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High performance inflatable foil board!

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599,00799,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

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Inflatable foil board with 95% of the performance of a rigid board, without its disadvantages of a rigid board.


The HIPE 2022 is the simplest and most playful foil board.

It is the result of a very large development, combining the best of high-end composite and inflatable technology. The HIPE 2022 is made using our double-layer welded Woven Dropstitch technology which offers the correct shape and volume, combined with our carbon plate which takes all the efforts of the foil. This GONG innovation of two boards in one is revolutionary.


The carbon plate is firmly glued under the inflatable structure. This piece, composed of 1.9 kg of pure prepreg carbon and two foam stringers, is a jewel of composite know-how. By its design, it mechanically provides precisely what it takes to be as rigid as a classic board, without increasing the total weight.



Tested by the Team in all conditions, the HIPE has never shown the slightest weakness even in 45kts or in the tropics in Tahiti. To go even further, the HIPE 2022 reinforces its similarity with our range of rigid boards by integrating a V-shaped strap at the front in addition to its rear footstrap. The HIPE 2022 thus offers you the possibility of tricks of a rigid board with all the advantages of an inflatable board. Performance without the worries.

It is the versatile board that can be used in several disciplines.

  • In wing foiling, this is the perfect board to get started and progress. The volume is super generous, allowing you to use short lengths. And we’ve created two large sizes in 6’5 and 7’5 with an “ADS” fin box cleverly placed in front of the front foot to allow you to ride on the water without going downwind. This fin combined with your foil gives you a real grip to go upwind without flying. You can start off gently, without the stress of having to fly imperatively. The small sizes offer the highest level of performance in inflatable boards. It’s incredibly efficient, to the point that it’s hard to tell the difference in performance compared to a rigid board, except a few hundred grams more.
  • In SUP foiling, all these sizes and volumes will allow you to find your own. The take-off is as early as with a Zuma, the piloting is precise thanks to our carbon plate, and you can connect 4 or 5 waves per take off as long as you have the cardio. It’s really impressive. Strapless only.
  • In surf foiling, small sizes are perfect, especially the smallest one. It’s hard to tell the difference with a rigid one, except on very sharp sensations. But to fly, do cool carves and connect the whole set, it’s great!!! Strapless only.
  • Same in kite foiling, the smallest sizes will give you the ideal compromise between comfort and performance. A real revolution with the rear footstrap.
  • Finally in wake foiling, the HIPE is just brilliant. It’s clearly the perfect board because it’s really easy to handle on board, never hurting the boat or the passengers. The board really feels flawless on the water as its proximity to a rigid board is so important, with all the advantages of an inflatable board (especially in wipeouts). Inflated in 1 minute, the 4’8 is essential in wake.

GONG has truly revolutionized the world of foil boards with the HIPE. Our plate has very specific characteristics that give it this efficiency, things that its copies, which obviously did not go through any R&D, do not have. At GONG we have worked hard for a year and a half to develop an effective initiation program, an area that the majority neglects, offering only pale imitations at crazy prices.

Advantages are numerous:

  • Ease of use, on land but also in the water.
  • Transport of course.
  • Solidity because the inflatable is not sensitive to shocks.
  • Safety if you fall on your board.
  • 95% of the performances of a rigid board.


The shape of the HIPE 2022 is versatile, it can be used in surf foiling, SUP foiling, wing foiling and kite foiling. This compact shape offers a generous volume for every size. The fairly flat rocker is ideal for boosting the takeoff phase.

We love its unique glide that’s specific to inflatable boards. The round rails and the thick tail of the HIPE 2022 boost the glide before take off. You take off easily, at least as fast as with a rigid board. It’s really amazing.


The HIPE 2022 is delivered with an ICS carbon plate to fix the foil. The handle in the carbon plate placed on the hull is a real gain in comfort for launching and carrying the board over short distances. And it has no impact on the stiffness and strength of this flawless plate.



For more performance when sailing and ease of installation, the HIPE 2022 offers a V-shaped footstrap at the front. It allows you to center your stance on the board and thus gain in performance and comfort. Also equipped with a rear footstrap, the HIPE 2022 offers all the essentials to progress in freestyle.



