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The Surf Foil Board that offers maximum speed and radicality.


The Lethal Foil is a Brand New Model for high level surfers.

Built in FSP Pro, this Full Sandwich PVC Carbon Board is the most responsive of our range.

Directly inspired by the Lethal Surf model, our shape that’s dedicated to the most powerful waves, the Lethal Foil has no limits. Many prototypes have led us to this particular shape with rounded point nose that keeps the useful lift and eliminates inertia.

We can clearly see that the reduction of the width is the major axis of this Pro Board. Less width means more rowing speed, less sticking in case of a touchdowns, and more control in extreme angles.

The deck surface is flat for a pure and direct feel. With the straps inserts, you can SurFoil with a maximum level of control and engagement! Rowing lying down on the straps is not very comfortable, but once your feet are in it is another world.

These Boards are equipped with an innovative technology called FSP Pro for the best possible dynamics. The gain in performance is striking. As is the gain in strength with a Full Carbon Sandwich on both sides and rails. The resistance to bending is phenomenal and your EPS foam is fully protected by a High-Density PVC Foam Shell. Everything covered with a layer of 3K Carbon on top and a light grey brush. Strong, light and resolutely top of the range.

4 Boards from 4’4 to 5’4 for all sizes. With the Lethal Foil FSP Pro, you can surf with a modern, light, solid, dynamic, high quality Board, and all this without breaking the bank thanks to our online sales system (Direct Sales from Shaper to Rider, without intermediaries).

  • The small 4’4 is 28L, which allows those with a high technical level to have maximum performance. The 4’4 is also ideal for small sizes.
  • The 4’8 for 35L is ideal for good surfers who want to combine comfort and performance while having an easy paddling.
  • The larger Boards, the 5’1 for 45L and the 5’4 for 54L, are perfect for the bigger riders thanks to their generous volumes. This volume boosts rowing speed, essential on spots where you can’t get back out while pumping.

The Lethal Foil FSP Pro are equipped with top of the range pads for maximum grip. These Boards are fitted with two US Boxes (the standard box for Top Plate Foil on the market, 9cm between them). You can mount all the Top Plate foils in the world according to your wishes and style. It has a Leash Plug on the back to fix your Leash for surf foil sessions. And with the regular and goofy straps inserts, nothing is missing.


  • Rocker: 100% Foil for faster rowing and pumping without touching.
  • Rails: faceted and generous for take-offs, stability and to avoid touchdowns in turns.
  • Volume: important to reduce length and inertia.
  • Outline: difficult to make narrower: Vmax machine!
  • Tail: wide diamond cut for immediate glide and control in chop without losing speed when hitting.
  • Nose: rounded pin with a very marked V underneath, it makes it easier to manage the touches in the chop.
  • Deck: flat deck plan to keep control despite the volume.
  • Bottom: flat hull for an early takeoff.

Innovation is at the core of our Boards

Technology FSP PRO SUP :

  • 3D Shape on modeling software.
  • Preshape by numerical control for total reliability.
  • Shape control by traditional templates, finishing off the last mm 100% by hand.
  • 100% Epoxy board and EPS Foam Blank: solid and lightweight.
  • Deck, hull, and rails in Vacuumed PVC Sandwich: incomparable strength and incredible dynamism.
  • Deck: full PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon Sandwich composed of a high-density PVC Foam core and 1 layer of 4oz fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz Carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Hull: integral PVC/Fiberglass and Carbon Sandwich composed of a high-density PVC Foam core and 1 layer of 6oz carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforcements on sensitive areas.
  • Specific Foil reinforcements: high-density PVC block housing the two US Rail Boxes. Three layers of Carbon cover the Boxes. Laminated PVC slats connect the reinforcement to the deck for maximum durability.
  • Rails: the PVC Sandwich structure completely covers the rails: increased structural strength, very good shock resistance (paddle strokes).
  • Carry Handle integrated into the PVC sandwich top: limits settling, avoid breakage in the surroundings.
  • Hot coat Integrated Tinted Resin: nobility of the process, weight reduction and solidity of the finish.
  • Matt custom finish, hand-made, for weight reduction and better glide.

The FSP Pro Technology is easily repairable when new in case of Dings or accidents. The PVC Foam of the Sandwich is waterproof and prevents water from entering on everyday shocks.

This technology offers, at an affordable price for Carbon, the incomparable strength/lightness ratio of a full vacuum PVC sandwich.

Buying guide

Pour qui ?

Du confirmé au Pro, la Lethal est une planche de très haut niveau.

Léger ou costaud : la gamme Lethal propose toutes les tailles.


