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Freeride: only compatible with our kite foil front wings.

Accessible and performing Kite foil. A large spare parts offer enables evolution.

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Foil : Foils allow you to ride hard at 6kts, and even less.


The foil is the ultimate tool to go off in light wind and more. 3 times the speed of the wind, incredibly tight angles with an “in-flight” navigational pleasure unheard of before now.

The Allvator Foil by GONG has been developed to become the reference point of easy access into the sport not only technically but financially and also for an evolution to the highest level.

The main difference between the version Full Carbon/G10 Hellvator resides in the entry facility and the Alleviator stability at low speeds.

The largest part of the work done on this Foil was intended to leave you with fully stable ensemble at low speeds and which conserves the right aptitudes at higher speeds and proper navigation with stronger winds.

The spec sheet is fully respected, this Foil makes it incredibly easy to get into the sport for beginners, it is reassuring, its behavior precise and easy to anticipate.

It is also an interesting choice for an experienced rider who wants a Foil with the right lift in lower speeds allowing them to work the kite high without having to constantly work in opposition to the Foil.. Its upwind performance is excellent, and her max speed isn’t hindered, and much higher than what most of the other Foils on the market offer which are more focused on lift at low speeds.

It is available today with a 65cm (712 cm2) Wing and a 45cm (272 cm2) Stab, a configuration that permits the exploitation of the slightest breeze as much as the strongest winds. It is completely dismountable and the customization choices are many, cost effective and our spare parts catalog well stacked.


Innovation is at the core of our products

Our wings are made of 90% Prepreg 3K carbon, with more than 15 layers of carbon fiber in total. High stress points such as the joints and connections are reinforced with Kevlar to resist tearing and glass for tolerance. Moulded at high pressure and high temperature on a foam core, our wings are practically indestructible. Both rigid and floating, they are the perfect balance between contained weight and infinite durability.

This technology has been tested and proven for over two years without any breakage on 10,000 ALLVATOR foil wings. In the event of a violent impact on a rock, you can easily repair them and they will be as good as new.
You will never see a GONG wing open on a leading edge because our unique draping technique crosses the layers of fibres. So there is no line of joint on our wings. The entire outline has overlapping gaps, just like the rails on your top of the range boards.

Masts, deck and fuselage are made of aluminium for a contained price. We use high quality aluminium, extruded for the mast and CNC cut for the other parts.
This foil is completely dismountable to adapt to all sports at a lower cost and give you the possibility to replace a damaged part. A complete spare parts catalogue is available, to allow you to make it compatible with multiple supports (surf/SUP/kite), and to explore the full range of use of the foil in every sport and at every level.
Please note that GONG is at the forefront of foil development. We have been at the forefront of the creation of the largest foil factory that produces the major brands today. 18 months of intense work and dozens of tools developed. So don’t imagine that our foils are made in a gloomy garage. We develop all our products according to the rules of the art, with state-of-the-art 3D software, countless tests, with a Team at the highest level. This is one of the reasons why we can offer low prices and clean products: we know what we are doing from A to Z.

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Included equipments

  • 1 Allvator Aluminium 80cm mast.
  • 1 Allvator aluminium kite fuselage.
  • 1 Allvator Fiber (50% glass, 50% 3K carbon) kite 65cm wing.
  • 1 Allvator Fiber (50% glass, 50% 3K carbon) kite stab.
  • 1 top plate adapter.
  • 1 screw and tool complete kit.
  • 1 transport bag (disassembled foil).


GONG KiteFoil Allvator Freeride: 399€

  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this Foil in a surfshop, it would cost 799€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).