On the two large sizes, the 6’5 and 7’5, the ADS fin is reassuring for learning. You can navigate without taking off without drifting downwind. A real asset for learning!

The large diameter leash ring is the strongest on the market. It is essential, whether you use the HIPE for wing foiling, surf foiling or SUP foiling.

The 5 mm thick 3D Double Diamond Pad is particularly designed to be comfortable and efficient. Coupled with the footstraps, the grip is flawless and allows long sessions without tiring or slipping.

The supplied double-action inflation pump is super efficient to be the first in the water.

A repair kit is also included in the event of damage (note the kit is delivered without glue which you will easily find in your DIY store). Note that we have the components of your board in stock in order to repair it fairly easily.

Everything comes in a super practical and solid rolling carry bag.

  • These backpack straps are foam padded and comfortable.
  • The handles are super strong and comfy.
  • The large front pocket allows you to store your accessories and personal effects without any risk of losing them.
  • And the compression straps keep the bag volume to a minimum.

Nothing is missing!


With its top of the range inflatable technology in doubled layered welded Woven Dropstitch, this GONG board is beautiful, light, very rigid and really solid.

Made in the best factory in the world, with the densest, premium Woven Dropstitch, we are sure its bonds will last for years, with no leakage or deformation

The HIPE are the best, yet still accessible with our direct sales distribution that does not add margins. We are far from the low cost boards made in low end factories by people who know nothing about it.

GONG is a serious and renowned brand, creator of the concept of an inflatable foil board coupled to a carbon plate. An invention that revolutionized the world of foil boards. A unique know-how acquired through a real R&D process.



Your benefits are clear:

1. An efficient shape created by one of the leaders in the world wing foiling.
2. A design at the cutting edge of R&D and ahead of its time.
3. Proven construction on thousands of boards.
4. Full Options finish at a great price.
5. A light, solid board with one of the best technos on the market !!!
6. An incredible price that can only be explained by our direct relationship with you.
7. Simple maintenance and easy repairs because we have all components in stock.


  • Rocker: fairly flat to start early and glide well before the flight.
  • Rails: round because inflatable, very efficient.
  • Volume: very generous for each size.
  • Outline: semi-compact for a good glide even when not flying.
  • Tail: large rounded square tail for stability when at standstill and to boost take off.
  • Nose: round point nose.


Innovation is at the core of our products


The advantages of inflatable technology

  • Woven Drop Stitch technology double layer welded.
  • Air pressure: 15 to 20 psi.
  • Transport: the board fits in a bag.
  • Practical: inflates in 2 minutes.
  • Aesthetics: The result is very beautiful.
  • Strong: great resistance to mistreatment.
  • Durable: 100% repairable.

The performances of carbon

  • ICS Full carbon prepreg plate.
  • High density foam stringers to limit flex and weight.
  • US rails machined directly from carbon: incredible performance.
  • Unmatched rigidity on the market.
  • Unparalleled dynamism and responsiveness.
  • A foil + inflatable set without any loss of sensations!

An innovative board thought out in the last detail

  • PVC reinforcement under the plate to protect the board with an extra layer.
  • PVC reinforcement on the plate to protect the carbon and the glue from the heat, and distribute the forces as far away as possible on the plate to avoid detachment.
  • Non-open brass inserts to screw the foil without any risk of damaging the board.
  • The 3 foot straps and the screws are offered with the board.


The shape of our carbon plate is the result of advanced engineering to combine low weight and incredible mechanical performance.

The rectangular outline ensures that the heels are always vertical to the plate, and therefore block longitudinal, lateral flexions and twist.

To optimize the weight, the glide and the management of these flexions, our plate has a unique 3D volume:

  • A beam at the axis prevents any bending.
  • A very smooth drop in volume towards the front reduces the thickness and therefore the weight, while retaining the necessary mechanics to support the pressures of the front heel.
  • At the back, the drop in volume is more brutal to recover the verticality which will support the beam effect of the plate even more.
  • The whole is “fluidized” according to a hydrodynamic study of the flows which also promotes speed in contact with water, which is valuable before flying but also to avoid a big loss of speed when touching the water surface

Buying guide

For Whom?

