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Our pumping wings with extreme aspect ratios to fly to infinity.

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499,00799,00 Price includes VAT, shipping excluded

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Out of this world pumping on the Sirus!


The ultimate wing for pumping.

Its super slender outline with its very thin tips generate a record glide. The potential of this wing almost feels intimidating when mounting it on your foil. The limit as you know it is over.

Starting from a dock, you feel the extreme lift of the Sirus as soon as you put your feet on the board. It’s the first feeling. The very next feeling is its amazing glide!!! The glide of a Veloce but from low speeds on.

The lift of its profile is mind-boggling. Firstly because it was designed for the speed range of pumping. Then because a huge aspect ratio produces a glide which in itself translates to a powerful lift.

The Sirus can generate lift at an extremely low speed: A tiny wave or just a few energetic paddle strokes can make you take off. A very small impulse makes the foil plane very far. The flight time in a single session is increased tenfold.

Obviously the endurance is amazing. You can go for miles on end and still feel in the comfort zone!!!

But the most impressive thing is the stiffness and maneuverability of this front wing. Nothing twists, it’s as stiff as it gets. So every single intention of the rider is converted into action. No parasitic movements or latencies: it’s lively and fast.

So when you grab your paddle and put this Sirus under a DW board like the Cruzader: you enter a new world of possibilities.

First because only a few attempts with the 186 are enough to take off. A few more attempts to get the position of your feet right and then start pumping… and there you’ll lose your mind: you can now pump facing the swell, spot a swell line in the distance, go for it and catch it in front of the peak and just cruise around in a great silence.

  • You’re free to challenge your cardio on the flat.
  • You’re free to tease your friends about who will reach that buoy in the distance and come back the fastest.
  • You’re free to get into racing mode on flat water with your 3 best rivals to finally find out who’s the real badass of the gang!!!

It all becomes possible when you are a human flying on your own energy!!!

This sentence was a dream: you can make it your reality.

3D view


The Sirus is the go-to wing for pumping. With its innovative and ambitious shape, it offers unprecedented efficiency to access out of this world performance.

The hugely buoyant profile gets you off the ground at low speed. In SUP foiling you feel that it wants to take off from the first few paddle strokes! Once in flight, the glide is incredible: the wing seems to glide endlessly, pumping becomes almost easy!

The aspect ratio

The Sirus range is designed with an aspect ratio that varies from one size to the other to best adapt to all body size and desired program. From 9.3 to 15, the aspect ratio increases for each wingspan. But they are all high aspect ratio wings that offer incomparable glide because it is a crucial point for pumping and surfing small waves.

The Sirus L with its 116cm wingspan and 9.3 aspect ratio develops an impressive rail to rail game for its size. It is perfect in pumping for a small energetic rider who wants to be able to carve or for a bigger rider in surf foiling or SUP foiling.

The Sirus 3XL shows impressive dimensions, with its 186cm wingspan and an aspect ratio of 15 the performance is amazing, as well as the glide and lift. But the most impressive thing is surely the maneuverability, quite manageable for such dimensions. These qualities make it a pumping machine: very small impulses allow the foil to plane very far, it’s just amazing, but you can also have fun taking off on the flat with a Cruzader for example 😉

The outline

The outline of the Sirus is paradoxically designed to maximize its rail to rail so as not to penalize its control and maneuverability given its giant wingspan. The leading edge is rounded like a Fluid and the trailing edge has an inverted omega shape. This allows a precise distribution of the outline surface. The lift is very centered in the wing, carrying your weight, and the very thin tips allow you to glide far without locking the rail to rail of this front wing. With a load-bearing core and movable tips, the whole set remains very manageable and therefore develops an impressive maneuverability for a wing of this size.

Thickness of the profile

Relatively thick profile on the central two-thirds of the wing, and even very thick compared to its chord. It is very buoyant even at low speed to facilitate departures in dockstart or SUP foiling.

The type of profile

The profile is supercritical with a pronounced hollow on the back end of the lower surface. This boosts the lift while giving an incredible glide and allows you to move at an impressive average speed for this program.

The camber

The camber is relatively low and follows a slight negative curve (downward) in its center and goes almost horizontal towards the tips. The wing feels super healthy and predictable. It’s stable in the water and the flat tips allow you to go in shallow depths. This shape allows you to concentrate all your energy in pumping rather than in constant micro adjustments.

Your benefits are clear:

  1. An efficient shape created by one of the leaders in the world of foiling.
  2. A design at the cutting edge of R&D and ahead of its time.
  3. A construction proven on thousands of foils.
  4. The incomparable stiffness of high modulus carbon!
  5. The “Full Options” finish at a crazy price.
  6. A light, solid foil, with one of the best technologies on the market!!!
  7. An incredible price that can only be explained by our direct relationship with you.
  8. Simple maintenance and easy repairs as we have all the components in stock.

