489,00789,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

2021/2022 Single strut kite with a very versatile program.

Available in 6 sizes: 5 sqm, 7 sqm, 9 sqm, 10,5 sqm, 12 sqm and 14 sqm.

Available in 3 colours: Green/Black ,Blue/Green and Yellow/Blue.

(Size chart)

489,00789,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Pay in multiple installments or deferred payment 30 days Service available for orders of €150 or more.



New version of our hyper light single strut kite for all styles not too powered.


Lightweight thanks to its unique inflatable strut, but powerful, it’s ideal for those who like to ride underpowered in foil or surf!

With its featherweight, it flies in very little air. But beyond this undeniable strong point, it delivers astounding performance due to its lightness: extreme handling, super healthy steering, intuitive drifting… The Unik will work in all fields thanks to its tiny size.

It’s ultra versatile to adapt to multiple disciplines: foil, surf, TT. We love it with a foil for its depth of power which allows you to underpower, and its incredible relaunch capacities which secure your sessions. In surfing, we will surpass the maneuverability / featherweight combo. It’s really formidable in the low range. And when well powered it’s guaranteed airtime! It rises really high in jumps and the kiteloops are so much fun! Finally a really light kite capable of satisfying those who push far with their directional board but also those who sail with a TT.

The Unik is not just a light kite that relaunches easily. It is a high performance kite, served by a very serious construction.

The new version adopts more squat ears. The gain in nervousness is obvious. The new Unik is punchier, more hardcore, more perf… but still just as light and formidable in low range.


Conceived and designed on Surfplan (the best 3D kite design software, used by the biggest brands, a guarantee of our seriousness), the Unik stands out by its beauty on the water.

Patrice Guénolé and his team of engineers are GONG employees who work with the Team all year round on the development of our kites. Unlike many brands that order kiteq from an independent designer, GONG kites are not a commercial variation of a model you will find at five or ten other brands. At GONG you have original kites with a real axis of development. We like the kites that glide, that fly healthily, and that fly like a real 4 lines kite. Our kites work in a maximum of conditions because what matters to us is to perform every day and in any weather.

The DNA of our kites is no different from that of GONG: pure gliding. So you won’t find any tricks or marketing plans in our kites. You have in your hands a kite of experts who know that R&D is a constant effort to improve the deep qualities of a kite down to the details.



All of our kites come with a premium bag and repair kit. To comply with the new navigation regulations, we have integrated a plastic label on the lower surface, at the level of the ear, to enter the owner’s personal information: name, first name, telephone and address.


The Unik is built with the most premium materials on the market : triple Ripstop T9669, skeleton in DP175LL, Bladders TPU 0,1mm


Your benefits are clear:

1. An efficient shape created by one of the leaders in the world of kites.
2. A design at the cutting edge of R&D and ahead of its time.
3. Proven construction on thousands of kites.
4. Full Options finishing at a great price.
5. A light and solid kite with one of the best technos on the market!!!
6. An incredible price that can only be explained by our direct relationship with you.
7.Simple maintenance and easy repairs because we have all components in stock.



  • sober, light, and elegant.
  • GONG + sizing logos on one ear.
  • Unik logo on the opposite ear.


  • Hybrid C Shape for maximal polyvalence.
  • 1 single struts for perfect stability of profile.
  • Moderate Aspect Ratio for the best Combo of Stability and maneuverability.
  • DP175LL Skeleton: Leading edge, strut, tips and trailing edge are constructed in this fantastic and remarkable tissue that is rigid and maintains its solidity and acts as if it were a real skeleton. Liveliness, Stability, Longlasting Durability.
  • Torquey profile to maximize the low range. This profile is optimized by the large number of segments which refine the 3D shape.
  • Significant ability to drift.
  • Hangtime and generous torque. It’s a kite that has power when asked.

Stock Dimensions

  • Standard valve and one pump express system: super easy to inflate/deflate at lightning speed.
  • 1 Ronstan mini pulley sliding on a Spectra bridle line: Optimum kite reactivity.
  • 3 rear tip anchor points: Gives you choice to augment the kites maneuverability and its light feeling on the bar (great feeling in wave riding), or you may calm down the kite and augment its feeling on the bar for freestyle.
  • Reinforcements on the trailing edge with insignia to avoid flapping.
  • 2 power adjustment knots on the front bridle.
  • Straps at tips of struts and leading edge that help avoid line hooking.
  • Laminated label on the intrados, close to one tip, to write: last name, first name, phone and address.
  • Recommended bar : GONG KITE BAR 49 CM COMPLETE (not included in kite purchase, sold seperately)


Innovation is at the core of our products

Technology Kitesurf kite Unik GONG

GONG Kite Technology

The GONG Kite Unik is made in one of the largest Kite Factories in the world and meets the quality standards of the finest Kites in the world.