Whether you’re a beginner or wanting something cooool, it’s a hassle-free board. It’s soft and easy, yet very efficient.

Its role is to make your life easier. So, a pro will surely prefer a board that’s more radical but it will make the happiness of thousands of practitioners in search of simplicity, security, without sacrificing performance.

  • In wing, the HIPE is the super accessible board for a beginner. Large sizes are magic for your beginnings: zero stress. In large volumes it is easy, but in small sizes you need to have a good physical condition or to be light.
  • In SUP foil, you must first of all know how to row in a straight line on a classic SUP. The rest is just a matter of method and time spent in the water to progress.
  • In surf foiling, the two small sizes are great, especially the 4’8 which is the key size for a practitioner of all levels, including a pure beginner who will find a safe and practical board without sacrificing performance. The 70L 4’11 is a bit big for duck-dives, so it should be used only by big guys or in small conditions.
  • In kite foiling, the smallest sizes are really super easy and reassuring. There isn’t as much fear for impacts, for yourself and for the board. The sensations and precision in flight are almost identical as those on a large rigid board, so you don’t start on a sub version, really not. It’s great.
  • In wake foiling, we have the safest board there is. Really easy because it can glide through the water without failing and then fly at your own pace. Nevertheless, a pro will surf it almost like a rigid board.

What For?

The HIPE is the ultimate board to progress without complicating your life, almost up to the best level. It is therefore limitless.

  • With a wing, it’s really the easiest board in the world in its bigger sizes, without being an anvil. It’s great for boosting your progression. In small sizes we’re in the high level of performances for transitions, speed, course, curves and tricks.
  • In SUP foiling, the HIPE in its bigger sizes is ideal for beginners and the mid-sizes of the HIPE will allow it to go to very good performances. Its big asset is to row fast with its large compact volumes, but also not to have to take off late every time.
  • In surf foiling, the two small sizes are great, especially the 4’8. Very reassuring, easy, practical, solid, it has all the qualities.
  • In kite foiling, the smallest sizes will give you the ideal compromise between comfort and performance. A real revolution with the V-strap and the rear strap of the 2022 HIPE.
  • In wake foiling, this is clearly the perfect board because it’s really easy to handle on board, never hurting the boat or the passengers. And it’s hard to find fault with it on the water as its proximity to a rigid board is important, with all the advantages of an inflatable board (especially in wipeouts). Inflated in 1 minute, the 4’8 is essential in wake.

What Size?


In wing foiling, you can take it very generous if you are a beginner. And if you already have a good level, you will on the contrary go for a limited volume by following the same rule as in SUP foiling below.

Remember that your weight plus 40 gives the minimum total liters to start, and your weight plus 20 is ideal at a good level. Below, the performance gain is worth less in regards to the generated problems. You are going to swim more 😉

A small chart that sums it all up

In SUP foiling, you absolutely must have a positive volume balance. Your weight plus the board’s weight must be less than the board’s volume. Don’t hesitate to take some volume and width if you’re not yet sure of your supports. And beware of the row effect which will make you row in circles if you don’t have a good SUP level.

To have enough volume to float you should have a volume that’s about your weight + 30.

  • Example: I weigh 80kg + 30 = 110L to float. This means that with a 5’3 of 110L I will manage, as long as I’m not just getting into SUP foiling. And if I want great comfort I will have to switch to the 5’5 of 145L.

In surf foiling, kite foiling and wake foiling, small sizes and even the smallest size are the best.

Quiver Partners?

The HIPE is really an easy and all-round foil board. So, it’s going to find a large place in your sessions and a small one in the back of your car.

You can of course complete it with a range of Stand-Up Paddleboards without a foil. And also, surf boards for those days when the waves are unsuitable for foiling.

Which foil front wings?

In wing foiling

Beginners will have the fastest progression with an XL front wing (regardless of their size between 50kg and 100kg) and a 45cm Rise Stab. Above 90kg, an XXL front wing is a plus for early take-off.

If you’re shy, start with an Rise Front Wing.