Screws not included, your needs are :

Stock Dimensions

Version L 

  • Wingspan: 116 cm
  • Chord: 17 cm
  • Wingspan²/surface area ratio: 9.3
  • Thickness: 2.2cm
  • Volume: 1.74L
  • Projected surface area: 1442 cm²
  • Extrados surface area: 1495 cm²
  • Felt surface area: 1450 cm²


Version XL 

  • Wingspan: 136 cm
  • Chord: 17cm
  • Wingspan²/surface area ratio: 10.9
  • Thickness: 2.3cm
  • Volume: 2.13L
  • Projected surface area: 1691 cm²
  • Extrados surface area: 1758 cm²
  • Felt surface area: 1700 cm²


Version XXL 

  • Wingspan: 156 cm
  • Chord: 17cm
  • Wingspan²/surface area ratio: 12.5
  • Thickness: 2.3cm
  • Volume: 2.44L
  • Projected surface area: 1940 cm²
  • Extrados surface area: 2016 cm²
  • Felt surface area: 2000 cm²


Version 3XL

  • Wingspan: 186 cm
  • Chord: 17cm
  • Wingspan²/surface area ratio: 15.0
  • Thickness: 2.3cm
  • Volume: 2.91L
  • Projected surface area: 2313 cm²
  • Extrados surface area: 2403 cm²
  • Felt surface area: 2400 cm²

Innovation is at the core of our products


The highest ratios in our range contain a large number of high modulus carbon layers.

This carbon is 4 to 6 times more expensive than top of the range Prepreg. It provides the essential mechanical rigidity to the proper functioning of these very thin and large foils. Many brands choose not to go for extreme shapes, with thin profiles or high aspect ratios because they generate a lot of technical complications. It is not our choice, we are convinced that innovation requires ambitious shapes, sometimes extreme and which require pushing back the technical constraints. This philosophy has for example allowed us to become world slalom champion with the Ypra-S front wing and its very thin profile.

Its high modulus carbon construction is super rigid and responsive. It maintains a formidable dynamic despite the lower thicknesses. This technology is the very best in high pressure, high temperature molded carbon construction.

TORAY M40J high modulus carbon offers incredible stiffness. It is a high-end carbon that delivers high mechanical properties while remaining resistant. A carbon popular in aeronautics as well as for high-end sports equipment. Its mechanical characteristics such as its superior tensile strength and Young’s modulus translate to exceptional performance in navigation.

The other layers of these front wings are made of 3K and 12K Prepreg carbon, with a total of over 15 fiber layers on the profile, and many more in the fitting areas.

High stress points such as fittings and connections are reinforced with Kevlar to resist tearing and fiberglass for tolerance. It is essential to place specific fibers according to the different types of stress in addition to the carbon which will produce dynamism.

On the high aspect wings, we have added a central stringer made of full prepreg carbon, which runs from one tip to the other. This acts as a solid beam to boost rigidity, namely by the extreme dynamic connection it provides between the intrado and the extrado.

Molded at high pressure and high temperature on a foam core, our wings are almost indestructible.
It is the perfect balance between low weight and “infinite” durability/repairability.

Wing tips are a potential source of danger. We take care not to produce an intrinsically dangerous design, within the limits of efficient hydrodynamics. We invite you to be extremely careful though because these parts remain sharp and dangerous by nature. Stay away, wear the proper protections, and never sharpen them. Systematically repair the slightest hitch in the outline because it represents a danger for you and others if it were to cut your leash for example. In all situations, the greatest caution is required. If in doubt, abstain (waves, strong wind, etc.). The foil is by nature a dangerous object in the same way as a knife or a chainsaw for example. Never sail alone and without any protection. Do not approach others. And be careful even on land when handling your foil.

This foil is completely dismountable to adapt to all sports at a lower cost and gives you the possibility of replacing a damaged part. A complete catalog of spare parts is available, to allow you to make it compatible with multiple supports (surf / SUP / kite / wing), and to explore the entire range of use of the foil in each sport and at all levels.

Our R&D as well as our Quality Control guarantees you products of the highest quality. Firstly because our engineers based in South Brittany, France, are the first users. Their passion for our sports coupled with their qualifications have enabled us to create a unique research center in the world.

