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The GONG Kite handlebar: reassuring, simple and comfortable.

Ideal for 4 line Kites.

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  • Direct sale from shaper to surfer.
  • Quality boards conceived in France
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The GONG kite bar stakes everything on safety and comfort.

The assembly and French design make this bar beautiful, light, ergonomic and very well conceived.

Safety has been our number 1 priority: we use the new quick release AKA2 that we have tested for more than a year and which is approved by the AFNOR norms NF S-52 503. The quick release is very simple to release and to re-engage, on land and in the water.

Our second priority was its dynamics. The bar is light with new rigid lines made of Dutch Dyneema with a DHPS 425 kg quality, in very low extension (0,1 %). Hand Sewed in France.
The de-power/trim are made of real Dutch Dyneema (braided in Spain). The lines stand up to 1800 kg. Your kite will be way more responsive and reactive thanks to the lower extension than the Chinese Dyneema.

The 40cm trim to manage the power of the kite is easy, simple and efficient: there is a cleat with a wide spectrum on an inox ring, finished by an ergonomic handle for a solid grip in hand : simple, solid, light and ultra functional.

The bar tube has a small diameter, it comes with a new molded grip made for comfort in all situations, and also the ends of the bar are wrapped in supple EVA : real comfort for your hands and it protects your board in case of collision.

The chicken loop has a very small diameter too to avoid to unhook unintentionally. The chicken loop is therefore, available in 3 different sizes for those who do freestyle. It is assembled with a semi rigid spinning tchoutch which allows the chicken loop to either stay locked in the hook of your harness or to put it on the side to unhook easily.

The Chicken Loop system is assembled on a swivel in which a front lead line passes and connects to the kite leash. The front Ys are located 2m from the bar making them compatible with a variety of kites. The chicken loop’s manual swivel limits the tangling of the front lines as you can occasionally unswivel and untangle the lines by hand so your release is optimal when needed. Very practical for those who don’t make the same number of rotations in both directions. The de-power line is coated for protection.

The de-power/trim and life line combo are coated in plastic to limit the friction as it passes through the bar and it gives you the feeling of lightness. Solid and practical, Sheeting the bar is easy and progressive. The longevity and life span of this system is exceptionally long. The combo offers 50cm of de-power which, as needed can be adjusted with an adjustable stop.

Compatible with all kites that have a maximum trim point with all the lines of equal length.

The 49cm bar is ideal for kite up to 13m2.

The 69cm bar is ideal for 13m2 kites and over.

Our bars are design and made with minimalist pieces that are easy to change. You can change your over used parts here, at Gong kite, for a very small fee in order to keep your gear in good health and to ensure your gear is at its very best !

Stock Dimensions

  • Plug & Play System:  Very light bar compatible with 90% of the kites on the market.
  •  The bars tube is made from super solid composites with an aluminium center bar.
  •  Bar ends in foam covered plastic, supple, pleasant and safe.
  •  Super Cosy 3D Grip: molded bar grip, ergonomic and comfortable.
  •  Safe Quick release AKA2: French made quick release approved by AFNOR NF S-52 503 that has a simple and efficient de-power, push release. It works no matter what the situation. This new quick release is entirely and easily dismantled and very compact. It is the shortest on the market that has a swivel in its upper part. In average, it is 4 to 5cm shorter than an usual swivel. There are 3 different chicken loop sizes available that you can buy separately according to your riding style.
  • The new alloy swivel is easier to grab. It offers a better resistance: it has been tested up to 800kg done by Clamcleat!
  • The narrowed T Bone allows the quick release to be pulled easier. Cleatclam has tested that it needed less than 7kg to release with a mass of 300kg (AFNOR’s norm impose only 10kg for 200kg mass: AKA2 quick release is then way more successful than the AFNOR NF S-52 503). It is specially easy to reconnect on land and in the water.
  • The swivel and the TBone  are made by the english company Clamcleat, well-know for 50years in the nautical industry for their light and efficient cleats.
  • The new tchoutch is made of semi rigid plastic is design to avoid unintentional unhooking.
  • New assembly of safety line on ring with eyelet with sheathed line.
  •  Anti-Stretch Flying lines: new lines very rigid made of Dutch Dyneema with a DHPS 425 kg quality, in very weak extension (0,1 %). Sewed in France.
  • Pre-stretched lines with fool-proof devices and bridles in 22m spectra for the 49cm or in 27m spectra for the 69cm, plus 5m optional extensions.
  • New sheathed larks head knots are twice as thick: stronger and way more practical to open in the cold.
  • Depower trim of 50cm with an adjustable stop ball to reduce it. The trim is 40cm to feel safe. The depower and trim are made of real Dutch Dyneema (braided in Spain). The lines stand up to 1800 kg and a lower extension than the Chinese Dyneema.

Innovation is at the core of our products

Technology GONG Kite:

The GONG kite bar is assembled in France and its components are manufactured in the best factories in the kite world.

Manually assembled with the utmost care with the best French craftsmanship.

The materials used for our bars are of the nobelest nature, not only do we look for and expect performance but also a capacity for endurance with pieces that have proven their worth. This is why we are collaborating with AKA for our quick release approved by the AFNOR norms.

Buying guide

Included equipments

  •  Complete kite bar.
  •  22m lines in total, including pre-lines for the 49 cm.
  •  27m lines in total, including pre-lines for the 69 cm.
  •  Kite leash.



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost ».
  • We sell simply and easily without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this kite bar in a Surfshop, it would cost 499€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).


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We must remind you that kite surfing is a sport of risk. Never go out in conditions to heavy for your skill and weight level. Never over-estimate yourself. Never practice the sport alone. Wind ranges and speeds that are announced are informative but only you can decide on any given day whether or not you go into the water. Please be prudent and take caution seriously.

The minute you launch a kite in the air you take on responsability for your actions towards yourself and to those around you that you could put in harms way and/or even kill, property included.

Release systems are an ”aid”. In no circumstance do they replace responsible and prudent behavior. If you act in a irresposible fashion and take risks, no system exists that offers full protection.

Kite lines are particularly dangerous and may cut you. Never take a line in hand when it is under tension. Never fly your kite around people because you put them at risk of being cut. Take note that wet lines may act as conductors for electricity in case of lighting and they can become electrified. Be Extremely Prudent.

The release of a kite is only efficacious if it is anticipated. If you are incapable of an anticipated release you will be incapable of doing it without risk. Kitesurfing requires anticipation skills in order to be practiced correctly. Do not enter into dangerous cul de sac situations and regularly un-cross/tangle your forward lead lines.

RESPECT the inherent security rules that exist for the sport of Kitesurfing, Thank you.