If you’re good at it, start with an X-Over Front Wing.


For the experienced

In the X-Over or Curve range: super easy and efficient wings at low speed

  • M for those between 50kg and 65kg and all wind forces.
  • L for those between 65kg and 75kg and all wind forces.
  • XL for those between 75kg and 100kg and all wind forces.
  • XXL for those between 100kg and 120kg and wind below 15 knots.


For the pros

In the Fluid or Veloce range: high performance wings

  • M for those between 50kg and 75kg and wind stronger than 15 knots.
  • L for those between 65kg and 85kg and wind stronger than 15 knots.
  • XL for those between 75kg and 100kg and all wind forces, or for lightweight in light wind.
  • XXL for those between 100kg and 120kg and wind under 15 knots.


The size of the front wing determines the speed / lift ratio. The smaller the front wing, the faster you will go but the more uncomfortable you’ll be at low speeds.

The stabs have a major role. They determine the stability of the foil and help with its lift, but to the detriment of the maximum speed of the foil. Thus, thick stabs are slower than thin stabs, but are much more load-bearing, and therefore calm and effective at low speed. A larger stab wingspan avoids loss of control but decreases handling.

In SUP foiling and surf foiling

Beginners will have the fastest progression with an XL front wing (regardless of their size between 50kg and 90kg) and a 45cm Rise Stab. Above 90kg, an XXL front wing is a plus for early take-off.

If you’re shy, start with an Rise Front Wing.

If you’re good at it, start with an X-Over Front Wing.


For the experienced

In the X-Over or Curve range: super easy and efficient wings at low speed

  • M for those between 50kg and 65kg or powerful waves.
  • L for those between 65kg and 75kg.
  • XL for those between 75kg and 100kg or soft waves.
  • XXL for those between 100kg and 120kg or very soft waves.


For the pros

In the Fluid and Veloce range: high performance wings

  • M for those between 50kg and 65kg or powerful waves.
  • L for those between 65kg and 75kg.
  • XL for those between 75kg and 100kg or soft waves.
  • XXL for those between 100kg and 120kg or very soft waves. It’s rather just for pumping.

In kite foiling

The 100% kite wings are the most efficient for fast freeriding.

The others Front Wings (Rise, X-over, Curve, Fluid, Veloce) are to be chosen as follows

  • M for those under 85kg or those who attack hard.
  • L for those over 75kg or those who are cool.

In wake foiling

The choice of wings will depend on the size of the boat’s wave. In short, the lighter the boat, the larger the front wing should be.

But a wake wave carries much more to equal size than a natural wave. So you should not oversize otherwise you will restrict your progress and even break equipment.

The Front Wings Rise, X-over, Curve, Fluid, Veloce are to be chosen as follows:

  • M for those under 65kg or those who attack hard.
  • L for those over 75kg or those who are cool.
  • XL for small speedboats (with propeller protection please).

Which foil mast?

In wing foiling

During your first sessions, you can reassure yourself with a short mast (65cm). Falls on the first flights will be less impressive. But apart from when launching, you will have everything to gain with a long mast (85cm and more).

More length = more headroom = easier = more efficient.

Unlike for kite foiling, in wing there is little opposition to the front wing because it pulls less. So we put less wind angle on the mast. So mastering a large mast with a wing is no problem. And since the boards used are much bigger than for kite foiling, the inertia is greater. So your foil is less crazy. Everything is calmer. So don’t be afraid of a long mast.

In choppy water, in transitions, in sluggish waters, a large mast will be ten times more pleasant. It will save you from touchdowns and give you the necessary height margin in all your actions.

Of course the must is the monobloc mast in 85cm or 100cm. Absolutely magical. But the 85cm or 95cm aluminum masts are great too.

We recommend 85cm in freestyle and surf, and longer in freeride and race for comfort.

In SUP foiling

The 65cm aluminum mast is perfect. If you are a pro, switch to the monobloc 70cm: masterful.

For downwinds you may prefer the Alu 75cm option to give you a bit of headroom.

In surf foiling

The 65cm aluminum mast is perfect. This is the key size. We can also like the 55cm at the beginning to be reassured.