It is constructed with the greatest care. The Panels are cut by CNC and entirely assembled by hand by the best workers in the kite Industry.

The materials that we use are amongst the finest. We search for the performance for sure but also we look for endurance and for materials that are time tested.

  • Bridles made from Dyneema and Spectra with Ronstan pullys.
  • High quality triple rip-stop, Teijin T9669 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).
  • Leading Edge, struts, and tips made with Dacron Dimension Polyan DP175LL (the most rigid on the market and also the most costly).
  • Reinforcement patches in PVC 1680D along the leading egde and Struts extremities.
  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm for hardcore reliability.​

A reminder, at the Kites weight – whomever the manufacturer – will vary following 3 main factors :

  • The more reinforced the kite is with concern to material thickness, the higher the weight will be, but also the higher the resistance to crashes and also the longevity of your kite.
  • The SPI is waterproofed by a coating process which preserves its performance in use. The thicker the coating, the heavier the fabric becomes, and also the better it ages over time session quantities. For the record, the exposure of your kite to UV and treated water will gradually destroy this coating.
  • Our kites are equipped with bladders that are 100 microns thick, which is among the thickest on the market. We could easily descend to 60 microns but this would substantially diminish the kites resistance to us : Nosedives, kitemares, crashes, overinflation, etc…


Buying guide

For whom?

From beginner to pro, the Unik is a fabulous kite.

Beginners will love it for its stability. Then for its relaunch, because it’s really an over simple kite to relaunch.

The pro will also love it for this mix of maneuverability and lightness which gives it extreme responsiveness. And the icing on the cake: its drift is crazy.

It’s therefore a kite that can follow you throughout your progress.

What is it for ?

For everything, but preferably less powered than you would be with a 3 strut kite.

Foil of course and surfing in the lightwind, and relaxed TT because a super light kite changes your life.

What size ?

How to choose kitesurfing kite Unik GONG

Depending on your level, your size, the condition of the water and what you have under your feet (foil/surf kite/TwinTip) the wind range will slide up or down. The Freewave range is designed as a quiver, so that you only need to go down one size when you’re overpowered or up one size if you’re underpowered, to be at the top, without asking yourself any more questions.

The constitution of a coherent Unik range is based on wing sizes that are very close in small sizes and more distant in large sizes.

We remind you that kiting is a risky sport. Never go out in conditions that are too strong for your level / weight. Never overestimate yourself. Never practice alone. These wind ranges are for information only, but only you can decide on the day if you should go in the water or not. Please use the utmost caution. Respect the safety instructions inherent to the kite. Thank you.

What is the ideal kite ?

The Strutless for foiling.

The Unik for lightwind sessions.

The Freewave for going big.

Quiver partners ?

The Freewave covers a huge program that goes from TT to foiling, including strapped or strapless surfing. So all possible boards and foils will be compatible with the design of the Unik.

When the wind is absent, a good surfboard or two will save your day. And if you can: the surf foil is almost compulsory. Your kitesurfing hours will combine with those in surfing and your level will skyrocket, as will your pleasure meter.

Which settings ?

Depending on your feeling, you will be able to give it more or less presence in the bar and more or less residual power. It’s up to you to try what suits you best.

Included equipments

  • High quality kite bag with protective foam and large U shaped opening for easy unhindered access..
  • Rapid Repair Kit for Bladders.


GONG KITE UNIK: from 399€

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this kite in a surfshop, it would cost 799€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).



The dates of availability of all our products are written on each product page, in the size and colour of the product concerned.

These dates are valid at the moment you consult the site and/or place an order. It is possible that this product may be ordered a few seconds after your consultation. It then becomes unavailable. If you have placed an order, this change does not concern you: the product you order is still available on the date indicated at the time of your order.

We sell several thousand products per week. The stocks are therefore very evolutionary. But our management always shows you the real availability live.

If it’s available online: it’s available 😉

available online GONG



Some articles are proposed in pre-order during their routing to our premises. You can buy this article which will arrive at our place in a few weeks. This method avoids the fair to grab upon receipt of the lot and the disappointed ones who would not order within the hour.

