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New release of our foil kite dedicated to performance.

Available in several colors and surface : 6 sqm, 8 sqm, 10 sqm, 12 sqm, 15 sqm and 17 sqm.

End-of-series – Take advantage of 30% OFF by ordering this kite in sales.

Price includes VAT, shipping excluded
  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
  • Shipping possible all over the world


End-of-series – Take advantage of 30% OFF by ordering this kite in sales.

Function :

New release of our foil kite dedicated to performance.

Introduction :

The Strutless V3 is the latest version of our strutless inflatable kite. L’Ours has developed this Kite in colaboration with one of the best Kite designers in the world with the goal of making a super light kite with amazing flying qualities and an uncomparable feeling.

Conceived and designed on Surfplan (the best 3D conceptual software in the Kite world as used by all major Brands) the strutless is a very fast kite. It has a surprising wide range of use in low wind where its significant stability and gliding allow you to fly without any struggle.

They are more elongated, with flowing tips, the profil is hollower giving you a kite that gains 99% in comparison  to criteria with its previous version, the V2.

The strutless V3 goes faster, more upwind and always combine with an incredible confort and a very high level of liveliness, lightness and dynamism while kiting.

It’s also softer and easier. It stays by itself in the air without any disturbing shocks for the kitesurfer. It’s reassuring and relaxing, therefore, we can use quite a big kite and go way faster.

Because it is more powerful and manoeuvrable, air tacks are a piece of cake.

The Strutless offers, for example, the ability to ease the kite, immediately and efficiently, in full window without having to get it out of the window. It’s a total comfort while navigating that classic struted kite can’t offer. Ideal for foiling.

A huge work has been done on the bridles with two specifics: an exceptionnal manoeuvrability even in the lightest conditions, and a flowing and progressing depower to highly enhance the stability.

If the more rounded and flowing tips ease the reverse of the kite landed on the water on its tip, the relaunching in reverse is a piece of cake and it simplifies certain situations. The Strutless V3 behaves like a kite that wants to fly forward AND backwards by pulling more or less the backlines. We can relaunch it faster with less wind. A must have for foiling.

The integration of a penetration sleeve to middle of the spinnaker to insert a fiberglass strut, which is in the kite bag, has several advantages:

  • Maintaining high speed profil. The leading edge does’nt go backward in the hollow: Maximum stability therefore, crazy performances.
  • Very thin strut which maintains the typical depower and flap of the Strutless, and to roll it up in the kite bag.
  • This set up is very efficient for foiling, freeride sessions with a directionnal board while keeping the main characteristics of these kites, a shape that is very fast and high performance.

The 40% loss of volume gained over struted kites is a real advantage when traveling, but that is not the main arguement, the real qualities are in the air!

Strutless V3 kites are designed to be easy to use and without hassles : 30sec inflation, fast mounting, adjustments reduced to absolute minimum, easy launching.

The Strutless V3 kites are built with the highest quality materials on the market : Teijin double Rip-stop(T9670), DPL175LL skeleton, TPU 0,1mm bladders.

Design :

  • Sober, light and elegant.
  • GONG KITE logos +sizing on tips.
  • Strutless logo on the opposite tips.


  • Strutless hybrid shape for maximum weight loss.
  • High aspect ratio for a maximum gliding and high performances for upwind and speed.
  • Skeleton DP175LL : leading edge and tips are manufactured with this fantastic tissue, rigid and solid, that act as a real skeleton for the Kite. High Strung, stability, durability.
  • Segmented Leading Edge (22 segments), thin sections in the middle for maximum flow and thicker sections on the tips for better wind hold and maneuverability. A super compromise between power, relaunch, maneuverability while offering excellant rigidity.
  • Thin profile for maximizing the flow. This profile is optimized by the numerous amount of segments that refine the 3D shape.
  • Recoiled hollow that excelerates kite speed :High control of the speed, wind and great upwind performances.
  • Ability to de-power completely. In the middle of the window you can instantly kill the power by releasing. At the zentih the kite auto-stabalizes due to the flap created on the Draft zone.
  • Rounded and flowing tips facilitating the tilting of the kite during relaunch and while handling.