If you are a pro, switch to the monobloc 70cm: masterful.

Fordownwinds you may prefer the Alu 75cm option to give you a bit of headroom. Ditto for tow-in. The 85cm is great in some downwind configurations, but very exclusive …

In kite foiling

The 65cm aluminum mast is perfect for beginners but quickly limited.

As soon as you are stable in flight, you need a mast that is 85cm to 100cm long. The 85 is intended for surfing and tricks.

The 95cm and 100cm are perfect for long speed runs, heading upwind, and giving yourself room in transitions.

If you are a pro, switch to the monobloc 100cm: masterful.

In wake foiling

The 65cm aluminum mast is perfect. This is the key size. We can also like the 55cm at the beginning to be reassured.

If you are a pro, switch to the monobloc 70cm: masterful.

Foil Positioning?

For GONG foils, place the plate in the center of the US rail box. The further you move it forward, the more it raises the board.

The further you move it backwards, the more the nose of the board pearls.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend not to let the back foot work enough, especially when we come from kite foiling. However, moving the foil back a little, forces more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces efforts.

How long should my Paddle be?

If you want to use the HIPE in SUP foiling, you will need a paddle between your actual height and +10cm.

What length of paddle?

Which Leash?

Take a 6′ of 7mm minimum diameter.

Check its condition before each session and change it every year. It’s your life jacket.

Strap or Strapless? 2 or 3 straps?

When using the HIPE with a wing

Riding strapless is sexy because it makes you feel free. But quite honestly, it’s not the best for performance…

So, it’s up to you to see if sensation prevails over performance. On a HIPE, we’re clearly going to miss a big part of its potential without straps.

With straps, you’ll have much more control and much less risk of the foil flipping over under your feet. When you are getting into wing foiling, the V front straps are an essential benchmark to position your feet properly. You save a lot of time.

In the waves, it’s obvious, you gain a lot with straps, including the rear strap. You can recover from crazy situations just by pulling up on your feet. And what to say in the tricks: the catalog is multiplied tenfold with the straps. All jumps are possible, and the cushioning of the inflatable is magic for the knees 😉

Take your first steps with just the V front straps. You can mount the rear strap because it will make a good mark to wedge your foot just in front, and a good grip. But don’t put it on at first. Once you are comfortable in flight, remember to move the foil back 2cm to get used to the rear strap.

Good to Know:

Never leave your board in the sun, even less an inflatable board, and even less a black carbon plate that will heat up very quickly. You might see it peeling off!!!

Don’t screw further than the bottom of the box, otherwise you’ll get into the skin of the inflatable. We deliver US squares with no opening, but be careful.

Never let your foil board get mistreated in the waves, especially close to the shore. You must protect it from major forces. A wave that carries your board away and rolls it away can do a lot of damages.

Included equipments

  • Carbon plate ICS.
  • V-shaped GONG footstrap light (screws included).
  • Large symmetric GONG footstrap light (screws included).
  • 3D double diamond Deckpad.
  • 4 non-through nuts and screws for foil plate.
  • 8 adjusting box stops for US-box.
  • Plug de leash au tail pour ne jamais perdre sa board.
  • High pressure inflation valve on the nose to facilitate deflating and rolling up of the board.
  • Multi nozzle and rapid double action pump (compatible with a wing).
  • Transport bag with wheels. (95 x 65 x 18cm for 4’8, 4’11 and 5’1 or 95 x 75 x 18cm for 5’3, 5’5, 6’0, 6’5 and 7’5).
  • Repair kit (glue not included).


For the two larger sizes (6’5 and 7’5), there is the ADS: Anti Drift Solution with:

  • 1 x US box.
  • 1 x US fin 4.6″.

We have removed the kicker of the tail pad, made unnecessary by the presence of the rear strap on the V2. In doing so getting on the board is easier and it takes up less space in the bag.



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from Shaper to Surfer at the LOWEST price.
  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 1069€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).



The dates of availability of all our products are written on each product page, in the size and colour of the product concerned.

