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The Fatal Kite Board doses to perfection Freestyle and Surfing.

5’0 x 21 5/8″ x 2 1/8″ x 22L

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449,00 399,00
Price includes VAT, shipping excluded
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End-of-series – Take advantage of 10% OFF.

Introduction :

This concept shape has become the reference of our range in terms of versatility.

The Fatal has a usage somewhat similar to the Catch. But contrary to the Catch, the Fatal is ‘rounder’ with a pinched tail that helps her blast out tight turns. Her outline offer surprising maneuverability in all types of waves.

It’s the perfect compliment to the Catch in the waves, and still maintains the surface needs for solid stomping in Freestyle.

Built in FSP for a better compromise between weight/solidity and equipped with a 3D Function Pad that covers 2/3rds of the deck for comfort and maximum grip. The 3 Boxes are FCS II, for more rigidity and easier, tool-less, in and out.

The perfect 50/50 Board for Freestyle-Surf !

Ideal Conditions :

  • Ideal wave size : ankle to shoulder.
  • Strength :  at her best in mushy/normal waves..
  • Type : all conditions, even in the chop and wind.

Ideal wind range :

  • Less than 75 kg : 12 nds -> your maximum
  • 75 kg to 95 kg : 14 nds -> your maximum
  • More than 95 kg : 16 nds -> your maximum
  • Skill minimum : lightweight beginner.


  • Rocker : lifted for max maneuverability.
  • Rails : hard at the tail and round at nose giving feeling 100% modern.
  • Volume : within standards for mad performance.
  • Outline : floaty nose.
  • Tail : Bat tail with channel on bottom for max control and acceleration.
  • Nose : diamond round nose for better paddling and for tricks.

Stock Dimensions

  • Length : 5’0 = 152 cm
  • Width : 21” 5/8 = 48,6 cm
  • Thickness : 2″ 1/8 = 5,4 cm
  • Volume : 22 litres
  • One foot off nose : 15″ 9/16 = 39,6 cm
  • One foot off tail : 15″ 5/16 = 39 cm
  • Rocker total : 14,8 cm
  • Tail : Bat Tail
  • Nose : diamond round nose
  • Fins : tri-fin
  • FSP Weight : 3,6 kg (weight margins + or – 5%)

Innovation is at the core of our Boards

Technology FSP kitesurf :

  • Board 100% Epoxy over EPS 15kg/m3 foam with 3mm wood stringer: solid and light.
  • Deck and Bottom in vaccum sandwiched PVC 3mm 80kg/m3 : unrivaled solidity and outstanding dynamism.
  • Deck: Full PVC/fiberglass sandwich with high density PVC foam  and 3 layers of fiberglass 4 and 6oz, carbon fiber 6oz reinforced under the foot zones.
  • Bottom : Full PVC/fiberglass sandwich with high density PVC foam and 2 layers of fiberglass 4 and 6oz reinforced stress zones notably around Fin boxes.
  • Epoxy hot coat: light and strong.
  • Pu hot coat for a better finish.
  • Preshaped with CNC (computer-numerical-controlled), shape rigorously controlled from traditional templates, 100% hand finished.
  • Hand mat finish for the best glide, and low scratches sensitivity.
  • The FSP is easily repairable in case of ding damage. Waterproof sandwich PVC foam, avoiding water ingress coming from daily dings.
  • This technology offers at an affordable price, the unrivaled strength/lightness compromise of vaccum full sandwich PVC.
  • It’s THE kitesurf technology, high quality and solid.

Buying guide

Included equipments

  • 3 FCS II Glass Flex Fins for Tri-Fin mounting.
  • 2 lateral boxes, 1 central box FCS II, high resistance permitting trifin mounting.
  • New 3D Function : front pad + tail pad + boomerangs,  5 mm thick, grooved, installed during fabrication and procure absolute comfort and feeling.
  • Inserts, screws and washers included for mounting your straps (not included).
  • Concrete Fixed Plug at tail.


GONG Kiteboard Fatal 5’0 FSP : 449€

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 899€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).



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