Stock Dimensions

  • Large diameter air valve (screw) and system one pump express : super easy to inflate/deflate, lightning fast!!
  • Bridles, simple, 1 inox ring sliding on a Spectra Bridle : direct handlebar feeling.
  • 3 Rear Ear Anchor Points : Gives you choice to augment the Kites maneuverability and it’s easy feeling on the Bar, or you may calm down the Kite and augment its feeling on the Bar.
  • 2 adjusting knots (for power) on leading bridles.
  • Straps sown into leading extremities to avoid hooking or entanglement.
  • Recommended bar : GONG KITE BAR 49 cm for the 6sqm to the 12sqm and GONG KITE BAR 69 cm for the 15 sqm and 17sqm (not included with product, sold seperately, thank you).


Innovation is at the core of our Boards

GONG Kite Technology :

The GONG Strutless kite is manufactured in one of the two biggest kite factories in the world using the highest quality standards.
Fabricated with the greastest care. The panels are cut using CNC and entirely assembled and sown by hand by the best artisans in the kite industry.
The materials used are by far the most noble. We demand are look for performance but also endurance and longevity and also materials that have proven themselves.

  • Bridles in Dyneema and Spectra, pulleys from Ronstan.
  • High quality double rip-stop, Teijin T9670 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).
  • Leading edge and latte in Dacron Dimension Polyan DP175LL (the most solid on the market, and most expensive).
  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm : un-failing reliability.

A reminder, at the Kites weight – whomever the manufacturer – will vary following 3 main factors :

  • The more reinforced the Kite is with concern to material thickness, the higher the weight will be, but also the higher the resistance to crashes and also the longevity of your Kite.
  • The SPI is waterproofed by a coating process which preserves its performance in use. The thicker the coating, the heavier the fabric becomes, and also the better it ages over time session quantities. For the record, the exposure of your Kite to UV and treated water will gradually destroy this coating.
  • Our Kites are equipped with Bladders that are 100 microns thick, which is among the thickest on the market. We could easily descend to 60 microns but this would substantially diminish the Kites resistance to us : Nosedives, Kitemares, crashes, overinflation, etc…

Buying guide

Nous vous rappelons que le kite est un sport à risque. Ne sortez jamais dans des conditions trop fortes pour votre niveau / poids. Ne vous surestimez jamais. Ne pratiquez jamais seul. Ces plages de vent annoncées le sont à titre informatif mais vous seul êtes aptes à décider le jour J si vous devez aller à l’eau ou non. S’il vous plait, faites preuve de la plus grande prudence. Respectez les consignes de sécurités inhérentes au kite. Merci.

Included equipments

  • High quality kite bag, with thick foam padding and large U shaped opening for no-hassle packing.
  • Rapid bladder repair kit.
  • Fiberglass strut.

Pricing and payments

GONG kite Strutless V3 : from 549€ 

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this kite in a surfshop, it would cost 1099€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).

6 reviews for GONG KITE STRUTLESS V3

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Holger Schwarze

    Hi! Coming right from the water after a superbe Session with the Strutless 12 V2! Flew a loved Naish Ride the years before and tried it once more for the old days before selling & it was a complete schock how lame and dead that sack hung in the Sky compared to yours! It is a total new sport & fun in low wind strapless kiting! Today even in too much wind! no trouble! incomparable low wind & still fun in over power! And you almost forget that you fly a kite while riding waves! even in onshore! it always reacts even if you ride with the wave right into the lines! And because of a lot of great sessions I got the 10er V3 too and that one is absolut mind blowing with even less bar pressure and therefore more of that free surf feeling! I am totally in love with the strutless kites! Maybe they even kill my best cabos in future after todays performance! Never thought that they could stand that much overpower! And it is so easy to get them started that I do it always with a smile!) They gave me a new kick for strapless kiting & lift my level like hell! Great work! thx & greetz gong team!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Holmstrom