These dates are valid at the moment you consult the site and/or place an order. It is possible that this product may be ordered a few seconds after your consultation. It then becomes unavailable. If you have placed an order, this change does not concern you: the product you order is still available on the date indicated at the time of your order.

We sell several thousand products per week. The stocks are therefore very evolutionary. But our management always shows you the real availability live.

If it’s available online: it’s available 😉



Some articles are proposed in pre-order during their routing to our premises. You can buy this article which will arrive at our place in a few weeks. This method avoids the fair to grab upon receipt of the lot and the disappointed ones who would not order within the hour.

Upon receipt, we will ship it to you as a regular order.

The times indicated on the pre-orders are 95% reliable. First of all, because we only pre-sell finished products that are arriving to us after Customs, and therefore shipped right after. And also, because we add decent margins with concern to the dates announced by the shipping companies or railways.

However, a Worker Strike, a breakdown, an overbooking, can unfortunately happen. In the case of a delay, you will be notified by email (check your spam). It is generally less than a week and totally independent of our good will.

As soon as we receive the container in La Baule, we ship your order within three working days. Then the carrier takes over: delivery time and tracking numbers are under their responsibility.

It is possible that the date displayed on the online for the pre-order of the item you have ordered and paid for may change for two reasons:

  • All quantities of the batch are sold (most common reason). In this case, orders placed for the first container will be delivered as scheduled.
  • The container is late and we have to shift the date by a few days. (Strikes, breakdowns, overbooking, can unfortunately happen). You will be notified by email.

We never change the delivery dates of a container without notifying customers.



The dates that we announce are shipping deadlines, which GONG has in stock and available here physically.

We usually give a shipping time within 3 days, but in most cases, we ship within 24/48 hours. Normally morning orders leave in the afternoon for example.

Then the transport service takes over. The variables are then important between the customer being delivered to France (very fast) or Bulgaria (a good week) or to a forwarding agent or to Asia or the USA… You understand that each location has its own type of delay.

We work with serious and well-known carriers. They do their utmost to make you happy even if a snafu can happen. In any case, we are there to make things easier and to arrange our customers.


Shipping Fees: 

Contrary to others, we do not hide shipping costs in the price of our products. At GONG everyone knows exactly what he pays. The transport is charged at its strictest value, and the person who comes to pick up his products does not pay hidden transport fees.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and volume of each package, and your delivery address. To this is added a labour time of order preparation.

The invoicing of the shipping costs is identical in continental France and in the bordering European countries. A surcharge is automatically invoiced for deliveries to the most distant European countries and all European islands.

For a shipment in French overseas departments and territories or outside Europe, our logistics department will contact you before the payment stage to give you an estimate of the shipping costs. You will be able to accept this estimate and pay your order, or refuse it and cancel your order.


Any questions:

We answer you within 24 hours by email. But 95% of your questions are answered on the site. Try to use our contact form which will guide you to all these answers.

Don’t forget to read the Forum, where thousands of users exchange information and experiences.

In any case, don’t panic. If you don’t get an answer during the weekend, it’s normal: the team is resting 😉

We are passionate and professional in our job. Our only goal is to make you happy, as much as possible 😉


Eco-responsible packaging:

Preserving the environment is a top priority. That’s why we are doing everything possible to reduce our environmental footprint.

The first thing is to sell quality products that will last, be repairable and will please you for a long time.

The second thing is to sell for less. Most of the pollution coming from a Board is in its use (the km driven to use it) and in the countless environmental damages you have to do to pay for it. Each euro spent is a sum of damage related to your life quite simply: eating, working hard etc… By reducing the price of our products, we significantly reduce your ecological footprint on this item.

For our shipments we use:

  • Paper Craft Scotch Tape.
  • Final packaging made of high-end cardboard.

All this for:

  • Reusable and recyclable packaging.
  • An almost total reduction of single-use plastic.


Tracking of your parcels :

The tracking of deliveries is directly ensured by the carriers to whom we have entrusted your parcels. They will contact you by email or SMS to allow you to choose the delivery methods and to follow the route of your package.

If you ask us for this tracking, we will have to do as you do: we will go see on the carrier’s app because they are the ones who manage and are responsible for this job.



