After a 4 year break from kitesurfing comps, Francesco Cappuzzo took first place on the first leg of the Italian Wave Championship with the new GONG kites!


Our team rider showed impressive form on his comeback to kitesurfing competitions on the Italian national tour. The first leg of the Italian Championship took place Saturday, March 30, and gathered the top riders from the country.

As he hadn’t competed in 4 years, Francesco had to climb his way through the field facing top seeds. As an unseeded wildcard, he won heat after heat with solid performances that earned him a 14,5 average heat score, the highest of the event. On fire during the whole day of competition, Francesco took the win with style, scoring all the best waves of the event.

Here’s how it went down for him:

Francesco : “After my win in 2020 at the Italian kitesurf wave championship, I had a break because of all the wing foiling competitions. But this time after putting some hours back into training, shooting and testing all the new GONG kite line I decided to join the first stop of the 2024 Italian championship in Rome.”


Francesco Cappuzzo next to Tony Ciliberto, second, and Davide Calatri, third.


“The forecast was looking good for Saturday 30th of March and the local organizers together with the Italian federation decided to call everyone for the first stage of the championship.
There were 22 men and 4 women coming from all over Italy. We had wind in between 25 to 35 knots all day with waist to head high waves and we managed to fully complete one ladder elimination for the men and 3 for the women.”


Kitesurfer : Francesco, GONG Team Rider, riding a Chemical EPS with a FeelX kite bar.


“I’m really happy with this result. I was feeling really comfortable and confident with the gear, ready to prove myself at my top performance, even after a long break from kitesurf competition. I was using the FeelX kite bar with one of the soon to come out new GONG kites. For the board I don’t have my full quiver back home yet so I was surfing the Chemical EPS 5’6 surfboard. I also had the new 5’1 Pie FSP 2X with me ready to use in case of lighter wind or smaller waves.”

“I want to thank all the GONG kite developing department that worked hard on the new line coming soon, and this is only the beginning! I’m happy to have brought GONG on the first Italian top podium.”

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