The revisited shape of the Carter will turn heads among the fans of surf culture, harmonious lines and ultra-smooth glide!


This pure glider is a bridge from the surfer you have become to the intensity of the sensations of your beginnings. Those sensations discovered on peeling sections which invariably make you addicted to speed and carves. Its shape is designed to make the magic happen in all conditions, beach breaks, hollow reefs or fast point breaks. If you had to choose just one board to discover the most beautiful spots in the world, the Carter would be the obvious choice. It is easy to paddle and take off with, fast and fluid on the wave.




At first glance, its lines with a harmonious outline stand out. The shape feels perfectly balanced. It reveals a subtle mix of old school lines and performance; of tradition and modernity.

The Carter adapts to your level, from the average surfer to the most experienced. With a comfortable outline and smooth curves, the Carter retains its accessible and versatile character, but its revisited shape becomes more feline, more incisive.


Surfer: Moritz, GONG team rider, with the Carter Origin 2.0.


A board for different dimensions

The Carter stands out by the wide range of available lengths, from 5’6 to 9’8. It goes from ultra fun shortboards, to the versatility of mid-lengths to the board that will drop before everyone else:

  • Below 6’8 you favor turns. It’s still a “shortboard” but very soft.
  • From 6’8 to 8’3 we are clearly talking about mid-lengths, halfway between the quality of glide of a longboard and the turns of a shortboard. The board to do everything easily!!!
  • From 9′ to 9’8 we switch to a cruiser style of board, a long board which drops before everyone else and which cruises down-the-line for beautiful cutbacks and re-entries.


Surfer: Moritz, GONG team rider, with the Carter EPS.


EPS or Origin 2.0 construction

The new Carter is available in two types of constructions:

  • The EPS technology, modern and prized by the most technical surfers for its lightness and liveliness. Also very solid because implemented in our workshops in 66464 on a very dense foam plank. That is to say with 3 layers of fiberglass on the deck (two layers of 6oz fiber and one layer of 4oz) and 2 layers of fiberglass on the hull (one layer of 6oz and one layer of 4oz). Its three wooden stringers provide even more rigidity and solidity.


  • The Origin 2.0 technology combines solidity, performance and a polished glossy finish that will make your board an object of absolute desire! This modern composite sandwich that combines wood and carbon on an EPS foam blank is just sublime. The vacuum glued wood strengthens the board, making it very resistant to dents and breakage. The carbon belt creates an outer double batten that provides incredible responsiveness.

Gear of the sesh





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