SUP Pioneers since 2006, l’Ours worked hard and persevered to become the first Pioneer of the ShortSUP. In his perpetual search for new shapes and new performances, in 2011 he released 8 different ShortSUP Boards under 7 feet. At this time, the SUP market was still young and these ultra shortSUPs were considered true UFOs.
But for L’Ours, the advantages were clearly identified and proven.

Here’s what L’Ours said in 2011 about the ShortSUP:

“For me there are three reasons to buy a real ShortSUP:

1/ extreme performance:
Like any sport, there’s a trend towards more and more. Higher, stronger, faster etc…
In SUP, extreme performance is found in ShortSUP, LongboardSUP and Race Boards. Each of these disciplines is constantly pushed to its peak and the equipment is critical. It is the equipment that makes the absolute performance of the moment possible or not.
Race Boards push the speed limits and break time records.
LongboardSUPs take longboarding to unimaginable places. The nose rides are much longer than in surfing, it takes style etc…
The ShortSUPs make surfing denser. More moves in shorter wave lengths. That’s the secret. And because you feel freer and less in danger, you can get into more critical situations. Less fear, less danger = more action.
The ShortSUP takes years of practice, even for a world champion, to get the most out of it. But this is the future of this ride, no one can doubt it.
Today in competition everyone is searching for each other. But in the years to come, the type of conduct that is rewarded will assert itself. And unless the SUP contradicts the history of surfing for the first time, it’s the small Boards that will win.
The reason is simple. A good move is worth 3 points. Let’s assume that with a big 8’6 board you have the room to do 2 on a wave. Well, a good 6’3 will make a minimum of 3 or even 4. Add it all up and you’ll know who’s going to win.
Beyond this regrettable accounting aspect, those who will put themselves in real shortSUP will boost the sport and push the moves harder. Today, we compete on big Boards. Everybody drops in from very far out, we snap a lot, we surf with a timing that is often out of sync. The day a guy is going to show up with a dense and powerful 6’3 surf, he’ll get everyone to agree.
In giant waves, you’ll always need a gun at 8′ or 9′, just like in surfing. But in all the “normal” to punchy waves, especially the hollow ones, only the ShortSUP can win. Unless the SUP community decides that the most important thing to do is to surf softly, which I’ll find great too (less stress).

2/ the unique feeling:
Get on a Board at 6′ and you’ll instantly understand what I’m saying. It’s incredible. Just standing on these little Boards is sublime. Even on the flat (mandatory step).
So I think a lot of people are going to go to this support.
We throw the Board in the car (it fits between the back of the front seats and the rear window!!!). We go to the spot. We take out the Board and Paddle it in two minutes and you’re off.
The ShortSUP is SIMPLE.
No big hassle, just compact.
And for the ease of use and for some Zen, I often only take out this Board when it’s micro micro in summer, even for a cruise.
Am I crazy? I don’t think so. I just don’t want to carry around something huge, heavy, windy etc…
And when I’m on it, well, I’m making serious progress : physically and technically.

3/ women and teenagers:
For the reasons I just mentioned, the ShortSUP is great for girls and teenagers. It’s modern, light, not stressful, in short it’s great. You can even carry it with a bike!
We’re not in daddy’s sport anymore.
The ShortSUP is lively, full of surprises, and at the same time very easy for the lightweights.

So it’s for sure not the bestseller of the year because there are also a lot of constraints. But name one when you got a shortboard in hand. They are the same, no more, no less.

That’s why in my ShortSUP range, there are very nimble Boards and very fast Boards.”
Since then, many people have moved on and discovered the real advantages of this type of Board.

And finally, here’s one of the iconic videos of the L’Ours on a ShortsSUP. A long, soft but fun little left hander.
Very strong side wind but a nice glide and some moves on the 6’11 Faking. Enjoy 😉

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé et ses GONG shortSUP.

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