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Single strut kite with a very versatile program.

Available in 7 sizes: 3,3 sqm, 4,4 sqm, 5,2 sqm, 6,8 sqm, 9 sqm, 10,2 sqm and 12,9 sqm.

Available in 6 colours: red, green, white/red, white/green, yellow and blue.

Take advantage of 30% OFF by ordering this kite.

Price includes VAT, shipping excluded
  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Shipping possible all over the world


Take advantage of 30% OFF by ordering this kite.

Function :

Single strut kite, with a very versatile program.


The Unik is a brand new kite profil. It perfectly mixes up the slenderness of a Strutless V3 (with a lower aspect ratio) with the temper of a more powerful with a significant and advanced hollow.

Conceived and designed on Surfplan (the best 3D conceptual software in the Kite world as used by all major Brands), the Unik actually hits you by its beauty.

The second important point is that, with the Unik, you can do everything.

Unik kites are designed to be very versatile and to adapt to any riding types (TT, strapless, surf, foil).

Light and with its single inflatable strut, the Unik flies in pretty much nothing. Perfect for those who love to ride underpowered with a foil.

It’s also an amazing kite for surfing because it’s very manoeuvrable and light. It has a crazy drift and an impressive responsiveness which will excite the curves fans.

Finally, with quite a big kite and well strapped, you gonna get the lifting feeling for sure! It goes up very fast and kite loops are an absolute treat.

Plus, a very light kite that will satisfy those who surf with a directionnal, and those who ride with a TT.

The Uniks are built with the highest quality materials on the market : Teijin triple Rip-stop (T9669), DPL175LL skeleton, TPU 0,1mm bladders.

To comply with the new navigation regulations, we have integrated a laminated label on the intrados, close to one tip, to put the owner’s personal information on it: last name, first name, phone and address.

Design :

  • Sober, light and elegant.
  • Logo GONG + sizing on one tip.
  • Logo Unik on the opposite tip


  • Hybrid C Shape for maximal polyvalence.
  • 1 single Strut to combine stability of profile, and light weight.
  • Moderate Aspect Ratio for the best Combo of Stability and maneuverability.
  • DP175LL Skeleton : Leading Edge, Strut, Tips and Trailing Edge are constructed in this fantastic and remarkable Tissue that is rigid and maintains its solidity and acts as if it were a real skeleton. High Strung, Stability, Longlasting Durability.
  • Powerful Profile to maximize performance in light conditions. This profile is optimized by the important number of segments that refine the 3D Shape.
  • Strong capacity for Drift.
  • Generous Hangtime and Torque. It’s a Kite that has immediat power when you need it.

Stock Dimensions

  • Large Diameter Screw Valve and One Pump Express System : Super Easy to Inflate/Deflate at lightning speed.
  • 1 Ronstan Mini Pulley sliding on a Spectra bridle line : Optimum Kite reactivity.
  • 3 Rear Tip Anchor Points : Gives you choice to augment the Kites maneuverability and its soft feeling on the Bar (great feeling in waveriding), or you may calm down the Kite and augment its feeling on the Bar for Freestyle style.
  • Reinforcements on the trailing edge with insignia to avoid flapping.
  • Straps at tips of Struts that help avoid line hooking.
  • Laminated label on the intrados, close to one tip, to write: last name, first name, phone and address.
  • Recommended Bar : GONG KITE BAR 49 cm COMPLETE (not included in kite purchase, sold seperately).


Innovation is at the core of our Boards

GONG Kite Technology :

The GONG Kites Unik are made in one of the largest Kite Factories in the world and meets the quality standards of the finest Kites in the world.

It is constructed with the greastest care. The Panels are cut by CNC and entirely assembled by hand by the best workers in the Kite Industry.

The materials that we use are amongst the finest. We search for the performance for sure but also we look for endurance and for materials that are time tested.

  • Bridles made from Dyneema and Spectra with Ronstan Pullys.
  • High quality triple rip-stop, Teijin T9669 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).
  • Leading Edge, struts, and tips made with Dacron Dimension Polyan DP175LL (the most rigid on the market and also the most costly).
  • Struts Bumpers in EVA for protection against friction.
  • Reinforcement patches in PVC 1680D along the Leading Egde and Struts extremities.
  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm for hardcore reliability.

A reminder, at the Kites weight – whomever the manufacturer – will vary following 3 main factors :

  • The more reinforced the Kite is with concern to material thickness, the higher the weight will be, but also the higher the resistance to crashes and also the longevity of your Kite.
  • The SPI is waterproofed by a coating process which preserves its performance in use. The thicker the coating, the heavier the fabric becomes, and also the better it ages over time session quantities. For the record, the exposure of your Kite to UV and treated water will gradually destroy this coating.
  • Our Kites are equipped with Bladders that are 100 microns thick, which is among the thickest on the market. We could easily descend to 60 microns but this would substantially diminish the Kites resistance to us : Nosedives, Kitemares, crashes, overinflation, etc…

Buying guide

Surface d’aile et plage de vent :

Suivant votre niveau, votre gabarit, l’état du plan d’eau et ce que vous avez sous les pieds (foil/surfkite/TwinTip) les plages de vent vont glisser vers le haut ou vers le bas. La gamme Unik est pensée dans sa globalité, en quiver, afin qu’il vous suffise de descendre d’une taille lorsque vous êtes à la rue ou de monter d’une taille si vous êtes sous toilé, pour être au top, sans vous poser plus de question.
La constitution d’une gamme Unik cohérente passe par des tailles d’ailes très proches en petites surfaces et plus éloignées dans les grandes tailles.