We collaborate with the best transport providers to deliver you everywhere in Europe and in the world in very short delays.

We have chosen them for their quality of service and their respect of deadlines. 80% of your orders reach their destination in less than 48 hours of processing in metropolitan and continental France.

For Europe, the delays vary from 3 to 6 days depending on the country of destination.

For the rest of the world, delays can be up to 15 days.

Please note that the transport time is added to the preparation/shipping time. Two companies work on your order (GONG and the carrier). Each one controls its activity and commits itself to optimize its delays so that you are delivered as soon as possible, in good condition and at a reasonable price.


Reception of your Board:

Upon delivery, simply open and inspect the condition of your Board in the presence of the carrier. A complete email explaining the procedure to follow will be sent to you when your order is shipped.

In spite of our requirements and all the care we take in packaging and protecting your Board, transportation hazards may occur. Even if it concerns less than 2% of everything we ship around the world, a Board can suffer a more or less important transportation shock.

But in any case, don’t worry, just refuse it, and a new Board will be shipped back to you.



You can choose to return your products if:

  • You are not satisfied (14 days right of retraction).
  • You want to change an item.
  • You have refused your package.

For each situation, contact us by our contact form to help you.


  1. Tom (verified owner)

    Petit feed-back de mon voyage au cap vert avec la hipe
    Et ben c est juste top.🤙
    Dans le sac j ai mis la planche, un foil complet xlt curve 85cm , un front wing fluid xl, 2 Stab une combi, une aile en 7m2, un gilet.
    J ai également pris une deuxieme aile en bagage cabine.
    L équipement en soute ne m a rien coûte en sup avec luxair. Quel bonheur de pouvoir transporter son matériel avec tant de simplicité.
    En plus d être pratique niveau transport la hipe est juste magique en nav! Elle fait le job comme une rigide!
    Merci Gong! 🙌 🤙🙌

  2. Laurent Dg

    Première session, trop content de ma hipe 5.3
    Je vole pas encore mais j y crois 😎

  3. Roberto Fornasieri

    Che meraviglia il Wing foil. Poter uscire da porticcioli è fantastico 😍.
    La Hipe 4.11 è spettacolare ♥️ mi son trovato subito benissimo nonostante il vento che bucava a zero dentro al porto.

  4. Pierre Barbeau

    J’ai la même planche et je l’ai gonflé en Avril et dégonflé en Novembre 2021 , j’ai environ 40 sorties et elle est tout simplement indestructible et super facile à rider . J’ose même pas imaginer la version Pro!

  5. Roberto Fornasieri

    C’est arrivé ! 😍😍😍. Elle est vraiment belle et très bien faite.
    Très peu pompé et gonflé. Le sac est un peu géant de la table.
    Je ne m’attendais pas à autant de rocker d’une planche gonflable, vraiment Wow ! ⚡⚡⚡

  6. Shawn E (verified owner)

    Received my 85L HIPE and travelled to Maui with it in January. Absolutely love this board. Honestly I can’t tell the difference between the HIPE and my carbon composite 85L foil board. I look forward to many adventures traveling to the tropics with this board. It’s the perfect travel companion. Saving on extra baggage fees pays for the board in two trips.

  7. Tom Toms

    Au départ j ai acheté la hipe en complément de ma lemon pour « dépanner » lors des vacances pour son côté pratique …Surprise elle est bien plus qu une planche de dépannage, quel pied avec cette board!!!merci gong!🤙

  8. Janus

    Changed from Hipe v2 5.3 to v2022 4.11.
    Nice colors, carbonplate cover in blue makes it look really nice.
    Better frontfoot placement with the new V-strap and not mentioned in the specs; improved carryhandle, it won’t slide out your fingers by the little cut back angle. Also for my feeling it has a little more scoop but I cannot compare it anymore.

  9. Melvin

    J’adore la HIPE, les sensations en navigation sont excellentes. Elle est pratique, performante et très solide. Zéro prise de tête !

  10. Fabien

    Super planche à avoir dans son quiver, vous avez une petite voiture, un petit garage, peur de mettre des pets sur une planche rigide, envie de voyager l’esprit tranquille: Go pour une HIPE. C’est fou la sérénité que ca apporte et tout ça avec des performances au top niveau.

