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Riders: Mathieu, Maceo and Malo, team riders GONG, with Catch FSP 2X kite foil, Freewave kite, surf foil Lethal FSP Pro, wing Neutra and wing board Lethal FSP Pro. 

In wing

  • Our 2022 V2 wing at 25% OFF, starting from only 375€ with our top of the line construction for benchmark models in their respective programs.
  • Destocking : Dare the sinker board to complement your regular board with a smaller 2021 wing board : Lemon, Kube and Flint at only 539€ !


Wing foiler : Mathieu,  GONG team rider GONG with a V2 2022 Neutra.

In kite and kite foil

  • Pick one of our 5 different full sandwich kite-surfing boards for only 465€ !
  • The Kite Foil Evo packs and Kite Foil Perf packs, that include the Catch FSP 2X kite foiling board, our 4th Gen Strutless kite and either the versatile and accessible X-Over foil or the Curve S-T foil with a monobloc full carbon 100cm mast, are currently on sale at 1599 and 1199€ respectively !!! Yes you read that right, board+kite+foil setup !
  • Take advantage of the coming summer breezes with the 19m Strutless high ratio kite currently on sale at 30% OFF !


Kitesurfer: Manea, team rider GONG with CATCH FSP 2X and KITE UNIK.


  • Add a SUP to your quiver for even more summer sessions. 30% OFF on our last remaining 2021 SUP boards ! There are still some available sizes for the LongSUPs, NFA and Zero, the allrounder Mob board or the accessible shortboard Karmen !


SUP rider : David on his Mob FSP2X 2021

In surf / surf foil

  • For a limited time, all our 2022 surf foil board at 15% off, so get yours now and maximize the number of sessions this summer.
  • Lance 2021 surf foil with a Rise foil at 699€ ! An unbeatable price to get into surf foiling with a board with impeccable construction and amazing quality : PVC sandwich, carbon reinforcements, carbon foil front wings etc…


Surf foiler : Maceo, GONG team rider, on his Lethal FSP Pro.


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