVC and the Wood Core Sandwich (creating a doubled Sandwich throughout the deck) and assembled under high pressure.
  • Bottom detail : 2 layers Fiber Glass spread out on both sides of the Wood Core Sandwich assembled under high pressure, reinforcement at the hot spots.
  • Kevlar Belt Rail : 1 layer of Kevlar that girdles the board, under the Fiber Glass. Hard as Nails.
  • Wood Stringer : maximum solidity.
  • Preshaped with CNC (computer-numerical-controlled), shape rigorously controlled from traditional templates, 100% hand finished.
  • Finished with mate Pro Finish for better gliding, more resistant to scratches and gives a competition look.
  • The technology GONG 2SK Kitesurf is easily repairable in case of damage. We also have all fix it materials available if needed. She is fabricated solid and made to last.
  • It’s THE kitesurf technology, high quality and solid.

For more information click on the link below :
Tout savoir sur la technologie kite 2SK

Buying guide

Included equipments

  • 4 FCS II Glass Flex Fins for Quad mounting.
  • 4 lateral FCS II Boxes, highly resistant glued into the deck sandwich, quad mounting.
  • New 3D Function Pad : front pad + tail pad + boomerangs, 5 mm thick, grooved, installed during fabrication and procure absolut comfort and adherence.
  • Inserts, screws and washers included for mounting your straps (straps not included).
  • Concrete Fixed Plug on tail.

Pricing and payments

GONG Kiteboard Catch 2SK 5’2 : 349€ instead of 499 €

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 749€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).


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To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:
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