You’re considering a large order and want to spread its payment? No problem, we offer the possibility of a payment in 3, 4 or 6 installments. Check all the details below.



Kitesurfer : Thibaut, GONG staff, with the Catch FSP 2X and X-Over Foil.


Certain orders such as a wing pack for example can constitute a significant investment for which we offer you the possibility of staggering the payment.

At the validation stage of your order, and if your geographical area is compatible, we will offer you the option of payment in 3, 4 or 6 installments. To access these payment facilities, your shopping cart must reach at least 150, 250 and 500€, respectively for a payment in 3, 4 or 6 installments. If you wish to subscribe to this service, your details will then be sent to our financial partner Pledg (major operator for these services in France) which, subject to acceptance of your file, will offer you a payment schedule with a first debit made when ordering. The next payment will be debited in the following month at a 30 day interval, and so on until full payment in 3, 4 or 6 installments.

The first debit made when ordering includes the costs associated with this payment facility (% of the total amount of the order depending on your country). Note that GONG also bears a large part of the costs.

Acceptance or rejection only takes a few moments. There is therefore no impact on the delivery time of your order. Depending on your file, supporting documents may be requested to validate your funding request.

Take the example of a purchase of 150€ in Germany where the fee is 1.09% for the payment in 3 installments. The first installment would be 51,64€ (including 1,64€ for fees), then 2 x 50€.

This service is currently open to the following countries: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium* and Portugal.

*For reasons beyond our control, installment payment is only possible in 3 instalments for Belgium.

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