A new XS size of our Curve H model is now available for a dream mix of glide and rail to rail!

The Curve H is a unique front wing due to the qualities that its shape manages to bring together: the glide of a high aspect ratio with the magic rail-to-rail which has made the Curve so successful. This is an unprecedented behavior for a high aspect front wing that offers a lot of forgiveness when you most need it: on take off, in tight turns, at low speed, when pumping, in technical conditions,…

  • First reaction when flying the Curve H: you immediately feel at ease on a fast front wing capable of insane curves!
  • Second reaction: you feel capable of flying with significantly smaller surfaces.

A set of reactions which has naturally generated a lot of requests for a Curve XS-H!

Dimensions of the Curve XS-H

The XS-H has a 68 cm wingspan, 550 cm2, a thickness of 1,3 cm for a volume of 0,66L.

Kite foiling, wing foiling and tow-in!

In the size XS, the Curve H covers the needs of the lightest foilers or those of an average size in conditions above average:

  • In surf foiling, unless you’re very light, this size is mainly intended for towed surf foiling in powerful waves.
  • In wing foiling, it is suitable for light riders of a very good technical level in strong winds.
  • In kite foiling, this size is perfect for riders looking for speed while maintaining excellent control on all points of sail and in curves.

Its balance of speed and lift, glide and maneuverability, makes it truly shine for a performance oriented carving use with an impressive rail to rail and a smooooth glide in the waves.

A must in all sizes for the insane balance between rail-to-rail, glide and lift of its shape.

Gear of the sesh



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