Our position as world leader in foiling is no coincidence. Our 3D simulations, our countless technical and technological prototyping, our state-of-the-art tools, our 100% GONG factory, our tests with the Pro Team which is among the most efficient, the thousands of feedback from our customers and our Ambassadors , and a ultra involved shaper designer: these are the key elements among many others that allow us to manufacture exceptional foils.

Several years ago, we were at the origin of the creation of the first foil factory in Asia, which today produces the “prestige” brands. 18 months of intense work and dozens of tools developed. Three years ago, we launched a 100% GONG factory which allows us to produce more parts and keep our developments and technologies secret, to offer you the best of foils.

We want to offer low prices without ever cutting corners on quality, and refined products without ever diminishing performance in each program: we know what we are doing from A to Z. We do not sell foils designed by a freelancer, we do not sell marketing concepts. We do thorough, serious and innovative work to create efficient and solid foils at an unbeatable price.

Buying guide

For whom?

It’s a front wing for riders of a good level who want to fly no matter what.
On the flat, it’s demanding on the cardio and relatively technical, but you quickly get the hang of it and progress physically. And frankly, it feels really good! You’re having a blast and you get in shape on a magnificent and original piece of equipment: what more could you ask for?
In short, you need a good technical background to take full advantage of this front wing, but it remains accessible. The small sizes are obviously easier to manage than the very large ones which will be more locked. But to fly on the flat you will need a giant front wing.

For what?

These wings are specially designed to take off before all the others and glide longer.

Perfect for pumping, fast without requiring a lot of energy, the possibilities are endless on this front wing. It covers ranges of use which no other foil set-up did until now. This is the wing that puts your practice of short distance racing with your friends on hold. Ok, no one is stopping you from continuing, we love it too. But three friends, each with their Cruz and their Sirus, will be able to challenge each other like never before in a standing start race.

In detail for each “sport”:

  • In surf foiling, you must have a very good level to tame this technical wing. It is surprisingly simple to take off with but it requires a good technical background to maneuver in curves because of its giant wingspan. It likes soft waves to cruise like on a retro longboard. So avoid hollow sections. Typically, you can have fun in front of the peak and connect waves on end and draw lines without disturbing anyone.
  • In SUP foiling: GAME CHANGER alert. You can take off on the flat with only a few paddle strokes. Imagine the possibilities: it’s mind-boggling 😉 Not to mention that the combination of fine tips that dive into the curve without locking the wing flat and the paddle that allows you to offset your center of balance, make for a “maneuverable” front wing despite its very large wingspan. In the sizes 116 and 136, it is very maneuverable for these wingspans.
  • In downwinds, you break the game of soft conditions. The lift is unstoppable and it flies forever.
  • In wing foiling, the small sizes are fantastic for taking off in no wind. And paired with a Cruzader, you’ll pulverize your low range. It’s just amazing how early it flies. And the speed remains top-ranked.

What size ?


The Sirus wings in sizes L, XL, XXL, 3XL are aimed at all body sizes because as the saying goes “he who can do more can do less”. A big rider will find himself light, and a light rider will set new personal records.

The L
has a wingspan of 116 cm, 1450 cm², 2.2 cm thick for a volume of 1.74L.

  • For dock starts, it is a relatively technical wing, very buoyant and easy to handle, which allows you to send beautiful curves.
  • In surf foiling, it allows riders of average size to go on small waves and connect the waves without running out of steam. It will also be suitable for small builds into endless flights and pumping.
  • In wing foiling, it takes off super early and works really well in light wind conditions.

The XL has a wingspan of 136 cm, 1700 cm², 2.3 cm thick for a volume of 2.13L.

  • For dock starts, it is a very stable wing which allows you to perform beautiful turns thanks to its very thin tips which do not lock the front wing.
  • In surf foiling, it is aimed at bigger surfers who want a wing that takes off more easily than a “classic” shape and that maintains pumping with a minimum of effort.
  • In wing foiling you’re the first one to take off!!!

The XXL has a wingspan of 156 cm, 1950 cm², 2.3 cm thick for a volume of 2.44L.

  • For dock starts, it is a super stable wing that allows you to cover long distances without effort.
  • Surf foiling is off-topic with this size. It’s too big.
  • In SUP foiling, it allows small riders to take off on the flat or big riders to take off well before the wave breaks.

The 3XL has a wingspan of 186 cm, 2300 cm², 2.3 cm thick for a volume of 2.91L.

  • For dock starts, it is a giant wing which is suitable for big riders and which is dedicated to easy pumping. You can weigh over 100 kg and achieve great distances with it.
  • Surf foiling is off-topic with this size. It’s too big.
  • In SUP foiling, it will even allow the biggest foilers to take off on the flat with a Cruzader. Mind-boggling!