  11. DAVID (verified owner)

    la HIPE est juste bluffante. Je viens de passer de la LANCE 5.7 à la HIPE 5.1 et à peine les 1e vols effectués sur la hipe : j’étais conquis. Je suis un gabarit de 70 kg. La HIPE 5.1 se gonfle en quelques minutes, elle est ultra rigide : je l’ai gonflée à 18PSI et j’ai ressenti les mêmes sensations de rigidité que sur la Lance, la longueur en moins ce qui rends la HIPE plus facile au final (j’ai appris le wingfoil sur la lance avec environ 40 sorties). je navigue strapless et les repères des inserts de straps sont hyper pratiques, pas besoin de regarder où on met les pieds, on sent le contact de l’insert avec l’extérieur ou l’intérieur du pieds. je trouve la déco 2022 très sympa (j’étais pas très fan de la déco précédente…). On peut mettre une tonne d’accessoires, combinaison, poncho etc… dans le sac qui est super grand pour le coup avec cette 5.1. Habitant en appartement, j’ apprécie le concept du gonflable. Bref je suis conquis : Merci GONG

  12. François-Xavier

    Plutôt adepte des planches rigides, je me laisse tenter par une Hipe 6’0 pour voyager et pour faire débuter les amis et la famille.

    Forcément les à priori sont là, mais après tout la wing est gonflable, pourquoi pas la planche.

    Je gonfle a 20PSI pour être sûr (je suis plutôt dense), visuellement la planche est hyper sympa, mais ça ne fait pas tout. Je me mets à l’eau :

    – Premier constat, la poignée du dessous fonctionne bien, mais je préfère porter ma board comme à l’accoutumée, sur le dos avec le foil sur l’épaule.

    – Une fois sur l’eau, la claque ! Hyper stable ! Le volume est (inévitablement) réparti de façon uniforme sur la board et ça ne bouge pas du tout. Je ne sais pas ce qui a le plus d’impact entre le gonflage, la plaque de carbone et le shape, mais la rigidité est bluffante.

    -Le décollage : Presque trop facile, je retrouve mon stance de planche rigide et mon pied avant trouve naturellement sa place dans le strap avant centré que j’ai sur mon autre planche, un coup de pumping et ça décolle.

    -Une fois en vol, j’oublie que je suis sur une planche gonflable. Seule la valve de gonflage sur le nose me le rappelle et c’est assez bluffant.

    Après quelques sessions avec cette Hipe 6’0, j’ai découvert ce qui est peut être pour moi le plus gros avantage : Zero prise de tête !

    La wing est déjà tellement plus pratique que le windsurf ou le kite pour ce qui est de la vitesse et facilité de mise à l’eau, mais en wing avec une planche gonflable ou atteint des sommets : Pas de galère sur le parking, la planche est ultra résistante et on peut juste la poser par terre un peu partout. Les mises à l’eau avec petite randonnée sur la caillasse sont bien moins stressantes quand on sait qu’en cas de « taule » la planche n’aura RIEN DU TOUT.

  13. Thibaut

    En kitefoil, la HIPE 4’8 fait à présent partie de mon quiver, c’est un vrai plaisir à chaque session!

    Déjà, ma HIPE 4’8 me suit partout sans aucune contrainte, elle se gonfle en quelques coups de pompes et ne crains pas les chocs ! Fini
    les chocs de transports et les coups de harnais sur la board!

    Pour les sessions light, le volume et le shape de la board permettent un excellent équilibre planche à plat sur l’eau, c’est hyper rassurant,
    confortable et garantit un départ en vol fluide à la première risée.

    En vol, la HIPE est rigide. Chaque appui est transmis instantanément au foil. Le strap avant en V centré sur la board accentue la précision des
    appuis et augmente la maniabilité. Le strap arrière garantit une évolution sans limite.

    Et le nouveau coloris me plait beaucoup!

  14. Elise

    Elle peut être emmenée partout, et ça, c’est un sacré atout 👏🏽! ☀️

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