    I have been flying the Gong Strutless V3 6m kite now for a bunch of sessions in the San Francisco Bay. I also have a Gong Strutless v2 9m kite (my original purchase). In short, these kites are amazing! A little background. I have been kiting since 2003 and ride twice a week. I ride foils, surfboards, twin tips, race boards. I have owned +20 kites over the years. I travel the world and mostly kite in the heavy winds of the San Francisco Bay. I have been using a new, Ozone bar with my kite and a RRD foil. I weigh 200 pounds and ride with a wetsuit. Total weight (without board) is probably around 220lbs.

    I bought these kites to ride on my foil and am seriously impressed. They are well built and perform on all conditions. Given their design, they stay in the air long after most kites would fall out of the sky. These kites are light wind machines! In heavy winds, they have tremendous power and maintain their shape. If my 9m is able to stay up in the air, I can ride up wind. Their drift characteristics , given the design and light weight, allow a range of kite and board locations while on foil. It feels like both kites generate more power than their numbers suggest. The strut is removable and easily rolls into a ball, smaller than the packed kite. Both fit in the bag with much room to spare. I have foiled on my 6m in winds of 10 to 35 mph. I have foiled on the 9m in winds of 8 to 28 mph. Able to adapt and stay up wind in both scenarios.

    Re-launch with the strut is magic on the water. Simple way to keep the canopy above the water line.

    The only gripe I have is that with the strut, bar positioning to keep the flap of the kite to a minimum is key. I don’t think the flap of the kite causes any performance issue as it happens when overpowered and sheeting out. I have not flown another strutless kite so I don’t know if it is the design of strutless kites generally or this kite specifically.

    Overall, getting two kites (6m and 9m) for much less than one Cloud is a real value!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tom Horton

    Last week I flew my friend’s newest generation 8m Cloud Kite. Comparing the 8m Cloud to my 8m Gong Strutless:
    The Gong has a higher Aspect Ratio design than the Cloud.
    The Gong weighs about 1 1/4 lbs more than the Cloud.
    The Gong is a fraction of the price of the Cloud.
    The Gong has a good backpack while the Cloud comes in a sack.
    The Gong glides faster than the Cloud.
    The Gong goes up wind better than the Cloud.
    Both the Gong and the Cloud have excellent drift characteristics.
    Both the Gong the the Cloud sit nicely at the zenith.
    I fly my 8m Gong Strutless with a surfboard when all my friends (who weigh essentially the same as me) are flying their 9m and 10m Strutted Kites with a surfboard.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Roberti guillaume

    Cette 12m Strutless V3 est superbe, top pour le foil dans le light.
    Je confirme la plage d’utilisation idéale pour moi 85 kg : 6 à 12 nds (ça passe les molles de 4 à 5 nds et les rafales à 15nds)
    Elle a surtout été améliorée coté sustentation par rapport à la V2 : c’est top pour les manœuvres et les sauts.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laurent Lenssens (verified owner)

    Bonjour, moi par contre j ‘ai la 12m². Cela part tres tot. J’estime 6 à 8 nds. J’emploie cette voile jusqu’a 12-13 nds. Apres une 7.5 avec tubes fait l’affaire. En tres petit temps je n’emploie pas la latte. La voile reste un peu plus stable en l’air.
    Redécollage ok si l’on a pieds, sinon je n’y crois pas trop. Probablement manque de technique
    Résumé, top voile, super content pour le foil.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m using 10m strutless V3 since two months. Amazing light wind kite. I’m 75 kg on freeride foil wing. It’s unbelievable how low this kite can go. If you pair it with the line extensions it takes you out in 6 knots, no problem. Reverse relaunch is awesome, worked for me couple of times. Kite is well made with, canopy looks good. For me high end is pretty low since I don’t ride very good. From 10 knots I prefer to be on smaller strutted kite. I’m so happy that guys from Gong recommended size 10 cause 12 will be to much. Perfect kite for ultra light wind riding if you are not in to foil kites.

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