Nous vous rappelons que le kite est un sport à risque. Ne sortez jamais dans des conditions trop fortes pour votre niveau / poids. Ne vous surestimez jamais. Ne pratiquez jamais seul. Ces plages de vent annoncées le sont à titre informatif mais vous seul êtes aptes à décider le jour J si vous devez aller à l’eau ou non. S’il vous plait, faites preuve de la plus grande prudence. Respectez les consignes de sécurités inhérentes au kite. Merci.

Included equipments

  • High quality kite bag with protective foam and large U shaped opening for easy unhindered access.
  • Rapid Repair Kit for Bladders.


GONG kite Unik : from 399€

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this kite in a surfshop, it would cost 799€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).

3 reviews for GONG KITE UNIK 2020

  1. Marco (verified owner)

    I bought the Unik for foiling, but also used it for surfing and twintipping. Yesterday I had an amazing session with the Unik 9.0.
    Very gusty, 10-18 knots. The kite performed very well. Most were amazed that I was on a 9, while everyone else was on a 12 or bigger.

    Love te kite, I have a 9, 6.7 and 4.4.


  2. Enrico Signoretti (verified owner)

    I bought this kite only for the price after reading a couple of reviews. I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m impressed and I would buy it again.
    3 sessions so far, here my comments:
    perfect for hydrofoiling (I have a 10.2 and can easily kite with 9/10Kn of wind – my weight it 77 and I’m a beginner), good feeling at the bar, always fast and responsive. good upwindability.
    I also tried it with my TT (15/18Kn) and it is good for freeride as well – this also means it has a very good range in the end!
    Jumps and hooked tricks are ok (not awesome, just ok), the kite is clearly not designed for it but you can have some fun anyway.
    A pleasure with surfboard (didn’t try it with waves – only choppy water), doesn’t pull hard and manages wind lulls and gusts very smoothly.
    My kid (12y – 42Kg) loves it as well, he can go out with the TT at 8Kn now (probably less in flat water).
    Perfect kite for schools IMO, very easy to relaunch from water, and you can fly it with very light wind minimizing risks.
    Well built, good materials, nothing fancy or earth-shattering but sewing is well made (no threads around), protection patches in the right places, and all the rest. I don’t like the single pump valve (well protected with a velcro cap, but you can easily get sand into the bladder). The backpack is huge (too big actually) and has no pockets (not even a small one for the repair kit). IMO, it would be better to have a compression bag instead (better for traveling), but I understand that most people think backpacks add value to the kite.
    I’d buy it again, price/value is excellent.

  3. Jean-pierre

    Ah… cette Gong Unik 2020 ! Quelle aile !
    En fait, c’est une aile très… “surprenante”. Dans ce terme, il faut comprendre qu’on ne réalise pas comment une aile peut être aussi efficace avec de si petites tailles par rapport au vent enregistré, et se tenir aussi loin au-dessus de sa plage de vent en même temps !
    Je parle ici de la 10’2 m2 qui est une aile faite pour les petits airs principalement, et plutôt pour un programme speedcrossing, freestyle. je l’utilise dès 8 à 9 nd de vent avec ma MATATA équipée d’ailerons, et on peut descendre encore plus bas avec le foil … (je fais 83 kg)
    Incroyable, dès qu’elle vole, on peut se mettre à l’eau. Il suffit juste d’envoyer l’aile assez sèchement, d’abattre, et là, vous accélérez d’un coup, porté par le vent apparent qui se crée. La vitesse atteinte est alors insoupçonnée pour cette taille avec si peu de vent ! Elle reste très rigide avec son nouveau tissu, bien calée, et vous fait passer les trous de vents sans problème. Lors des jibes, attention à bien engager l’aile avec la barre pour une rotation rapide si on le souhaite; sinon, ça se fera en douceur…Pour ma part, pour les vagues, je préfère les FreeWave plus rapides.
    La UNIK est une aile tres stable, idéale pour l’apprentissage, ou le speedcrossing et qui ravira les freestyler également dans les sauts et les figures avec un bon pop .
    La construction est béton, mais notez qu’il faut bien gonfler à bloc cette aile pour en avoir tout le potentiel. Les multiples réglages sauront satisfaire les experts, mais les réglages d’origine avec les boules rouges sur les lignes permettent déjà d’exploiter cette aile dans de multiples conditions. Le trim est aussi tres efficace en cas de survente, ou rafales imprévues.
    Bref, encore un produit idéal pour s’amuser dès 8-9 nd de vent, voir moins en foil…jusqu’à 20-25 nds.
    Merci encore à GONG pour tous ces jouets de qualité fournis depuis des années à un prix accessible !

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