  1. (verified owner)

    Bought it as a total newbie in foiling! As experienced in kiting for 10+ years I bought it to test and to “try foiling” Well it’s super super easy. You can’t go wrong I’m on my 15 sessions right now and all I can say is don’t think too much just order one. Lots of fun for low wind. With an open c kite 10m2 (nothing low-wind), you can go out if the kite stays in the air at 12 o’clock in approx 6-8knots. Just don’t crash your kite because it’s almost impossible to relaunch it – prepare for swimming.
    Build quality is great. The only downside is weight – but when once in the water it’s pointless.
    Performance is great you can really go fast and it stays stable, super fun in tight turns(jibes).
    Don’t think just order one new world will open to you – its like riding a snowboard in deep powder. definitely after progression will order more stuff from you. Thanks

  2. Thomas Horton

    Fun and user friendly!
    Gong foils review by Chris Beech and Tom Horton ALLVATOR 65CM (bigger) WING WITH 90CM MAST: (I won’t review the 60cm wing set up except to say it is nearly identical in all respects to the 65, except you gain about 2mph top speed.) Pro: Planes up very early. Stable at low end speeds as well as high end speeds. Pitch: Neutral even as speeds increase with no tendency to pitch up. Roll: Stable, but not so much as to be difficult to turn, and remains playful even at speed. Yaw: Stable, but again, not so much as to inhibit turning or maneuvering. No tendency to wander in choppy water, as some foils that are maneuverable tend to do. Stalling is gentle and not abrupt as some foils are. Nice speed range of probably about 7mph with a top end around 18mph with a push to 20mph (maybe 22mph for the smaller wing) on a broad reach. Build quality seems to be quite good. That will be more of a “time will tell” thing though. Cons: Heavy. On paper saying a foil is 1-2lbs heavier doesn’t seem like that much, but carrying to the water, moving the foil around in the water to position for water starts and trying to water start, especially strapless as I was, definitely more difficult because of the weight. Occasionally had a tendency to “fall out” when pushing hard upwind in light chop (caused by the mast going through a small bit of white water which causes the mast cavitation). Many foils I have ridden exhibit this tendency except for higher performance/speed focused foils. Not sure about the finish on the wings/masts, just touched the soft mud bottom in the bay and the wings show surface scratches already. I would say it is an extremely good foil for the price except, IT REALLY IS JUST A VERY GOOD FOIL. Easy to ride yet playful and fun. Let’s be clear, it’s a freeride foil and not going to please someone looking for speed. GONG ALLIVATOR SURFOIL M 150cm2/70cm Basically all of the characteristics listed above except: Planes up very, very early at low speed, like maybe less than 5mph. Slower speed wing so freeride maneuvering is super fun. You can turn toward the kite when jibing, and because you don’t accelerate nearly as much, you don’t “run over the kite” so it doesn’t fall out. Makes learning to maneuver on a foil easier than most, and more fun for advanced riders. I didn’t get to ride it in the waves but rode a wake wave from a boat for a bit and the advantage of the slower foil means you don’t out run the wave and can stay in it to play. Most foils I have ridden quickly get “runaway train” and run well past the wave unless you are very skilled at controlling speed. This foil looks to be huge and unwieldy, but in the water it is fun and playful while remaining stable as described above. Maybe only 2-3 mph slower top speed than the 65cm wing reviewed. It really opened my eyes to riding a much larger surf-foil as a freeride foil. I think I would also recommend it for a beginner as the planning speeds are so low and it doesn’t have the potential to get “runaway train” syndrome if you mishandle the kite or get into overpowered conditions. It’s only real con is it planes so easily, it really needs quite a bit of forward foot pressure to keep it down on initial water starts. This could be hard for a beginner but if used with a board that has tracks, it could be adjusted for by setting the foil at the most rearward setting. Likely as I move forward with buying new foils, they will be of this style/design.

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When you practice Foil you expose yoursef to possible serious Risks. A poor mastering of a Foil can expose you to Cuts and/or Serious Bodily Harm, even Death for youself and possibley others around you.

Foiling should be practiced, in all circumstances, by taking precautions and taking into cosideration all that is involved and associated with SURF/SUP sports. Remember that a Foil is long and has an edge that could cause slicing and is capable of reaching very high speeds. Getting hit by a Foil, or hitting another, can incrue dramatic and highly unwanted consequences.

Always Foil far from others, and in waters that are secure and without obstacle.

Always wear a helmet and protective vest that assures Floatability. Always wear a full body Neoprane Wetsuit.

When handling and manipulating a Foil be careful not to cut yourself along its edges.

GONG does Not Accept and Declines any and all responsability in case of accident that implicates a GONG Foil. The practicing of this sport and the use of our equipment makes the user fully resposable for his/her actions while being a Foil User.

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