Generally speaking, a bigger front wing will be used in the low range use or in soft conditions. And conversely a smaller wing in solid conditions. What you need to remember is that the choice of your wing depends on your size, which requires lift, and your average speed, which generates lift.

Which quiver?

In SUP foiling, the Sirus is a perfect match for typical DW boards with noble constructions like the FSP PRO boards. The narrower the board, the more you will exploit the potential of this front wing.

For dock start, a compact board will be perfect.

The stab must be buoyant and of sufficient surface to lift these large buoyant wings.

The mast must be very rigid. And all the more so if your balance is hesitant. So it is almost mandatory to use an HM mast and ideally the HM 72 dedicated to giant wings and dock starts.

The range of use of these wings is to fly when nothing else can. So it is perfectly complementary to all the other practices that your quiver allows: SUP, wing foiling, surfing, surf foiling etc…

Positioning of the foil ?

For the beginners on GONG foils, place the top plate in the middle of the US rails for wing foiling and at the rear third of the US rails for a paddle start.

The more you move it forward, the more it makes the board pitch up. The further you move it backwards, the more the nose of the board dives.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend to forget to use the back foot, especially when we have a kite foil background. However, moving the foil back a little forces you to put more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces effort.

Included equipments



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For our shipments we use:

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  1. Fred

    Petit report après l’essai du combo Cruzader 7’6 et Sirus 186, avec le précieux coaching de Patrice Guénolé ! La grande question c’est : « ça donne quoi en terme de stabilité ? » Franchement rien d’insurmontable, c’est par exemple plus facile que de tenir sur une petite Lethal Wing sur un plan d’eau agité ou sur un SUP de Race, et dès que l’on met la planche en mouvement, il n’y a plus aucun déséquilibre. L’aile du foil joue clairement le rôle de stabilisateur. Tout est ralenti, donc si la planche commence à basculer sur un côté, cette bascule va se faire tout doucement, donc c’est assez facile de rectifier en anticipant un peu.

    A aucun moment je n’ai trouvé la 7’6 encombrante, la largeur réduite donne l’impression d’être sur une planche beaucoup plus courte, et très clairement, la longueur est un atout, car la première phase étant de faire glisser la planche sur l’eau. Pour venir ensuite appuyer et relâcher l’avant de la planche, pour entamer un début de pumping sur l’eau, tout en commençant à accélérer. Lorsque je tombais, c’était clairement dû à un mauvais placement de mon pied avant, le placement étant ultra sensible non pas pour la stabilité, mais pour conserver une assiette parfaitement horizontale lorsque l’on commence à pomper. Donc ne prenez pas trop court, la longueur n’est en tout cas pas ce qui vous freinera.

    Question pagaie, j’ai l’habitude d’utiliser uniquement des pagaies Pro 7’’, coupée à -5cm et -10 cm par rapport à ma taille. Avec une Cruzader, il faut d’une part une pagaie puissante, donc 8’’ obligatoire, et une longueur plus importante, +10cm est un bon compromis. Une pagaie trop courte ne permet pas de se tenir bien droit et et de façon rectiligne sur la planche, et cela va jouer sur l’assiette de la planche, donc sur la stabilité et la réussite du pumping. Une pagaie puissante sur une planche qui pousse de l’eau peut être problématique, mais sur une planche comme la Cruzader qui va se mettre tout de suite à glisser, je n’ai pas eu l’impression d’avoir une pagaie trop grosse, bien au contraire. Donc mon conseil, ne choisissez pas trop court, ce n’est pas ce qui vous freinera.

    Cette aile rend clairement cette pratique très accessible pour le commun des mortels, même si le vol n’était pas complètement acquis, je sais que cela se joue à rien. Donc une autre séance pour parfaire le placement et les bons mouvements, continuer à ramer fort même si on commence à voler, ne pas vouloir pomper trop vite comme on le ferait en surf foil. Et je sais que très rapidement derrière, il y aura de la réussite. Sachant qu’aujourd’hui, avec une température de 4°C, une 5/4 sur le dos, des chaussons, et 25 nds de vent… On peut donc facilement imaginer qu’avec des conditions plus sympas, ce sera aussi bien plus simple.
    J’espère que ce post permettra de complètement démystifier cette pratique qui est vraiment totalement accessible. On peut imaginer commencer avec cette grande aile pour s’habituer gentiment, puis descendre au fur et à mesure de taille d’aile, notamment pour aller ensuite dans les vagues avec un foil plus petit plus facilement. Et très clairement le champs des possibles est assez dingue, des vagues imprenables en surf foil ou en sup foil, des downwind dans 10 nds à simplement surfer les bouts de clapot dans une houle de 4 secondes de période. Tout est à inventer !”