Upon receipt, we will ship it to you as a regular order.

The times indicated on the pre-orders are 95% reliable. First of all, because we only pre-sell finished products that are arriving to us after Customs, and therefore shipped right after. And also, because we add decent margins with concern to the dates announced by the shipping companies or railways.

However, a Worker Strike, a breakdown, an overbooking, can unfortunately happen. In the case of a delay, you will be notified by email (check your spam). It is generally less than a week and totally independent of our good will.

As soon as we receive the container in La Baule, we ship your order within three working days. Then the carrier takes over: delivery time and tracking numbers are under their responsibility.

It is possible that the date displayed on the online for the pre-order of the item you have ordered and paid for may change for two reasons:

  1. All quantities of the batch are sold (most common reason). In this case, orders placed for the first container will be delivered as scheduled.
  2. The container is late and we have to shift the date by a few days. (Strikes, breakdowns, overbooking, can unfortunately happen). You will be notified by email.

We never change the delivery dates of a container without notifying customers.



The dates that we announce are shipping deadlines, which GONG has in stock and available here physically.

We usually give a shipping time within 3 days, but in most cases, we ship within 24/48 hours. Normally morning orders leave in the afternoon for example.

Then the transport service takes over. The variables are then important between the customer being delivered to France (very fast) or Bulgaria (a good week) or to a forwarding agent or to Asia or the USA… You understand that each location has its own type of delay.

We work with serious and well-known carriers. They do their utmost to make you happy even if a snafu can happen. In any case, we are there to make things easier and to arrange our customers.


Shipping Fees: 

Contrary to others, we do not hide shipping costs in the price of our products. At GONG everyone knows exactly what he pays. The transport is charged at its strictest value, and the person who comes to pick up his products does not pay hidden transport fees.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and volume of each package, and your delivery address. To this is added a labour time of order preparation.

The invoicing of the shipping costs is identical in continental France and in the bordering European countries. A surcharge is automatically invoiced for deliveries to the most distant European countries and all European islands.

For a shipment in French overseas departments and territories or outside Europe, our logistics department will contact you before the payment stage to give you an estimate of the shipping costs. You will be able to accept this estimate and pay your order, or refuse it and cancel your order.

Delivery GONG


Any questions:

We answer you within 24 hours by email. But 95% of your questions are answered on the site. Try to use our contact form which will guide you to all these answers.

Don’t forget to read the Forum, where thousands of users exchange information and experiences.

In any case, don’t panic. If you don’t get an answer during the weekend, it’s normal: the team is resting 😉

We are passionate and professional in our job. Our only goal is to make you happy, as much as possible 😉


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If you ask us for this tracking, we will have to do as you do: we will go see on the carrier’s app because they are the ones who manage and are responsible for this job.



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We have chosen them for their quality of service and their respect of deadlines. 80% of your orders reach their destination in less than 48 hours of processing in metropolitan and continental France.

For Europe, the delays vary from 3 to 6 days depending on the country of destination.

For the rest of the world, delays can be up to 15 days.

Please note that the transport time is added to the preparation/shipping time. Two companies work on your order (GONG and the carrier). Each one controls its activity and commits itself to optimize its delays so that you are delivered as soon as possible, in good condition and at a reasonable price.



You can choose to return your products if:

  • You are not satisfied (14 days right of retraction).
  • You want to change an item.
  • You have refused your package.

For each situation, contact us by our contact form to help you.

10 reviews for GONG KITE UNIK

  1. Guillaume (verified owner)

    Pour le moment j’ai pu tester les 2 seulement en plage basse/moyenne et foil. Le comportement et sensation en barre sont très différents.
    La Unik est très légère en barre, tient en l’air dans vraiment peu de vent et est très “saine”. Elle tourne sans puissance dans les loops et reste bien maniable quand pas trop trimé (après il faut de l’angle à la barre).
    Le décollage est plus rapide en Unik

  2. Marin

    J’ai l’UNIK en 9 et 12. Supers ailes de surf et de foil, le drift est bon, le redécollage est beaucoup plus facile qu’en Strutless et la maniabilité est super. Pour ne rien gâcher l’aile est vraiment jolie en l’air.

  3. Olivier (verified owner)

    J’ai la UNIK en 9m2 et je l’ai toujours avec moi ! De 10 à 35 noeuds selon le support TT / surfkite / foil, ma Unik 9 assure! Elle tourne vite – facile pour amorcer le vol en kitefoil, parfaite tenue du drift en session vague / downwind foil / réception kite loop et bien rassurante en vent fort !!