Pour quoi ?

Rapide à la rame et hyper vive, c’est une board pour aller chercher les plus hautes performances. Il faut donc la surfer avec un réel engagement, voire strapé.

Un foil marche dans beaucoup de conditions, donc ce n’est pas le discriminant.

En revanche, la clef est de savoir si vous voulez tout démonter ou pas.


Quelle taille ?

  • La 4’4 est ultime : légers ou top niveau only.
  • La 4’8 est super performante avec un volume classique dans le monde du surf.
  • La 5’1 est aussi performante, mais avec du confort.
  • La 5’4 est hyper performante mais confortable pour les costauds.

Dans tous les cas ce sont des shapes très compacts ET étroits : radicalité maximum.


Quel est le foil idéal ?

La Lethal est top avec nos foils Allvator pro et monobloc carbone :

Les ailes Clear Pro (ex Pro) donnent 5nds de Vmax en plus pour aller chercher des très hautes performances. Mais sans gâcher la simplicité qu’on adore pour enrouler les courbes.

Le must est de monter ces ailes avec un mat Pro monobloc carbone 70cm.


Quelles copines de quiver ?

Qui dit surf foil, dit surf tout court quand les vagues sont creuses. Vous n’aurez que l’embarras du choix dans nos gammes.

Le surf foil a tendance à manger le programme habituel du SUP car il chasse sur les mêmes vagues. Pas simple de marier les deux mais avoir de la diversité dans un quiver est toujours un plus. Le surf foil va typiquement aimer les conditions d’une NFA par exemple.

On va très souvent compléter une planche de surf foil par une wing car c’est l’enchainement idéal quand le vent monte. La wing est vraiment le « remonte pente » du surf foil. C’est un prolongement totalement naturel.


Quels réglages ?

Un débutant va reculer le foil à fond.

Et un Pro placera son foil entre le centre et le tiers arrière des box.


Quel leash ?

Un leash court, de 5’ et 6 mm suffit dans les petites vagues. Un 6’ de 7mm sera bien plus safe dès que ça grossit. C’est votre gilet de sauvetage, vous devez le porter pour vous protéger et protéger les autres. Il est impératif de le renouveler tous les ans car il s’use.

For Whom?

From the confirmed to the Pro, the Lethal is a very high level Board.

Light weight or robust: the Lethal range offers all sizes.


What is it For?

Fast in paddling and hyper agile, it’s a Board to go for the highest performance. You have to surf it with a real commitment, even strapped.

A Foil works in a lot of conditions, so it’s not discriminating.

However, the key is to know if you want to tear it up or not.


What Size?

  • The 4’4 is ultimate : light or top level only.
  • The 4’8 is super high performance with a volume that is classic in the surfing world.
  • The 5’1 is also high performance, but with comfort.
  • The 5’4 is super high performance but comfortable for the biggest surfers.

In all cases, they are very compact AND narrow shapes: maximum radicality.


What is the Ideal Foil?

The Lethal is best with our Allvator pro and Monobloc Carbon Foils:

The Clear Pro front Wings (ex Pro) give 5 knots more Vmax to get very high performances. But without spoiling the simplicity we love when linking turns.

The must is to mount these wings with a 70cm Carbon Monobloc Pro Mast.


Quiver Partners ?

SurFoil means surfing when the waves are good and hollow. You will have a wide range of choice in our range.

SurFoil tends to eat up the usual SUP program because it hunts on the same waves. It’s not easy to marry the two but having diversity of a Quiver is always a plus. The SurFoil will typically like the conditions of an NFA for example.

We will often complement a SurFoil Board with a Wing because it is the ideal combination when the wind is rising. The Wing is really the “lift” for a  Surfoil. It’s a completely natural extension of it.


Which Settings ?

A beginner will move the Foil all the way back.

And a Pro will place his Foil between the center and the back third of the boxes.


Which Leash?

A short leash, 5′ and 6 mm is sufficient in small waves. A 6′ 7mm will be much safer as soon as it gets bigger. It’s your lifejacket, you have to use it to protect yourself and others. It is imperative to renew it every year because it wears out.

Included equipments

  • Deck Pad 5 mm grooved for adherance and comfort and integrated tail kicker pad for perfect foot placement while in strapless. All Factory installed.
  • Multiple inserts for optimizing possible footstraps position choices.
  • ​2 footstraps light GONG (screws included).
  • 2 Us Boxes for foil mounting with a 4 screw top plate.
  • Leash plug.



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 1199€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).


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    peut on l’utiliser en kitefoil (la 4.8)

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