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Our techno

Surf technos

We offer 4 Surf technologies, plus our Inflatables:

  • PU for the purist.
  • EPS for the performance.
  • WoodCKFusion for the durability.
  • Origin 2.0 for a blend of Retro-Hightec.
  • The Inflatables for no risk family fun.

Our surf techno in detail

SUP technos

We have 4 SUP technologies, plus our Inflatables:

  • The FSP Pro for the elite.
  • The FSP 2X for performance and durability.
  • The origin 2.0 for a blend of Retro-Hightec.
  • The Inflatables because it’s just super fun and low risk.


Our SUP techno in detail

Kite technos

We offer a techno that is 100% Kite and one that are compatible Surf technologies:

  • The FSP Kite for performance and durability.

What’s more, our Kites are fabricated in one of the three top Kite factories in the world.

Our kite techno in detail

Foil technos

GONG produces two technologies for the Foil and the Surf, SUP, Kite and Wing:

  • The Allvator Fiber Glass are both rigid and buoyant, they are the perfect balance between low weight and infinite durability.
  • The Pro Clear Technology is a real plus in look but not only that. The Wings are even stronger if you have an impact with the reef.

Our foil techno in detail

Inflatable technos

We offer two types of models for our Inflatable SUP Boards, plus one for Surf, both similar in technologies and both high quality:

  • The CHIP Techno for a simple yet robust Board with excellent quality.
  • The Couine Marie Techno for a premium quality Board with all the most useful accessories.
  • The Couine Marie Surf Techno for a rapport quality/price that is unbeatable and for incredible sessions.

Our inflatable techno in detail