  4. Fabien

    Je l’adore en foil et surf mais aussi en twintip. Elle est facile avec une bonne présence en barre et surtout super stable.

  5. Thomas Horton (verified owner)

    “J’ai eu différentes tailles de GONG Strutless V1, V2 et V3 ainsi que les premières générations Unik 5.2 et Unik 6.8. Mon feedback concerne uniquement une pratique en kite foil. L’Unik 7.0 est de loin le meilleur de tous les kites GONG que j’ai eu en main. Comparé à l’Unik 6.8, l’Unik 7.0 a une plage basse considérablement meilleure et les downloops sont un peu meilleurs. Lorsque je pose l’Unik 6.8 sur l’Unik 7.0, la différence la plus notable est que les pointes/oreilles de l’Unik 7.0 sont beaucoup plus arrondies. De plus, la valve de gonflage est différente pour l’Unik 7.0 et le marquage sur la canopée indiquant la taille est plus discret. Comme déjà précisé, j’ai déjà eu un certain nombre de kites GONG Strutless et j’ai eu accès à de nombreux kites d’autres marques. Pour moi, l’Unik est de loin plus facile à utiliser en foil que n’importe lequel des kites GONG Strutless ou d’autres marques que j’ai pilotés. J’ai comparé la GONG Unik à une autre marque très connue avec une barre identique avec des lignes Liros DC-PRO SK99 de 25 m. Avec les deux kites réglés pour les vagues, je trouve que la principale différence étant que l’Unik 7.0 a un peu plus de puissance. Je ne remarque aucune différence appréciable entre piloter l’Unik 7.0 avec une barre High-Y ou une barre Low-Y. Enfin, je trouve que l’Unik 7.0 (ainsi que tous les autres kites) fonctionne mieux avec les lignes Liros DC-PRO SK99 qu’avec les lignes de kite ordinaires.”

    “I have owned various sizes of the GONG Strutless V1, V2 and V3 as well as the 1st generation Unik 5.2 and Unik 6.8. The following is relative to kitefoiling. The Unik 7.0 is by far the best of all the GONG kites I have flown. Compared to the Unik 6.8, the Unik 7.0 has a considerably better low end and the downloops are a bit better. When I lay the Unik 6.8 on top of the Unik 7.0, the most noticeable difference is the tips/ears of the 7.0 Unik are much more rounded. Also, the inflate valve is different for the Unik 7.0 and there the markings on the canopy indicating the size are more discreet. As mentioned above, I have previously owned a number of GONG Strutless kites as well as have had access to numerous kites of other brands. For me, the GONG Uniks are by far easier to foil on than any of the numerous GONG Strutless or other brands that I have flown. Using a Bar with 25m Liros DC-PRO SK99 lines with both kites tuned for wave, I compared the Unik 7.0 and a kite of another well known brand. Well, the major difference being that the Unik 7.0 has a bit more power than this other kite. I don’t notice any appreciable difference between flying the Unik 7.0 with a High-Y or a Low-Y bar. Finally, I find the Unik 7.0 (as well as all other kites) perform noticeably better with Liros DC-PRO SK99 lines than with ordinary kite lines.”

  6. Marc (verified owner)

    “J’ai testé la nouvelle 12m² sur 2 navigations en vent onshore avec le Kite Board Alu 5’6, 12-15nds, pour 82kg. Je précise en surf et non en foil.

    L’aile est très stable, la puissance est là. Ce qui m’a surtout marqué, c’est la rigidité par rapport au modèle précédent. Aucune tendance à faire « le poulpe » lorsque l’aile est trop sollicitée. Merci sans doute au nouveau tissu.
    La valve est aussi nouvelle et (selon moi) plus pratique pour gonfler l’aile.
    Enfin, pour comparer aux Strutless que j’adorais en surf, l’aile conserve un drift correct, mais surtout le creux reste mieux maîtrisé. La vitesse de glisse de l’aile et sa légèreté en barre restent agréables. C’est je pense un must en vagues pour le petit temps.”

    “I tested the new 12m² in 2 onshore sessions with the Alu 5’6 kiteboard, 12-15 knots, for 82kg. I specify in surfing and not in foil.