  2. David

    On a l’habitude de faire des sessions after work de dockstart quand il n’y a ni vent ni vague. Les objectifs de la session sont toujours les mêmes : aller très loin, si possible en revenir et évidemment chambrer celui ou celle qui fait un gros plouf dès le départ ou une contre-perf 😉 Eh bien la Sirus va nous obliger à redéfinir ce que loin signifie et à partir de quand on peut chambrer quelqu’un ! 😉

    Sur les premiers essais on a pulvérisé tous nos records perso. Sans forcer ! C’était impressionnant. J’ai commencé avec la 116. Tout le monde parvenait à pomper sur des distances folles sans se mettre dans le rouge physiquement. La Sirus offre de la portance à bas régime pour se lancer et de la glisse quand on accélère grâce à son haut ratio. On a le beurre et l’argent du beurre ! 😉 Cette portance donne énormément de répit au départ. On a le temps de se caler tranquillement sur le bon rythme et de faire monter la board pour limiter la traînée du mât.

    Comme on est moins dans le dur physiquement, on peut se concentrer sur la technique de pumping. On a le temps de repositionner les pieds si on est mal parti, de recentrer le stance pour soulager l’effort dans les jambes et d’affiner l’amplitude du pumping pour préserver son énergie. C’est vraiment un cercle vertueux.

    Au final on a pu essayer toutes les tailles. La Sirus 116 va loin, la 136 très loin, la 156 est un véritable planeur et la 186 tue le game ! Aller loin signifie surtout qu’on n’est pas obligé de taper dans le cardio. Je dirais que le choix de la taille n’est finalement pas tellement lié au gabarit en pumping mais à la cadence qu’on souhaite donner. Evidemment, pour les plus grandes tailles il faut un spot adapté, ce qui était notre cas avec un quai flottant à hauteur d’eau qui permet de faire passer l’aile sous le quai. Dans les courbes, la Sirus 116 permet de tourner quasi aussi court qu’une grande Fluid-T. A partir de la 156 il faut élargir le rayon de la courbe mais ça le fait sans problème.

    La veille on avait testé la Sirus 116 et la 136 en surf foil. J’appréhendais un décollage trop violent du fait de sa portance mais au final le take off se gère aussi bien qu’avec une Veloce ou Fluid XXL (je fais 83kg). On reste largement en contrôle au décollage. Du fait de son haut ratio elle est un peu plus technique dans les premiers appuis après le take off mais sa portance permet de s’autoriser quelques approximations. Son rail to rail dans la vague est celui d’une aile à (très) haut ratio. On est donc plus sur une conduite longboard que shortboard, surtout avec la 136. La 116 était très proche d’une Fluid XXL-T en rail to rail. Ça reste donc très cool, il suffit d’adapter son style au surf. La grosse révélation c’est évidemment le pumping, le cœur de son programme. Premièrement à la relance en sortie de vague où on peut se permettre de sortir sans vitesse ni hauteur et malgré tout être à mach 3 dans les mètres qui suivent. C’est ouf. Une touchette ne signifie plus le début de la fin. Au contraire, on peut s’en servir comme rebond pour repartir. L’effort n’est pas démesuré pour se relancer et surtout on atteint facilement un rythme de croisière pour “récupérer” et repérer une série au large. Des performances qui mettent en confiance pour aller chercher la série au loin, ce qui fait encore gagner pas mal de mètres ! Sur cette session on s’est régalé en connectant des lignes de houle bien au-delà du line-up. Sans être plus essoufflé que si on avait connecté une vague juste derrière. Bien qu’il s’agissent d’une aile de pumping, on peut clairement s’amuser avec dans les mini vagues et connecter comme jamais.

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The practice of the foil carries risks of major accidents. A bad mastery of the foil can cause cuts, serious wounds, even death, for you and/or others.

The foil must be practiced taking all the precautions when used in kite because they are increased in comparison to those related to the foil surf. Remember that the foil is long, sharp, and can reach high speeds. To be hit by a foil, or to strike a third party can have dramatic consequences.

Foil always far from others, in safe and unobstructed water.

The foil is mainly used in the light wind. This one can fall and force you to go swimming. Therefore, do not overestimate your strengths: never go further than what you can swim under present and announced conditions.

Wear a helmet and protective jacket to ensure your buoyancy. Always wear a full neoprene wetsuit.

When handling the foil, be careful not to cut yourself on the trailing edges.

GONG declines all responsibility in the event of an accident involving a GONG foil. The foil practice and its benefits/consequences is under the sole responsibility of the foil user.

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