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One-piece full carbon fuselage mast designed for those who know.

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To achieve ultimate performance, we’ve created this full carbon monobloc mast/fuselage/top plate set in one piece.

Its hydrodynamics have been redesigned with perfectly profiled connections to reduce drag. decrease disturbance to be able to generate more speed. But also, it provides a lot more stiffness thanks to extended fillets.

The thickness of the mast has been increased by a few millimeters to gain in overall stiffness. Our tests show that this additional drag is largely compensated for by a stiffness that boosts speed and dynamic. Your drive is more explosive! All the testers report a higher speed. And this stiffness eliminates all piloting blur: the foil is lively and ultra-accurate.

We have also widened the mast to eliminate twisting, especially in the lower part of the mast to keep a good maximum Speed. This twist was problematic for strong riders who lost a lot of energy and concentration on this point. By widening mast chord, from the top plate to the fuselage, we have completely erased this twist. The shape of the profile remains our magic profile because this gain in width goes hand in hand with the gain in thickness. Note that we also gain a bit of drive with this little extra chord width on the mast, asserting the trajectories a bit more.

The 85 cm length brings a great versatility and tolerance in the uses. No need for a lot of bottom, easy curves without getting overrun, absolute stiffness, easy maneuvering and pumping is very efficient.


The benefits are clear:

1. More dynamism with a 100% carbon prepreg draping.
2. More stiffness thanks to the single-pass high pressure moulded monobloc.
3. No possible looseness between the parts thanks to the monobloc concept.
4. Significant weight saving with our floating foam mast.
5. Simple maintenance, repairs possible, and easily replaceable inserts.

1/ The 100% carbon prepreg draping is a model of its kind. The 50 layers on the mast and 155 layers on the fuselage are distributed in 5 angles to guarantee an incredible dynamism. The return to its initial shape after effort is 4 times faster than on a standard mast.

2/ This huge part is produced in a 400kg mould, handled by powerful lifting tools to protect our workers. More than 4 hours are necessary to arrange all the layers in perfect order. Then comes the moment of closing the mould, always impressive in strength and precision. Finally, it is rolled in the heating press to compress it to 120 tons and bake it at 155°. A mast of rare stiffness will come out of it.

3/ The looseness between the mast/fuselage/top plate parts is eliminated. Dismantling is no longer obligatory and galvanic corrosion is an old memory. The holes in the fuselage are through holes and mounted with anti-corrosion brass threads. You will be able to screw your wings firmly. A little thread lock in the inserts and your tightening is durable and protected.

4/ The huge advantage of high-quality carbon is its stiffness. So, it is not necessary to put as much material as with other materials. In this way, we save a significant weight loss, almost 30% compared to aluminum. And more significant than the measured weight, the dynamism brings a sensation of liveliness and therefore incredible lightness.

5/ A damaged insert: you can replace it in a few seconds for a few euros. Easy. A bump in the rocks: you repair your mast as you would do on your board.


Not compatible with our Allvator Freeride Kite wings.

Delivered in a high-quality bag, it is the Rolls of the monobloc masts.

Treat yourself with a beautiful and hyper efficient carbon piece.

Stock Dimensions

  • Mast length: 85 cm.
  • Mast width: min 135,3 mm and max 150,3 mm.
  • Mast thickness: min 17 mm and max 18 mm.
  • Fuselage length: 35 cm.
  • Front wing insert length: 12 cm.
  • Length insert stab: 7,5 cm.
  • 4-hole top plate for a 16,5 cm longitudinal screw spacing and a 9 cm lateral screw spacing. It is compatible with all our boards equipped with a US double rail foil fastener, as well as 99% of the US foil box boards on the market.
  • Weight: 2,4 kg.

Innovation is at the core of our products

Full Carbon Monobloc Mast, High density foam core: techno tested and proven for two years without breakage on 10 000 our ALLVATOR Foil Wings.

It is pressed and baked in a steel mold, a real work of art at $25,000. You will understand that performance implies investments that justify the slightly higher prices of our Carbon Masts, but always much cheaper than comparable products.

Note that GONG is at the forefront of Foil development. We were at the origin of the creation of the largest Foil factory that produces the major brands today. 18 months of intense work and dozens of tools developed. So don’t think our Foils are made in a gloomy garage. We develop all our products according to the rules of the art, with state-of-the-art 3D software, countless tests and a team at the highest level. This is what allows us to offer low prices and refined products : we know what we do from A to Z.

Buying guide

For whom?

It is the mast for the most demanding, careful users, fine technicians, because it is the best.

This foil is designed for experienced riders. We therefore invite you to take the greatest care of it and not to equip yourself with it if you are a beginner.


What is it for?

Its 85 cm length makes it ideal for Wing and then Kite because it is the ideal compromise between the ability to put angle in Wing curves, control in maneuvers, in chop management and drag. But you can also use it successfully as a Kite Foil in the waves or Downwind in Surf / SUP.


Which carbon mast size?

Even if everything is possible, we mark here the main uses:

The 70cm:

  • In surf foil / sup foil: this is the key size. Absolutely perfect for the pursuit of performance.
  • In downwind: excellent choice which brings control and maneuverability.
  • Wing: perfect for shallow water spots./li>
  • Kite foil: useful in waves in shallow water.

The 85cm:

  • In surf foil / sup foil: it’s really big when rowing and not very pleasant in rail to rail.
  • In downwind: this is the perfect size for a high level of performance.
  • In kite foil: useful in waves in shallow water, and very versatile. The size that does it all.

The 100cm:

  • In surf foil / sup foil: to forget except in tow in the big…
  • Downwind: it’s a little too big, very technical.
  • Wing: perfect for going fast, never touching the water, maximum performance. What comfort!
  • Kite foil: perfect for going fast, never touching the water, maximum performance. What comfort!


Which quiver?

This monobloc mast is suitable for all uses but we recommend mounting high performance wings on it to get the best out of it.


Foil positioning? 

The more you move it forward, the more it pitches up the board.

The further you move it backwards, the more the nose of the board dives.

Be careful not to move it too far forward. We often tend not to let the back foot work, especially when we come from kitefoil. However, moving the foil back a little forces more weight on the back foot and gives a more harmonious attitude and reduces the effort.

Included equipments

  • Screw Kit.
  • Carry Case.



  • We make quality products. We are not “low cost”.
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet: direct from shaper to surfer.
  • If we sold this item in a surfshop, it would cost 1299€ (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores).


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More info

At GONG you won’t find any crazy assembly of parts from Foil copies thrown together by some Chinese guy and sold more expensive than us.

At GONG you will find the best quality at the price of direct sales without intermediaries.


The practice of the sport Foil may expose you to serious injury. A poor mastering of Foil may lead to cut, serious injury and/or including death for you and/or others.

Foil should be practiced by taking into consideration all kite user precautions that are associated with  the sport Foil. Remember that a Foil is long, cutting, and reaches high speeds. Getting hit by a Foil, or hitting someone/thing can have dramatic consequences.

Always Foil far from others, in a secure and safe waterscape without obstacles.

Foil is most often practiced in light winds which may cease to blow leading you to return to shore by swimming. As a consequence do not overestimate your your strength/capacity : never go further out than your skill and swimming capacities and wind conditions allow.

Always wear a helmet and life vest for floatation. Always wear a full body wetsuit.

When handling the Foil, be careful not to cut yourself along the edges.

GONG is NOT responsable in case of any and all accidents implicating a Foil GONG. The practice of Foil is undertaken under the complete responsability of the Foil User/Practioner.