    The kite is very stable, the power is there. What especially impressed me is the rigidity compared to the previous model. No tendency to turn into an “octopus” when conditions get rough. Thanks no doubt to the new fabric.
    The valve is also new and (in my opinion) more practical for inflating the kite.
    Finally, compared to the Strutless kites that I loved in surfing, the kite maintains a good drift, but above all the hollow remains better controlled. The gliding speed of the kite and its lightness in the bar remain pleasant. I think it’s a must in waves for light winds.”

  7. Andreas (verified owner)

    “Hier, j’ai testé le nouvelle Unik 9m² dans des conditions de light wind. J’étais donc un peu sous-toilé avec un shortboard de 30 litres. Je pèse environ 95 kg et avec cette configuration kite+planche, je peux planer dès 12-13 nœuds et jusqu’à 22-23 nœuds.

    Je dirais que la plage parfaite pour ce kite est de 15-22 nœuds. Au-dessus de je passe à la planche à voile. J’utilise uniquement la Unik en strapless. Je ne fais que du waveriding et j’aime beaucoup cette combo en surf. Pour le vent faible et le surf sous-toilé, l’Unik fournit une bonne puissance et un bon depower en cas de besoin avec une bonne plage d’utilisation.

    Personnellement, je suis moins fan de faire voler ce kite quand je suis surtoilé. Je pense qu’il existe de meilleurs kites pour cela. D’ailleurs ce n’est pas le programme de ce kite. J’ai également utilisé l’Unik avec 3 configurations de barres différentes. Je recommande d’y porter une attention particulière (la longueur des lignes) car cela affecte le comportement du kite. La barre de série de GONG fonctionne parfaitement pour moi.

    Le fait que ce soit déjà ma deuxième génération d’Unik en dit assez. Je suis un grand fan et le kite m’a déjà apporté beaucoup de plaisir, notamment dans les conditions difficiles.”

    “Yesterday I tested the new unik 9 meter in lightwind and also well powered conditions together with a 5’4 surfboard of 30 liter. I weigh around 95 kilograms and with this setup I can get started at around 12-13 knots up to 22-23 knots.

    The perfect range for the kite for my stats I would say is 15-22 knots. Above these winds I switch to windsurfing. I use it only strapless, I do waveriding only and I like this setup a lot. For low wind and underpowered surfing the Unik provides good power and depower when needed with a good range. Personally I’m not a fan of flying this kite really overpowered.

    I think there are better kites out there for this and intentionally this kite is not made for this. I have flown the Unik also with 3 different bar setups and I would recommend having this dialled (especially line length) as this can affect the behaviour of the kite. The standard GONG bar works perfectly for me. The fact that this is already my second generation of Unik kite says enough.

    I’m a big fan and the kite has already brought me a lot of pleasure especially in less than perfect conditions.”

  8. NAGOT jj (verified owner)

    Je viens de faire 4 navigation enTT de 10 à 20 nds .j ´en suis très satisfait.bonne plage basse,quand ça monte ,on encaisse bien et de plus tous on trouvé s que je capais comme un fou.
    TT 40 / 44 pour 65 kg

  9. Yohann

    Je possède l’ancien modèle en 12.9 , donc pas 2021 mais bon sensiblement la même chose , construction très bien , prix imbattable , elle ne cap pas bien même avec une planche freerace tire trop en latéral avance pas dans la fenêtre , maniabilité moyenne , puissance dans les molles il y plus rien autrement sa manque un peut quand même , bon pour le tiki sa va , pour un premier achat petit budget c’est une bonne aile tranquille , pour le foil sais pas pas le niveau pour avoir un avis, après le prix est top , ( pour info je navigue avec 5 marques différentes d’ailes )

  10. Marc mondeteguy (verified owner)

    12m 2021 testée sur 2 navigations en vent onshore, surf Alu 5’6, 12-15nds, pour 82kg. Je précise en surf et non en foil.
    L’aile est très stable, la puissance est là. ce qui m’a marqué surtout, c’est la rigidité par rapport au modèle 2020. Aucune tendance à faire « le poulpe » lorsque l’aile est trop sollicitée. Merci sans doute au niveau tissus.
    La valve est aussi nouvelle et (selon moi) plus pratique pour gonfler l’aile.

    Enfin pour comparer aux strutless que j’adorais en surf, l’aile conserve un drift correct, mais surtout le creux reste mieux maîtrisé, la vitesse de glisse de l’aile et sa légèreté en barre reste agréable, c’est je pense un must en vagues pour le petit temps .


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